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Chapter VII

My room smelled like sweat and laundry detergent when I came back to myself. I was wrapped up tight in an overly warm blanket, as if it had just come from the dryer. I mewled and curled a little more under them, enjoying the radiating warmth. I didn’t even try to piece together what had happened to me or what I had done, being blank and gone from myself was the whole purpose of the scene. I took a deep breath and mewled. “Mmmn, you there?”

My question was answered with Jules’ familiar low, purring giggles. “Yeah.” I could hear her smile even if I couldn’t see my screen. “I wouldn’t leave you alone after a scene, Ori.” I sighed in relief and curled up more. “Was that what you needed?”

I felt refreshed, even as my body ached. I could feel the happy thrum of heat between my legs, the ache in my lungs at being short of breath. Tightness in my slightly-damp cheeks indicated that I had cried at least a little. I had very clearly not simply been made to do my laundry, though that she had done so made me smile. “Mm, yeah. I think so.” I nuzzled into my pillow, more relaxed than I’d felt in weeks. “What’d we do?” I giggled, glowing from acts I couldn’t remember doing if I tried.

“A few chores. You put on a bit of a show for me. I need to get you a bigger ‘biggest toy’. You can take Jill like a champ when you’re not afraid of it.” Jules gave a bedroom laugh and I clenched at the thought. I still shivered in fear at the size of Big Jill when I looked through my toys, she only ever came out when Jules wanted her to. I took a deep breath.

“Thank you for that. I…” I paused, trying to form my words in a way that didn’t sound too clingy while expressing myself. “I’m glad we fulfill each other’s needs so well.” Didn’t quite hit the mark, but it was better than tackling ‘I still love you’ head on. “What time is it?”

“Getting close to nine.” She had me out for most of the day. It felt both like mere minutes and days had passed simultaneously. “I know you’re going to be busy. I hope it’s okay, I took the liberty of finding out what happened last night while you wouldn’t have to re-live it. I’m really sorry that happened.”

It wasn’t unusual for her to force me to tell her of engagements that might interrupt play. It was fun, in a lot of ways, being forced to be responsible. Part of me told me I should feel angry at her violating my privacy about the play party, about getting to hear the story without me breaking down and inconveniencing her, but I was not looking forward to having to explain everything.

“It’s okay.” I yawned and stretched a little more. “I should probably get prepared, huh?” I sighed. “Would you uhm, be able to come over tomorrow and look at my sister? I’m… afraid.”

“If you want that, yes. One hundred percent. I can do it remotely tonight if you’d like.” I sat up out of my blankets and saw Jules on my computer screen, smiling. “There’s my cutie.” I let out an involuntary whine and covered my face with blankets, my face burning. I wanted to curl up again protectively, but I also wanted to giggle.

I was such a teenage girl at heart.

“That sounds good to me. I’ll text you when she’s here, I really should be getting ready!” I crawled from my blankets again, towards my laptop and camera set up. I leaned towards the camera and gave a kiss to the air in front of it. “Thank you so much, Jules. I feel capable of handling the world again.” I gave the camera another kiss.

She gave a finger-wiggling wave and smiled. “It was good for me too, you know.” She winked and gave her own air-kiss, but I felt this one on my forehead. I smiled. “Bye, Ori.” She didn’t let me respond before ending our call.

She had me dress myself already. Shower, too, from the smooth feeling of my skin and hair. She always took care of me when she took my mind for long periods, but she had made sure to go over the top this time. I gathered my phone and headed towards the living room to while away the time until Robin arrived, or until I felt comfortable calling her phone again.

It didn’t take long for the familiar creak of the door sliding against its’ doorframe drew my attention. I launched to a standing position, facing the door, uncertain, heart pounding in my chest. She was here, that was relieving, but I had no clue what state she would be in. Uncertainty and anxiety filled my chest as I waited to see just what would be necessary.

melia walked through first, a disappointing but unsurprising occurrence. She was wearing a sky blue cashmere sweater dress with a matching scarf and a pair of white leggings. Her ensemble combined with her playful grin and childlike sway to her body as she moved gave an aura of wealthy innocence. She was humming some unfamiliar tune, far too happy with herself.

Robin had a black eye.

I barely took anything else about Robin in before rushing to my sister. Amelia was positioned between us, acting as a gatekeeper between Robin and I. She gracefully slid aside as I moved through the space she occupied, a positional power play that I would have gotten angry or flustered by if I weren’t filled with relief and dread at Robin’s state. I wrapped my arms around Robin and squeezed tight. She groaned in pain and smiled, wrapping her arms around me. “Hey.” Robin’s voice was quiet, drained.

“What happened?” I moved my hands to touch Robin’s face, feeling the swelling around her eye. She felt tender in ways that I knew was bad on an instinctual level. “What did she do to you?” Amelia made a noise, a start to a word, so I whipped my head around to snap at her. “You can leave.” I didn’t need to try to inject the words with venom.

“Please don’t do that, Ori.” Robin gently returned my hug and broke away from me. “I’m fine. I just…” She paused for a moment, looking between me and Amelia before continuing. “Things got a little out of hand at one point. Amelia hit a little too hard.” Amelia moved beside Robin and wrapped her arms around Robin’s waist.

“We took care of it. Nothing broken, no eye damage.” Amelia giggled and stepped onto her tiptoes. Robin leaned down, and Amelia gave Robin a kiss to the side of her face, right beside her bruise. I wanted to slap her. “I take good care of the women who trust me enough to play, even if I play up the evil little girl persona for fun. We’re all responsible adults.” My mind was spinning, trying to analyze Amelia. I usually had a good read on people, I could usually tell when I was being lied to or if something was genuine. I couldn’t tell, with Amelia.

I knew one thing. I hated her. Whether this was an act or genuine, I hated everything about this. If this was an act, I was making a mistake by not intervening, by not being more aggressive, even if I couldn’t prove to an outsider what was happening I should be protecting my sister. If it was genuine, if I had the wrong impression of Amelia this whole time, I was filled with jealousy that she could come in like a whirlwind and change my sister’s world view, that my sister could have a better night on accident than I had by arranging a date.

I hated not being able to tell most of all, because it meant I was feeling the full brunt of both possible situations.

Amelia grabbed Robin’s hand and pulled her gently away from me. They moved from the entryway to our couch. Robin moved with deference, behind Amelia and slightly to the side, where a well-trained dog might move next to its master. Amelia sat at the edge of the sofa, leaning against the arm. “Sit.” Amelia’s words were sharp, precisely pronounced.

Robin knelt beside the couch.

“Okay, this is a bit far.” I took a deep breath. “I’m glad you’re finding something that you’re liking, but kneeling to her in front of me is not something I am comfortable with.” I was more comfortable with the idea than I was letting on, but not with Amelia. Not with someone who had disrespected and hurt me so much in just the last day. Not with what I’d felt inside her head.

“I just thought, since you knew…” Robin’s face twisted a little. “Sorry. It just felt right.” Amelia ran her fingers through Robin’s hair, ruffling and petting her before Robin began to stand.

“Robin, dearest. Would you mind giving your sister and I a while to chat?” Amelia spoke softly, but didn’t even look to Robin, her eyes focused on me. I didn’t like the sound of her voice, she was playing at innocent.

“Sure. I should take a shower, anyway. Get some more ice for my eye.” Robin had been expecting this. They had planned this series of events together. My skin tingled, I suddenly felt unsafe, defensive. Amelia nodded approvingly.

“I don’t want to be alone with you, Amelia.” I spoke firmly, and looked to Robin, pleading with my eyes. She wasn’t acting like some sort of drone, or some sort of puppet. She was the Robin I knew, just drained. The deference towards a new partner wasn’t unusual for her, as much as it ate me up to see it every time. The kneeling was unusual for Robin, and she seemed content doing it, and a part of me wanted to be happy with it.

But my eyes kept being drawn to Robin’s eye.

“You’re going to be seeing a lot of me, Oriole, whether you like it or not. We should clear the air with one another, and we should do it without causing more distress to Robin. Your snipes are fine with me, but they’re making Robin uncomfortable.” Robin nodded in agreement, and I seethed. Short of making a scene, a scene that might be inappropriate, might cost me my relationship with my sister, I had no recourse I was willing to use. “She’s had a long weekend. She has a lot to think over.” Amelia caressed Robin’s waist and squeezed a little.

“I’ll be in the bath.” Robin leaned over the couch and kissed the top of Amelia’s head, which made Amelia wiggle and squirm in a way that didn’t befit the all-controlling, dominant stature she constantly projected. “If you leave before I’m back, Amelia… thank you. For everything.” She seemed so genuine, so relaxed, so relieved. I felt guilty for doubting her. She was happy.

My guilt didn’t stop me from very quickly texting Jules. ‘Wait five minutes and check on Robin. I’m going to be busy, text me back.’ I wanted all of my bases covered. Even if Cunt was upset with me, she gave good advice.

I stood in silence as Robin grabbed a change of clothes from her room and moved towards our bathroom. Amelia stayed silent as well, sitting with her legs crossed on my sofa. As soon as she heard bathwater running, she broke the silence. “Sit down, please, you’re making me anxious.” She spoke with a soft inflection that made me want to believe she was genuine, but her words rang empty. She didn’t seem the least bit tense, and her voice had a twinge of ‘fake’ to it. I sat on the sofa, despite that, to deflate the feeling of hostility, to relax just a little.

“Robin likes you a lot, huh?” I tried to break the ice. Amelia rolled her eyes and giggled her characteristic, mean-spirited, sure, childish giggle.

“I don’t want to talk about Robin.” Amelia shifted on the sofa to look directly at me, her legs curling under her. She leaned forward into the space between us, close but not so close I wanted to push her away. She looked into my eyes and smiled her impish, predatory smile, the first entirely genuine action I’d seen her do all night. “I felt you inside me, Oriole.”

My heart froze. She was acknowledging it, she was confirming what I’d felt. It was so hard to not begin to dismiss it as a hallucination of some sort, but she outright said it. “I… okay.” I didn’t know what to say, my breath began to quicken. I was scared, worried. She’d felt me, she knew I was inside her, somehow.

“You have no idea what that was, do you?” Amelia giggled more, lower. I scooted away from her in the sofa as she grinned. “That was your first time? Was I your first?” She spoke lower, sultry, teasing. My skin crawled up my back.

“You knew she was my sister. You wanted me to see that, you made me see what you were doing.” I spoke plainly. She grinned wider, shaking her head.

“Mmm, I knew she was your sister from the moment I saw you, yeah, but it wasn’t me who made you feel me fuck her.” My breath caught, my heart pounded. She giggled more, closing the distance between us, and practically pounced on top of me. She held a finger to my mouth and purred, eyes locked on mine. I was too afraid to push her off of me. “Shhhhhh. I should have known it when I met you, but I was focused on Brandy...”

“It wasn’t me!” I preempted her dramatic reveal, twisting under her. She giggled louder and pinned my shoulders more firmly to the sofa, her legs moving to straddle my waist. She pressed down against me and wiggled, ground against me. My stomach twisted, and she giggled more.

“Mmm, you say that, but you’re wide open, Oriole. You’re a stereotypical empath.” She shifted against me and cupped my chin, forcing me to look to her face. “Mmm, you’re usually more aware of people’s feelings than they are, aren’t you? You have a pretty good read of a person, of a room, even if they aren’t speaking? Especially if they aren’t speaking?”

She was lying to me, she was playing some game where she’d build me up and then tear me down, or she was trying to manipulate me into making a fool of myself, or worse. Her words rang as true as horoscopes and dollar store palm readers, she was saying vague generalizations about the human experience, but trying to make me feel special for experiencing them.

“Mmm, but despite all of that, I’m confusing to you, aren’t I?” Amelia giggled and placed a finger on my nose. I tried to twist, I lifted my arms to shove her off of me, but she gripped my wrists and pulled them down to my sides, using her leverage to keep them down. She ran her own nose against mine, lips so close to mine. “Mmm, everything I say rings so hollow, everything I do feels… inhuman?” She giggled a little more. My heart was pounding in fear, in anger, in despair. Despite everything, her closeness, the heat of her body was enough to turn me on. “Mmm you can’t get a bead on when I’m lying, when I’m acting. You have to work hard to interpret everything based on what you know of me, instead of some vague air or aura. Am I wrong?” Her laugh turned into a cackle loud enough to make me flinch away from her.

“Stop!” I yelled loud, trying to twist her off of me. She only smiled her impish smile, face so close to mine, body pinning mine. If I were Cunt I could thrash her around the room, but there was nothing I could do.

“That’s because I’m the same.” Her voice was softer, gentler, but that only made me feel worse, more helpless. “Empaths are easier to read than normal people, or even other kinds of psychics. But we can train, we can block that.” She purred. “We can flip that on its’ head and become emotional voids to each other.” She sounded almost sad even as she pressed her hips down against mine harder.

Amelia closed her eyes for a moment, and I felt emotion wash over me. Not mine, Amelia’s, it was so clearly Amelia. I could read her like a book. I could feel the swirl of libido, pride, empathy, and predatory glee inside her, fighting and mixing to form her actions. I could feel like I knew her, like I understood her as much as I could understand my best friend, or my sister.

I could feel just how much danger I was in.

She wanted to hurt me, she wanted to make me twist, to make me feel uncomfortable. She wanted me to writhe and squirm, she wanted me to feel how superior she was, how helpless I was next to her, she wanted nothing more than to tame me and to twist me into something completely subservient to her.

I could feel how much she was struggling to keep all of those feelings on a leash, to keep them from consuming her, to keep her from consuming me.

“I want you.” Her words rang true. I could feel just how much she wanted me, how much she needed me, it was so difficult to keep those feelings from mixing with mine. Something deep inside of me wanted to see what she would do if she unshackled her feelings, if she let them off their leash. I shivered in fear of my own wants and desires as much as I did from seeing hers so nakedly.

Her own feelings fought harder, in reaction to mine, like pit bulls kept inches away from a bitch in heat. Her predatory glee grew stronger in her chest, and she pinned me harder, digging her nails into my wrists. The pain made me shiver and moan, a dangerous combination. I could feel her restraint slipping, and just how much she loved losing more control to herself.

She was only restraining herself because she loved the feeling of losing control to her instincts.

I only grew more scared, more turned on by the anticipation. It was like having a conversation without words, more precise in intents and wants but less precise in information. I could not hear her thoughts, hear the precise plots, exactly what she would do to me, but I could feel her primal reactions to her own thoughts, and to what she felt in me.

She dug her nails into my wrists harder and laughed. “Oh, this is so fucking delicious. Mmmmm the things we could do together, Oriole, ohh…” Her voice was husky, breathy, manic in a way that I hadn’t ever seen before, but rang so true to the feelings she was washing over me. I wanted to disbelieve her, I wanted to pretend she was projecting these feelings into me somehow, but I knew what psychic intrusion felt like, and it wasn’t this.

“You’re scaring me.” I panted. She knew, but I felt like I needed to say something, to try and pull out of this haze of paralyzing, interacting, intertwining emotional conversation. I could feel that mix of anger and malice and libido that made up her sadism lash out, I could feel it scream in Amelia’s head to slap me. I winced in anticipation, but the slap didn’t come.

“I know.” She purred. “Mmm… Come with me, Oriole… Come home with me. We could lose ourselves in each other. I can train you.” She lifted her hands from my wrists and pressed them to my cheeks. She gripped my face possessively and pressed her body down against mine. “I can teach you to use your talents, I can teach you to hide yourself. I can fuck you like nobody else can.”

I hated how much I wanted that.

Her lust mixed with mine, fueling both of our flames in a way that I had only felt with the most passionate and raw sexual partners. An ex that featured in my masturbatory fantasies more often than I’d like, a one night stand I could barely remember more than the raw heat of it, Cunt. All of those paled in comparison. I felt my control over myself slipping, slowly. I groped at Amelia’s thighs and calves.

For the briefest of moments, I was outside of myself. I was in Amelia once more, I could feel through her fingers as they crawled into my hair, I could feel myself buck and squirm underneath her. I could feel just how ruined her panties were, I could feel the raw physical sensation of her restraining herself.

I was pulled back to myself when my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was probably Jules, and the mere thought of that pulled me from the haze of emotion and lust. I wanted so badly to see what she had to say. Amelia had a surge of anger and betrayal, which quickly twisted itself into a cool, calm curiosity. Inquisitiveness took over her as I looked over the message.

‘Robin is fine. Exhausted and scared of herself, but she’s not being affected by anything more than self-discovery.’ Relief spread through my chest, I wanted to hug my phone to my heart. Amelia tugged the phone from my hands and turned it around to face her. I could feel excitement bubbling in her stomach, a feeling of victory, of realization, of anticipation. She purred and looked down to me, letting me reach and grab my phone from her hands.

“She’s got you bad, huh?” Her predatory glee was no less strong that it was, but her overall mood had shifted. She was indulging in a less raw and physical way. I tensed. She was about to hurt me, or do something that she was sure would hurt me. I tried to prepare myself for what was so clearly coming, but that only made her want it more.

I was at such a disadvantage.

“Jules knows you’re a psychic. There’s not a chance in the world she doesn’t.” Amelia smirked as she spoke. I twitched a little, livid at the accusation. “Mmm, I don’t know why she would hide it from you. Probably because you’re just a fun, uncomplicated thing to fuck to her.”

“Fuck you!” I thrashed and pushed Amelia off of me. She laughed, lifting herself from the sofa. I could feel how satisfied she was at my anger, how much she loved it, thrived in it. My anger was exactly what she wanted, exactly what she was coaxing. Her libido fed off of it, her sense of self-satisfaction surged and thrived.

“Everyone thinks of you as the girl who walked into the club and started crying on Jules, you know. Even I heard about that, and I’ve been busy training your sister to be my little pet.” I shook. I lifted myself from the sofa and threw myself at her. She only smirked. I felt something slam into the side of my mind, a jackhammer, just like she had done last night. I stumbled past her and fell forward. My head hit something, the wall I think, and erupted in pain. I fell to the floor, dazed, confused.

By the time I’d put together what happened, Amelia was on top of me again, straddling my waist. The room felt emptier, less full of emotion, like there were fewer people in it. I couldn’t feel Amelia anymore, not emotionally, not in the way I had. She was closed off again.

Before I was free of the pain and confusion from slamming into the wall, I could feel psychic pressure at the edges of my mind. I screamed and twisted, but that only made Amelia laugh. “Mmm, of course she wouldn’t teach you to push out psychics, that’d make you a less fun toy.” The pressure pushed through me, into me, and I could hear laughter. At the back of my mind, laughter, Amelia’s, so genuine, so happy. It was so nice, so genuine, like she was watching the funniest joke she’d ever seen take place. The fact that I was the joke didn’t matter.

It made me want to be even funnier to her.

I started giggling along with that intrusion. It was funny. What could be funnier than two tiny girls fighting over a subject they both agreed on, after all? Jules didn’t care about me, I knew that deep down, so it was really funny how angry it made me to have it pointed out. I laughed more, and Amelia above me purred.

“I could do this, to get you to come with me. I could make your brain pop, fill you up with my giggles. Mmm, they’re so nice, aren’t they?” she traced a finger down my cheek, and I laughed. I nodded. They weren’t nice, they were laughing at me, they were making a mockery out of my pain, but they were so sweet to listen to. Making more of those giggles was something I could do correctly. I fucked up everything else, after all. “Mmm, but I don’t want it to be easy for you, Oriole. Your sister got the easy treatment.” I seethed.

“What did you do to her?” My voice was hazy and distant in a way that filled me with fear. I was losing control of myself, but I couldn’t do that now. Amelia laughed at me in unison with those giggles in my head.

“Mmm, I’ll leave that to your wicked little imagination. Things you have nightmares about aren’t going to be worse than what I did to her, but it’s more fun to let you have them before you discover just what happened last night.” Amelia laughed. Those giggles grew. I laughed. It was funny because it was true! I giggled, it felt good, it felt easy to do, and it felt relieving, genuinely relieving, not the bottling up of emotions and compartmentalization that I fooled myself into thinking was actual healing.

“Mmm, no. I could make you giggle, and lead you out to my car, and we could have a nice fun time in my play room. I could leave you strewn apart and ruined, and happy for it. But that’s not for you, Oriole.” Amelia caressed a finger down to my collarbone and dug a fingernail in. “I want you to come to me raw. I want you to come to me despite your hate, despite your fear, despite your anger. I want to ruin you and I want to feel you be ruined.” She pressed that nail in harder and I yelped. The giggling grew. I laughed. “It’s not often you come across someone like you, Oriole. An empath that’s soft and easy to hurt? I have plans for you.”

She pulled her hand away. Those giggles wouldn’t stop flooding my senses, I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so hard to be afraid of what she was saying, it was so hard to be angry for more than a second when you were laughing, when you were this much of a joke. She pulled a pair of blue pills from a plastic baggie she apparently had under her dress and held them between her thumb and forefingers.

“Mmm, but while I have you here, while I’ve reduced myself to making this part easy for you, I should make your sisters’ job easier too, shouldn’t I?” I didn’t know what she meant, but I could feel that laughter in my mind subside, I could feel it prime itself. It wanted me to swallow those pills. They could be poison, they could be drugs, they could be nothing but sugar, but that’s what was funny about it. I opened my mouth, and swallowed as Amelia dropped them in, one by one.

“I’ll have you before Wednesday.” The laughter didn’t come, like it felt like it would. I felt her pull from my mind, and I desperately wanted it back. I wanted what I had been promised, what would have made swallowing whatever-the-fuck-that-was worth it. “Ciao.” I was livid, I was angry, but I was so dazed from the pressure she was putting on me, through me, that I couldn’t do anything but whine on the ground.

Whatever I’d swallowed kicked in before Amelia left. Everything suddenly felt fuzzy and warm and nice. Hazy. I vaguely registered Amelia closing the front door. The carpet was so much nicer than Amelia, there was no point in focusing on her. I felt heavy, sleepy, my limbs felt numb, but my skin was so sensitive, my body felt alien. The carpet felt nice.

I didn’t care how long I nuzzled into the fabric of the carpet. It was so coarse, but in a nice way, like petting a horse or some sort of animal. Like a horse. I ran my fingers through it, diffing my fingernails between the fibers, nuzzling my cheeks and forehead and arms into it. I would have pulled off my clothes but they were so sooooft and kept me so warm and it was so nice to rub into them too.

Robin’s skin felt cold compared to mine, but that was pretty nice. Her skin was so smooth from her bath. She felt my forehead and I never wanted to feel anything else. There was some sort of movement, I couldn’t tell. I think I was lifted from the carpet, but Robin was so much nicer to feel than the carpet. The world was a mass of confusing swirling colors when I opened my eyes, so I kept them closed. The colors weren’t nice at all, they were wrong colors, confusing colors.

I fell onto something soft, with something even softer under my head. The air smelled of laundry detergent, and that felt familiar, like I should know where I was just because of that, but it didn’t matter. There were soft things. I ran my fingers over everything and giggled, feeling the difference between the soft fluffy thing under my head to the warmer, fluffier thing beneath me. Beneath that there was sort of thin fabric that felt nice too.

I could have lost myself in the softness of it all, but Robin’s voice called out. She was worried, I think. Sad? I couldn’t tell. Nothing made sense but feeling nice. I wished she could feel as nice as me.

“Hey, Ori? Can I uhm…” She sounded so worried Why was she worried, everything was nice. I was nice. We were sisters, that’s a nice thing. I nuzzled into my pillow—Pillow! The thing under my head was my pillow! I giggled. “I need to ask something. I need you to do something.”

“Mmmmmm.” My tongue wouldn’t work right, but the backs of my teeth suddenly felt really good, so good I kept running my tongue over them, feeling their topography. I giggled.

“I’m going to see her again, in the morning. Amelia, I’m going to see her in the morning. She wants me there.” Robin sounded sad. Fearful, afraid. That wasn’t nice. I almost wished I could feel not-nice so I could help her, but my pillow was so fascinating. “And she said, uhm… She said that I needed to be better, or she would give me another black eye. Better at uhm…” Amelia was a jerk.

“Mmnn…” I groaned, I wanted to form words, I wanted to pull out, but the hazy fuzzy warm feelings were only growing stronger with each moment. I felt Robin’s hands touch my legs and rub them, just a little. Her skin was so smooth, so cool, smelled so nice.

“I need to be better at licking. Licking vagina, uh…” That didn’t sound right. That was mean! Amelia couldn’t hurt her, I had to stop her. I needed to stop feeling so nice, but… it was so... nice... to feel nice. I groaned, trying to fight the drug, trying to fight the haze, but Robin’s fingers brushing at my inner thighs. Her palms pressed and spread my legs. That felt really nice. I moaned and wiggled my hips.

“So I thought... so that I don’t get hurt, so that uhm… so that I don’t get hurt, really… if you were... if you could uhm… Well you’re a lesbian, right?” Her lips touched one of my thighs and brushed. She was so soft, her lips were the best thing I’d felt all day. I gasped and writhed under her as she kissed upwards along my thigh. “You could tell me if I was doing well. Give me tips…” She kissed over my labia and my body went cold. “Right?”

I did not want this.

Her lips were soft and nice, but I didn’t want this, I didn’t want my sister between my legs, everything about this felt wrong. I could tell that much, even if I was having a hard time making the words form. “N-no! Nuh... mmnnn!” My pussy twinged with pleasure a little as she kissed again, her lips were so soft, and even when everything didn’t feel so nice to touch, a pair of lips between my legs was never an unwelcome feeling out of context. It was so hard to tell my body about the context of her being my sister. “Nooo!”

“Please?” She had this perfect whine to her voice that always broke my heart to hear it. She had a perfect cadence to hurt me whenever she wanted me to do something. I’d told her it hurt before, it genuinely hurt me emotionally, but she never stopped using it to get what she wanted, silly or not. “You don’t want me to be hurt, right?” It was like she was stabbing me in the heart, even as she kissed my sex again. My body shivered and groaned, yearning for more.

“S-stop!” I whined, pitiful, thighs clenching around her despite my words. My body wanted more, but the sheer shock of the situation was enough to get a few words of protest out.

“Don’t you care about me?” Her voice had that same whine to it that made me want to die, rather than bring it out again. I shifted my hips under her, and she nuzzled into my thigh. “Your body wants it. You can help me. Please, Oriole. I need this. I don’t want her to hurt me again. Don’t do this to me.”

Fighting was so hard. She was hurt, or she was manipulating me to hurt me, and her lips felt good, and she would be hurt if she didn’t do it. I whimpered and groaned and lost myself in the feelings of my pillow, of her cool skin, of her lips at my thigh, suckling at my flesh. “F… Nnh... F... I... O-okayyy!” I relented. I hated myself, but it was easier than fighting, she had more reserves than me, and it would hurt her if she didn’t.

“Thank you.” Her voice was soft, but it’d lost that whine that stabbed at my chest. Her lips ran over my pussy, her tongue lapped and sucked, it felt good, but frustratingly unfocused. Her lips were everywhere, her tongue had no coordination, no focus, and no point.

She was really bad at this.

“F-focus... mmnn… work on o-one thing!” I wrapped my thighs around her and gripped my blanket, trying to quell the pit of disgust in my stomach. She took my advice, running her tongue over my labia repeatedly, but it was still wrong. Hesitant, disgusted, she didn’t want to be there any more than I wanted her there. I shifted my hips and her lips followed.

“G-go for my clit. Just… Suck it, lick it, one f-fucking thing!” I had to fight to give her advice, but if I was going to do this I was going to get it over with quickly. I ground my hips into her, and reached down, grabbing at her scalp to direct her.

Her lips found my clit, and I lost control. I was in heaven, whatever drug I was on made everything she did feel so fucking good. I thrashed and moaned and squirmed with delight, almost forgetting that she was my sister. I tried so hard to push that out of my mind, but I couldn’t, there was nothing I could do to make this okay. My stomach felt queasy even as the rest of my body glowed with delight. I wished I could just hate it so that I could maybe fight harder, I could probably fight this if it didn’t feel so nice

I let my moans do the talking as she sucked and licked. I bucked and writhed, my head feeling dizzier, my stomach feeling warmer. Even the fact that it was Robin between my legs got easier to handle as she focused, as she learned. I could feel the edge coming, and I bucked my hips against her in response, grinding against her just a little.

She stopped for a moment and panted against my clit, and I wanted to scream. I was so close. “Am I doing good?” She panted.

“Yes!” I screamed. “Don’t stop!” I yelled, in frustration and desperation. I grabbed her hair and tugged her between my legs, grinding myself against her until her lips found their place again. Her hair felt nice between my fingers, her scalp felt so nice under my nails, I dug harder, feeling, exploring, as she brought me closer to that edge.

I managed to forget the woman sucking my clit was Robin the first time I came that night.