The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Business Partner.

By The Slaver.

Charles parked his Jeep Wrangler in front of the shore house of his estranged father, Richard Garth . Richard Garth owed Charles a sizable amount of cash, six months allowance. Richard Garth had ducked Charles for weeks, but Charles would not be denied today. He climbed the steps of the front entrance and knocked on the door. No one answered. He knew his father was home. His supped-up Hummer was parked in the drive-way. So he walked down the steps and along the side of his father’s home, to the rear entrance. He climbed the stairs of the deck and stopped when he saw a man seated on the railing of the deck. “Who are you?” Charles asked. “Diego Garza. I’m your father’s new business partner.” The stud replied.

Charles stared at Diego Garza, nothing about the handsome muscled stud said ‘business partner’. For a brief moment Charles wondered if his father was secretly gay, but he quickly pushed that thought out of his mind. Perched upon the metal rail that bordered the deck, Diego Garza literally blocked out anything else around him. He had strong developed limbs., and his chest and arms were magnificently curved and carved. His cobbled core and waist formed the point of his broad shoulders. In his fluorescent Yellow budgie shorts, Diego Garza’s deep well tanned physique screamed sexy. His black hair and sexiness punctuated the overall impression. ‘How many bitches does that guy fuck a month?’ Charles thought to himself. He was no slouch, but Diego Garza was incredible. Words failed to capture the essence, the virility, the sturdiness of Diego Garza

Diego Garza hopped off of the railing of the deck and extended his hand. Charles shook Diego Garza’s hand and said, “Your father told me you would be coming over, he’s not here. You up for a drink?” Charles starred at Diego Garza, “I’m here to get my allowance.” Charles said stubbornly, he thought it was strange that Diego Garza had said that his father was not there, when his car was parked on the drive.

“I ain’t got your allowance. You up for a drink. While you wait?” Diego Garza said. When Charles complained, Diego Garza said, “There’s some bottle of liquor, left. Your father got it in from the islands on a business trip. You gotta mix it with juice.” Diego Garza said. “What it called?” Charles asked. “No idea, it’s like tequila, but it’s a lot stronger.” Diego Garza said. “The juice helps some.”

“Sure. Whatever.” Charles said. Diego Garza walked into the kitchen from the deck. He returned with two glasses. He handed Charles the glass of liquor, with Grapefruit juice on the rocks. Charles downed the first glass of the liquor &Grapefruit mix. He looked at his watch. He was running late for that hot little brunette that he intended to seduce. He was there for his money. The time for his father to pay had arrived, again Charles demanded his allowance.

“I don’t know what your rush is. You got time, your father told me to make sure that you relax and have fun.” Diego Garza said. “Let me get you a refill.” Before Charles could say ‘yes, or no’ Diego Garza took Charles’s glass and walked back into the kitchen and returned with another glass of liquor and Grapefruit juice. Charles gulped the tart and sweet beverage. “Just relax.” Charles heard Diego Garza’s words. “Yeah. Just relax.” Muttered Charles, “Yes. Relax and have fun.” Diego Garza repeated. “Relax and have fun.” Charles said. The effects of the drug Diego Garza had put in Charles’s drinks slowly infiltrated his mind, leaving Charles dazed and entranced. “Relax, have fun and do everything I say.” Diego Garza insisted.

“Relax, have fun and do everything you say.” Charles replied, dazed, entranced and submissive. “Relax, have fun and obey.” Diego Garza insisted. “Relax, have fun and obey.” Charles repeated. When Diego Garza knew that he had Charles under control, Diego Garza said, “Follow me into the house.” Charles followed Diego Garza into the house. “Sit down.” Charles sat on padded chair. Diego Garza knelt before the studly Charles and lowered his shorts.

Charles’s massive cock, hard and erect, sprung from his short and underwear. Diego Garza knelt before the sitting Charles and sucked his massive cock. His head bobbed back and forth like a machine that would not stop. Charles moaned as he enjoyed the pleasure Diego Garza offered, it did not take Charles long before he shot his wad. Diego Garza had just finished pulling Charles’s pants back up, and wiping his own mouth clean of cum, when Charles’s father Richard Garth , and Charles’s brother, Malcolm, arrived. “Now Boy, this is what you will do. You will forget whatever you have planned for the rest of today. You will go outside, and tell you father and brother that you are going to spend the next two days here with them. Understand?” Charles nodded his head, stood up and walked out onto the decking to tell his father and brother that he was staying for a few days.

As the day progressed from the early afternoon to the late evening hours, Diego Garza had sure that Charles remained firmly entrenched. Making sure that Charles had a constant surplus of the liquor. Charles thought it was odd but said nothing. Richard Garth lit the citronella torches. The reddish-orange glow of the flame coloured the patio decking. As the evening progressed, strangely Charles found himself asked his brother Malcolm, “Is he staying the night?” Charles said nodding towards Diego Garza.

Malcolm replied. “Yes, in the guest room.” For some reason that Charles did not know why, he nodded ‘yes’ to his brother’s reply Both the brothers laughed, as thou they was sharing some sort of joke together. Diego Garza approached Charles and Malcolm, “Malcolm, can you excuse us?” Diego Garza said, Malcolm walked away, dutifully complying with Diego Garza’s request. When Malcolm had distanced himself, Diego Garza moved nearer to Charles and said, “Around 2am, when everyone else has gone asleep, come into my room. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Charles replied. He thought the request was odd, but for some strange reason he did not question Diego Garza. “Good.” Diego Garza said, as he walked away. By 1am, Richard Garth announced. “Well, good night everyone.” Richard Garth walked into the house, and towards the master bedroom suite. Not long after Malcolm followed his father into the house. Charles escorted Diego Garza down the hallway to where the guest bedrooms were located. Diego Garza turned at the bedroom door whispered to Charles, “Don’t forget, 2am.” Charles heard the words and nodded his head ‘yes’. He walked to his own bedroom, entered, changed into an old pair of shorts that he used as pyjamas, crawled into his bed and fell asleep.

At around 2am, Charles awoke from his light sleep. He rose from his bed and walked down the hallway. For a moment, he thought he saw his father walking into the guest bedroom which was Diego Garza’s room. But he quickly dismissed that notion., his father’s master bedroom had an en suite, so his father had no need to wander the hallway, or going into guest bedrooms. Charles opened the door to the first of the guest rooms and found Diego Garza on the bed, his dick dangling down his thigh. “Take off the shorts.” Diego Garza ordered, Charles removed his shorts. “Now, come here and suck my dick.” Diego Garza said, as he wiggled his flaccid monster. Charles hopped on the bed and nestled next to Diego Garza. He looked at Diego Garza. “Suck my dick.” Diego Garza said, as he shoved his cock into Charles’s mouth. “Your brother, and father both told me you were a whore. So, suck cock.” Charles felt Diego Garza’s cock slide in and out of his mouth.

Charles grabbed the base of Diego Garza’s cock, stroked the semi-hard member with both hands and sucked the stud’s cock. “Nice mouth, whore. Faster.” Charles revved up his blow-job, as ordered. Diego Garza face-fucked Charles until he climaxed. “Lick it clean, whore.”, he ordered. Charles licked up Diego Garza’s cum. “Now, lie down on the bed, face down.” Charles lay upon the bed, his buttocks exposed. Diego Garza moved about the bed and shoved his still-hard cock into Charles’s ass. “You like that, don’t you, whore?” Diego Garza said to Charles, laughing. Charles felt his cock, getting hard, as it rubbed against the cotton bedding. “You want my cock, don’t you?”, Diego Garza asked. Charles nodded ‘yes’. For a moment, Diego Garza pulled his cock out of Charles’s ass.

He then plunged his cock back into Charles’s lubed hole. Diego Garza rocked back and forth, fucking Charles’s ass. Diego Garza suddenly moaned and busted his nut, cum spilling from Charles’s rosebud. Richard Garth pulled out his cock. “Get dressed and go back to bed. Sleep and at 7 am return to me.”

Charles nodded, hopped off the bed, Diego Garza’s cum still dripping from his ass. He found his shorts, but did not dress and exited the guest bedroom, Diego Garza’s cum dripping down the back of his legs. He returned to his bedroom climbed into bed and fell sound asleep.

At around 7am, Charles awoke from his sleep. He rose from his bed and walked naked down the hallway, there was a crust of dry cum around his ass crack and down the back of his legs, from Diego Garza’s fucking of Charles’s rosebud. Charles seemed not to notice. He entered Diego Garza’s room, and stood by the bed, looking straight ahead with unseeing eyes, his cock hung limply between his legs. Sitting on the bed was Diego Garza, beside him sat Malcolm, who was wearing compression gear; that hugged his body. Diego Garza spoke to Charles, “Kneel in front of me, and tell me who Charles obeys?” Charles knelt in front of Diego Garza and answered, “Charles obeys Diego Garza!”

Diego Garza smiled, turned and faced Malcolm. “And Malcolm obeys who?” He asked, “Diego Garza.” Malcolm replied. “That’s right. Diego Garza.” Diego Garza replied, a wry smile on his lips. “Get naked and join your brother.” Malcolm stood up, removed his compression gear and then knelt next to Charles. Diego Garza grabbed his cell phone and placed a call. “Done. Everything is under control. Okay.” Diego Garza ended the call. “Now, the final phase.” He thought to himself. “Lie on the rug and suck each other’s cocks until you cum, don’t take your mouth off cock. You’re going to swallow each other’s cum , you’re going to suck each-others cock until they are sucked dry. Understand?”

“Yes.” The entranced naked studs replied. They reclined upon the carpet, and positioned themselves head to toe, cocks swallowed. They bobbed their heads back and forth making sure that their lips never left their partner’s cock.

The drug that Diego Garza had use the day before, had a kick: swallowing the drug-laced cum rendered the changes in the victims, permanent. He needed permanent changes for these two cock-cock suckers and their father. Richard Garth and his two underlings would operate a drug distribution operation that would fund Diego Garza’s covert activities. The amount of money Diego Garza required, and the tangled web of deception required to get it, required such desperate tactics, as Diego Garza was now using.

Diego Garza walked over to the closet. He opened the closet and smiled. “I told you but you wouldn’t believe me.” Charles’s father Richard Garth remained silent, his eyes revealing his fear of Diego Garza’s power. Diego Garza tugged on the metal cage that encased his cock; then Diego Garza grabbed Richard Garth by the chains that linked the nipple clamps on his swollen nipples, and pulled him out of the closet. Diego Garza then pushed Richard Garth onto the bed, face down, and fucked Richard Garth’s ass. “I told you, but you didn’t believe me. But now, you will.”

Diego Garza knew that now he had everyone under control. He smiled as he fucked the slutty Richard Garth . “Not as tight as Charles or Malcolm, but you’ll do.” He muttered, on the floor beside the bed, Charles and Malcolm continued to suck each other off.