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But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter 3

Nicole arrived back the next morning, a Sunday. Will made them coffee and brought it to the table where she was sitting.

‘Well?’, he said, ‘What are you thinking?’

‘I think there is a part of me that I never knew about before. It turns me on when you tell me what to do. I’ve never felt that before. You know I’m not the kind of person who likes to be told what to do, right?’

That was true. She was independent. They both were. The idea of being ordered around would be insulting to both of them.

Will nodded.

‘But now, I don’t know...’

‘Do you think you are a submissive?’

‘What is that?’, she asked.

‘Someone who wants to be dominated by their partner. Someone who enjoys being the lesser member of the couple, who is happy to follow orders of their partner’, Will did his best to explain.

‘I don’t know, maybe. But I don’t like the idea of being the lesser of a couple. I should be equal with you. But it turns me on to do what you tell me, and it even turns me on to think of times that I obeyed you. When you told me to wait, and I waited. Thinking about that feels good. It feels so good, but...’, she hesitated.

‘I’m listening’, he encouraged.

‘I’m scared. I have to do the things you tell me to do. It is not just that I want to or choose to do them. I must. Not obeying feels impossible. I am scared you could tell me to do something I don’t want to do. Like yesterday with the implants. I mean, it felt good to know that I was obeying an order, but I don’t think the outcome would have pleased me. Although, maybe the outcome would have been a reminder of obeying you and that would have felt good. I’m sorry, it’s so complicated. I don’t know if I explained it well. I’m not sure how to or if I really understand.

‘You’re doing good. I think I understand’.

‘But I know that our relationship has been so good recently and I think this is a part of the reason why. I know you weren’t so happy when we weren’t having as much sex even though we both avoided the subject. I was afraid I would lose you, and I have given up so much just for the chance to be with you. So, even though I don’t understand, I think it could be a good thing and I think I, I mean we, could explore this together’, she concluded.

Wow, thought Will. He didn’t really see himself as the kind of person who gave orders. But, the thought of someone willing to obey him did turn him on—a lot! The things he might be able to get her to do! But it wasn’t what he really wanted. Like Nicole he wanted their relationship to be a partnership of equals. But their relationship had been finished and this had saved it. So he had two reasons to experiment with this. To save their relationship together and because it turned him on

‘OK, we will do this together’. He leaned in to kiss her and she kissed him back. ‘You are my equal’, he told her, ‘but we’ll pretend you’re not’.

He led her to the bedroom and undressed her as she undressed him. They took up the missionary position on the bed, not penetrating yet, just kissing. As he began to try to enter her she said ‘Not yet’. Her eyes were closed, but she looked a bit worried. ‘I’m not ready yet’.


‘Keep kissing me’, she smiled up at him.

He kissed her, but then pulled away. ‘No. I am the one who tells you what to do. I have a better idea’.

‘What?’, she said confused.

‘Silence’, he said. An order. ‘Blow me’ he said. Another order. He lay down on the bed beside her and she kneeled over him, bent down and took the head in her mouth.

‘Hold my balls’. An order.

‘Change position’. An order. ‘I want to see your pussy. Put one leg either side of me.’ An order. ‘Then bend over and continue what you were doing’. an order, two orders maybe.

‘You look ready from where I am’, he said. She didn’t answer. ‘Lie on top of me and kiss me’. More orders. ‘You don’t have to be silent anymore’. She moaned between kisses.

‘From now on you don’t need to be quiet during sex.’ Nicole was always worried people might hear so she suppressed sex noises. ‘Don’t exaggerate, but don’t suppress’. Two orders. ‘Do you understand?’.

‘Yes, but sometimes I will be loud. People might hear us’, she protested in between kisses.

‘I will tell you when you need to be quiet’.

‘Please, I’m ready, I’m so hot. I’m so wet.’

‘You’re on top already Nicole, you can decide when I enter and what our rhythm will be.’ An order. He ordered her to choose. She shifted back and took his whole length in. Not too fast, neither too slow. Fast enough that she could enjoy it. She moaned loudly and appreciatively. ‘Sit up, cowgirl position’ he ordered. She complied and started playing with her clit, while maintaining a slow, if steady and determined rhythm.

‘Don’t touch yourself’. An order.

‘But I want to come’.

‘You can come later. Put your hands on your head, or if you need to keep balance, put them anywhere that allows you to do that’.

She kept one hand tousling her hair while the other stayed low prepared to support herself should she begin to lose position, still begging all the time to be allowed to come. And then Will allowed himself to come.

‘No!’ she protested. Will never came first. He never allowed himself to. He always made sure she came first, or that they came at the same time. ‘You can’t do that!’

‘Don’t speak.’ An order. ‘Roll onto the bed. Touch yourself. Don’t allow yourself to come’. Three orders.

Will enjoyed the post orgasmic bliss for a couple of minutes, and the moans coming from beside him on the bed. Then, ‘clean me off with your mouth’. An order. ‘Keep touching yourself’. He wasn’t sure he needed to say that. If she was unable to do both would the first or second command have primacy? She slowed down her fingers, maintaining herself on edge. Waiting for relief.

When she was finished cleaning him, he told her to lie beside him, on her side facing him and still touching herself. Still not allowed to come. ‘I told you to be silent and you were silent’ he said. She moaned. ‘I told you to blow me and you blew me.’. Her next moan was more like a grunt. He continued listing the orders he had given that she obeyed, at least those that he could remember, finally ending with ‘I told you to touch yourself without cumming and you obeyed’. Then; ‘Nicole, you are allowed to cum now’.

And she did.

* * *

Tina never called Will again and Will never called her. She wasn’t sure if Will and Nicole had broken up or not, but she figured that either way he didn’t want to see her. Fair enough. His choice. A pity. She had no real interest in him apart from his cock. Most guys weren’t built the way he was, and not many knew how to use it the way he did. It would be hard to find another cock like that, but she would manage. He was so modest about it. Whenever she praised his cock, he looked away embarrassed. She didn’t understand that. He was right about one thing. They were too different. After all, it turned her on when he praised her tits. She could listen to a man do that all day.

* * *

Will felt awful. He could get her to do anything. That was amazing, but if this was their new relationship, he didn’t trust himself in the long term to make her do things she would never want to do. He pictured her arriving home. Closing the door behind her, then turning to face him. A giant pair of tits as big as Tina’s—no, maybe bigger—being the first part of the front of her which became visible as she turned. Then poutier lips. Walking over to hug him. Putting her arms around his neck and the firmness of her whole chest pressed against him. Her kissing him with those lips. As she withdraws from the kiss, no longer smiling, eyes closed, savouring the kiss that just was, the gap between her top and bottom lip visible. Her two upper front teeth always on show when her mouth was resting.

But everything else was amazing. This was the best they had ever had, and it seemed like it could only get better. Will just didn’t trust himself with this kind of power.

But Nicole loved it. She had decided that she was a submissive and she wasn’t going to fight her enjoyment of the role. She sometimes called herself his slut when they were alone, experimenting with her new role. Not always. Occasionally. Will wondered if she would fight that acceptance and enjoyment if she knew his fetish.

They had figured out the rules that determined how she would obey him. When two orders contradicted each other, it was the newer order which won out. But if only part of the first order was made obsolete by the second, she would continue with the non-obsolete part. There didn’t appear to be a time limit on the orders, meaning that he had to be careful with orders that might affect her daily life, such as telling her not to speak as they had sex. Orders had to be given by voice. Written orders; notes, emails, text messages, were worthless. But phone calls and voicemail were effective. She could object to an order. Will gave her a general order. For each new order I give you, you have the option to take 1 minute before starting that order, to explain why you do not want to do it, or why it you think it might be a bad idea. But this allowance would not be granted to her if Will expressed a time frame for a new order that was incompatible with waiting. For example, ‘do this now’.

So far they mostly using her obedience for sex. Of course, Will, with Nicole’s knowledge, did regularly and knowingly give her small orders to do things that she would have done anyway, or that he would have asked for in normal circumstances, knowing that even these irrelevant orders maintained a good background level or arousal. But they hadn’t experimented too much with proper obedience outside the house.

One evening they had been going to walk down the strip to look at the animals partying. When Nicole was ready, she met him in the kitchen. Will told her she was beautiful and she blushed. Always so modest. Embarrassed by her beauty.

‘But I’m going to make one change’, he said.

‘What?’ she asked.

‘Stay there’, he ordered. He left the room and came back a minute later. ‘I’ve left a skirt on the bed and a pair of shoes that you are to wear instead of those’, he commanded.

She left the room and came back a two minutes later wearing what she had been commanded to wear. She draped her arms around his shoulders and kissing him passionately.

‘Oh God, I’m so horny’, she said. ‘Let’s stay’.

‘We are leaving. I want you to show off those legs’. He turned to leave, holding one of her hands as he did so. She tottered at first as he dragged her behind him, not used to the 3 inch heels. When she did wear heels (which was rare) she didn’t normally wear anything above 2 inches. She was a tiny bit self-conscious about her height, 6 foot in bare feet compared to Will’s 6 feet and 4 inches so she usually avoided them.

‘You know these shoes and skirt don’t really go with each other or this top’, she admonished him. While the original skirt had been above knee length, this one was more for clubbing—the same number of inches below her ass as the other had been above her knees. Tomorrow was a work day, so they were just going to walk the strip and so she had dressed appropriately for that.

‘I don’t care’, he lied, enjoying playing the role of master. He actually did care about that. He didn’t really understand what the rules were for what matched in women’s clothing, but she did, and he did want that she was happy knowing she wasn’t breaking them.

‘I don’t care, but I make the rules, and tonight you wear heels and a short skirt so people can see your legs’.

She grinned and threw an arm around his waist, squeezing him a small bit as she did so. It was the commands that did it. The thought of showing off did nothing for her. Maybe embarrassed her a bit, but they were only legs, and she has worn high heels and short skirts plenty of times in the past.