The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Bunny and the Big Board


The evening that Bunny’s situation got suddenly more critical started innocently enough. She was in bed, spooning her lover, her right fist lost in the other girl’s cleavage.

A couple of months prior, and just a few weeks after her first threesome with Kitten, Bunny had awakened from an amazing wet dream—she was enthusiastically blowing a stranger with a huge dick while another woman tied her arms behind her back—to find herself treated with her first Free Day in a while. Her Free Days had all been uneventful since the day she won the blowjob lineup, but she wasn’t going to risk getting caught unprepared ever again. She took off her headphones and got right to work on her morning routine.

Three hours later, she had just finished putting her hair in pigtails (the finishing touches for her sexy cheerleader costume), when she heard her door click open. Her heart leapt—it looked like she wouldn’t just be sitting around pleasuring herself today. She couldn’t surpress a wide smile as she bounded to the front room.

Bunny was surprised, but not entirely disappointed, to find Kitten sheepishly entering the apartment-prison. It wasn’t a Free Day for Kitten; she explained that her Big Board led her here so that she could lick and suck on Bunny’s titties. Bunny totally understood, and lifted up her top to oblige her friend.

On her next Free Day just one week later, almost the exact same thing happened. This time, Kitten wanted to tongue Bunny’s asshole. Bunny got on her hands and knees and enjoyed Kitten’s worship of her most private spot. Out of thanks, Kitten started stimulating Bunny’s clitoris with her hand. Bunny didn’t want to offend the lesbian, but she just had to look over her shoulder and ask if it would be okay if she sucked on her favorite dildo; happily, Kitten was totally cool with it. With the toy cock in her mouth, and Kitten’s expert tongue and hand doing what they do best, Bunny was able to enjoy a number of good orgasms, the natural kind that reminded her of the good old days, back when her name was Melissa and she masturbated with a simple vibrator pressed firmly against her clit. Those days were long gone, but the orgasms were better than ever.

Kitten was Bunny’s house guest and play date for every single Free Day since then. Bunny had started to think of Kitten as her girlfriend, sort of. Obviously they weren’t exclusive—they each had sex with dozens of men and women, on and off camera, in the days between the ones they spent together. But Bunny had definitely grown affectionate towards the older woman. Kitten was actually pretty great when you got to know her. Apparently she used to be called Katrina, and she’d never liked that name anyway (though Bunny told her she thought it was sexy). She was really proud of her former career; she said that not a lot of women succeeded in the software engineering field, and hers had been a rare success story. Bunny started to feel like she and Kitten had a lot in common. They were both complicated women; they were feminists, but they called themselves ‘cunt’ and begged people to treat them like blow-up dolls.

And Kitten could be such a sweetheart, too. One day, they rubbed baby oil all over each others’ giant boobs, and then pressed their chests to each other and flopped their titties together, and Kitten climaxed just from that; she told Bunny that she hadn’t been able to cum that way with any other woman. Lately, in a show of solidarity, Bunny had vowed that on her Free Days, she would reciprocate for Kitten whatever the Big Board made Kitten do for Bunny. Kitten protested that it wasn’t necessary, but Bunny had silenced her with a kiss and whispered, “I want to.”

On this particular night, that had meant taking turns handcuffing each other to the bedposts. The handcuffed girl would stick her ass in the air, and the dominant one would administer a vicious spanking with a studded paddle while saying the most vile, abusive things. After they had both had their fill of that, the girls 69’d for a while, enjoying the familiar scents and flavors of each others’ snatch. Then they had softly necked, whispering sweet nothings to each other, a stark contrast to how their lovemaking had started that day. Neither of them had said it yet, but Bunny thought they were more than just friends, and unless she was reading things wrong, it looked like Kitten felt the same way.

Now, holding her special friend delicately, Bunny could feel Kitten’s heartbeat, and it felt good. It turned out that their snuggling happened to coincide with one of Kitten’s movies on the television, so they enjoyed it together in each others’ arms.

“Oh, I didn’t know your nipples were pierced,” Bunny said. In the porno, Kitten was completely naked, riding some dude’s erection, and there was a gold chain draped across her ample chest, connected to big gold hoops in her nipples.

“Yeah. I can wear that for you next time, if you want,” Kitten offered sweetly.

Bunny watched as the guy in the movie pulled Kitten’s chain, stretching her nipples painfully. “Yeah, wear it. I’d like that.”

She kissed Kitten’s neck for a while, until they both heard the door click open—Kitten’s cue to go. After a passionate kiss goodnight, Bunny was left alone again. It was almost bedtime...she might be able to squeeze in one more orgasm if she got to work on it. But before Bunny could finish the thought, her Big Board came to life.

“What the hell?", Bunny protested. This was supposed to be a Free Day! But then she realized that tonight’s message had a timer counting down from twelve hours...she wouldn’t have to do this until around 10am the next morning. No big deal. The green button was flashing in the other room, which meant she’d be going camera symbol, though. That was unusual...these days, the green button almost always meant Bunny would be shooting a porno. The clothes sounded pretty sexy...apparently a red latex catsuit would be involved, and Bunny had learned to love latex quite a bit. She was supposed to—

“Oh no. No, no no no no no. Not happening.”

Bunny stripped off all her clothes, stormed over the the makeup table, and removed all of her sexy makeup. She was not going to do this. Absolutely fucking not. They might expect her to be there in twelve hours, but ‘they’ could just go ahead and fuck themselves, because Bunny was not going to do this, no way, not in a million fucking years.

She lay awake in bed all night, her insomnia compounding by the constant whispered sex talk from her headphones to make her hornier and hornier. But she couldn’t take the headphones off, because the TV was blaring, and she didn’t have to look at it to know what kind of movie it was showing. “No. No. No,” she repeated to nobody. “I will not do that. I will not.”

She couldn’t sleep at all, so she got up extra early and took a cold shower to clear her head. The Big Board was in another room, and in a corner of her mind, and she couldn’t escape it. “Fuck you. I’m not going to do it.” Maybe Kitten was wrong. Maybe this wasn’t all about making a profit—maybe it was all a big science experiment, maybe they just wanted to find out where people drew the line, where they reached an absolute limit and said “no more.” Well, they had found hers.

Even working out wasn’t doing any good. She could hear the screams coming from her television, and she was getting even more turned on, in spite of herself. It took all her willpower not to touch herself and think about it. But she had to be strong. The timer still had three hours to go. If she could just hold out past then, they’d know she meant business.

She wasn’t going to do it, that was clear. But she really did want to try on the catsuit. The feel of latex on her skin was always so sexy. It wouldn’t hurt just to wear it around the apartment, as long as she didn’t walk out that door when it opened.

Of course, the catsuit look was kind of incomplete without the red stiletto boots. And to go to all that trouble and not wear her makeup would have been pointless. She gave herself a sharp, severe look, and pulled her blonde hair back in a tight bun.

There’s no way she was going to walk out that door, but she just had to see what she looked like with the whole harness. Just because she wasn’t going to do what was on the Board, that didn’t mean she had to deprive herself of what she would have looked like doing it, right?

She stepped into it one leg at a time, pulled it up, tightened the straps. She looked at herself in the mirror and almost creamed right there. “Oh, wow...” She gripped the nine-inch strap-on and stroked it like it was real. She looked so hot with her huge tits stuffed into latex and her giant dick jutting obscenely from her groin.

The timer reached zero, and the door clicked open. Bunny walked through absently.

As if she had been in a trance, Bunny regained control of her senses just when she reached the appointed door. She didn’t even remember how she got here, but it hardly mattered now. She pushed the door open.

There, in a room just like hers, lying face down on the bed and drooling slightly, was a beautiful brown woman. She was tall, maybe 5′10″ or more, and thin but athletic, with strong legs like a runner. She didn’t look too strong now, though. Bunny admired the girl’s young, exotic features (Indian? Pakistani? Now was not the time to ask). She approached the bed, and gently stroked the girl’s hair, causing the girl to stir and mumble something. Then she made a fist and yanked the hair, hard, forcing the girl’s head up. The surprised captive’s eyes popped open and her jaw dropped in fear, which was perfect. Bunny shoved the huge fake cock into her shocked victim’s mouth and forced it all the way to the back of her throat. The girl made some weak attempts at struggling, but she had clearly been drugged or dosed with muscle relaxers or something, because she couldn’t put up a fight at all. Bunny held the young slut’s head in place, choking her with the strap-on, until she saw the girl’s eyes start to roll back in her head. When she pulled out, the girl gasped for breath, and then screamed with a strength Bunny didn’t even think she had. Bunny climbed on the bed, flipped the skinny bitch over, and held down her wrists.

“Stop it! Get the fuck off me!” the girl screamed. She was trying to act tough, but she was bawling at the same time.

Bunny spat in the girl’s face. “I haven’t fucked a tight cunt like you in ages,” she hissed. “I’m going to really enjoy this.” She thrust her hips and fucked the whore’s dry pussy with her saliva-soaked plastic cock.

Now the girl lost any pretense of fearlessness and let out a primal, terrified scream. “Help! Oh God, somebody help me!” she screamed.

Bunny realized that the more afraid the girl got, the better the sex was for her. “That’s right, scream,” she said, lost in ecstasy. “I want you to scream for me...”

After it was all over, Bunny went back to her room and masturbated. She thought about the dark-skinned stranger that she had just raped. Even now, her unconscious, battered body was probably being carried out of the room, to be prepped for surgery. They’d put some electronics on her brain, and a pair of huge implants inside her adorable little B-cups. And then, some day soon, the girl would walk right into this room—wearing something sexy, her makeup applied heavily and with great care, every nuance of her expression designed to radiate sex—and she would eat Bunny’s pussy. Bunny could hardly wait for that day to arrive.