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“Customers! Out the back of the store,” yelled the cashier. “Someone just punched Wondrous out of the building across the street.”

Kal eyed beyond the expansive windows. Wondrous! Her teen crush. A bunch of smarter shoppers used the exits at the back of the store and Kal moved towards the windows. Down on one knee, she craned her eyes around a support column.

A hundred feet away, Wondrous stood and shook dust from her raven black hair.

Kal felt the flutter run from her toes up to her ass. Oh. My. God. Those muscles. That profile. Those glorious tits!

Then Wondrous launched right back through the debris hole to reengage the threat.

Kal’s thighs quivered. OK, get the frell out. Wondrous was an A list hero. No sticking around in a supers battle area. She looked back at the store. The empty store. Kal chided herself for ‘slow of brain’ while emotions engaged. Head down! Out! She spun to face the rear and crab-walked between racks. She fished her phone out with one hand; hit the 911 app. It rang once.

Wondrous smashed through the display storefront sending bricks and plaster everywhere. A cloud of dust wafted. Kal hunkered down, holding her breath. That was a reflex she still had from before the freak accident.

Wondrous hopped to her feet in the store. She tossed aside light steel framing that was partially wrapped around her from wall guts hanging out.

A deft skip; Wondrous stood next to Kal helping her up. “Miss, out the back doors, please. There you go now.”

Oh. Frell. Kal nodded looking down at her dusty hand in Wondrous’ dirty fingers. Kal clamped her mouth shut on a moan, her thighs together.

“No one moves,” came a wispy Voice interrupting. “It was fun having you punch yourself all over the place, Wondrous, but this promises more laughs.”

Wondrous did not move, but glared something intense at Kal. Kal figured it was ‘run now’. So she did. Not. Move. Oh. Shit.

“Now this is choice. Wondrous, you hunk of lesbian fantasy curves. Guess how wet ‘innocent bystander’ here is for you at this moment.” The voice was no stronger, no closer. Kal had no idea who it was. She sounded like they were not coming closer—rightly afraid of a Wondrous response.

Kal tried to speak back to Wondrous with her eyes, ‘sorry! oh, this is what mind control feels like!’

Voice added, “I hold you in place, or get you to punch yourself silly, but I know shining ethics won’t make you do things you object to. But then hero is such a lonely job. So many desires from that magnificent body,” the Voice purred.

Kal gushed, so hot, and kissed Wondrous, sliding tongue into her mouth. Oh. God. Mint lifesaver. The shocker followed as Wondrous grabbed her armor bustier top and unsnapped the thing tossing it behind her.

Kal moaned and put her hands all over those perfect firm delicious frelling breasts. “Your nipples are so beautiful.” Oh. Great. Shut up. Resist.

“Pinch them,” murmured Wondrous.

Kal came and blushed and pinched and wondered and pinched some more. Wondrous stretched her neck upward, her head tilted back a tiny bit.

Laughter behind them came from the Voice. “This is inspired. The mighty Wondrous swings both ways. This isn’t even hard. Now tell me your favorite fantasy about public sex!”

Wondrous and Kal babbled together in response, “Buying groceries, naked in high heels and a vibrating ass-plug.” “Tentacle sex with a purple alien octopus.” Kal blushed to her toes. Wondrous at least had a lusty imagination. Ass plug in public? Wow!

The Voice drawled, “Oh, dear. Kal, is it? You’re an octofurry? That’s hilarious!” She giggled a rising scale.

Kal blushed so hard her pussy squirted. She pushed all that energy into her legs, feeling them go red, busting her hose, breaking her shoes, and tentacle-sliding across the floor straight for the Voice before the bitch realized what was happening. Both tentacles slapped once, twice, hard across the jaw of the white-clad Voice.

That was all it took for Wondrous to lightly leap there and knuckle-sandwich the Bitch down.

“Let’s go to my place,” Wondrous took Kal’s arm.

* * *

“The evaluations are clear. Kal does not rank past 1.15 QF scale in any facet. So no endorsement under the QF mandate. We suggest registration and a future test.” Djinn glanced from Wondrous to Kal.

Wondrous looked thoughtful, not surprised.

Kal said, “I haven’t got any intention of QF registering. I don’t have the guts to do what you people do. I think what you just said was legally, I’m not even a super, just odd?”

Wondrous nodded, “You have to hit 2.25 QF in two aptitudes to be a class C. You are well below being asked to volunteer or register.”

Kal felt tension go away. Yeah. This whole exam thing was so NOT what she had in mind when Wondrous offered to ‘go to my place.’ The bummer was, the ten whole minutes Kal was sure that Wondrous was going to reveal her identity and screw Kal’s brains out.

Djinn agreed, “You have no responsibility under law. I shall give you a copy of the results, in case any authority questions if you are human.”

Kal felt there was some kind of slippery backhanded insult there, but maybe it was just that Djinn’s flickering eyes and shiny black skin put her off. Too bad, as Djinn’s accent was cute and mysterious, which was perfect for the ‘magic expert’ of the QF Initiative Project.

“Cool,” Kal put perk into her response as if getting told she was not special was just dandy. “Guess I’ll get home. Six hours of mystery tests is more science than I use all year.” She stood. Thinking a bit, she offered her hand to shake with Djinn. The magician might not truly be snitty and it paid to be decent.

Djinn stared, “I’m sorry, you could not know. I never touch mortals.”

Swell. Kal nodded and put on a smile, “Oh, sure. Understood.” Bullshit. Bitch.

Wondrous moved in, her voice a soothing husk, “Kallista, I shall see you out. You have all your things?”

Kal turned easily to the Asian hero. “Yep. Lead on.”

* * *

Kal appreciated not having to take the bus. The black scifi car Wondrous drove pulled off the route Kal’d expected and soon entered the inner court of an apartment high-rise. Wondrous turned to Kal but left the motor purring. “So perhaps this isn’t what you want? I did offer my place? Here is a chance to say ‘no’.”

Kal stared, her heart skipped, then hammered a twenty-pound sledge inside her ribs. “No!”

Wondrous’ eyes dimmed with regret and she turned back to the wheel.

“I mean no to no! I mean yes!” Kal blushed. “I thought—all the science was ‘your place’?” She was so hot; wet before she finished the sentence.

Wondrous smiled, “No, Kal. Call me Dai now. Yes, I’ve an apartment at QFIP, but that’s bare bones, for times I’m on a duty rotation. This is my place. You wouldn’t feel as comfortable at the duty apartment.” Wondrous—Dai reached and pulled out a gray pack-able trench-coat. She tugged off the mask band over her eyes and stuffed it in a pocket of the coat. “Top floor. Let’s go.”

Kal swallowed the response, ‘anywhere!’ and gladly left the car for her hot date with a superhero.

* * *

Several volcano orgasms later, Kal celebrated that they’d done four hours of the best sex ever. She also had a simmering desire to ask the question that might ruin everything. Not trusting her emotions to keep that all inside, she asked anyway, “So you can’t turn it off the way I can? You’re so careful with me. You’re powered all the time?”

Dai looked at the ceiling and sighed. “Damn. You’re smart. Yes. All the time.”

Kal took Dai’s hand and licked a finger and put kisses on the palm. A hand that could bend steel or deflect bullets or snap Kal’s bones if an orgasm jolted the wrong way. “You’re worth it,” Kal said simply and hoped it carried all the feelings.

Dai moaned with relief and arousal.

Kal climbed on top; splayed her fingers to Dai’s face. “If I’m in charge, it’s easier?” Kal whispered.


Kal grinned, “Your mind to my mind.” And the hot red tentacles wrapped Dai up everywhere.

* * *

“But it’s a joke?” Wondrous paused with the chocolate ice cream near her lips and put the question to Kal, “you told Djinn you were bitten by a radioactive starship to gain your powers?”

“Well, that was true, it’s easier to tell it funny.” Kal shrugged and filled her mouth again with strawberry.

“Then to the point, something is wrong with the Quantum Flux tests,” Dai offered, “because in bed you are stronger than normal and your...flesh is elastic and tough.” Dai smiled wider than might be possible, “And slippery. I think that should be your code name. Slippery!”

Kal blushed and laughed, “Fuck you, too.”

Dai nodded energetically, “As soon as my ice cream is finished, yes, please. But Kal, you should re-test. The government QF stipend is enough that you could go back to school, get a masters, or travel. There’s so much world to see.”

Kal shook her head, “No way! Going up against supers who fry your brains, or throw you through walls? Me?”

Dai countered, “It is not all that. You are a nurse. The QFIP needs medical staff around the clock. You’d have a nice bonus plus the QF stipend. There would be less hours, and perhaps we would see each other more often.”

Kal swallowed. She wants to see me often! This is freaking me out. “Say, you are over seventy? Do you get to retire?” It was a deflection since it was obvious Dai only looked thirty, tops.

“They require an annual since age 65. They can tell if my stats are degenerating, and in fact, I’m stronger and faster than I ever was,” Dai modestly shrugged.

“Wondrous, I guess,” Kal barely kept a straight face.

Dai flipped a spoonful of chocolate ice cream onto Kal’s nose.

Food fight! Kal adored that there was something to be said for rough-housing with an indestructible woman.

* * *

In the dark, they tangled after yet another two-hour fuck-fest. Kal wasn’t tired. Maybe Dai was right and sex was some sort of fuel for her tentacle ability. The aliens had explained the <O> when they shared the five-fold way with her. Yet Kal hadn’t gotten the meanings. But they had healed her radiation burns.

The guilt of crash-landing into her ass cheek, had consumed them—until they just faded away. Poor things stoically accepted the ship could not be repaired.

Kal shivered. Maybe there were still bits of them floating around inside her. Ick. She pictured a starship 5mm across. Five wise microscopic beings lost so far from home. The <O> drive ruined. No return after smashing into a sun-bather in the park.

“Penny,” Dai whispered.

For my thoughts! Kal grinned. “Oh, I was thinking about the freak accident. The laugh version of the tale hurts less than thinking I killed some aliens because I was in the wrong place.” So she changed the subject with an excited, “Do you read comics? Go to conventions?”

“Hardly,” Dai groaned.

“You would be an awesome cosplay for Commander SheBlast!”

“I’m Chinese, not Japanese!”

Kal tickled her. The tentacles grew from the heat and were fat and pliable, “I’ll go as Esper Jin. You’ll have the goggles and no one will recognize you. So frelling cool!”

Dai laughed and squirmed and tried to slide fingers into Kal’s sopping snatch. But the tentacles grabbed Dai’s fingers, then wrists, and with surprise, Kal realized she’d never had over two dozen gel-limbs before. The sex worked amazingly well with her powers. Dai started to say something else, but Kal stuffed her mouth with three crimson pseudo-pods. Lipstick red podslime slid across Dai’s cheek.

Kal stepped up the wriggling tickle-storm, “SheBlast! SheBlast! SheBlast!”

Hot pulses bounced between them. Scissoring, grinding together, they exploded in near synch. Kal fainted on an orgasm made of dreamstuff.

* * *

Kal’s feet hurt and she was dead-tired from a 14-hour shift. She tossed the mail on the counter and slid onto the couch. “EsperJin, play saved calls.” She listened as Dai’s voice purred, “Hey, Miss S, there was a screw up last night at Detention and Voice is loose in the city. I’m on team to scoop her up. No worries that she has any data on you, but keep your eyes open and doors locked.”

“Frell. How does superbitch pop out of a null-helmet detention?”

“Oh,” the Voice said as Kal’s mind froze in blackness, “I had some help.”

* * *

In the long dark came a sweet ripple of lust through three-dozen red tentacles. Kal arched her back and thrust harder, the tightness gave way, the ass, mouth, and pussy were not as elastic as they would be soon, but the tentacles knew how to slime them; pry them open. Kal’s heat quivered and bloomed while her nipples and snatch dripped <O>. She’d never been this hot, this into a woman before. Something in her brain sizzled and everything went black again.

* * *

Kal woke up sweaty and damp; tried to roll off the couch but she was so sore she gave that up. She was fevered. Her sweat dripped in her eyes. Her hair felt gummy. Sweat ran down around her tingling breasts.

She needed a shower and... “my clothhhes?” The words blurred. Her mouth ached like she’d tried to swallow a watermelon. Her tongue gently examined puffy lips. Drool slid down her chin and neck. She shoved upward with only her arms.

Pounding heat echoed in her pussy and asshole. God. Liked she’d been beaten, not just in a fever.

“Now just stay like that,” said the Voice. The lights came on.

Kal froze, then tried to rush for the door. Nothing happened. She sat the sofa cushions while her body did nothing.

“I feel a lot better now,” the Voice came out of the bedroom with a hair-dressing mirror from the bathroom. “I could never have guessed you were a super. So sure, you got the drop on me.”

The Voice was in prison-orange jumpsuit and leather trench-coat, not glamour-white Kevlar. Her head was buzz-cut. Kal could see the red-rubbed spots on the temples where they’d sealed the null-helmet.

The uberbitch smiled at Kal, “But now I’ve got the drop on you, precious.” She held up the mirror.

Kal tried to scream at what she saw, but the muscles wouldn’t work.

“Hilarious? Yes?” the Voice drawled. “So guess what happens when a mind controller has you fuck yourself for six hours or so? I called in sick for you.” That smile edged way past creepy.

Kal felt dizzy. She saw translucent lusty red flesh as if she’d bathed in a tub of lipstick jello. There were layers that might be bones inside, but everything was red gel. Her hair was a tangle of waving gel-noodles. Her stretched mouth hung, crimson drool at one corner. Her boobs and body were slick. Oh frell her nipples dripped red goo.

A freak. Kal moaned with more heat. Her cunt and ass throbbed.

“I sorted through your head, sorta helping myself to your issues with embarrassment, shyness, self-esteem, and pretty much tied them all into your arousal. Since you liked supersex so much I just worked with that and boy did you take it. You fucked yourself non-stop in every hole. So you get to minion for me—or do you think you’d rather just whore now?”

Whoring sounded disgustingly hooooooooot. Kal drooled on her tits. Her jiggly skin tingled. The crooked smile of the Voice painted heat across her boobs.

“So let’s see, reconnected to voice, neck, and balance. Don’t test me Slimesnatch.”

Kal swallowed; realized her tongue must be three pods two feet long. It cramped up her mouth, but she mumbled, “Pleasth. Not a fighther.”

The Voice relished the response, “No, you’re a fuckdoll, Slimesnatch. But I can fix you if you agree to be my henchslave.”

Kal nodded. Owned. Humiliated. Yessssss.

* * *

Wondrous kept her voice steady, “Sentinel, you’re telling me it was an inside job. Do you know who?”

“Not yet,” the husky answer was her usual confident whisper in the earbud. “And since assaulting a QFIP deputy is mandatory10 years, the helper plays high stakes. We are also looking for staff financial transfers.”

Wondrous sighed. “I’m still fresh, so I’ll take another shift over at the waterfront. Voice may try to get out of town on a cargo boat.”

“Double shift, OK, but not more than that without my say-so.” She smiled.

Wondrous could tell through the connection that there was wiggle room in that ‘not more’.

* * *

Kal’s lust simmered every time the Voice spoke. There were memories, high school, college, the hospital, that seemed different now that the Voice had taken over.

Had she really started masturbating the first time she heard the Voice in her head? That seemed wrong. Kinky. Was she a submissive? A slave to her sexual needs?

Only a twisted super fuckdoll had gel-sex as a power.

* * *

“The Calculator puts the analysis 93% that Voice did not get out on her own, she had help. Djinn is putting together a trap spell that may answer our questions. The prison staff on duty were all slammed unconscious by the Voice. But that could be a cover. We will consider everyone there that night a suspect.” Sentinel added, “We haven’t found a decent clue so far, so could be a super helped.”

Wondrous tapped her foot watching the big ships in the harbor. “Do I need a warrant to quiz ship captains for assistance?”

“No, just ask nicely. But Gabby is working on a warrant. Probably an hour and you can get a digital copy.”

“I’ll check back in two hours or less.”

* * *

“My senses show me your brain is not human—whatever you were once,” the Voice pointed to a flat silver monitor on the warehouse wall, “everything you see on the screen is you recorded earlier. You love masturbating to porn. You are a fuckdoll.”

Kal’s hands were cuffed behind her around a pipe. She nearly objected, started to question the Uberbitch, then she saw herself on the screen. With No. That’s. Not. Right.

Weird. The dog and she were both really into it. Hot. Slick. Kal ran probes into her drenched slit.

The tentacles grew and slid between her ass cheeks, then others filled her mouth. She loved porn. She starred in porn. She loved masturbating. In front of Uberbitch, it would be so hot and lame.

“I’ve never touched such flexible thought patterns. Your will is a sad joke. I must train you to use your powers as a weapon, and I just need some time to figure it out. Then I can have you do it to others. That’s very hot. Imagine Wondrous transformed like you. It makes you twice as horny to transform others.” The Voice turned half-away to use Kal’s phone. She threw a jab over her shoulder, “Enjoy your performance, fuckdoll.”

Kal groaned. The dog sped up and hammered her cunt on the screen. She worked new tentacles into her pussy. Love. Porn. Masturbate. Transform.

* * *

Cocks. Pussy. Hot. Dreamstuff.

Women. Very hot. Heavy cocks. Thick hot. Leather straps. Smells hot. Lashing and spankings. Sparky hot. Kal grew dazed enjoying her adventures of constant sex. She squirmed wetter than anything she’d known possible.

She burned. She’d been bitten by a radioactive starship. Kal vaguely remembered the bacon smell as the crashing ship punctured her ass. She giggled. Yeah. Bitten. Those purple tentacle aliens. They’d shared their last moments with her. It had been a nice day. Until that crash.

Not as nice as all this sex. So frelling hot. All this porn. Starring her. Frell, she was a slut. She’d fuck anything. Do anything. She was a minion. Owned by Uberbitch. That was humiliating. So. Very. Hot. God. Why not do porn? Brain melting porn. All day. Streaming her own porn channel.

Frell. She drank in the video stream again. Sucking a bull cock. Dirty hot. Two guys in her mouth. Multi-hot. Strapped into a what-the-fuck-machine-was-that-engine-pounding-ass-plug-so-damn-fast-good. She burned and slicked, drooled and lubed and humped herself faster as the images kept pace.

The dreamstuff filled her. The <O>. Finally Fuckdoll understood that slutness was bestest.

Everyone needed fucks in every dimension of life. All of them.

Fuckdoll could absolutely do that.

And that.



Lots of that.

* * *

She lost track of time. She loved adding more probes, stretching herself to take more. It made her stronger. The video played all the things she’d forgotten about being a slut. And...Wondrous? She would use the <O> to transform her lover. That would be so damn wrong and she came hard.

Wondrous was lovely and kind, but would she understand how badly Kal needed to make her over? Would Dai even still want her like this?

The Voice would make it happen.

* * *

The Voice checked the clock. Her sources said QF was all over the city and all routes leaving. Slimesnatch should be brainsculpted by now. The Voice stuck her head out of the room but didn’t see the captive standing. She jogged around the piled boxes and there she was on the floor. Ewww.

The prisoner had new tentacles lining her thighs to thrust into pussy and mouth. She was sprawled legs apart watching the wall like an addict. Blank stare. Her nips were much bigger; her mouth swollen and plump, and she dripped red lube on the wood floor. The liquid was like a pool of bright blood under Slimesnatch.

The Voice felt a queasy roll in her belly.

The Voice coughed and laughed weakly, “Oh, Slimesnatch. You’re a serious freak now. The QF are not gonna be happy with you. The public doesn’t really want to know how wild QF changes can get. You’re a scary fuckdoll now.” She strolled closer, snapped her fingers for attention.

Fuckdoll looked up. Oh. Uberbitch. Mistress. What had she said? Scary. Fuckdoll. She nodded energetically.

“OK, tidy up time, dummy! We’re moving. Stand up! Put the scary away.”

The long slurp of tentacles pulling out of holes sent a shiver of shamed heat through Fuckdoll. She stretched to her feet. Everything felt very good now. Elastic and strong. Her knees wobbled with heat when the video screen switched to suspension bondage, but she caught her balance. Ooh, that would be hot fun. Being pulled like taffy. That was a gooood thing!

Voice winced and curled her upper lip. “Gross.” She took a step back. “OK, Slimesnatch you have no control, so listen up, dummy. I’m going to be your willpower.” She snapped her fingers loudly. As soon as fuckdoll’s eyes tracked on the sound the Voice sent power arcing into her captive. “Fuckdolls behave. Fuckdolls obey. Fuckdolls masturbate until Voice turns off your power and then you are an ordinary stupid bitch again.”

“Obey.” Fuckdoll nodded, yes, feeling her mind slosh and roll in her head. Wow. The Voice’s <O> wasn’t very strong this time. The Voice must be distracted. Or worried?

“Fuckdolls behave. Fuckdolls obey. Fuckdoll is ordinary now! Return to normal.”

Normal? What was that? Ordinary? But..she was sloppy hot-all-holes-open! Not ordinary.

The Voice added more juice to the hook she had in the prisoner’s head, “OK, the monitor is gone. The porn stream is gone. I can’t drive you around town looking like that. So shut it all off!”

Blackness came for Fuckdoll. The coldblack wasn’t potent this time. She wondered if she should push it aside. But the idea of traveling, getting outside, checking out bodies, and getting fresh air seemed like a tantalizing way to get a chance to fuck or transform someone—so her mind shut down.

The Voice frowned at the sleeping woman. She wasn’t changing from JelloSlut. Great. There were supers that could not turn off their shit once it went live. Crippled QF monsters like the Toxic, who just got more powerful and green as you tried to control her.

She’d have to drop this one into the ocean if that proved to be the case. SlimeSnatch was too obvious to be an asset. The Voice needed to get close to her targets to have an instant of surprise.

* * *

Wondrous got Sentinel quick enough that she knew HQ had to be lively, “OK, I have a lead. One of the captains in the harbor is a fan. I signed his arm. There was a buzz-cut blond, leather trench-coat, paid for a two-person transport out tonight. Ask the Calculator who the second one would be. My hunch is it is our unknown Helper.”

“One second.”

Sentinel came back, “She’s running the figures. You’re four hours into your second shift, so swing by here and get some coffee or something. We should talk.”

Wondrous paused. By which Sentinel meant she had info that would not go on the official channel. A lead on the Helper, or something had gone wrong—elsewhere. Wondrous closed her eyes a moment, opening her senses fully, something she could not do in combat, or with normals around.

The city murmured. Whispered. Teased her.

Sentinel came back, “Hey, 86% the second is Helper, 53% the Helper is already undercover, 44% the second is a hostage shield, the Voice uses shields to make a super to come close.”

It all snapped into focus. Kallista. Vengence. Wondrous lied on the open channel, “OK, I’m headed in.”

* * *

Wondrous knew how vulnerable novice supers were. The Voice could know the same. How hard would it be, if your Helper was willing, or controlled, to get you out of lockup, and to then hand over the confidential address of an unregistered super?

She bounded off the paving again, crushing it as little as possible. Arriving, she pulled off her mask and hoped a ‘cosplay’ explanation would cover if anyone saw her jog into Kal’s apartment building. Kal’s privacy would not be an easy thing to fix later.

Upstairs moments later, with an experienced hand, Wondrous tapped the dead-bolted door. Metal sheared and it swung open. Wondrous stood in the hallway and examined the crime scene. Shoes and nurse’s blues on the floor, blotched in gummy red. Couch likewise.

That did not smell like blood. ?They had sex?

Wondrous pushed down the frustration of dealing with mind-control assholes. She quickly considered next steps. Maybe not much time for Kal. She had to make the right moves. Use the QFIP channels and risk a tip-off of the Helper? Kidnapping was an international charge that went straight to the UN Oversight folks. Everyone at QFIP would hear about it.

Wait. Wondrous scented the air again. Not quite like sex. Actually, it was...arousing, tantalizing, and she squinted. Had it been glittering before? She pulled out her mask and flipped the silken banding around the doorknob with ease, she tugged the door closed. Later for all this. Kal had solved the problem somehow of tracking her. Wondrous squinted down the hallway, glittering wisps, leading to the elevator.

OK then, next stop, smash-a-bitch.

* * *

This wasn’t easy. Mask back in place, Wondrous had to jog, squinting, to follow the trail in and out of traffic. At full speed, she couldn’t see the glitter. She caught up to the scent again, reasoned that it was fresher, closer. Her arousal spiked when she realized her tight armor-all layer was camel-toeing and slicking under her costume. Her pussy was on overdrive. She’d never had that happen before but the sensation was heaven. Kal’s scent.

Was the Voice setting some kind of trap or was this Kal’s doing? Wondrous sped up, realizing Kal’s scent was...urgent.

This coming fight would be very different. She’d take the Voice by surprise. Maybe drop on her through a hole in the roof. A light head slap to disorient her. A love tap to the plexus to wreck her ability to speak. Then over her knee to spank the crap out of that sweet ass... Wondrous shook her head. Dodged a bus and realized she’d nearly crossed into oncoming traffic.

Whoa! Note to self. Do not let Kal out in public first thing after sex play.

* * *

Wondrous stopped outside the warehouse and listened. The Voice must have changed locations a couple times in the last few hours. This one was as quiet as the last two.

But the glitter scent was here. Ambrosia heated air.

And lady forgive, Wondrous was embarrassed to find her thighs slick and a tingle-blush running under her outfit from clitoris to nipples. She felt her sex-fuse had been lit. If she didn’t find Kal soon, she’d have to stop and masturbate in order to concentrate on the rescue.

That was unacceptable and unprofessional.

She leapt up to the roof, took a moment to resettle her costume. It felt better for a few seconds, but she realized the armor-all had just slid up fully into her crotch. The shiny material was unstable and designed to conform tightly. The run here and her slickness had just turned it into a bondage thong riding her clit.

She sighed and it became a small moan. That sound alone made her nipples harden, her thighs tighter, and she grabbed her plated costume and wiggled it around. The grind was sweet. Her clit responded and she came.

She heard someone singing.

Slowly, carefully Wondrous moved across the roof. Nearly on her knees, she edged close as she dared to a skylight. The glass acted as a nice sound reflector.

Yes, someone singing indistinctly.

Someone sounding very pleased with themselves.

There was no trail of glitter-scent up here to show her the way. Wondrous took a leap of faith. She turned her earbud back on just in case, and jumped through the skylight.

* * *

In dreams she was safe. Sexy. Dai smiled at her, ‘Your tentacles turn me on. Can I see them again?’

Kal was embarrassed. Her teen crush, one of the most respected and powerful women in the world, asking her to show her lame... wait. Fuckdoll liked being embarrassed. This was hot.

There were all kinds of ideas stretched and bent and sizzling in her head. Sexy, crazy, quantum powered ideas.

Fuckdoll realized the power squishing her mind back and forth was really not strong. There was a pitiful amount of <O>. Fuckdoll wasn’t ordinary. For example, Wondrous was her friend and lover. She didn’t have to keep a promise if Uberbitch was a lying scheming poser without enough <O> to fill a bedpan.

Frelling! Aliens! Died! For! Our! <O>!

Kal sizzled and knew that those honorable decent purple tentacle guys and gals had not died fixing her up so she could be some flake’s sex hostage. Kal grabbed her dreamboobs and taffy-stretched her nipples. The next moment she was awake, eyes open.

She stabbed her pod-tongues on a speedy mission, straight to the Voice’s mouth across the three-meter distance and gagged her mid-word. Then Kal swept up the Voice’s edged <O> smashing around inside Kal’s head and sent the sex-lava down her tongue into the Voice’s mind.

* * *

The slut wanted to mind fight? The Voice hated domme’s who claimed to be Switches. She’d proved a dozen times that a Switch was a Submissive waiting for the right Mistress. Dizzy and aroused, she opened her reserves, well-rested, spoiling for combat, and nuked her sex-drunk prisoner.

The slimeslut went down in a heap when mind-bombed, while the psyche aura flared and sparked.

The Voice tumbled forward, yanked off her feet by the tongues buried in her mouth. Squirming. Pumping. Nasty.

Voice grabbed the dripping tongues and pulled. Her hand slid along the rubbery length but that didn’t move the gel-pods one inch out of her mouth. ~Cunt!~ She sent another flash of power into the fuckdoll’s brain. It was a quarter-strength jolt. No time to cycle up to full power again.

The monster thing sat up. The tongues pulled the Voice across the dirty floorboards.

The Voice hit the slut again. Smaller charge yet. The cunt didn’t even flinch so much as wiggle with pleasure.

Yet her opponent was an amateur. The Voice shoved past the hot desire building in her mouth and crotch. Tentacles were gross. She narrowed her target down to the slut’s optic nerves. Blind her and she’d panic.

The tentacles pulsed and wormed down the Voice’s throat. No time! The psyche spear stabbed into the slut and nailed her right in the eyes. Blinded!

* * *

Kal couldn’t see. She didn’t care either. Her probes saw just fine with <O>. She felt stronger each time the Voice slapped her mind.

Kal didn’t know if she could hurt the uberbitch. Somehow their powers were related though. Kal’s elastic heat wanted to snap back with lust and shame whips. Fear and cruelty might drown Kal if she didn’t fight. It was so hot to be abused. Kal felt she was stronger now than in the first couple of exchanges. Searing heat arrived in her gel-mind—it made her twice as horny to transform others.

Kal dumped everything from the last delicious frelling hours on the Voice. She passed out from the orgasm.

* * *

Wondrous kicked in the skylight and dropped to the floor in a tactical crouch. Then she leapt at the trench-coated figure turning around with a book in her hand.

Not the Voice!

It was Kal, now a sexy smelling crimson-something. Wondrous twitched her swing, whiffed her fist into the wall, cracking the boards and metal panels. She straightened. “Where’s the Voice?”

“OK, first of all, yes I’m thrilled to see you too. Second,” Kal smiled, “thanks for not knocking my head off.” Kal trailed a hand nervously down the leather trench-coat. She wasn’t wearing anything under it—so much extra horny to talk past. “The Voice is in the bathroom cuffed to a pipe. And what happened is not my fault!”

“I’ll take it from here.” She pointed at the street, “That way is safe.”

“Wondrous!” Kal put a hand gently out but did not touch, “You need my help.”


“Let me show you,” and Kal stepped carefully across the littered floor. No shoes. A tetanus shot would be a good idea after this was over. If they did not lock her up.

Wondrous followed Kal, tense.

The Voice sang to herself, cuffed under the sink pipes. “Fuckdolls obey. Fuckdoll is ordinary!” Her eyes widened when the two came into the dirty bathroom. “Fucktime! Fucky fucky!” she purred.

“I kind of broke her,” Kal admitted, “in self-defense.”

Wondrous tapped her earbud, “HQ? Yellow status. Prisoner. Get me a StopperCart team here.” Wondrous smiled at Kal. “OK, give me the quick version. WTF?”

Kal described the attack at her apartment, the awakening after hours of mind coerced self-abuse, and the capitulation to the Voice, who promised being able to ‘fix her’. “It ended up here where she had all these traps prepared. The high tech monitor was streaming porn,” Kal pointed to the wall.

Wondrous looked and glanced back at Kal. “There’s no tech on the wall. She didn’t need elaborate preparation, she just moved things around in your head so you believed her.”

“Frell,” Kal gasped. “I still see it there. She shut off the channel, er... I mean. It’s blank now.” Thank god.

“So let’s get you back for new tests and some trauma procedures,” Wondrous hugged her, impulsively added a kiss to the forehead.

Kal, so unsure anyone would freely touch her again, decided she did not need tests if Wondrous was ok with her monstrous change. But she nodded.

* * *

Three holoscreens lit up with faces of the UN Oversight board as Sentinel entered and stood behind the head chair. Sentinel looked at Kal, “May I be frank? I think you deserve that.”

Kal nodded. Wondrous held Kal’s hand under the conference room table.

“There are no charges against you. Clearly a case of self-defense. The Voice seems to have fried her own brain. We can’t tell if you were the cause or not. There are other issues to address.”

Kal looked relieved. Wondrous squeezed Kal’s hand; she knew that tone of voice from Sentinel.

Sentinel confidently went on, “Your job at the hospital won’t work for you until you learn to shut your powers off. They will probably hold the position without our prompt, but not more than six months. Our data suggests you are in QF Crisis, which means your powers did not develop, so much as explode. The bad news: Crisis supers almost never learn to control their powers. We cannot offer you an agent position. We can get you a medical stipend, which will cover your living expenses. We can also offer you housing here.”

Wondrous sighed, ~Where they can study the hell out of you. Oh Kal, I was afraid of this.~

Kal asked, “Exactly how would I get housing elsewhere or have a life looking like this? You have spells and shapers, if I give permission, can’t someone change me back by force?”

“Complicated. Not advised,” Sentinel said. “Quantum Flux in Crisis mode will often bite anyone touching it. Without control, your power would snap back at a ‘cure’ attempt.”

Kal’s lip trembled, “So I’m stuck like this.”

“Disguise spell is possible. There are training programs for novice QF agents; you can audit. Living here at the facility, we could use the help a trained nurse can give us. You should look at the bright side—be the exception. Find control. There is also a reward for the Voice which we shall transfer to you when you wish. Take some time to think things over.”

Kal said nothing.

Sentinel waited an awkwardly long time. “I’ll excuse myself.” And she left, flipping off the holoscreen connections.

* * *

Wondrous just held her hand, waiting.

Kal sighed. “So at least I got all the tentacles put away. But Ms. CherryJello is never going to throw fear into the hearts of criminals.”

“You’d be surprised how important the nursing staff here is.” Wondrous smiled a little.

“Yeah, makes sense,” Kal murmured. “You don’t have to—like this—everything is changed. We’ve only been together a couple weeks. I do understand.”

“Red,” Wondrous whispered, “is my favorite color. I can show you my duty apartment. We could get comfortable?”

Kal nodded and started weeping. Slick red tears. They left holding hands.

* * *

Kal opened her eyes feeling hungover and sore. What just happened? She pushed up on one elbow, the silk sheets slid off of her large breasts, tweaking heat from her wet nipples. But this wasn’t her room, her bed.

Yes! Dai’s quarters, not nearly as spartan as she’d claimed. Kal noticed how gummy the bed sheet was under her. Frell. Well, the sex had been really good. She frowned, but most of it was a blur.

The shower shut off in the bathroom. “You want the shower? I can turn the water back on!” Dai stuck her head around the corner. “I love my new makeover.”

Kai felt heat shock pulse outward from her clit. Dai was changed to sizzling gel red jiggly sweet hot-all-holes-open dripping lust with muscles. Kai clamped down on a scream as she came harder.

* * *

Kai woke up with the dream orgasm. Panting, ready for another one, she moaned and turned on the light.

Dai was fine. Just the same wondrous eyes, watching her now. “You ok? Bad dreams to be expected after all that.”

Kai rushed the words out, “We have to break up.”

Dai nodded, “Funny, Sentinel said the same thing. Nope.”

“She did?” What did she know?

Dai nodded. “And then she said, ‘official request’. And I said, ’nope’!”

Kal didn’t know what to say. The dream. The desires simmered in her head. “I could just...”

“Walk out? Vanish?” Dai sat up, “Well, yes. But technically, you’re a QF ward. They’ll keep track of you. Better if you have a shoulder to cry on. I want it to be mine. Please stay.”

They decided to think about it while kissing and fucking for a few days.