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But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter: 6

‘Do you feel different since I read the contract?’, Will asked Nicole.

It was 6 weeks later. Enough time had passed that they could reflect on the changes in their relationship. Christmas was almost upon them. The Christmas parties had started. Will had instructed her to buy some tight dresses for the season. At least tight around her ass and hips. Short. Also matching heels. 3 to four inches. He enjoyed watching her walk. He would send her off to the bar or on some meaningless errand just to watch her go, smugly noting any other men who turned to watch her as she went past, watching as she wiggled unsteadily on the higher than usual heels. Of course for their work related parties—which had not yet taken place—she would ordered to dress of an appropriate sophistication. Wearing only heels that she was completely steady in. They both had good careers, and he had no intention to harm either of them.

‘Yes’, she said. ‘You can take sweet lips whenever you want.’ A new name Will had introduced, although, he had considerably reduced how often she needed to refer to herself in the third person. Just a couple of times a day. He needed more names to make it more fun, and it was repetitive to hear the same names over and over again. He hadn’t hit on a set of names that he was completely happy with. Maybe next year he would experiment with it again.

‘It is not that I am horny all the time’, she went on. ‘I am not. There is a limit. But because there is always at least some arousal in the background, it does not require much to get me in the mood. I do think about sex a lot more now. I think sex is now one of my hobbies. I think about it as much as I do about other things. At work I do think mainly about work. I am still focused, which I am happy about. I was worried that I would not be. I do sometimes think about sex at work, but only as much as I might think about other non-work related things. When I allow myself too.’

‘But’, she went on, ‘you can walk up to me anytime you want and take me. I have always that small bit of arousal that you can use. And you do. I used to need a lot of foreplay to be ready to receive you. Now I don’t. You can do what you want. But I am glad we do have foreplay often too.

‘I enjoy it making you hotter’, replied Will. ‘I don’t enjoy the foreplay if it’s something that I have to do. But, if it is an option, I love it.

‘If we spend the whole day together, if I am in the Realm, then I do get horny, so hot for you. Even if I was not obliged to allow you to do what you wanted, I would be so horny that I would allow you to do anything. The combined effect of your commands, and the commands that were given in the contract, over the course of a day make me so hot and horny for you. I need to feel you inside me.

Will enjoyed her over use of the word ‘horny’. Maybe because she didn’t often have conversations about sex with other Americans (apart from him) she hadn’t figured out that it wasn’t used too much in non-sex talk. Maybe he should tell her only to use that word when talking of arousal, when in the Realm.

‘Do you not like the effect when we spend the day together?’, he enquired.

‘Oh God, I love it, it is amazing—every single time. But there is a part of me which knows that I would not choose this for me. There is a part that screams at me that this is not my choice. But then the rest of me remembers that I am obeying orders and that feels good. There is this constant tension within me, and I know the part that is the old me will lose, even though I don’t want that part to lose.’

‘I am scared because you now have complete power over me. More than you had before. I cannot object to anything that you might decide to do that relates to me. Only if you ask me before you decide to do something, would I be able to object, and then not really. I could not say anything that indicated that I don’t want to do whatever it is. I can only discuss my opinions of it in general, not how it might relate to me. Only your opinion of how it relates to me is valid, even though I do have opinions’.

‘Once you have decided that you want me to act or dress a certain way, then I have to do it. It makes me feel good, but I know that you could make me do things that terrify me. Things that horrify me, that would humiliate me. Things I do not want to do. I would do them, and it would feel good to do them. I would enjoy them. But a part of me would be screaming, and I would not be able to communicate that to you. I would hate it and I not be able to tell anyone’

‘Do you still trust me?’, he asked.

She paused, ‘I don’t know. You have so much power over me. More power than I ever thought anyone could ever have over me. It is not that I trust you less than I did before. I trust you exactly as much as before. But whenever you have asked me before ‘if I trusted you’, there was always an assumption that there were limits to your power over me. Those limits are almost all gone now. Please don’t be offended or hurt if I say that I don’t trust you anymore. I mostly do trust you. I know you love me and I love you. I just don’t know if I could ever trust anyone enough to surrender all of my independence, as I have done. You have an amount of power that I could never trust anyone enough to have.’

‘I understand. I do love you’, he confirmed. She nodded. ‘I understand that you might not have that level of trust. It does not shock me to hear you say it. I would think the same. Tell me about your fantasies. What do you fantasize about’.

She smiled. ‘Mostly places where we could do it. Out hiking in the hills of the desert.’ When the weather warms up again, Will decided, he hoped he would remember.

‘In other public places where no one is around’ she went on. ‘In the ladies bathroom at work, but I don’t want to do that. I could get fired’. Will nodded in agreement. ‘On the balcony of a hotel, where we cannot be seen. You have commanded that I must make whatever noises feel natural to me during sex. I cannot be quieter if I am afraid we will be heard, unless you allow me to be quieter. In this fantasy you do not tell me to be quieter, so I cannot. The sex is good and I am loud. No one can see us, our balcony is high up, but anyone on a nearby balcony could hear us. I don’t want to do that, I mean I don’t want to be too loud, everything else is amazing. I think that when I fantasize, it makes me hot to obey in the fantasy. But there is no point obeying something I would do anyway. It makes me hot to think about being forced to do stuff I would not choose to do.’

Oh, hello, thought Will

‘Sometimes you force me into strange positions, uncomfortable positions, sometimes I am wearing ridiculous clothes that you told me to wear. But the obedience makes my orgasm better if I am masturbating. This kind of fantasy is new for me. Just in the last two weeks. You have told me to tell you and I am telling you. The older fantasies, where you would order me to do stuff that I would do anyway, those fantasies were already good, but I discovered these new fantasies by accident.’

Will was surprised, raising one eyebrow. He had already made a commitment to himself that he would help her with her fantasies, in terms of location, but this new information open possibilities. He could tell her to do anything and it would give her a better orgasm. The shame that Will felt about the power that he had over her, how she had turned not just the woman of his dreams, but his best friend, into his sex slave could be overcome here. When his lust was at his peak and when he had least shame, he could order her to do things that part of him did not want.

* * *

That Friday was Will’s office Christmas party. The evening was a success, as far as Will was concerned. The two of them had gotten on famously with his superiors, and his boss was regularly talking to him about the future direction of the company, hinting at future opportunities, and commending Nicole on the fine young man whose arm she held. She had dazzled. Wearing a glittering, silver, strapped dress which went to half way down between her knees and her butt, with a 3 inch slit over the front of her right leg—not exactly centred—showing off a bit more of her thigh. Some light grey, 2 inch pumps, gold bracelets, and a gold necklace had completed the look.

Her thighs had always been his favourite part of her body in the old days. Now as she focussed so much exercise on her ass, he noticed that her thighs had also gotten a bit bigger. Wider and with more definition. Previously her thighs had only been wide because of her wide hips, which he loved. But now, as her ass slowly grew, exceeding slightly the limits of her hips, her thighs had widened a small bit to keep pace.

That night, to her surprise he took her to a hotel. Not just a simple room, with a bed and nothing else. Fancy. A suite almost. One bedroom, but a reception room in between that and the hallway. Probably a bit too extravagantly decorated for either of their tastes, but it was Vegas. After making out for a bit he ordered her to undress. He remained fully clothed. He ordered her to get on the table and to do the splits lengthwise across it, supporting herself with both hands down in front of her. He ordered her to stick her ass out and enjoyed the effect it created. She certainly was a lot more flexible these days. He told her to start masturbating with one hand, continuing to support her position with the other. He took a picture of her ass, as it protruded out, and placed his phone in front of her.

‘Oh God!, she exclaimed, getting closer.

‘Don’t come yet’, commanded Will, keep yourself on edge’. Undoing his fly he took out his cock. He pulled her to the edge of the table where he would have access, telling her to maintain the splits position. He entered her, allowing her pussy to lube him up. In and out, maintaining a rhythm. She groaned achingly, wanting release. Then he pulled out and put one arm around her chest, pulling her torso slightly backwards. He spread some of her juices onto his fingers and explored her asshole.

‘Remember’, he said, ‘you’re my big butt slut.’ She groaned, deeper this time, as she realised what was about to happen, something that she would never want.

‘Please’, she pleaded, ‘I’m so... I need to come.’ He entered her ass for the first time. Anal wasn’t something he had ever been particularly interested in to be honest, but, judging by her fantasies, he knew that taking her ass might give her a more powerful orgasm. He moved slowly deeper, exploring. Once he was comfortable, he started moving in and out, not all the way, just a small amount, there was a lot of friction.

When he was ready, he told her, ‘You can cum now.’

And she did. Loudly, and for a long time.

‘That was the best orgasm of my life’, she said later after they had recovered.

‘Was it pleasurable, you know, in the butt?’

‘Not really, not compared to my pussy. Maybe there is something, but it hurt a lot.’ She wasn’t complaining. She couldn’t. She was just being honest about the sensation.

Later on they put on their warm coats and went onto the balcony for another round, him pinning her against the wall, holding both her legs as she wrapped them around him. ‘Usually I would let you be quiet’, he whispered in her ear. ‘Not this time’.

And, again, she came loudly.

* * *

The next week it was the turn of her work office party. Nicole was good at her job, and had been impressing her superiors with her diligence, competency, and language skills. Not just French, but Russian too. And she was slowly coming to grips with Chinese, but it was a tough language. Originally, when she planned her life in France, she decided that she wanted to work selling luxury property on the southern French coast. She had got a degree in business, taking Russian as an extra language, her English had already been excellent.

Although she did not like Las Vegas, she admitted to herself that it wasn’t a bad place to be for her chosen career, selling bit ticket items to the super rich. Her excellent Russian and French, as well as her attempts at Chinese, had guaranteed her a job in this field in the monolingual city of sin. Of course, it had been an entry level job at first—she had no professional experience—but she had impressed her superiors from the start and had two promotions behind her already. Like with Will, big things were expected of her.

Afterwards, Will took her to her office. The office was deserted, with the party having taken place in a small reception room in a hotel across the city. Earlier that week he had given her a box to store at work. She wasn’t permitted to look in the box or to ask what was in it. The building was full of offices for different companies. So, while there was security for the building as a whole, there was none for the offices that Nicole worked in. Once they were inside, Will asked for directions to the box. Nicole told him where it was and he ordered her to stay by the door. He returned, putting the box at her feet.

‘Open the box, and put the contents on.’

She removed the lid to reveal a pair of shoes, unlike anything she had worn before. She removed her pumps with the 2 inch heals (black this time, matching her black dress), and sat down on the floor to begin putting on the new shoes. These shoes are disgusting she thought. But she couldn’t share that with Will. Bright pink, sparkly. Lots of straps to be tightened, reaching to half way up her shin. Once she was strapped in she stood up slowly, Will holding both her hands to support her.

‘Lead me to the women’s bathroom’, he commanded.

She tottered off. Now or never, thought Will and followed, enjoying her struggle with the six inch heels which played out on her ass. She had fantasised about being forced to wear ridiculous clothes, about being fucked in the work bathroom, but, as with their anal sex the previous week, he wanted to surprise her. To force a larger orgasm for her.

Once in the bathroom, he pushed her over to the sinks, staying behind her all the time. She supported herself with relief on the counter, as Will hiked up her dress from behind and pulled down her underwear. He entered her, and they both enjoyed the rhythm for a while. Slowly he began to speed up.

She was close, she knew. Watching him in the mirror, as she fucked her from behind. This was fucking, she thought. Not sex, or love making. Fucking. And what the fuck was he making her wear. God she was so hot. Those shoes were a travesty. Please don’t let anyone ever see me wear anything like this. Fuck, she was going to come hard. She moaned louder, ran those thoughts about the shoes through her head again, and then moaned even louder again. Then Will grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head back, ensuring that her ear was against his lips while he maintained his stroke.

‘You’re getting bigger lips’, he hissed.

She almost lost her balance on the 6 inch heels, attempting to push back harder against Will’s thrusts, but supported herself with her arms on the far rim of the sink. Fuck, no, she thought, I love my lips. She didn’t want to be forced to do that. And that thought just made her hotter. She was so close now. Just a few seconds. When it came it was going to be huge.

‘Giant fucking tits too.’

And her pleasure peaked.