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Cape City Chronicles

v1: Today the City, Tomorrow...

#7: The Mastermind’s Lair!

by Jennifer Kohl

DeShawn had never felt so happy in his life. He’d had so many struggles, so many questions, so many uncertainties... but now finally things were clear. They had been ever since he met.. Her.

The mere thought of Her was enough to get him to half mast. She was so perfectly beautiful, so impossibly alluring. He knew, of course, that he was being influenced by Her pheromones, the same way most of the city’s Specials had been during Her reign. But he couldn’t quite bring himself to care. He wanted Her, loved Her, worshipped Her. He’d never imagined feeling this way about any woman before. But for those sparkling, wicked eyes, those alluring lips, the irresistible curve of those hips, the mere possibility of those long, slender legs wrapped around his waist while he—

“Hey!” Olympia hissed under her breath. “Pay attention, pigboy, we’ve got a job to do!”

He snapped back to reality. The tiny blonde in front of him growled impatiently as he finished cuffing her and led her back toward the SCI squad. In the distance, he could still hear gunfire from the direction of the warehouse, but less than before.

“Holy shit,” said one of the duty cops when she saw the sergeant and supervillain approaching. “That’s Olympia! The hell’s she doing here, she doesn’t do weapons?“

“Maybe she’s diversifying,” said DeShawn. “Or maybe she’s just hired muscle.”

Olympia’s face twisted in rage. “I don’t work for nobody!” she shouted.

“Yeah, except Pheromona,” the duty cop said dismissively.

“Why you—We’re partners, bitch! I don’t take orders from nobody, not like a bunch of fucking pigs!“

DeShawn gave her a shake and shoved her toward the duty cop. “Put her in a car. We’ll question her down at the station.”

“You got nothin’ on me!” Olympia shouted. “Nothin’!”

“You kicked me in the head,” said DeShawn. “I got at least five counts I know I can make stick, three more if the DA’s feeling generous.” He grinned as the other cops took Olympia away. In the distance, the firefight seemed to be dying down.

“How’s it going, Rashid?” he asked another officer. “I’ve been cut off for a while.”

“Three dead,” the officer replied. “All theirs. Our guys are fine, but one of the SWAT guys got winged. Nothing bad. Most of the bad guys got away, but we caught three who tried to take an armored car full of pulse rifles through the barricade.”

Deshawn whistled. Pulse rifles were nasty—laser weapons designed to hurt even the brickiest of bricks, like Gloriana or Athena. And anything that could hurt them... well, he’d seen once what one could do to a normal person, and he never wanted to see it again. “Hopefully nobody else got away with anything else that bad.”

Still, it was hard to imagine how this raid could have gone better. Seriously nasty weapons taken off the streets, no serious injuries for the good guys, and three captured nobodies who might spill bigger names. “Take the collars back to the precinct,” Deshawn ordered. “Organized crime can have the guys from the car, but Olympia’s ours. I want her processed and ready for questioning before the boss gets back.”

And that was the best part of all: Olympia arrested and ready to be interrogated by Lt. Alvarez. Just like Pheromona ordered.

* * *

“This the place?” Alex asked. She pulled her gun out, checked it over quickly, then reholstered it. If this was the place, she was ready. She really hoped it wasn’t, though—a small apartment building in a quiet neighborhood meant a good couple dozen apartments to check, and countless potential exits for the mastermind to escape through.

Technopath nodded, and Alex sighed. “Okay. Can you pinpoint the apartment?”

“Working on it,” they replied. “I’ve downloaded the blueprints and I’m checking them against the signal we’re tracking... got it. Top floor, right side of the building, a one-bedroom. The blueprints don’t give apartment numbers, but post office records suggest the entire floor is vacant—I’ve got changes of address away from them but not to.”

“Hmm,” said Alex. “So someone doesn’t want their name tied to this place.” Smart, she thought. Or at least careful. But also stupid enough to be using a building full of witnesses as a lair. A clever rookie, somebody not used to thinking about people too much.

Fortunately, the building manager was cooperative, at least once she saw Alex’s badge. She happily told them about the new tenant in 8B. “Charles Carpenter. Moved in about a month ago. Skinny guy, keeps to himself. Orders delivery food at weird hours, but his deposit check cleared, so.” She shrugged. “He in trouble?”

“Probably,” Alex muttered darkly. She turned to Technopath. “Exits?”

“The apartment has a balcony connected to the fire escape,” Technopath replied. “There are no other stairs, and only one elevator.”

“Good,” said Alex. “He can’t take it down while we’re taking it up.” She frowned. “But if he has the Iron Lady suit—”

“Then I can shut it down,” Technopath said. “Easily.”

Alex considered. Ideally, she should call someone in to cover the fire escape, but the longer they waited, the greater the odds this Carpenter guy would pull another heist. Besides, the Iron Lady suit was a nasty weapon—retrieving it was priority one, and it wasn’t like he’d be able to carry it down a fire escape. Or wear it, if Technopath could shut it down that easily.

Her mind made up, they took the annoyingly slow elevator to the top floor, and positioned themselves on either side of the door to 8B. Alex drew her gun, then nodded to Technopath, and then kicked it in. “Police!” she shouted, and threw herself through the door, keeping low.

Into a perfectly ordinary-seeming living room. A couch stood against one wall, facing an entertainment center on the opposite wall. Off to one side was a small round table and two chairs, and a bookshelf stood next to the entrance to a small kitchen on the other. On the other side from the kitchen was a short hallway leading to a single door.

What there weren’t there were any people, or an Iron Lady suit.

“Shit,” said Alex. Moving quickly, she kicked open the door at the end of the hall. A spartan bedroom, just as empty—nothing but a bed, a desk, and a computer. And the window that led to the fire escape—closed. She checked, and the fire escape was empty too. “Got a computer in here,” she called out to Technopath. “Come check it out.”

That just left the open bathroom door on the other side of the room. She stepped toward it, then paused and turned her head to look at the wall. Something wasn’t quite right, just a hint of a line... Fuck, are you kidding me? She poked at the wall, and pushed in a section of drywall about seven feet tall and three wide. It had been neatly cut out, and she could slide it aside just as easily. The beams behind it had been cut too, and on the other side of the wall was another matching set of cut beams. Which meant... She kicked the wall and another section of drywall fell out, Alex right behind it, dropping low as she entered the bedroom of the “empty” apartment 8A.

While Alex searched the matching bedroom on the other side of the wall, Technopath entered the apartment and examined the computer. They stretched out their mind to it gently, offering friendship, and it accepted gratefully, as most commercial devices did. It was easy to persuade it to surrender its passwords, and they were soon looking through its directory structure.

They didn’t even notice Chip Carpenter step out of the shower and sneak up behind them. So engrossed were they in examining the computer, the first they knew he was there was when he slapped something adhesive on their neck. They whirled to face him, and gasped.

He grinned cockily, and Technopath felt their toes curl. They were suddenly intensely aware of just how long it had been since they’d been touched by another human being—and how much they wanted it to be this human being. Of course they sensed the chip on their neck, too. It was an eager young device, wanting so badly to please its owner. Their owner.

“Well,” he said. “If it isn’t the famous Technopath.”

“You know of me?” they asked. He’s heard of me! their inner teenager crowed happily, fantasies tumbling through their brain.

His grin widened. “Who hasn’t? The most famous hacker alive, and completely enigmatic. Why don’t you show me what you look like?”

No one can be permitted to see that! the rational part of their brain screamed. Particularly not obvious criminals! But maybe if he saw them, he’d like what he saw, and then maybe he’d want to... He watched expectantly as they raised their visor.

His face fell, and their heart sank with it. “I have absolutely no idea who you are,” he said. Then he shrugged. “Cute, though. You’ll make a nice contrast with Laura, could be fun for a threesome.”

Their heart soared as he took their pixyish chin in his hand and tilted their face upwards. Their doe eyes sparkled and thin lips trembled as he claimed their mouth with his own, and they eagerly wrapped their arms around him and pressed their body against his. Everything else was forgotten in the overwhelming feeling of that kiss—their name, their mission, their friends in the Protectors, the presence of Alex in the next room. There was nothing but the pleasure of his mouth against theirs, his tongue slipping between their lips, the warmth of his body, the empty wetness between their legs.

“Clever little superhero,” he said smugly after breaking the kiss. “Thought you could break in here and free your friend? But now I’ve got two Special pets. Raw power in her, and total information through you. I’m going to own this town.“

He gestured at their gear. “Get that off. I want to examine my new property.”

They eagerly stripped in response, their dark doe eyes dancing with excitement. It too a minute, but soon they stood naked in front of him.

“Not bad,” he said appraisingly, reaching out a finger to stroke the bare, pale skin of their belly. “Good skin, cute face, decent bod if you like ’em flat and skinny.” He laughed. “I can make do with the cute nerd look. What’s your name, anyway?”

“Technopath,” Technopath answered, and he rolled his eyes. That obviously wasn’t the answer he wanted—and they needed to give him what he wanted. What if they didn’t, and he decided he wasn’t interested after all? “Katsumi,” they corrected.

“Well, Katsumi, get on the bed and we’ll do something about this.” He ran his finger down their belly, over the triangle of dark hair between their thighs, and into their wet slit.

Technopath gasped and hastened to obey.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the apartment next door, Alex finished her quick sweep of the dark, empty bedroom and bathroom. She opened the door and slipped into the hallway, moving quietly. This living room was very different, though, and definitely not empty. A pair of work benches flanked the room, piled with electronics and tools. Something like a computer tower but much bigger—Alex didn’t know much about computers, but it was covered in blinking lights and humming—occupied the center of the room. An empty pizza box was discarded on the floor, and against the wall was an empty suit of armor.

The Iron Lady suit, Alex thought, walking over to inspect it. But as she did, something registered in the corner of her eye. She whipped around, gun out and pointed at whoever or whatever was under the table—for a moment, before her eyes widened in shocked recognition and she lowered the gun slightly. “Doctor Ferris?” she asked in disbelief. “What are you doing—” Her eyes flicked to the suit as realization struck. “You’re Iron Lady?“

“Please,” Laura said weakly as she crawled out from under the table. “He caught me off guard, remote-controlled the suit somehow. He’s been forcing me to work for him for days!”

“That bastard!” Alex glanced around. “Do you have any idea where he is?”

Laura shook her head. “He left me right before you got here. I don’t know where.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Alex. She turned away to scan the room. “We’ll find him. The important thing is you’re safe now.”

“Sorry,” said Laura. Before Alex could ask what she meant, the other woman stood up and slapped something on the back of her neck. “You’re his now, too.”

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* * *