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Disclaimer: My stories tend to involve rape, betrayal, humiliation, and other despicable acts that might put a pit in your stomach. These actions are not condoned by the author in any way, shape or form. Consent is sexy. All actors portrayed are of legal age unless otherwise specified, and those specified otherwise will never be involved in acts that it would be illegal to depict them engaging in. The following work is copyright Chelicerate © 2018 and is not to be distributed by any other persons or entities.

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Chapter V

When Jules’ filter broke, it was like the entire night hit me at once. Shame, embarrassment, humiliation, self-doubt, every ounce that I had been protected from felt like it poured into me in that instant. Every moment I would have shied away from the spotlight, every moment I wasn’t blending into the walls. Every single moment Cunt had to dote on me after I made an idiot of myself in front of everyone pretending I was more than a fun diversion for anyone, especially Jules.

Even all of that had had to compete with the shame of not throwing fists at Amelia, of not chasing after her, of not screaming at the top of my lungs until the cops had to be called. I was a terrible sister, a terrible lover, not worthy of anybody’s attention, especially the attention I was receiving. My chest felt tight.

I couldn’t breathe.

My world was spinning, I was barely aware of my surroundings. People were gathering, I could sense that much. A crowd gathered around our confrontation with Amelia and Brandy. Everything was growing hazy, it felt like I was being lifted off of the ground, but I felt heavy too, like there was an elephant on my chest. My chest hurt and the harder I tried to center myself the more I felt lost and floating and heavy.

I couldn’t breathe.

I reached around to try and find something steady to grab. A chair, a table, the wall, Cunt. There was nothing. Cunt had left, but I hadn’t realized it until half a minute later. She went through the door, she went to do what I couldn’t. Maybe she just wanted to be rid of me. Either was fair for her to do. I had turned her night from one she would enjoy into a night of babysitting the fragile flower who thought she could play with the big girls. My lips trembled, I tried to take a step towards something solid, but I found myself tilting over into an uncontrolled stumble towards some piece of wooden furniture.

My fall was averted by a hand at my shoulder. Smooth, rubbery. I looked up to see the raven-haired woman I saw wielding a cattle prod. “Breathe”, she commanded as her eyes met mine. I felt a chill run through me, and I went numb for just a moment. My lungs expanded slowly without my volition. My chest almost hurt more for suddenly taking in air than it had when it felt like I was having a heart attack, but it did wonders for me. I took a few more breaths before being able to take control of them myself. The raven-haired woman let go of me and addressed the crowd, her voice quick and clear even over the music and conversation of onlookers. “Don’t crowd, nothing to see here, go away.”

Being able to breathe didn’t make the jackhammer of backed up emotions easier to process, but it did make my circumstances a lot less dire. I was suddenly freezing, but focusing on my breath and the woman’s words was enough to steady myself. “Thank you.” My voice was breathy and quiet, I wasn’t sure she could hear me. The woman nodded acknowledgement and began walking with me, her hand moving from my shoulder to my back.

An entire community is going to think of me as ‘that girl that cried when she pretended she was more than a fun distraction

My breath quickened as another pain wracked my chest again. I lost track of exactly what was happening or where I was being lead with that thought. I focused on maintaining my breath and

“Jesus fucking Christ, can’t you read a situation with anything but your clit?” Cunt wasn’t yelling, but her voice was louder than anybody else’s. Brandy was backed against the bar, leaning backwards more than was strictly necessary, shoulders tense, defensive, but keeping a cool air to her. Amelia and Robin were nowhere to be found. “Clearly none of us know what’s going on, that was not a decision you make lightly. I—”

“Two women wanted to leave together. There was no decision to be made, you were getting in the way.” Brandy tensed more, afraid, or at least anticipating something to fear. She didn’t like disagreeing with Cunt when Cunt was angry, that was evident on her face. I didn’t blame her.

“Amelia’s a fucking monster, you shouldn’t—”

“Just because she plays harder than you do doesn’t make her a monster, Cunt.” The two played off one another like a married couple going through the same argument for the hundredth time. It was dizzying, but it was better than being trapped in my mind. Breathing quickly ceased being a compelling focus, and though the arguments only made me feel tense and guilty, it was better than retreating into self-loathing once again.

The raven-haired woman brought her free hand to her mouth and cleared her throat. “My office, both of you.” Cunt turned and nodded, her posture growing more confident. She looked to me with concern in her eyes, but her face stayed otherwise stoic, if angry.

“Yes, Miss Rivers.” Brandy’s voice grew softer. Not so much submissive as relieved. I broke from the woman to cling to Cunt’s side, wrapping my arms around her. She already thought I was a slut, I figured. I needed comfort. Cunt draped an arm over me. Her body was hot, like touching a radiator in a drafty apartment in autumn. I squeezed tight. I was still feeling icy from the latex woman’s influence.

The raven-haired woman walked, Cunt and Brandy followed as she lead us through a door marked ‘staff’, further from peering eyes. Her latex suit reflected the blue fairy lights like stars dotting the expanse of her second flesh. Watching those reflections play and distort over her curves was compelling. A staircase lead to an office. Blue-grey walls matched with a rich blue carpet to create an icy atmosphere. A window to one side overlooked the playroom. A simple silvery steel desk with a leather office chair sat across from a similar set of seats. A plaque on the desk read ‘Victoria Rivers’.

Victoria did not move behind her desk, opting to lean back on it while facing the three of us. Her lips were pursed, face still, difficult to read. The leaning gave a luxurious view of her upper body. “I need to know what happened.” Both Cunt and Brandy opened their mouths to speak at the same time, but Victoria raised a hand, pressing her thumb and index finger together. “Ah, no, I’ve heard plenty from both of you. I need to know what started this spat.” Her eyes shifted to me. Brandy and Cunt’s followed.


“I don’t really know”, the words practically leaked from my mouth. I had a hard time putting any force behind them. “I was going to be flogged by Cunt. I saw Amelia. I saw my sister, and then…” I closed my eyes “I was Amelia? I was inside her?” I was tense, nervous. At least two of them were psychic, surely this was within their realm of believability, but it still felt like I was saying something that would never be believed. I bit my lip. I could have chewed it off instead of continuing, but everyone stayed silent. “I think she may have attacked me? I... She knew we were related. I think? I could only feel her body. Robin should not have been here in the first place, I don’t even know why she was here.”

Cunt squeezed my shoulder. I didn’t look up to see Brandy, afraid she might retort or disbelieve. Victoria was silent. I didn’t want to be here, I could have been anywhere else and been happier. Robin was being hurt, probably, and I was being interrogated instead of anyone acting to help her. They were miles away by now. There was nothing I could do about it, and I’m being interrogated because I wasn’t polite enough about the whole ordeal.

“I understand.” Victoria’s words were kind, her tone concerned, but practiced in a way that didn’t bring relief. “Did you notice anything happening, Cunt?”

Cunt shook her head. “She was responsive. Not conversational, but I had told her not to be. She answered my questions.” Cunt squeezed me a little closer. “I didn’t get the sense that anything was off until she yelled red, and then I was focused on the running. I thought she just saw her sister or something.”

“And you assumed Amelia was acting in bad faith.” Victoria pursed her lips and looked back to me. “Your sister should not have been here. You were the only new member on the guest list. She arrived with Amelia, and I had assumed that she must be the new face.” She looked over me for a few seconds. “I failed, and I’m sorry about that.” She lifted herself from her desk and took a step towards me. “If it is okay with you, I want to ensure that you’re telling the truth so that I may take appropriate action.”

“We don’t know that Amelia did anything wrong yet!” Brandy exclaimed, stepping towards Victoria. I winced.

“She arrived with an uninvited guest. Even if Oriole is wrong about being attacked, if what she is saying is true, Amelia is at least suspect.” Victoria stepped past Brandy and looked down to me. She reached and placed a latex-covered thumb to my forehead, tilting my head back to lock eyes with me. “If I may?”

“No offense, but I think she’s gone through enough toni- Gnh!” A surge of anger twisted through me as Cunt tried to speak over me. I elbowed her in her rib as she tried to speak, eliciting a grunt from her. She silenced and I tensed, looking at her to gauge her reaction.

She looked tired, but she had a smile.

I sighed in relief, and looked to Victoria. “Sure. I want to figure this out. I just... I want to help Robin, but I can’t, so if I can stop this, or at least find out that I’m misunderstanding, or…” I shook, putting thoughts of what might be happening to my sister out of my head. If there was nothing to be done, there was no reason to dwell.

“Thank you.” Victoria said simply. A rush of cold spread from her thumb over my body, followed by a wave of numbness. My skin grew goosebumps, I started shivering and panting. Cunt’s body grew hotter compared to mine until it felt like I was burning myself against her again. My mind, too, went cold, like an icy chill running down my spine, the numbness slowing my breathing, my thoughts. It was mere seconds before I my thoughts ran to a crawl, like honey creeping along just above freezing.

“Speak of what happened.” Her words were the only motion in my mind. I drew breath and began to speak, words babbling from my lips. I couldn’t keep track of what I was saying, only that the words flowed and would flow until there were no more. Everything but speaking was frozen, and my thoughts, my actions followed the path of least resistance. I gushed every detail I could of the incident, every moment given in as great a detail as I could, my words like a river running through an ice floe. Everything else only grew colder and number, but I couldn’t care. Caring was a function of the mind that was not speaking.

Cold kept pouring in through Victoria’s thumb. Then there was no thumb. Thoughts began to form. I was cold, physically cold, so much that my bones ached. My limbs were heavy, my fingers felt like they couldn’t bend, but I wrapped tighter around the furnace fire that was Cunt. I shook, breath coming in trembling rasps. Cunt’s body burned with warmth I needed on a primal level. It could burn me inside out and I wouldn’t even think of letting go.

“Thank you, Oriole. I need to consider everything you’ve said. Cunt, if you could take care of her. Brandy, you stay here.” Cunt wrapped arms around me and began to lead me out of the room. I wished I could curl into a ball and be engulfed by her. I pressed tighter instead. Everything was cold except for her, I needed her warmth, her touch. I needed a fresh distraction.

I needed to keep everything from crashing down again.

At the bottom of the stairwell, I pressed tight into Cunt and pushed her into the stairwell wall. I pressed my face into her vest, into her chest, kissing over her clothes, panting, pressing desperately into her. I wrapped my arms around her, grasping at the curve of her ass. Cunt’s breath quickened, she arched into me. Her body grew warmer with my touch. “Oriole, what are you—” I reached up and wrapped my arms around her, standing as tall as I could to kiss at her collar, her neck. I stepped onto the staircase to gain some height, pressed closer to Cunt, and moved my lips to meet hers.

She moved a hand between our chins, grasped mine, and growled. I was turned around and pressed into the stairway wall, my feet dangling so much like they were just a few hours ago in that alleyway. I gasped and wriggled in her grip as she pressed close to me, pinning my body and feet against the wall. Her lips traced along my ear. She growled, forceful and predatory, and I could have melted against the wall from the heat of her breath alone. “I know what you need.” I could hear the chuckle in her voice.

Her hand crawled up the back of my neck, winding through the roots of my hair. I panted and whined and squirmed, desperate for her to take me. “Yes, please, please Cunt, I need you!” I twisted and wrapped my legs around her waist to support myself. I clung and pressed harder into her, my lips searching for any flesh they could find, any warmth to take the edge off the chill in my body.


I felt Cunt’s power course through me, but it was different. It wasn’t intense, it barely felt like a static shock on my scalp. “Wh…” I opened my lips to question her, but my lips felt slack, heavy. A wave of fatigue hit. My legs began to droop. Cunt wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me from the wall, shifting me higher on her body. My body was slack, unresponsive. I opened my mouth to speak again, to protest, but all that escaped was a long, slow yawn.

“I’m not going to fuck you when you’re like this, Oriole.” Her voice was soft, crooning. She draped my head over her shoulder and ran a hand down my back soothingly. “You need to rest.” I opened my mouth again, only to let out another yawn, this one deeper, louder. “It’s okay. Just relax, I’ll make sure you’re safe.”

I wanted to be angry, but it was hard to be anything when my body was betraying me. My eyelids began to droop, despite my best efforts. Cunt’s crooning voice wasn’t helping the situation. I groaned and whined, but any attempts to move my body only made me shift into more comfortable and warm positions. I whimpered a little and nestled my cheek into the crook of Cunt’s neck as the fog of unconsciousness slipped over my thoughts. She was probably right, after all.

Sleep was a good distraction, too.