The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter: 4

Will was fantasising about Nicole walking in the door again. But this time as she closed the door, her ass was bigger. Way bigger. Not fake big, but big from working out. She didn’t really have an ass. She sometimes complained about it. Rarely, but sometimes.

Now as she turned around her breasts were bigger than before. Breasts was the wrong word. Even boobs felt inappropriate. Tits. Huge Fake Fucking Tits. And then her face was in view and her lips were bigger than last time as well. And like her tits, they could not be interpreted by anyone as an act of genetics. Those lips and tits didn’t mark her out as the winner of the genetic lottery that she actually was with her beauty. This was someone who had chosen to spend money on overly large lips and tits. Someone who had chosen to spend money, knowing that other people would never take her seriously again.

‘Chosen’, smirked Will to himself.

As before she walked over to him, still smiling, put her arms around him and moved in to kiss him. The pressure of her titanic tits pushing against him, meant that she had to lean her head forward maybe a bit more than felt natural to reach his lips. Although her new lips did help with that. This time his hands weren’t on her hips as she kissed him. They were on her ass. Not on her ass. Grabbing her ass. One hand squeezing each bulbous cheek.

She pulled back from him, eyes closed, mouth resting, savouring the just completed kiss. She had fake eyelashes. Too big. Way larger than normal above her inner eye, but growing rapidly as they moved towards the outer eye. The last few lashes were over 2 centimeters long. Curved dramatically. So long that the outer lashes of her left eye had caught on some of the strands of her hair.

The resting gap between her lips was bigger now. You could see the tops of the bottom teeth and the half of each of the upper incisors beside the central upper pair. The top lip curved upwards. She must have a hard time blowing or wiping her nose, he reflected.

He awoke from his daydream in the kitchen. He had been making coffee. That would be shit; lashes caught on your hair, being impeded from blowing your nose, he sympathised with the fantasy Nicole. She could have blown her nose of course, just that there was less space to press the tissue between the bottom of her nose and where her upper lip started curving outwards. Making it harder than it should be.

‘Nicole’, he called out.

‘Yes’, she replied from the couch in the living room.

‘Come into the kitchen’. An order.

She came in smiling, wondering what was about to happen.

‘Stand in front of me’.

She came up to him.

‘Get on your knees’.

She laughed, and complied grinning at him.

‘Open my fly’

Even before she had started to pull the zipper down she exclaimed ‘You’re rock hard!’, looking up, grinning still, but with a bit of surprise.

‘I was just thinking of you’ he said kind-of truthfully.

‘Yay!’, she said enthusiastically, ‘I LOVE that’.

You have no idea, thought Will. ‘Start sucking. I’ll tell you when I’m about to come. Don’t swallow. Make sure my cum lands on your face’. That was new.

‘What?’ Nicole muffled around his cock.

‘No talking until after I am cleaned up’. If you do not obey me, or if you do a bad job, or if you displease me I will not allow you to cum for the rest of today. That was new too. He had never denied her an orgasm before. Sure, he had delayed it while they had sex, but she always got to come before they returned to doing normal things. God he was so fucking hard. That fantasy was too much.

‘Now’, he said and Nicole took the head out of her mouth and directed it at her open mouth. ‘No’, commanded Will. Aim between your eyebrows. She obeyed and closed her eyes. Will toyed with the idea of commanding her to open her eyes, but decided he had already gone much further than usual, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted even wanted that.

He came and his cum splattered on her forehead, nose, closed eyes and cheeks. And then it was over. Nicole wouldn’t be able to speak until he was cleaned up, but Will had issued a general order weeks ago that she could only start cleaning him up when he gave the command. But that command did not prevent her from cleaning herself up. She wrapped the sleeve of her top around her arm and brought it up to her face.

‘No’, said Will. Leave it. ‘If it turns you on to be reminded of past times you were obedient, then you can wear my cum for the rest of the day. When you feel it on your face, when you see it on your face, will that remind you?’

She nodded. not entirely happily happy he guessed, but aroused at least. Her eyes were still closed because of the cum.

‘You are only allowed to clean enough that allows you to use your eyes, or enough that allows you to breath through your nose and mouth’.

She nodded and wiped a small amount of her eyes and nostrils. She opened her eyes a small amount and then wiped a small bit more so that she could open them fully.

‘Clean me up now, but use your hair’. That was new too. He had said to do it now, so she didn’t have a chance to look at him to question this.

And then he was clean.

‘Can I stand now?’, she asked. He nodded and she did. ‘Would you not have let me come today’, she questioned.

‘Do you trust me?’ he asked. ‘You must always be honest with me’. An order. How had he not thought of that one before?

‘Yes’, she replied. ‘Just that this was different’.

‘I’m pushing the boundaries. Just to see. Does it still turn you on to obey?’


‘Does it still turn you on to be reminded of obeying?’

‘Yes’. A slight smile. The cum was clumping parts of her hair together as it dried. ‘I can feel my skin being tightened as your cum dries. I like it. Not that I have cum on my face. I don’t like that. But you told me to get your cum on my face and I obeyed. It felt good at the time and remembering that I obeyed feels good too and the dry and drying cum reminds me. I can feel it and that makes me hot. A bit’, she babbled.

He gave her a hug and a kiss, Not minding the cum. It was mostly dry now anyway. ‘Tell me about your exercise regime’ he commanded, remembering the imagined sensation of squeezing the fantasy Nicole’s ass.

‘60 minutes, three times a week’, and she broke down the schedule for him, moaning softly as she started to masturbate slowly in front of him—he hadn’t forbidden her from masturbating or cumming and quickly added a command not to cum.

Once she was finished he commanded her to make it 90 minutes three times a week. She could continue with the usual 60 minutes, but he had a suggestion for an extra 30. She was to investigate the best way to target the muscle group of interest and include that in her routine. He told her that he expected a full power point presentation in four weeks and every four weeks displaying progress, detailed before and after images, future targets, lessons learned, what worked, what didn’t and any other thoughts that were relevant.

A few hours later on that day he let her come, after he had taken her from behind, bent over the desk in the lounge where she had been doing her research.

And as they were going to bed he let her clean off the cum.

‘What a filthy fucking slut’ he thought as she left to go to the bathroom. He caught himself. ‘She’s not a slut’, he thought. ‘And she’s not filthy’. He thought a bit more and then concluded, ‘Well, she is my filthy fucking slut’.