The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Camp—Part 1—Ron Begins His Journey

by Eric Storm

Added 15 September 1997

Reader’s Pick: Dark Z

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A young man discovers he has “The Ability”. That is, he has some mental power that allows him to control others. He experiments with his power on those around him, and encounters CAMP as a consequence.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1: Dawn, In More Ways Than One 5180 words 15 Sep 1997
Chapter 2: School Days—I Wish Mine Had Been Like This 7421 words 15 Sep 1997
Chapter 3: Ron’s Introduction to CAMP 3183 words 15 Sep 1997
Chapter 4: The Education of Jessica Simmons 5573 words 15 Sep 1997
Chapter 5: The Seduction of Sandra 10445 words 15 Sep 1997