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The pioneering research of Olds and Milner is real; further inspiration for this story comes from Spider Robinson’s excellent “Mindkiller” and from the tasp of Larry Niven’s “Known Space” stories, including the novel “Ringworld.” I’ve also drawn inspiration in a more general sense from the many fine stories available on this site; they may be unrelated but I defy anyone to read some of the works here and not be inspired.

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Business and Pleasure

Lisa Gunderson strode confidently down the hallway, as relentless and implacable as an avalanche. She knew that with the precise clacking of her heels on the tile floor heads were rising in this all-male division of the company...and just as quickly dropping to stare at suddenly-fascinating papers on their desks as they saw her cold little smile. She never once turned her head, never deigned to acknowledge that anyone might be looking at her as she passed; certainly on any other occasion the presence of a woman amongst the offices and labs of these engineers would have the feebs all rushing to their doorways...and with her lithe body, her achingly beautiful heart-shaped face framed in shining blond hair, she knew she was staring material...but none of them would dare risk being caught scoping out their new boss.

Amusement flashed in her emerald eyes, her grin growing predatory as she remembered when she’d found out that the division head job was hers...a full month before anyone below her in the hierarchy was officially notified, and in her estimation at least two weeks before it filtered down the rumor mill to the peons. She’d put that lead time to good use, sacking that worthless chair-warmer Jensen in her cost analysis group in the most publically humiliating way she felt she could without risking a reprimand, making sure that she did it when one of the engineers was over visiting with one of her employees; she wanted them talking about her, discussing what an incredible bitch she was, making a legend out of her, before they found out that she would be their new senior manager. She’d known the position would become available before too long, and there was never any doubt in her mind that the job would be hers, and so she’d saved Jensen for just such an occasion; the fact that she was able to can him only a month before he was eligible for full pension was simply the icing on the cake.

Still smiling at the memory, she slowed as she came to the office of one Robert Pauling...her next victim. He was by no means the least productive of her new underlings, but not the best by any stretch...and recent timesheets showed him putting in the minimum required work time, even though security badge logs had him in the building at least 12 hours every day, and sometimes on weekends. This discrepancy wasn’t the reason she was firing him, though; a little judicious investigation and some discreet observation in the cafeteria led her to believe that he was a natural leader in the fraternity of the engineers, and as such a potential locus of any resistance to her new regime. Firing him before her introductory meeting with her new group would not only quash any insubordination before it could start, but also send a powerful message. Centering herself, focusing the will that had made her a corporate success before turning thirty, she opened the door to his lab without knocking and strode in.

Her eyes fell upon a man in his early forties, muddy brown eyes hidden behind thick glasses, with thinning mousy brown hair to match; his cheap button-down shirt and no-name khakis struggled with a paunch that was impressive even amongst the flabby standards of the engineering group. He looked up from a collection of handwritten notesas she shut the door behind her, but said nothing, waiting for her to speak; mentally she made admiring note of the fact that, unlike so many other men, he didn’t betray even a reflexive glance to her breasts. Her resolve was firm, however, and no matter how respectful his demeanor the axe was about to fall.

Allowing an icy smile to play upon her lips, without preamble she announced “Pauling, you’re fired.”

He digested this for a moment before quietly replying “I suppose I should ask why.”

“Systems logs show that you’ve been accessing pornographic material using the company’s internet access.” And indeed they did: she knew because she’d planted the traces in the logs herself, then doctored the checksums to remove any trace of her alterations. She smiled inside as she remembered how the inspiration had come to her as she examined his unusual patterns in the badge logs, and congratulated herself for keeping her technical skills as sharp as her instincts for corporate infighting. “Your termination is effective immediately. I’ll notify HR that you’re coming in for an exit interview. Pack up your things, but remember that all your work is company property and stays here. Are you working on any projects that are not part of the regular work rotation?” If he volunteered anything, she’d hold onto it for a while, then submit it as her own work and perhaps collect a fat bonus.

“Well, as a matter of fact, there is something I’ve been working on in my spare time.” He slid his chair to one side and opened a desk drawer. “I can give you a demonstration...”

“That won’t be necessary. Just give me all your schematics and development notes and I’ll take it from there.” Something wasn’t right, she realized; he wasn’t protesting her claim about improper internet use, which both knew to be false, and didn’t seem at all upset that he no longer had a job. If he’s psycho, and that’s a gun he’s pulling out, she mused, he’s about to find out what twelve years of tae kwan do feels like when it kicks you in the teeth...and no one will ever question my word on the firing.

But instead, he withdrew a small black plastic box; with its array of small blue buttons, it looked like a remote control. The only thing that seemed incongruous was the flat metal plate underneath his thumb; she looked from the device to his face just in time to see his lips curl back in an evil little smile.

Then all thought left her, torn away as her body exploded with pleasure; every nerve in her body burned with uncontrollable ecstasy, the sensation more powerful than anything she’d ever experienced before. The feeling slamming through her was to an orgasm as heroin is to a diet cola. Consciousness dimmed in the onslaught and time stopped as her very self dissolved.

She came back to herself to find she was lying on the floor, panting for breath as the pleasure receded, leaving an empty feeling in its wake. After a few tries when nothing but wordless gasps came from her parted lips, she was finally able to whisper “What...what was...”

Standing over her now, leering down at her from what seemed a towering height, Robert grinned as he answered “It’s a neural induction device. It directly stimulates the pleasure center in your brain. The location’s been known for well over a decade, but until now the effect required the surgical implantation of bulky electrodes. Now, though, with just the press of this button...”

Agonizing ecstasy slammed through her again, shredding her mind in its wake; she didn’t feel herself writhing and moaning on the floor, didn’t see Robert licking her lips above her...nothing existed for her but the bliss that pounded through every inch of her body. Again the feeling receded, leaving her breathless and moaning on the hard tile floor.

Robert sat on the edge of his desk, silent until her eyes met his. He ignored her pants, her groans, as he continued nonchalantly “When Olds and Milner experimented on the pleasure centers of rats, they found that the rats would press a lever to stimulate themselves as often as they possibly could; they would starve to death in the presence of food so they could keep pressing a lever to give themselves jolts.” The words had barely sunk into Lisa’s dazed mind when again she felt herself in the grip of annihilating pleasure.

As she came back to herself again, the first thing she realized was that her panties were almost soaked clean through; Robert seemed not to notice the hot flush of shame that spread across her cheeks as he continued speaking. “Now, I think a little information is in order. This has been a private project, and all my development notes and schematics are on my machine at home. They’re encrypted, and the hard drive will wipe at any attempt to tamper with my files. Similarly, the chip inside this unit will slag itself if the casing is breached...and while you’d still be able to reverse engineer the hardware, let me assure you that without the software you’ll be lucky not to make a remote lobotomizer. And see this little metal plate here?” He held up the device and displayed its surface to her. “I’ve rigged this device to my it only works for me. The only way you will ever feel that much pleasure again is through me.”

He paused to let her ponder the implications, watching her intently as that keen mind tried to shake off the fog that came in the wake of the ecstasy and think it through. Lisa’s mind raced as she wondered what to do next; part of her was screaming, telling her that she had to get out of there, run away and not look back, get security to take him out of the building...but the very thought left her feeling frantic as she realized that she wanted to feel the touch of the device again. The pleasure was like nothing she’d ever experienced, ever imagined, and already part of her wanted to feel it feel the aching hollow, the absence, filled once more.

She was still grappling with herself when Robert’s voice fell softly to her ears. “Show me your tits,” he whispered.

“What? No!” she blurted, outrage and anger bringing a little of the old Lisa back to the fore. Beginning to rise to her feet, she spat out “You little—”

“Okay then,” he interrupted. “It’s entirely your choice. If you never want to feel this again,” he said as he lifted the device in his hand, “that’s up to you.”

She froze, left in a crouch as his words sank in; part of her mind gibbered and wailed at the thought of being without that pleasure. She looked up at him wordlessly, pleading in her eyes as he grinned down at her, relishing her distress; long moments passed in silence, the two in a tableaux...until humiliation bloomed hot in her cheeks and self-loathing curled slick about her soul as her fingers moved to slip the buttons of her blue silk blouse. Shrugging out of her suit jacket, she pulled the garment off her body and reached behind to slip the catch of her black satin bra; cool air kissed her nipples hard as her high, firm breasts slipped free. Lisa’s eyes dropped to the floor, unfamiliar feelings of shame and helplessness pounding in her mind.

Robert’s eyes moved hungrily over her flesh as she moved to obey him, admiring the pale, creamy flesh on display before him. “Kneel before me,” he commanded.

Shuddering with the fear of what might come next, the self-hatred of her newfound weakness, the aching hunger for the touch of the device, she crawled the short distance to his feet, breasts swaying beneath her until she came upright on her knees before him. She kept her eyes lowered until Robert’s finger curled into her hair, closing in a fist and forcing her head up to look upon him. A fiendish smile curled his lips back, teeth bared as he gazed down upon her; for long moments he pinned her with a smouldering stare...and now he let his eyes drop to her breasts, openly ogling her, and Lisa felt her cheeks flush hotter still.

“Show me your cunt,” Robert said.

“No!” The word burst from her lips without thought, her instinctual revulsion expressing volumes of disdain, the old Lisa shining through the haze of want and need.

He simply shrugged and released his hold on her blonde locks. “Like I say, it’s up to you,” he said, walking slowly around her and moving towards the door.

Lisa was stunned by this reaction; her mind wailed as she remembered the overwhelming bliss, the pleasure burning through to her very core, and, with raw need and the last vestiges of control warring in her mind, she whispered “Wait...”

Robert paused and looked back over her shoulder at her; grinning evilly, he replied “What?”

“Don’t...don’t go...I...I need...”

“Oh, I’m sure you do need. But the only way you’ll get what you need is if you obey. Now, if you want to feel it me your cunt.”

Turning on her knees to face him, Lisa slowly unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips, letting it puddle around her knees; humiliation turned her face a bright red as, eyes downcast, her fingers slowly slid black satin down over her thighs, revealing her close-cropped sex to Robert’s avid stare.

Walking slowly back to stand before her, Robert reached out one hand and began to toy with her breasts; she flinched at his touch, but forced herself to hold still as his fingers stroked her smooth flesh. She sucked in a hitching breath as he caressed, then pinched her hard little pink buds, keeping her eyes on the floor to avoid his hard stare, his predatory grin. Oh god oh god oh god, she thought, the words almost like a mantra as the reality of her degradation came home to her, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Why me? Why is this happening to me?

Robert’s words cut through the haze of her thoughts like a razor. “Finger your cunt, you little whore,” he commanded; she moaned at the order, shame burning hotter in her cheeks as she spread her damp lips and began to stroke her hard little clit.

“That’s right,” he hissed, “work that cunt good, you little slut. Just remember that I’m not making you do anything...this is all you, cunt.” Lisa sobbed at the truth of it, hating herself even as she felt a warm glow rising from her core at her attention to the aching pearl of her clit. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Robert’s fist closed upon her hair and tugged back, forcing her to look upon he unzipped his slacks and drew forth his hard, throbbing cock. Shaking from her own ministrations as much as her dismay at what she knew what was to come next, Lisa drew in a deep, shuddering breath...and parted her lips.

Robert’s soft laughter made her quail inside, made her hate herself even more in that brief instant before she felt him tug her head forward, pain burning sharp and hot in her scalp as he forced his shaft past her lips and into her mouth; muffled sobs and groans sounded around his flesh as he fucked her mouth, mashing her face into his crotch as he rammed his cock down her quivering throat, her lips pressed to the base of his rod as he moved her head back and forth. She felt herself gagging, saw her vision go grey as he choked her with his cock...and almost missed it as he drew the device out of his pocket. She hated the surge of excitement and longing she felt at the sight of it...and as he stiffened, groaning, she tasted his cum, salty and hot as it splashed over her tongue. An instant later she cried out as he wrenched her back by the hair, holding her in place as his sticky white seed splashed across her face, her breasts; for a moment she wished she could simply die...and then all thought ceased as once again the white light exploded within her, hot tongues of flame licking at every nerve as the ecstasy crashed through her.

Some time later...Lisa had no idea when...she came back to herself, feeling his cum drying on her skin, her own juices wet on her hand, her cunt softly spasming in sympathy with the pleasure that had coursed through her; Robert had zipped himself up and was sitting on the edge of his desk, looking down on her with a nasty grin. His hand flickered out and her own panties hit her in the face. “Wipe yourself off, and then give them back. I’m keeping them as a souvenir.” She sobbed again as she moved to comply, her slowly falling tears helping her clean the mess away.

“I’m not fired after all, am I?” he asked.


Taking the panties from her trembling hand, he watched her as she gathered her clothes and began to dress. “That’s what I thought. Now you’re going to go on with the rest of your day...but when it’s time to leave, you’re going to come down here and await my instructions.” Her mind shrieked as the import of his words sunk in...but already she felt herself craving the next kiss of the device, and knew she would return when her work was done. Slowly, trembling, she continued dressing, keeping her eyes cast to the floor.

“Oh, one more thing...just in case you grow a little spine later and decide to try and go cold turkey...” Robert turned the monitor on his desktop computer to face her...and her eyes grew wide as she saw herself, in a full thirty frames per second of hateful digital clarity, sucking Robert’s cock, being bathed in his cum.

She looked up from the video and saw him leering down at her, eyes hard and cold as he bared his teeth in a hateful grin. “I can’t imagine you’ll have much of a future here or anywhere else if I release this to the higher-ups. And just imagine if I should decide to upload it to the net...”

As she opened her mouth, her green eyes frantic, he barked out “Shut up! There’s nothing to be discussed. Either you obey me or you never feel the pleasure again and I ruin you would have ruined me, you little bitch. Now finish getting dressed and get out of here, whore.”

Trembling, she finished buttoning her blouse and rose to her feet. “Yes,” she whispered as she moved to walk away.

“’Yes’ what?” he countered.

Lisa stopped at the door, shaking, her cheeks bright red as his words hit her; humiliation and need and fear and the last scraps of pride all fought within her before she whispered, in a tiny little voice, “Yes...Master”...and fled from the room.