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Chapter II

We walked for the better part of an hour. I had managed to pull myself apart from Jules somewhere during our trip. I walked close, but clinging so tightly to a woman I wasn’t officially romantic with seemed like a terrible first impression to make with anybody, let alone a woman who called herself Cunt. Jules was evasive of further questions that might prepare me for meeting such a woman, opting to coyly smile and insist that she’d love me.

She wasn’t wrong.

Cunt met us in an alleyway a block away from the club. She only sort-of looked how I was imagining. Brown skin and short black hair were adorned by an unbuttoned blue vest over a button-up white shirt. Both hung off her enough to make her appear androgynous at a glance, especially when paired with a pair of tan khakis, belt, and darker brown boots. She was thinner than I was expecting, but her arms held a curve of muscle to them that belied strength. She looked appropriately on-edge and unapproachable as she leaned against a brick wall, however.

All of that changed when she spotted us. Green eyes lit up her face as she saw Jules, and then even brighter as she looked at me. She grinned wide, a gap between her two front teeth revealing itself. She sprinted down the alleyway so fast I threw my arms up defensively on instinct and launched herself into hugging Jules so hard I thought Jules might fall over.

Jules, for her part, managed to stay on her feet, twirling the only slightly shorter woman around herself. “Hey, Cunt. It’s been too long.”

“Way too long!” Cunt all but yellled the words while removing herself from the embrace, eyes on Jules for only a second before turning to me, reaching out a hand to shake mine. I was quick to embrace it, smiling. “I presume you’ve been the one distracting her, hm?” I blushed a little.

“Only partially. It’s not like you’ve been drowning my phone in messages” Jules interrupted, before I could speak. “Cunt, meet Oriole. Ori, Cunt.”

“We’re not together.” The words blurted out of my mouth. I blushed a little more, but it subsided quickly. Whatever Jules had done in my head had made it easier to relax, but it made it a lot harder to avoid embarrassing myself. Luckily, it deadened the embarrassment. Probably.

“So, you’re saying you’re free game?” Cunt’s eyes twinkled, her smile taking a mischievous curl. I laughed. Jules’ mental block definitely deadened embarrassment, I tended to fall apart when someone flirted with me.

“I mean...” I paused, winked, and grinned. “If you play your cards right, Cunt.” I could see her eyes light up with possibility. I wasn’t sure if I’d meant it, butch girls usually weren’t very attractive to me, but I’d never seen one smiling so brightly before, either. It was charming.

“Cunt has a soft spot for short girls.” Jules said, matter of factly, her hand reaching out and squeezing my shoulder gently. She had an amused, gentle smile to her, relaxed

“You’re lap-sized!” Cunt said, grinning, far too proud of herself. She placed her hands on my shoulders as well, stepped a bit closer, and looked down to me as if to emphasize the point. Her voice was amused, but her eyes held a hunger behind them. I shivered, just a little.

“You said you wanted us to meet, Jules...” as I spoke, Cunt ran her bottom lip under her front teeth, watching me. I couldn’t tell if she was lost in thought or responding to my words, but I shivered nonetheless. “Is this a set-up?” Cunt pushed me back as I finished my sentence, gently, pressing me into the alley wall. My skin erupted in goosebump, my nipples hardened against my bra.

I’m such a slut.

“Mm-hmm. Jules brought you here to be my little treat.” Cunt grinned.

“I did not.” Jules rebuked, amused. “This isn’t a set-up per-se...” The smile on her lips was a familiar one, it said ‘yes’ despite the words she might couch it in. “I just happened to know she’d like you. I had a suspicion you would reciprocate.” She giggled, a tiny ‘hmm-hmm’ that was barely audible. Her eyes were hooded, active, observing both of us.

“You should’ve gone along with it. She’s totally into my idea.” Cunt chuckled, eyes glinting just a bit more. I tensed, expecting her to step forward, to physically pin me to the wall, to start unzipping my parka, or to lift me up. Instead, after a short moment of observing me she let go of my shoulders. “Sorry. I shouldn’t be so aggressive. It gives a bad first impression.”

I relaxed, panting, deflating just a little. My stomach turned in knots for a few moments, disappointment and butterflies erupting in my midsection. “I mean... it’s a good one.” I laughed. The butterflies won. I erupted in a fit of tiny giggles, grinning. “You’ve got me intrigued...”

“I should have asked before pushing you.” Her voice was no less amused or sure of herself than it was with me pushed against the wall. “I like to pride myself on being better than my peers with the whole ‘consent’ thing. Though I’ll keep it in mind that you liked that.” She paused for a moment, before looking to Jules. “You’ve talked to her about what to expect, right?”

“A little.” Jules nodded. “But I wanted her to meet you. You’re better than I am at this. I’m too ingrained to catch the fine points, and I’m a bit more comfortable with the uncomfortable parts of our little society we’ve built.”

“You’re psychic too?” I inquired, looking to Cunt. I tried to avoid making the assumption, but it made some sense. Jules had mentioned she liked to keep a distance between herself and most normal people.

“Not as much as our lovely Jules, but yes.” Cunt leaned back against the alley wall opposite me and reached into an internal vest pocket. The way her fingers moved made me expect her to pull out a cigarette, but the pocket produced a stick of gum instead. Perhaps she was kicking the habit. “A good few of the women you’ll see tonight are. Almost universally, we have issues with consent.”

She popped the gum into her mouth and chewed for a long moment. “To cut to the point, consent gets really fuzzy when you can feel someone wanting something, even as they say ‘no’. When there’s a wave of emotions, you tend to latch on to the ones you want to hear. Confirmation bias, sort-of. We’re all human. Some of us, like Jules here, just exercise caution. Build a rapport. Pounce when we’re overwhelmingly sure it is okay. Mistakes are made, but no more than Jules would probably make were she a normie.” Jules’ eyes lit up, angry and shocked and amused in that way one can only get when you’ve been insulted by a friend.

“I’ve gone a little further. I do my best to ignore emotional data, as I’ve come to describe it. I’m bad at that side of things, anyway. I work better with skin and nerves and electrical signals than I do with higher-order functions. I don’t want to do anything with you that you haven’t explicitly told me is okay, at least until we get to know one another.”

“Everyone should be like that, though, shouldn’t they?” I felt stupid even saying it, it was obvious. I didn’t want to appear disengaged.

“Mmh. There’s a greyer area. Body language can say yes in ways a person isn’t willing to say with their mouth. I can respect that.” Cunt chewed a bit more. “But if someone, say, deep in their heart of hearts, hidden away from themselves, wants to be turned into a mindless fuck-animal, no matter how detrimental that is to their feelings of self respect, their body responds by shirking away, and the overly eager empath feels that intense internal need and interprets the shirk through that lens, things can get really messy.” She didn’t stutter or flinch at the words ‘mindless fuck-animal’, though she didn’t sound at all like she’d said this so many times to have a speech practiced.

“So what you’re saying is psychics are bad at consent.” Cunt nodded in affirmation. Jules blushed in a way I’d only seen when she was being specifically called out. If it weren’t so cute, I might have been worried, but instead my heart throbbed. I wanted more. “I can see that. Jules took only a sentence of teasing to have me drooling over a coffeeshop table less than an hour ago.”

“That’s different!” Jules yelled, voice a mixture of shame and amusement. “It’s not like we don’t have history! I was careful, we do this regularly, I play catch-and-release, and—“

“It stems from the same place, Jules. You’ve just managed to only direct it towards total sluts.” Cunt winked at me. My jaw dropped, my cheeks turned red. She wasn’t wrong, entirely, but part of me took offense at the notion. More of me was still wishing she hadn’t stopped pinning me to the wall. I could feel the filter Jules placed inside me work overtime, blocking a rush of anger from rising. Cunt was loving every moment of it.

A good move on Jules’ part, if she wanted Cunt and I to get along.

For her part, Jules put on an exaggerated pout and crossed her arms under her chest. There were times one could look at her and not even see a hint of the seductive, domineering woman that I’d fallen in love with. I wanted to pinch her cheeks.

“So what do I do about it, then?” I inquired, trying to steer the conversation back towards its’ point. “I’m not a psychic. I can’t exactly stop someone from pushing into my head. I mean, I can try, but that’s probably going to be misinterpreted, even if they’re acting on any level of good faith. As observed, I do enjoy... force.” A worry began to settle in my stomach as I laid those facts bare. Maybe Robin was right.

“Well, one, I’ll be there. If you want.” Cunt’s smile lost its’ mischievousness, turning into a more genuine, soft thing. “I can give you the who’s who and who to avoid and who’s safe, by my standards. That should be enough, really. If you don’t engage in the first place, that’s step one to avoiding.” She paused, face lost in thought for a moment. “Is Amelia going to be there today?” She looked to Jules.

Jules closed her eyes and focused for a few moments. “She RSVP’d, and I can feel her. From the sense of it, though, she’s already occupied.”

Cunt sighed in relief. “Amelia’s one to look out for. She’s pushy. Likes newcomers, and doesn’t really care about how they feel once all is done. Sadist, and very good at knowing just what to say to make you hate yourself.” Cunt grunted in a disapproving way. “It’s hot to watch, it’s even hot to be teased with, but I wouldn’t be in a room alone with her, is all. I don’t like her.”

“I don’t think anybody likes Amelia, Cunt. That’s part of the point.” Jules laughed. “She gets them wet.” Cunt looked unamused.

“Step two is to alert a moderator. Yell the word red, and someone will come running to break things up. They’ll be wearing armbands.” Cunt shrugged. “That’s really it, short of assaulting them. Do you have mace? I can give you a can of mace.”

“I’ll be fine.” I didn’t carry a weapon, but I didn’t want Cunt to insist. “Thank you, Cunt. I’ll try and stay sa—” I hadn’t finished my sentence before Cunt had her hands on my shoulders, pushing me into the wall hard enough to sting. Before I had even finished gasping, her hand was grabbing the collar of my parka, pulling it up, me with it, feet dangling helplessly as I was lifted nearly a foot off the ground, eye to eye with Cunt. My pussy clenched. “Holy fuck!

Cunt’s hungry glint was in full force. “Now.” her voice deepened, became more firm, almost growling, as she pushed me harder into the wall, closing the distance. I could feel her breasts press into mine, her abdomen press into me. ”With your permission.” she paused and chuckled, “I’m going to guess what color your panties are. If I guess correctly...” she paused again, for emphasis, “with your permission, I am going to take them.” My mouth was agape, I was stunned. My stomach was twisting with need tinged with fear.

I could see Jules watching, her mouth parted, lips slick. Her eyes were paradoxically hazy and intense, lost in the spaces between my body and Cunt’s. She’d told me she was a voyeur, but I had never really witnessed it. She did had enough sense of mind to move her body to block the view of our scene from the exit to the street, however.

“I... You’re a psychic. That wouldn’t be fai—Ah!” Cunt ground me against the brick wall as I protested, her face moving closer to me, blocking my view of anything else. I could see tiny details in her green eyes, veins of pale blue and white stretching out from her pupil, adding a subtle shimmer when seen from afar.

“I already told you, I don’t read minds.” Her free hand trailed along my flank, tracing a trail up my coat, before resting at my neck, her thumb and index fingers squeezing faintly, threateningly contracting around my throat. My legs contracted as I clenched more, a full-body shiver running through me. “Besides that, something just tells me you would find the losing proposition even hotter.” She squeezed just a bit at my neck for just a second, and I could feel the blood flow through my neck pause. My legs kicked outwards, ineffective, as I writhed and sputtered.

“Y-yes. I.. okay... g-guess!” I twisted and arched in her grasp as she leaned in more, her lips rubbing against mine, teasing. I bit my own lower lip in anticipation, writhing in her grasp, heart trying to beat a hole through my chest.

“Mmm. Okay.” she purred. “The next words from my lips will be my guess.” She smiled, mischevous, making an exaggerated parody of a thoughtful expression. Her fingers at my neck turned and traced their way to the back of my neck, and then to my scalp, her hand laced through my hair at the back of my head. I tensed in anticipation, expecting her to pull my hair back, to arch me out, to even simply close her fingers and grip tighter.

She winked, instead, and my vision went white.

My train of thought scrambled into a thousand shattered directions as my body convulsed. My hands gripped at cloth and flesh, my legs curled, thighs clenching around Cunt’s waist. It wasn’t pleasure, it wasn’t pain, it was signal, pure raw electrical data running through every nerve, every neuron. My vision was static, my thoughts were fragmented phonemes and half-visions. I could smell nothing but a burning acidic acrid scent, my tongue felt like I had placed a battery to it and I hadn’t shied away, and I could hear nothing but a white-noise cacophony of nearly-maddening intensity.

I came. I screamed. I wept. I curled up into as tiny a ball as I could in her grasp.

Time felt like it stood still, but eventually, the white static haze faded from my vision. Cunt remained unchanged, watching me intently, as my body ceased convulsing, muscle by muscle, nerve by nerve, my legs dropping limp, then my arms. The cacophony faded, but even as all of this happened, I was in no greater control over my body. My tongue slowly explored my mouth, twitching and flicking across my teeth, across the roof of my mouth, then out to my lips my lips. My lips moved. My throat began to hum without me willing it.

I felt an electric jolt cross from Cunt’s hand to my scalp and my nascent train of thought scrambled again, this time far more precisely. Memories flashed across my thoughts. Exiting the shower, pop music playing loudly on my phone. Wiping my hands across the mirror to get rid of some of the steam, to look more clearly over myself. Toweling off, bending over, and picking up a pair of panties. Red, lace.


My body convulsed again, though only for a moment. The memory re-played, focusing. Lingere. Panties. Red.


I writhed, twisted my pussy clenched as I burst, gushing over my already soaked panties, the memory stuck, locked in my mind, that image of red lace firmly held, each jolt focusing my mind more as she jolted again and again, losing even the image of those panties and simply having an idea, the very concept of the color locked into place. My throat began singing out vowels, syllables, my tongue flicking and tensing from muscle memory to enable some level of clarity.

“R-Ruh-Red! Red! Red!” My voice sang out, desperate, needy. Cunt smled.

“Mmmm, I’m guessing red? It’s no fun if you tell me, Oriole.” Cunt’s hand left my scalp, letting my body relax and slup. I was panting and wheezing, barely able to keep my head up to look into her eyes. She didn’t hesitate for a second before shifting, leaving me to lean against the wall as her hands reached beneath my parka and skirt to grasp at my panties.

I started giggling as the afterglow washed over me. “We’re really doing this?” I practically squealed, her fingers tickling against my skin as she tugged. I could feel the seal my sex had made with my panties tug free, cool air rushing over my dripping lips, Cunt dangling the red boyshorts victoriously from a finger.

“Don’t make a promise you don’t want to keep.” Jules interjected. Her voice was husky, dripping, as she closed the distance to us, pressed in close, and hugged the two of us tight. “I have nobody to corroborate with, but I called it! I knew you two would be clawing for one another before we even arrived.” Her smile was infectious. I couldn’t help but giggle more and lean into the hug.

“I... Th.. That was intense, Cunt.” I laughed. Cunt set me to the ground and I had to take a second to find my legs. “Skin and nerves and signals, huh?” Cunt slipped my panties into an internal pocket of her vest and grinned.

“The first time I map someone is always intense.” She hugged me close and rocked me from side to side as my skin buzzed and tingled from afterglow. She hugged tighter than Jules or Robin. It was nice. Secure. I felt more than safe, I felt protected. “Next time should be less intense.”

“Does it have to be?” I responded far too quickly. In the back of my mind, I was already half-regretting not teasing her about assuming there would be a second time, but I was kidding myself if I said I didn’t desperately want more.

“Not at all.” Cunt purred and ruffled my hair, before turning towards the street. “As much as I’d love to just take you both home, Jules has a date, and we’re already late for the party.” She didn’t wait before stepping onto the sidewalk and walking out of view.

Jules smiled down at me and placed her hands on my shoulders. “Are you okay to move? We can stay here for a while, if you need.” Her hands wrapped around me and pulled me close. I nuzzled my cheek into her and sighed, finding myself leaning into her to support my weight. Jules had the best hugs in the world, no matter if they came physically or psychically. I shook my head.

“No. I don’t want to be late.” I looked up to Jules and giggled a little more. “Thanks for introducing us. She’s, uh... Really good?” I wiggled my hips into her just a little. “Today’s already better than anything I was hoping for. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Oriole. Any time.” Jules squeezed me for a few seconds more, and I could have existed in that moment for all of eternity and been happy.

I wish I had.