The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bunny and the Big Board


One morning, Bunny woke up and confirmed her observation that the Big Board was getting less and less specific. Today it was pretty standard, really—cameras, and cum in her mouth, pretty much. Nothing on there about what outfit she was supposed to wear, or even that she needed makeup or shoes—unusual for her photo shoots and movies. It didn’t even say she had to talk dirty. She was fine with that. It still made her feel a little self-conscious to call herself ‘Bunny’ in front of strangers and ask them to violate her in various ways.

There was a “4” in one corner, and in another a timer counting down from three hours. She guessed she’d be squeezing all four sessions into one busy day. If she hurried, she could be ready in time for the first one.

Bunny went through her usual morning routine. She carefully shaved her entire pussy, making sure it was completely smooth, and then cleaned up her legs and armpits. She took a long, hot shower, dried her hair, moussed it, sprayed it, and worked it into a full-bodied porn star look. The Board hadn’t said anything about clothes, and she could probably even just show up naked if she wanted to, but Bunny wanted to present herself well for the cameras. From the closet, she picked out a shiny silver bikini top, and covered it with a crotchless black fishnet bodysuit. The bodysuit fastened at the front, so it would be no problem later to pull it down and remove the bikini top to expose her enhanced chest.

Next she sat at her makeup chair. Starting with the eyes and working her way down, Bunny spent a whole hour making sure her face looked just right. When she was done, the slut in the mirror looked like a living wet dream: bright green eye shadow, long fake lashes, light pink cheekbones, and the thickest, wettest red lips... Her eyes wandered to the dildo drawer as her hands worked their way up and down her inner thighs, but just then she heard her door click open. It was time. She picked out a pair of shiny thigh-high black boots and hurried out the door.

Following the trail of green lights through the compound’s anonymous corridors, Bunny spotted something unusual up ahead: another line of green lights, emerging from a corner and merging with her own path. Almost as soon as she saw the converging paths, she heard the click of another woman’s heels on floor ahead. Soon, to her surprise, she was walking side-by-side with Kitten. Bunny had to admit that the brunette was looking pretty hot in her pink tube top (with matching high heels, of course) and tight black mini skirt.

“Oh—Melissa, right?” Kitten asked.

Bunny almost corrected her, but then stammered, “Y-yeah, right. Melissa.”

“We must be doing a movie together. What did your Board say?”

“I guess I’m supposed to swallow...swallow some cum,” Bunny replied sheepishly.

“Hmm.” Kitten thought for a few seconds while they walked. “I’m supposed to lick spunk off another slut’s tits. I’ll tell you what—let’s jack him off on your titties, and I’ll lick it off you, but I’ll make sure not to swallow. Then we can make out and I’ll pass his load into your mouth. Sound okay?”

It sounded completely repulsive. “Sure, okay,” Bunny replied.

This was Bunny’s first time in a threesome with another girl, but Kitten had clearly been around the block a few times and helped direct Bunny into a number of interesting positions. They started by sharing the actor’s massive cock in a fun team blowjob, the girls’ tongues often softly meeting as they slid up and down the huge flesh pole. Next, Bunny stradled the man reverse-cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his hard dick while Kitten groped and massaged Bunny’s bouncing breasts. For a while, Kitten lay on her back, her pussy filled with cock, while Bunny knelt over the brunette’s face. It felt so good that Bunny almost lost her balance, and had to support herself by leaning forward and resting her hands on Kitten’s giant hooters. Perched there—her twat in Kitten’s mouth, her hands rolling around and sqeezing the woman’s dark nipples, watching the cock pound in and out of the brunette’s bare pussy—Bunny started to mentally forgive Kitten for raping her all those months ago. Anybody who could make her feel this good couldn’t be all bad.

Within about twenty minutes, Bunny was in a familiar position: on her knees, working a giant cock in and out of her hot wet mouth. Kitten was kneeling behind her, squeezing Bunny’s breasts and whispering words of enouragement into her ear. Bunny looked up at the actor with her big green eyes, her mouth bulging with the size of his member, and she saw him nod his head—the signal. With a last, big lick, she drew her face away from the man’s crotch, and said, “Want to cum on my titties, stud? Bunny wants your hot cum all over her titties.” Her professional hands brough him off in a matter of seconds; she gasped with delight, and made sure that every spurt landed on her ample bosom.

Bunny turned and saw the hungry look on Kitten’s face. She watched and enjoyed the sensation as Kitten ravenously licked every inch of Bunny’s huge fake boobs. She had to admit, it was a major turn-on. And Kitten was true to her word; she was careful not to swallow, as Bunny realized when she plunged her tongue into the brunette’s mouth. The taste of salty jizz, combined with the fact that she had just debased herself on camera, carried Bunny into nirvana. She never wanted this moment to end. When Kitten finally broke off the kiss, Bunny felt a stray glob of cum dribbling outside the corner of her own mouth, down to her chin. Looking straight at the camera, Bunny smiled innocently, found the jizz with her finger, and drew it back up to her lips. She was in heaven.

As the video crew wrapped up, Bunny sat and panted quietly, her fishnet-exposed ass cold against the hard floor. Kitten, unencumbered by underwear, had never removed her mini-skirt; now she was trying to find her discarded tube top before the walk home. Bunny hadn’t bothered to put her bikini top back into place or re-fasten her bodysuit; her jugs were still slick with Kitten’s saliva, and it felt good to let the wetness evaporate off her naked flesh. Kitten broke the silence.

“Bunny, huh?”

Bunny blushed. “I don’t know why I didn’t tell you before. I guess I was embarrassed.”

Kitten chuckled at the notion. “What’s to be embarrassed about? I’m sure you didn’t think my name had always been Kitten.”

“No, it’s not the name. I mean, that was silly and kind of annoying at first, but that’s not why I’m embarrassed. I think it’s’s because of the way they make it a part of you. You know? Like, I barely even fought it, and it kind of snuck up on me. I actually think of myself as Bunny now.”

Kitten sat down next to Bunny and put an arm around her shoulder affectionately. “Don’t feel bad about that, sweetie. They make you crave things’s not who you really are. Like, before they got to me, I had never even had a stray sexual thought about women. Now, when the Big Board gives me an assignment like this one, I’m thrilled just at the prospect of burying my face in pussy. I was having more fun playing with you back there than with handsome.” Kitten kissed Bunny on the lips, and afterwards Bunny smiled at her sweetly. Her kiss still tasted like cum, and it was delicious.

“I met a girl just a couple days ago,” she continued. “who told me how her Big Board had given her a hell of a foot fetish. She doesn’t even enjoy fucking, or vibrators, or anything. She just wants to give footjobs, or lick dirty feet, or get gagged with old socks. Never even thought about feet that way before, and now that’s all she ever does. What does your Board make you do?”

Bunny stared off into space. “It makes me...give blowjobs, a lot of cum,” she confided. “I mean, it had me doing a lot of other stuff too...and I did it all...but sometimes when the Board is blank, I think about it. The feel of it on my skin, the taste...” Bunny trailed off. A tear ran down her cheek.

“Hey, that’s not so bad,” Kitten consoled. “Two weeks ago I went down on a girl who told me she begs guys to piss on her every day. She’s worried they’re going to make her play with shit next. Think about that for a second, and I’m sure your Board won’t seem so bad.”

Standing up to leave, Kitten concluded, “So I’m gay now, and you’re a cumslut. There’s worse fates, right?”

Back in her apartment, changing into some fresh lingerie in preparation for her next session, Bunny realized that Kitten was right. Hell, some of the things she herself had been only occasionally made to do were a lot more disgusting than taking the occasional load in her mouth. Certainly most of the girls in her television’s regular schedule of pornos seemed to appreciate facials. Imagine if she had to do anal every couple of hours, or get beaten, or worse. Only getting tied up and tortured once every couple weeks or so seemed like a fine compromise. And besides, jacking a guy off on her face or her tits or in her mouth felt better than any other kind of sex she had ever had.

She checked her makeup in the mirror for the third time in five minutes. Still perfect. Her door clicked open.