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* * *

Chapter IV

I had the presence of mind to moderate my drinking over the next hour. I didn’t drink often, not having a social life outside of your job and the internet would do that to you. There was always drinking alone, but I lived with an overprotective sister who would show concern outside of the occasional cocktail. I was small and light, on top of all of that. Despite my best efforts, however, I had to retype my hourly check in with Robin when my phone’s reminder went off.

Cunt sat in silent commiseration with me through the hour as the alcohol set in. The buzz was nice, it helped lift the pit in my stomach just a little bit. After slipping my phone back into my bag, I turned to Cunt, searching for anything to say. She seemed intent on staying with me through the party, and I didn’t want to do nothing but mope. I shouldn’t let Jules have that much power over me. “So, do you mind me asking why you call yourself Cunt?”

Cunt smiled and chuckled, turning in her stool to look at me. “Someone once told me ‘you are what you eat’. I took it to heart.” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Really?” I laughed a little more than I should.

“Really.” Her smile was a little embarrassed. She turned to face me directly, instead of leaning on the bar. “Are you feeling any better? Not that you’re obligated to.” I turned towards her and nodded.

“I’m not riding high anymore, but knowing I’m not alone helps a bit. Plus, the drinks.” I giggled a little more, a finger dipping into one of the empty shot glasses and spinning it just a little. I shifted a little in my stool to lean towards her, my skirt shifting so that more of my bare ass pressed against the plush leather of the stool. I looked into Cunt’s eyes. “So what do you normally do, when you’re not acting as my big strong protector?”

Am I trying to flirt? Am I just trying to distract myself? Is this fair to her if it’s not real?

I was still mulling over my alcohol-bogged thoughts as she examined me. “Depends on who is here.” Her eyes went from my eyes to my breasts, and then back. I shifted a little more to give her a better view. I still couldn’t pin down my motivations for trying to grab her attention, but I didn’t stop. “I usually keep things pretty light. Spend a little time with Brandy, maybe. I don’t have a hard time getting approached, people know what I am and want me to try it on them.”

“You’re good.” I quivered a little, remembering her toying me in the alleyway a little more over an hour ago. “I can see why.” I bit the corner of my lower lip, trying hard to bring the feeling of her coursing through me from my already fogging memory onto my skin. My thighs rubbed together a little and I looked to her again. “Is it bad that I want more?” I laughed as I spoke. Cunt chuckled.

“Maybe soon, maybe even later tonight, but I like to give girls a rest afterwards. I don’t know if it’s harmful, but I like to play safe.” Cunt spoke calmly, but her eyes lit up with delight. I whined and wiggled in my seat just a little. “That isn’t to say we can’t play in more mundane ways, or find someone else to dig into your head.”

“Maybe people you’d vouch for, but I don’t... “I shifted, a little more unsure of myself. “I bounce between being a complete slut with my head and being protective, and I’m feeling more protective right now.” Cunt nodded, understanding. “How many psychics are there here, anyway? I haven’t seen a pair of glowing eyes at all.”

“We’re on the socializing side of the club, nobody would do enough in someone else’s head to cause that on this side. Not without someone else encouraging them into the playroom.” Cunt finished the drink she was nursing before continuing. “Jules estimates seven or eight regulars. Me, Jules, Amelia, a few others. I can vouch for most of their behavior at parties. I think there might be as many who aren’t as public and aren’t as detectable by the likes of Jules. I was one of those, for a while.”

“Everyone here knows about psychics, but I’d be called crazy if I talked about it to someone else. This isn’t a small party.” I hadn’t asked too many questions of Jules on the subject before. I had assumed the party would be smaller, a dozen women at most and their playmates, but there were more than that on this side alone. “How do you manage staying secret?”

“It’s because you would be called crazy. You need to be invited by a member to get in here, and none of us are out on the street pretending to be super heroes. Jules is the most open about it and most people outside of her circle think she’s an eccentric.” Cunt shrugged. “Secret or not, so long as I don’t get black bagged and taken to Area 51 or something like that, I don’t invest in thinking too much about it. I’m me. I can stun people easier than most people can. Sometimes I fry a girls’ brain and fuck her senseless afterwards.” She shrugged and smiled, looking over me hungrily. “I want to flog your ass red, Oriole.”

I sat up straight in my stool. My eyes widened. “I… okay? Okay.” I suddenly felt out of breath. My nipples poked against my bra, and I looked to Cunt. “I would be okay with that. An ex spanked me a little during sex sometimes, but I’ve never just been spanked.”

Cunt smiled, slipped off her stool, and held an arm out offeringly. “I don’t plan to leave you bloody. We’ll work up to where you want to stop.” I slipped off of my stool and wrapped an arm around hers, and she began walking towards the back door of the bar. I followed close, butterflies multiplying in my stomach. She didn’t hold me as closely as she had when we first entered the bar, and a part of me was grateful for that. If this was just going to be play, I didn’t want my feelings to latch on to Cunt beyond that.

The door lead to a small hallway, barely larger than a closet. Blue lights entered the otherwise dark space from the bar area of the club, and red fairy lights streamed in from the closed door on the other side. The tiny lights mingled at the halfway point of the space, seemingly fighting for control over the ceiling. Scarcely two steps from the first door, Cunt was already opening the second.

The playroom felt like the opposite side of the metaphorical coin that made up the Gilded Cage. Where the blue room was cool and calming, relaxed, the playroom was lit with red lights that added a charged, dangerous feeling atmosphere. The music was loud, fast, thumping, but it barely masked the sounds of women’s moans and screams permeating the room. The room was larger, but there was less open space to move in. There was more furniture, couches and plush chairs seated around St Andrew’s’ Crosses, spanking benches, metal cages, and other kinds of furniture I didn’t have a name for. The four corners of each room were raised, each of them a stage with more seating than usual around them.

There were more women on this side than blue, far more watching than performing. It made enough sense, it was a night to play, but to do so continuously would leave all parties exhausted. Cunt lead me through the walkways. The room was filled with women in all stages of undress, shifting and gliding past one another. I passed a raven-haired woman wearing black latex carrying a cattle prod circling a woman with glowing eyes and her hands bound above her head. The dominant woman made eye contact with me as I was lead past and tapped the prod against the bound woman’s clit.

The bound woman didn’t scream.

I shivered, goose bumps tingling across my skin, as we passed similar scenes. A woman in a black dress with two white-eyed nude women kneeling to either side of her, rubbing themselves as the clothed women instructed them to show their devotion. A woman slowly running a pinwheel along another’s thigh as they snuggled in a sofa.

Cunt pulled me towards a plush metal and leather bench. It was designed so I would rest on my arms and elbows, my ass raised away from the sofas near us. There were leather straps for my wrists and ankles to be bound to the bench. I looked to Cunt, who was grabbing a large black leather bag from underneath one of the couches. She looked to me and rubbed her lips together. “Climb up. We’ll get started.”

I climbed into the bench without hesitation, crawling over the raised middle section. The atmosphere in the room was freeing, Jules’ filter barely needed to be there for me to wiggle into place excitedly. There were already women gathering around in a semicircle, five in total, dolled up with probing, eager eyes. Above them, I could see Amelia and Brandy on one of the stages. Brandy was standing and thrusting her hips, grinding her pussy into a brown haired woman’s face while Amelia laughed, rubbing her foot between the new woman’s legs. Seeing her again made my stomach twist. I looked down, trying to ignore her presence.

Wind brushed under my skirt, over my bare ass and slit. I whimpered, thankful Cunt had chosen a bench with my ass facing away from the crowd. Cunt moved over to me and began tightening straps at my wrists and elbow, leather belts with metal clasps that she pulled tight. “For safety.” She purred and ran her fingers through my hair. I whimpered louder, the small crowd gathering in front of me, sitting on couches, some of them rubbing their thighs together. There were more straps pulled at my thighs and ankles. It was surprisingly comfortable. “Wiggle around for me a little, Oriole. I don’t want you falling.”

I struggled just a little bit, the bench not shifting an inch, nor did my arms or legs. I tried pulling and twisting and snaking my hands through to no avail. My nipples hardened as warmth rushed through my belly and sex. I’d never been bound in a way I couldn’t easily slip out of before. I twisted a little more, for the fun of it, and began to giggle uncontrollably as the realization of what I was doing settled in. “We’re secure, Cunt.”

“Good.” She chuckled and ran her fingers under my skirt, raising it and tucking the hem into my waistband, exposing me to her. The way my body was bent downwards, the women in front could see I wasn’t wearing anything without seeing my pussy. Cunt purred behind me and ran fingers along my ass, teasing them along them lightly, exploring my skin. I whined and wiggled my ass as much as I could. “Are you ready to put on a show, Ori?”

“Uh-huh.” My brain was buzzing from the crying, the alcohol, the atmosphere, and with a fuzzy helpless feeling that was rushing over me. I really was helpless, and safe, and it felt good. Cunt’s fingers slipped under the waist of my mesh shirt and trailed along my sides, feeling, grasping. I gasped and whined, wiggling more but unable to do anything to keep her from touching anywhere she wanted. Her fingers slipped under my bandeau, cinched it, and pulled it down, leaving my breasts with nothing but my practically transparent top between them and the crowd’s eyes. “H-hey!”

Cunt didn’t hesitate to smack my ass with her hand, the impact running through me. I pushed forward against the bench involuntarily, my breasts bouncing and swaying under me. I needed no more convincing that the restraints really were there for safety. I saw the eyes of the women surrounding me light up, hungry, intrigued, curious, but silent. A pair of them were entwined, running fingers over one another with their eyes on me. I quivered more, and felt myself drip down my thigh. Cunt gave a familiar, amused chuckle. “I don’t tend to start with my hand, but you got mouthy. I don’t need your words until I ask for them.” I shivered more and clenched my thighs against the restraints.

I heard Cunt unzip her bag, and there was a feeling of dozens of loose leather straps caressing across my ass. I clenched a little more, panting in anticipation, eyes fixed on the women in front of me. “Arch out pretty for them, Oriole. They’re all here for a show.” I gasped, my breath escaping me for a few moments before I shifted, pressing backwards onto the bench, presenting my ass as much as I could, extending my shoulders, arching my back for the women in front of me, giving them as clear a view of my breasts as I could. “Now smile for them, Ori.” I laughed, I couldn’t help but laugh, naturally smiling through it. I arched harder, and gave the prettiest smile I could, looking out to the women.

I saw Amelia watching me, in the periphery of my vision, grabbing the hair of the girl she and Brandy were toying with. She pulled the woman from between Brandy’s legs, and I caught a glimpse of her face. My stomach sank.

It was Robin.

It was my sister.

I heard the swing of Cunt’s flogger but didn’t feel the impact as my world turned upside down.

* * *

My fingers were in Robin’s hair, but I had no control over them. My body was moving without my input, breathing without my input. I was trapped behind eyes that were not my own, feeling sensations through a body that was not mine. It was disorienting, dizzying. My eyes- Her eyes drifted from Robin’s face to mine, across the room. I could put together that I was looking through Amelia’s eyes, from the vantage point. Her lips turned into a smirk.

She knew I knew Robin.

Robin looked like she had been through hell, tears streaming down her cheeks, eyes red and puffy and glowing vibrant white. Her face was slick with drool and snot and Brandy’s fluids. Robin was naked, tired, and her eyes looked completely lost. I didn’t even know if she was fully aware of her surroundings anymore. There was a crowd of women, a big one, surrounding the stage. I wanted to scream, I wanted to thrash and to claw and to pull away from Robin, to pull her away from this, but I was helpless. An observer. I couldn’t even feel the adrenaline rush that came with anger. I was like a ghost seeing through Amelia’s eyes.

“Now, isn’t pussy soooo much better than cock?” Amelia spoke from her diaphragm, sure to speak loud enough and clear enough for the crowd to hear her. Robin panted, trying desperately to catch her breath. Amelia’s eyes didn’t focus on Robin’s body, only her conflicted, confused, tired face. Amelia’s body tingled with delight as she watched her struggle to even say a word.

“I... I… Nnh…” her voice was quiet and distant, but she was trying to respond. I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t even cry or beg for her. She was being victimized, and I had front row seats.

“Aww, you still don’t know?” Amelia’s voice was filled with faux disappointment as she yanked Robin’s hair, lifting her own skirt. Amelia was wearing a strap on beneath, which she pulled Robin’s lips to roughly, grasping both sides of her head and pulling hard. Robin’s throat resisted, I could feel it through Amelia’s fingers, but that just made Amelia laugh. “Maybe this will remind you, hmmmm?” Robin gagged, her face twisting in pain and disgust as she tried to pull away, but Brandy kneeled down beside Robin and pushed her forward onto the plastic phallus.

“Wasn’t I nicer, Robin?” Brandy giggled and cooed into Robin’s ear as she pushed Robin forward. Robin’s throat eventually gave way and accepted the strap on, but clenched round it so hard that Robin’s eyes crossed in pain. I could hear her trying to yell out, muffled by the cock down her throat. “No gagging, no choking. Cocks are so forceful and selfish. Pussies are slick and receptive.” Brandy giggled more. “Just admit it. You like pussy better. It’s okay. We’re all girls here.”

Robin’s face started turning red as she choked on the strap-on. I could feel something buzzing in the back of Amelia’s head, a pressure, like when Jules pushed into me, but in reverse. It buzzed and hummed and Amelia tightened her mouth in concentration. Robin’s eyes began to glow brighter. I wanted to twist more, I wanted to swing, I wanted to throw myself between them, I could feel Amelia twisting inside Robin’s mind, tugging and grasping, but I had no clue what she was doing in there. “All I want is for you to accept yourself, Robin. We all went through this journey, you’re lucky you have us here to help, really.” She giggled, twisting and turning through Robin’s mind even as she spoke.

Brandy let go of Robin, who pulled away, gasping and sputtering, saliva dripping down her chin joining the other fluids that had already slicked over her. “P... Pus…” she gasped, inhaling, looking between Amelia and Brandy with a dizzy sway. “Pussy is... Nnh...” She coughed some more. The pressure Amelia was putting on her was forceful, but it was being pushed back against, it was being fought by something inside Robin. I could cry if I had control over Amelia’s body, but instead I just fumed and raged and sulked, watching Robin struggle.

The more I thrashed inside Amelia’s head, the more her psychic pressure shifted. It was subtle, but I could feel it pulse, I could feel the vibrating pressure shift rhythm. I tried to steady myself

Just say red.

Robin’s lips moved, just a little, as I thought to her. I felt Amelia’s lips tighten in frustration, felt her redouble whatever efforts she was going through inside my sister’s head. I tried to lean in, tried to think harder, whatever that even meant.

Say Red. Red. Red. Red.

Robin’s lips moved, sound coming to her throat. “R... Red…” She coughed. Brandy’s face shifted from her amused bimbo dominatrix look to a deep concern. She ran to Robin and kneeled down between her and Amelia. Amelia kept pushing into Robin’s mind, focusing harder, firmer.

“Amelia, stop. Stop!” Brandy’s voice dropped from her practiced vapid sound to a more forceful tone. Amelia’s stomach twisted in anger, I could feel adrenaline pump into her veins, anger that would send me into a screaming fit, but she controlled her composure. The buzzing outward pressure ceased as another woman wearing a red arm band came onto the stage carrying a towel and bottle of water. Amelia took a deep breath as embarrassment crept into her anger, and then moved towards Robin.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. Robin, are you okay?” she grabbed the water bottle from the organizer and opened it, carefully handing it over. Robin reached and took it, the glowing in her eyes giving way to her lovely brown irises. Amelia’s concern was a facade, she was twisting with anger. She glanced around the crowd, some of which were dispersing, some making room for more moderators to get onto the stage. Her eyes caught mine, still strapped to that bench. I saw Cunt reaching her hand back, launching it into a harsh swing, as my world twisted around once again.

* * *

My body was on fire. It ached, it buzzed, my pussy was drenched. My ass and thighs in particular were thrumming with a pleasant and warm pain. I screamed as the flogger slapped across my sex, thrashed and twisted on the bench, rocking it just a little bit in pain. I clenched harder and panted. “Wh... What is...?” I was dizzy, confused, looking around. We had gathered a few more observers. Above our crowd, I could see Amelia and Robin being lead off stage. “Stop! Red! Let me out!” I yelled, twisting, turning to look to Cunt. Cunt launched into action, pulling at the straps keeping my arms and legs bound faster than I thought she could.

“What’s wrong? Is everything okay? Did I go too far?” Cunt’s voice was one of worry. I shook my head.

“I don’t know, no, I...” I couldn’t explain what I saw, I couldn’t explain it quick enough to help. I pulled myself off of the bench and tried to break into a sprint towards the door Amelia was leading Robin through.

My legs were jelly.

I nearly fell forward when Cunt grabbed me, steadying me. “Be careful. What’s going on?” She cupped my cheek and looked me in the eyes. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry. Let’s sit down for a little while and—”

“I have to stop Amelia.” I pulled my cheek away from Cunt and pointed to the two. Cunt furrowed her brow, confused, but thankfully pulled me to support me and walked me towards the door. “Thank you. I c-can’t explain right now. Something happened. I wasn’t me?” I took a deep breath, moving slower than I’d like. “Amelia has my sister. She shouldn’t be here.”

Cunt squeezed me close, a hand pulling at my skirt so that it fell around my thighs once again. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve got you.” I tried to pick up my pace, eventually finding my footing and rushing through the crowd

Brandy was supporting Robin, Amelia walking opposite Brandy. I almost tripped as I moved to stop in front of them. Robin was wearing a black silk bathrobe over herself. She looked miles better than she had just a few minutes ago, but her eyes were still distant and tired. “It’s okay, I’m here.” I tried to reach for Robin, but Brandy pulled her away.

“She needs to recover. You don’t just grab people, without some sort of prompt, Oriole.” Brandy spoke gently, but her look was so much harsher than her tone. Robin’s eyes lit up a little, but then fell. Amelia wore the same smirks he always wore.

Brandy thinks Robin consented.

I felt a rush of despair as the realization came over me. “We went a little far, but we’re going to get rested up and bring her to my place. I know you want to play, but I need to make sure my submissive are okay.” She gave a little ‘tee-hee’ as she looked over me. Cunt caught up and stood behind me.

“Robin is my sister, Brandy.” I pleaded with my eyes. “I don’t think she knows what she’s getting into. She shouldn’t have been here, and she’s... She’s straight. I think she just got caught up, maybe, I don’t know, but she should come home with me.”

Brandy’s look softened, and she looked to Robin. “Would you rather go home with your sister?” I felt a wave of relief rush over me as Robin looked to me and smiled. She raised her head to nod, but then her face twisted. Disgust and fear played over her face for just an instant, and then she shook her head.

“No. I’ll go with Amelia.” Robin’s voice was hoarse and quiet, but it was clear enough to hear. Brandy nodded sympathetically. Amelia’s eyes twinkled with delight as she wrapped an arm around Robin, squeezing her.

“W... Why?!” I yelled. Cunt squeezed my shoulder and pulled on me just a little bit. Robin closed her eyes and took a deep breath, turning away from me. “Robin, what the hell are you doing?”

“She doesn’t have to explain herself.” Amelia chided, clicking her tongue. “She’s a grown woman, she can go home with whoever she wants.” I opened my mouth to retort, but Amelia held up a finger. There was a pressure in the back of my mind, more like a jackhammer knocking at the back of my skull than Jules’ gentle fingers. I felt dizzy for a few moments as Amelia spoke “It sounds like you two have a lot to discuss, but you’ll just have to discuss it tomorrow. She’s coming with me. Don’t you respect your family’s decisions?” She giggled, the pressure on my mind subsiding.

“Amelia’s been inside her head, Brandy. You can’t trust Robin’s own words right now, you know that.” Cunt pleaded for me as I leaned against her, still dizzy.

“If we didn’t let impaired people make decisions for themselves, we may as well shut down the Cage, Cunt.” Brandy sighed. “I understand emotions are high, this is a very tense situation. Amelia, you aren’t helping. Cunt, Ori, move aside or I’m going to need to reprimand both of you.”

I shook in anger and shock where I stood. I couldn’t bring myself to lunge at Amelia, no matter the feelings pulsing through me. I couldn’t very well expect Cunt to throw herself on the pyre for me, either. So I stood as the three of them moved around me towards the door to the front of the club. I didn’t turn as I heard it open. My thoughts were at a standstill, spinning in circles. I was ashamed. Jules’ filter was pulsing in my brain, paralyzing me as it slowed down my ability to process emotions.

“Oh. Ori?” Amelia’s voice rang from behind me. I took a long time to turn around, my thoughts felt heavy. I couldn’t handle more. I couldn’t handle more of this tonight. Tears streamed down my cheeks for the third time today, my stomach felt empty, my body felt heavy, my thoughts felt slow. Amelia was leaning into the playroom, smirking, a victorious look in her eyes. “You’ll need these.” She tossed a set of car keys towards me, Robin’s car keys. Cunt grabbed them, I didn’t even make the attempt.

“Ciao!” Amelia closed the door, and I broke.