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Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#6: The Woman in the Iron Mask!

by Jennifer Kohl

“So, what we know so far,” said Alex, leaning back in the driver’s seat of her car. “Iron Lady is either rogue or incapacitated.”

Technopath nodded. “If the suit were stolen and she were able to contact us, she would.”

“And whoever’s in the suit has been hitting electronic stores, just like Pheromona.” Alex considered. “Which doesn’t fit Pheromona’s MO at all.”


“Think about it,” said Alex. “Assume Iron Lady’s in the suit. That’s two Specials acting very differently than normal—one’s stealing electronics when she’s only been interested in people before, and the other’s stealing at all. And they’re both acting strangely in the same way.“

“You are suggesting another mind-controller is at work.”

“Yes.” Alex shivered. “A mind-controller taking control of other mind-controllers. That’s new. And seriously fucking bad.”

“It’s only a speculation,” Technopath reminded her. “We do not know that this mastermind exists.”

Alex laughed bitterly. “Mastermind, huh? Can’t believe none of them have taken that name before. Let’s go with that for now, call it Theory A.”

Technopath nodded. “Regardless, it seems like our optimal course of action is to watch the city’s electronic stores for another robbery.”

Alex nodded. “I’ll start calling precincts, see if I can arrange some stakeouts. That’s a lot of stores, though.”

“No need,” Technopath replied. She closed her eyes and muttered for a moment. Alex couldn’t make out what she was saying, but it didn’t sound like English, and it was fast.

Technopath reopened her eyes. “I’ve spoken with the alarm systems at all the electronics stores in the city. They will call me if they are activated.”

...Fucking Specials, thought Alex.

* * *

“All right,” said Chip, sliding back from his computer. He looked over at where Iron Lady stood, silently glaring at him. “That should prevent you from triggering any of the suit’s weapons without authorization from me.” He stood and walked over to her. “Think you’re so clever, setting off that EMP.”

Laura wasn’t paying attention. A black curtain of pain was hanging over her entire skull, a throbbing agony that left her almost blind and deaf. What energy she had was focused on not crying out or whimpering. She wasn’t about to give slime like Chip the satisfaction.

“You were a terrible thesis advisor, you know that? Just sitting in that chair all day, judging me, refusing to even show my ideas to the ethics board. And now here you are, trapped, your life’s work under my control.“

Laura couldn’t help it. She gritted her teeth, but a whine escaped. It just hurt so much—but if she let go for a moment, stopped using her powers for a second, the control chip in her brainstem could kill her. She couldn’t even sleep, and it had been well over twenty-four hours.

Chip sighed theatrically. “Do you have to go to the bathroom again? It’s a good thing your legs use the same controls as the servomotors in the suit, I do not want to have to figure out how to make you clean piss out of it.” He tapped at his pad, and the suit opened, revealing Laura standing naked inside it. “The fuck is wrong with you?” he asked the moment he saw her face. “You look like shit.“

Laura shut her eyes against the glare of the room’s light. “Please...” she whimpered. He could see it on her face, there was no point in hiding it anymore. “Need to shut down the implant. It’s not supposed to run this long.”

“Sure,” he said. “I’ll just turn off the thing that lets me control you, and then the minute my back is turned, you flip it back on and summon the suit, right?”

“Deactivate that too!” Laura retorted. “Just... just make it stop!”

“Fuck, you’re not faking this, are you?” Chip turned back to his computer. “Yeah, I was able to see your brain function on this before. I’m no neurologist, but that loop there seems to be running way harder than it was before. That’s pain, right? I wonder...“

“No,” Laura moaned. “The implant’s not built to be used that way.” She reached out to stop Chip, uselessly. The implant controlled her legs, and he controlled the implant. He was out of reach, and she had no way to get closer.

“...if I dampen that loop... no, it looks like the signal has to go somewhere. I can’t just suppress it, but if I reroute it here...“

Laura gasped. Her head cleared suddenly, the pain evaporating in an instant. But as it did, she saw Chip clearly—more clearly than she ever had. He was godlike, his skinny frame practically glowing. She had never wanted someone as much as she did him, in that moment.

Fuck, she thought. He’s redirected it into attraction, hasn’t he? And another part of her thought, Is this what Mona does to her victims? She shivered. She’d seen what people were willing to do for her sister, once they fell under her sway. Normal attraction could drive people to make bad decisions, to put it mildly, and Mona amplified that a thousandfold. Neither of those was as loud, however, as the part that wanted to beg him to fuck her.

“How’s that?” Chip asked, walking back over to her.

Touch me, Laura thought, struggling to keep how she felt off her face. Touch me touch me touch me. “It... doesn’t hurt,” she managed. “But I still need to rest soon, or—“

Chip’s eyes narrowed. “You’re lying. You’re still flushed, panting... you’re still hurting, aren’t you?”

If I admit it, he’ll redirect it somewhere else. I should, this is dangerous. I have to stop wanting him, or I’ll— Images of what she might do if he didn’t change what he’d done to her brain flashed through her mind. So did images of what he might do to her once he figured it out. Oh god... She bit her lip, need bubbling through her.

“Well?” he demanded, getting right up in her face.

So close! She could feel the warmth of him, smell him, examine his face so intimately. “Please...” she whimpered, and then she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him to her for a searing, searching kiss. For just a moment, she felt his sudden hardness against her hip, but then he was pulling away.

“What the fuck?” he demanded.

“Please...” she whimpered again. “I know it’s—it’s not real, that it’s stupid and crazy, but I need you, Chip! I don’t care about what else you use me for, just fuck me!” And it was true. The way she felt in this moment, she would gladly rob a thousand electronics stores if he would just throw her down and fill the wet emptiness opening inside her.

He stared at her a moment, and then understanding dawned and a grin split his face. “Is that what I redirected it to?” He stepped back in and ran a hand up her bare torso.

“Oh god, yes,” Laura moaned, practically cumming from the touch. “Yes, please god yes, don’t stooo-oppp!” Her voice rose into a shriek as his hand reached her full breast and squeezed. But a moment later, his touch was gone again as he stepped back, and her moans shifted pitch to disappointment and desperation.

“Let’s try something,” he said, and tapped at his pad.

Laura felt her legs returning to her, though her brain was still full of nothing but need for him. She lunged at him, fingers scrabbling at the buttons of his shirt.

Chip laughed as she tore the shirt off him. “Always knew you were hot, Prof, but never realized you were this much of a slut.“

Slut? But I’m not... But she was the one tearing the clothes off her captor, wasn’t she? Her lust-addled brain swallowed the word happily, lined it up with the image of a woman having lots of sex, and happily agreed. “Slut...” Her eyes flared as she undid his belt.

“Well, the good news is, looks like even if I give control of your implant back to your brain, I can still access your brain through it.” He ran his hands down Laura’s back to her ass and gave it a squeeze, and she moaned again.

His pants were off and his cock was perfect in her hand. But he stepped back into his chair and pulled her onto his lap, keeping one hand on her ass while the other stroked her hard, pink, surprisingly small nipple.

“Fuck me...” Laura begged, and then he was inside her, and her world was exploding. She came almost instantly, crying out in pleasure as he filled her. Then she began to ride him, every thrust of his cock inside her sending waves of pleasure through her body. If she’d been able to think, she would have realized that the motion was aggravating her headache, and the implant was converting that to wanting him even more—but there was no room for thoughts like that, as his cock pumped burst after burst of pleasure and need into her brain, crowding out anything and everything else.

Including numbers. She had no idea how many times she came before he finally did, just that it was more than once. A lot more.

Finally, she slid to the floor, panting, her whole body feeling like jelly. He grinned down at her, and she gazed back with what could only be described as worship.

“This gives me an idea,” he said. “Wanna help me build a mind-control chip?”

* * *

Hours later, Technopath suddenly jerked. Alex’s eyes snapped open in response. “I wasn’t sleeping,” she said.

“An alarm,” Technopath said. “Thirty-seventh and J. I’ll access the security footage... It’s the Iron Lady suit.”

“Let’s go,” replied Alex, and put the car into gear. As she did, she picked up the mike of her radio and called it in to the dispatcher. “No regular cops,” she said. “SCI only. Have them bring Package Four.” That was the code for equipment built for fighting Iron Lady—or at least, the most recent configuration of her suit they knew about.

But they were too late. By the time SCI arrived, Iron Lady had already been and gone. When Alex and Technopath arrived a few minutes later, she was long gone.

Alex stepped into the wreckage of the shop. “Broad daylight,” she said. She looked over at the lone customer and two employees who had been in the building. “They okay?”

“No injuries,” said the detective leading the SCI team. Alex didn’t recognize him, and she basked in that fact for a moment. The SCI program was now big enough and spread across enough precincts that she couldn’t recognize every single person in it. “They’re pretty shaken up, though.“

“I bet,” said Alex. “Get them out of here and take their statements.” She turned to Technopath. “No EMP this time. Minor damage to the shop, but no injuries to the people.” Which isn’t Pheremona’s style at all. She likes hurting people. Though come to think of it, she didn’t at the electronic stores she hit, either... Alex quietly chalked up another point for her Mastermind theory.

Technopath nodded. “But something else, a trace.” She concentrated. “A signal. The suit was communicating with someone while it was here.”

“Can you trace it?” asked Alex.

“I can try.”

* * *

The Iron Lady suit opened and Laura stepped out. She went immediately to Chip, smiling as she pressed her nude body against him. After the sex, they’d showered and rested for a bit before getting started on his plan. His horrible, evil, monstrous, exciting, sexy, irresistible plan.

It was simple, really: combine his gift for remotely accessing systems with a simplified form of her design for the implant, making a chip that could go on the skin at the nape of her neck and allow him to hack her brain just like the implant. It wouldn’t allow him to control her body, but it would keep her wanting him, and it wouldn’t risk her immune response so she could finally rest for a while without releasing his control.

He passed her what he’d built so far, a nearly complete prototype. It only needed a few tweaks, including some of what she’d just stolen—what he’d used her body and her suit to steal—and it would be ready for her. Ready to control her, completely and permanently, with no way to shut it down. It was solid-state and efficient enough to run off the electricity the human body generated naturally, as permanent as anything like it could be, as long as the adhesive that stuck it to her neck stayed intact. And now they had materials for three more once this was done.

That was the part that made her pause. She looked over at Chip. Gorgeous, perfect, sexy chip. She knew what he’d done to her, and knew that she wouldn’t have wanted it a day ago. It was wrong, disgustingly, deliciously wrong. Could she really help him do it to someone else?

This was it, she realized. This was something, possibly the only thing, she cared about enough to make her consider losing his touch: her sense of justice. Her determination to protect everyone from evil like, well, Chip. No matter how sexy it was.

He stepped around the worktable and pressed against her from behind, cupping her breasts. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she went limp, surrendering to the ecstasy of his touch.

“Finish up,” he whispered in her ear, “and then we’ll give it a spin.”

“Yes...” she breathed, and eagerly, thoroughly finished the chip that would make her completely a slave.

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* * *