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But I Don’t Really Want This

Chapter: 7

It was February now. Saturday morning. They were lying in each others arms in bed. They had partied the weekend before and this weekend they were taking it easy. They had had a quiet dinner in front of the TV on Friday night and then had an early night.

‘You said once that sex was now one of your hobbies’, said Will. ‘Tell me about that’.

‘It’s definitely my main hobby now’, she said. ‘That means that when I am thinking about sex, it isn’t always because I am horny and am wondering when we can next have sex. I can also be thinking about how I can be better, about how our sex can be better. I think about how my orgasms can be better, I think about how I can give you a better orgasm’.

‘You are dressing really sexily lately’, smiled Will. ‘You know I like that. Your ass has been looking amazing.’ Will had started taking photographs during their monthly progress reports. Each month several photos were taken from each of a half dozen positions. Will was hoping that after a year there would be enough to create a short video showing her progress. ‘And you bought lingerie a few times too. That used to be a rare thing for you.’

‘That was for you and me, it makes me feel good too. Because I feel good, I do have a better orgasm, but there are other ways to have a better climax and I think about those too. I’ve said it before that when you make me do things that I would never usually want to do, things that would embarrass or disgust me, it gives me a better orgasm. Well, because sex is now my hobby, and I enjoy exploring aspects that make it better, I want to explore that element of it too. This means that, even though I might hate the things that you tell me to do, I know that they give me a better climax. So I think about things like that a lot. I want the better climax, so I fantasize about them sometimes. Part of me wants you to degrade me because it makes me cum harder. I know I don’t have to give you permission to tell me to do things. You have that power already. But I am saying that I don’t mind too much. I want you to explore those options. But I am scared that we could go too far. Please don’t let me go to far.’

He pulled her in towards him and kissed him. He took her hand and brought it down between her legs, silently directing her to masturbate while they continued to kiss. He hadn’t responded to her plea. He knew it, and he knew that she knew he knew it.

‘Tell me about your last fantasy’, he said. ‘Don’t stop masturbating, but don’t cum’.

‘I’m walking down the street. I’m going home. I am very horny and I know that you are home, and that when I get home you will bring me so much pleasure. But first I have to get there. I’m several blocks away. I’ve left an appointment and am going home and am horny, but I am not allowed to drive. You have told me that I have to walk home.’

OK, thought Will, what else. He waited.

‘Can I cum’, she moaned, turning her face against this shoulder, wanting it.

‘No. What else is going on in this fantasy. Why is it a fantasy?’

She said nothing, then gasped at the latest movement of her fingers.

‘Tell me’, he ordered.

Everyone is looking at me as I am walking home. Some of them I know, some of them I do not know. Part of me feels good about it. Another part of me feels wretched, embarrassed that people are looking at me. Not just looking, they are staring. I see my boss approaching. He is gawping. He recognises me, but in this fantasy no one speaks to me. Some people who are walking or standing together talk to each other. I cannot make out the words that they say to each other. But as they talk, they keep on looking at me. It is obvious that they are talking about me, and they do not try to hide this fact. When I make eye contact with someone, they keep on staring back. No one is embarrassed to have been caught staring. Their expression tells me that if anyone should be embarrassed it should be me’.

Nicole groaned louder, clenching her legs together and turning her face back into Will’s shoulder. She rested her wet fingers on Will’s chest, resting. A pause. Her eyes opened, pleading with him to be allowed to cum, to not have to continue the story. Embarrassed by what is coming. But she had to finish the story. He had ordered her to tell it to her. When she saw that he wasn’t going to give her relief from his commands, she brought her hand back down.

‘An old lady covers her lips as she whispers to her companion. All the time she stares at me with daggers in her eyes. A man guffaws at the remark of a companion. A group of teenagers fall about laughing at the hand gestures one of them has made’.

‘What hand gesture?’, Will asked.

She didn’t answer.

‘Tell me’.

She turned on her back and brought both of her hands in front of her breasts, miming the massaging of two much larger breasts.

‘Keep going’, he continued.

‘The appointment I have left, you told me to go there, but you didn’t tell me what it was’. I walked in and told them my name and said that I had an appointment, and they led me to a door. They told me to enter the door and to leave the room I found myself in using the door at the far side. I did that. I just walked straight through. The other door brought me back to the reception. The receptionist greeted me again and told me how wonderfully it had gone, how pleased I must be. I didn’t understand. Nothing had happened. I had just walked through an empty room. I just smiled dumbly at her and said I was very happy. A wonderful experience. The receptionist led me to the exit and told me to call if there were any problems. I was now outside and confused, so I started to walk home. That’s when I noticed by breasts were bigger’.

Nicole sounded humiliated. She was still pleasuring herself, but in between the moans, it was clear that she was mortified that she had just told Will this fantasy.

‘Now I am walking home and everyone is looking at my breasts’.

Will was masturbating now. Not heavily, just occasionally applying a bit of pressure where the shaft met the head.

‘You sent me to that appointment and now I have large breasts. When we had sex in the bathroom at work you told me that I was getting larger breasts and this fantasy is about that’.

Giant fucking tits is, I believe, the phrase I used, thought Will to himself amused and aroused, but knew better than to say that. Bigger lips as well, as I recall.

‘They’re not enormous’, she continued, ‘not like those really stupid girls you see sometimes in this city with boobs as big as their head. They are not too big, but in the fantasy everyone knows that they are fake. Because I know they are fake, everyone else in the fantasy knows.’

‘How big?’, asked Will.

‘I think about a D. In the fantasy I am now a woman with large breasts. When ever I see a woman who keeps herself in shape and who has breasts this large, I usually look. They look good. Not too big, but certainly bigger than the average slim girl. Big enough that you notice that her breasts are large. Maybe natural, maybe not, who knows. In this fantasy I am now one of those girls, but everyone in this fantasy knows they my breasts are fake and I cannot escape it. I am humiliated by their stares and calls and laughs. And this humiliation is something I would never want, so it makes me just so so sooo... wet. So I am walking home to be with you. I want you to fuck me.’

‘What happened to your bra? Did it grow too?’

‘I don’t know, I hadn’t though about that in the fantasy, I suppose so. I am still wearing it and it is not uncomfortable’, replied Nicole.

‘No’, said Will. ‘The bra didn’t grow. You realise now that it is far too tight. What kind of top are you wearing?’

‘Just a standard top and a jacket over it’, she said.

‘No’, said Will. ‘You are wearing a very light woollen jumper. Tight. It was tight when you arrived for the appointment. Now it’s tighter with your larger boobs. You aren’t wearing a jacket. Reach under your jumper, unhook your bra, and take it off. Everyone is still looking. Now they are staring even harder at you, if that is possible.’

‘Oh, uggh, god ...’, she groaned. She opened her eyes and stared at him with mild shock and horror, and with not quite so mild pleasure. Then she noticed his penis and the gentle work that he was doing on himself. She reached with her slick hand for his penis. He allowed her to start to wrap her hand around it, ‘.. so hard..’, she moaned under her breath.

‘No, you take care of yourself.’ She brought her hand back. ‘Throw your bra at the teenage kid who did the hand gesture, wink and blow him a kiss. How does that make you feel’.

‘.. like the worst ... tramp in the world..’, she moaned.

‘What else?’, he prompted.

‘.. never so wet before..’

‘In the fantasy, do you ever arrive home?’, asked Will.

‘No, never’ she moaned.

‘You usually cum before you get a chance to come home?’, he went deeper.

‘No, the fantasy isn’t about cumming, the fantasy is about wanting sex. It’s about enjoying being turned on, being horny’, answered Nicole.

‘But you are humiliated’.

‘Yes, but when you make me break my limits, that turns me on, you know that. The humiliation is strong, but I’m so turned on, that the pleasure is greater than the humiliation’.

‘Run the rest of the way home’, he commanded the fantasy Nicole.

‘I’m not wearing a bra! They’ll see everything!’.

‘I gave you an order Nicole. Tell me what you see’. they both continued masturbating.

‘.. they’re all staring

.. cat calls

.. I.. ugh oh

.. hate it uggghhh’

‘Your almost home now Nicole. You’re on our street. You reach the door to our building and you take the stairs. You’re drenched in sweat now from the running. You pass neighbours, the unpleasant Canadian lady on the second floor sees you. She calls you a slut in French’—Nicole groaned louder, Will was whispering now, ‘you’ve reached our door, you open it and you see me. I look at you, I look down at your chest. I look back at your eyes. I point to the bedroom and I say “Get on the bed now Funbags”’

‘Fun ba ...’, gasped Nicole.

Will rolled her over onto her back, rolling on top of her as he did so, and entered her, It wouldn’t be long. When he knew she was close, he brought his lips right to ear and whispered ‘Funbags’.

Her nails on his back drew blood.

* * *

‘You were so hard’, said Nicole as they recovered in each other’s arms. ‘You’re always hard, but there was just a bit more this time. Oh God you typical man, it was the big boobs!’. She brought her hands to her face, pressing them over her eyes, a bit disgusted with Will’.

‘Don’t tell you weren’t extra turned on too’, Will said in defence. ‘That was .. mostly .. your fantasy.’

‘God, I know’, face still in her hands, disgusted with herself now.

‘But it was great sex Nicole, you were amazing. We’ve had a lot of great sex recently, but that might have been the best’.

‘You are a terrible man’, she responded, more mocking than angry, knowing how good it had been for her too. ‘You said I was getting a boob job. When?’

‘That’s my decision to make, but when you ask me for it, the process can start’, he answered. I haven’t forgot about your lips either, he thought.

‘You like bigger boobs. You never told me that, I feel so worthless’.

‘No don’t feel worthless, I’m not with you because of your body or your looks, I’m with you because of you. You are my dream girl. It’s you that I want to spend my time with. You could have two heads and a tail and I’d still want to be with you’.

‘OK’, she said, resigned, ‘but..’

‘What?’ he laughed, worrying about what was coming.

‘.. but if I had two heads and a tail AND fake tits, you wouldn’t be complaining either.’

‘Har Har’, he dead-panned.

* * *

Four weeks later, they were in the kitchen and she asked for a boob job. ‘It will make our sex better, and that’s what I want. I take sex seriously now. I want to be the best I can be for you and I want to be the best that I can be for me. Better sex. That’s what I want for us.’

‘But apart from sex, do you actually want bigger boobs? Have you ever wanted them?’

‘Hmm, there was a small part of me which always thought it might be cool to be one of the girls with big boobs, but a larger part of me was proud of my body and likes my breasts. I have never been ashamed of my body. I guess if I had never been proud of my body or my breasts, then it might have been something that I would have considered, but it was never like that for me’.

‘But now it is a bit different’, she continued, ‘things have changed. I’m really curious about them, I think about it a lot. I still like my breasts as they are, but I think that sex could be better for both of us if I was bigger. Every time I see a girl with large boobs, I wonder how they would look like on me. How they would feel. If life would be different. For the first time in my life I have real boob envy. I want them!’.

‘OK, start investigating surgeons’, said Will, walking over to her. He put her hands around her and kissed her. ‘Don’t contact any of them yet. Start looking on the Internet for pictures of breasts you would like. Save the pictures somewhere and show me them and I’ll decide which ones’.

Nicole’s jaw dropped, but she couldn’t complain. That was in the contract. Will decided things like this.

‘Whenever you are showing me pictures, you can give me a hand job. That’s how I’ll decide’.

‘I will give you a hand job while you look at other women’s breasts’, Nicole said, not a question which would have been against the contract, but a summary of what he had said. There was a question implied in there, though.

‘Yes, part of the reason you want this is for my pleasure. You have admitted that. We will get you the breasts I like best’.

She felt so.. degraded, not in charge of her body, like his plaything, like his property. But she felt so hot too. She had to have him now. She kissed him back, putting as much passion as she could into the kiss, letting him know how hot she was. He sat her up on the kitchen bar stool, hitching up her skirt and spreading her legs. He opened his fly, fishing his cock out, and pulled her thong out of the way to rest it against her lips for a second.

‘Remember’, he said, pulling his mouth away from hers, ‘I said you were getting bigger lips too. That’s part of the deal. Start investigating doctors for that’.

She groaned, ‘should I collect pictures for that too?’.

‘You can if you want, but I may not look at them. I’ll decide that myself ‘, he said. He kissed her deeply and she responded more hungrily than before. He could feel her juices oozing around his cock. He went at it.

Later he told her, ‘Don’t worry, they won’t be huge, just a tiny bit bigger’. For now anyway, he thought to himself.