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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 1 — The Beach

I grunted hearing the girls talking again, I had come to the beach with one of my fuck toys to relax but an air headed group of college girls were annoying the shit out of me. There were four or five of them, late teens to maybe early twenties, and they were staring and talking. Staring I was used to, I didn’t try to hide the bulge in my shorts and Barbara, my fuck toy for the day, was the kind of woman who earned her nickname Barbie. Fake plastic tits, huge ass, tiny waist, and cock sucking lips topped off my bimbo plaything.

The girls however were that slender athletic type that a lot of college girls were. It would have been nice to peek at them in their bikinis but they were being loud and obnoxious. All five of them were staring at Barbie and commenting on how slutty she looked, though I did notice more than one of them staring at me. One girl, a brunette with blonde highlights, seemed to be staring at my crotch more often than the others, even though she tried to hide it. That made me smile, but the whole group needed to be taught some manners.

Relief from their chatter happened a little later, two of the girls lay down to sunbathe and another two peeled off to go get food or something. They were headed toward the beach side restaurants. It was the last one, that brunette who caught my attention. She licked her lips and headed down the beach a ways and glanced back at me as she headed behind some large rock formations. I could tell she was hoping I’d follow her, teasing me to see if I would. I smirked, this wasn’t going to go like she thought.

I whispered something to Barbie who smiled wickedly and nodded, licking her fat cocksucker lips and then I got up and followed the girl. I found her on the other side of the rocks, concealed from view, she was wading about ankle deep in the water, splashing around and smiling. She seemed to have positioned herself so I could see her ass in that tight little red two piece. When she heard me coming she even gave it a wiggle.

As I stared planning what I would do to her she came over toward me and smiled widely. She hovered close to me and reached out to touch my chest with one of her hands, her natural nails running across my skin.

“I knew you couldn’t resist following a real girl instead of that plastic bimbo.” She cooed and started to lean in to kiss me, but her eyes went wide behind her round sunglasses as my hand shot out and grasped her by the throat firmly. I pushed her back up against the rocks and looked into that terrified gaze.

“What’s your name?” I hissed through gritted teeth as I looked her young body up and down.

“K-kato...” She stammered out, I could tell she was starting to panic especially as my hand slid up and grasped one of her small tits.

“Well, let me tell you something Kato.” I whispered as I leaned in close and bit her ear. “Barbie is more of a woman than your little slutty ass is. She knows how to serve my cock and be a good little cum dumpster... Isn’t that right Barbie?”

Kato looked confused but saw Barbie step into view as I looked to the side. If possible the stupid slut looked even more confused. She had wanted to tease me, maybe make out, but she was getting way more than she bargained for. I could tell she was thinking about escape, maybe scream for her friends.

“If you scream, we’ll just tell everyone you attacked Barbie.” I laughed cruelly as I spoke. “With the way you and your bitch friends have been talking everyone on the beach has heard the means spiteful things you’ve been saying, and Barbie here can be quite the actress when she wants to be.”

Barbie smiled and I pulled Kato away from the rock, Barbie grabbed Kato’s arm and held her firmly, fake pink nails digging into the college girl’s skin. Barbie handed me something, a pill case, then forced Kato down to her knees in front of me. She knelt behind the girl pulling her arms back and holding them both out of the way to keep her firmly held.

“Now, to punish you for the way you treated my toy I’m going to make you take her place.” I smiled and rubbed my hardening prick through my shorts. “But I’m not going to be really mean, Barbie here brought her plan B pill. You can take it now and it’ll prevent you from getting pregnant.”

That was a lie, Plan B didn’t work like that, but it was also a lie that the pill was Plan B in the first place. Kato looked at me in shock, I had just told her I not only planned to fuck her, but that I was planning to bareback her cunt and fill it with cream. To emphasize my point I pulled her bikini top aside and began to squeeze and play with her tits, paying close attention to her small but hard nipples and pulling them viciously.

“I... I’ll... I’ll take it.” Kato looked defeated, or resigned maybe? She took the pill I shook into her hand and popped it in her mouth. She glanced around for something to drink. “I can’t take this without something.”

I smirked and pulled my shorts down letting my throbbing cock bob out. It was already almost fully erect but I smiled wickedly and told her to open wide. I saw the pill on her tongue and aimed for it, releasing a strong stream of piss into the waiting slut’s mouth. She started to sputter and choke.

“Drink it bitch.” I hissed. “If you spit that pill out you don’t get another and I’m still cumming in your tight cunt.”

I could see the tears in the corners of her eyes as she realized what I was telling her to do, she didn’t have a choice unless she wanted to get pregnant so she collected a mouthful of my warm salty piss and swallowed hard. She made a face but I noticed her nipples were still hard and she wasn’t struggling against Barbie as much. Barbie opened her mouth pleadingly and I let the rest of my stream out into her mouth letting her guzzle it down. She spit the last remnants of it into Kato’s hair and that made me smile.

I pushed forward, my now rock hard cock pressing against the piss covered lips of Kato’s mouth. She flinched and tried to back away but Barbie grabbed her head and forced it forward. My prick parted Kato’s slender lips and to her credit the girl didn’t even think of biting me.

“Oh god you look good sucking his cock like a dumb bitch.” Barbie cooed. “I wish he was fucking my throat instead of yours. Look at you, you can barely take a few inches.”

Barbie was right, Kato was only a few inches down my shaft, her lips wrapped tight around my fat shaft. I pulled her tit hard and pushed against her face. That seemed to tell her what I wanted and she tried forcing more of my girth down her throat, but when she barely managed another inch I nodded to Barbie and she shoved the girl violently down on my cock, using her face like a fleshlight for my dick. I finally groaned in satisfaction even as Kato choked and gagged violently. I looked down at the crying slut and noticed a dullness in her eyes... the drugs I washed down her throat with my piss had to be kicking in.

Barbie must have noticed it too because she stopped holding Kato so tightly and instead leaned back, pushing her g-string aside to rub her cunt as she watched me violate the girl’s throat. She was moaning and whispering to herself about how she wanted to be used too but I ignored her instead grabbing Kato’s head and fucking her throat until my balls slapped against her chin. I felt the girls tongue starting to move over my shaft, she must be getting used to this.

Pulling my cock out of her throat suddenly with a wet pop, Kato gasped for air violently even as Barbie crawled over to her. As Kato gasped and recovered I looked down, the girls tiny tits had nipples as hard as diamonds, there was spit and slobber drooling down her chin and over her tits.

“Get up, I want to violate that slutty cunt of yours.” I commanded as I pulled her up. I could still see fear in those dull eyes, but the mix of drugs had to be also exciting her and making her more suggestible and less inhibited. She looked ready to say something but when Barbie pulled down her bikini bottoms she just bent over and showed me her cunt.

“Now you’re learning your place.” I smiled and reached down to grab the girl between her legs. “You fucking slut! You’re drenched down here, you’re wet and gushing, did you cum already just from being throat fucked?”

Kato blushed, embarrassed and degraded, but her hips also moved against my hand, her dripping snatch was soaked and I forced my huge shaft into that tight cunt as I leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“You really are a horny worthless piece of fuck meat aren’t you?” I goaded as I started to violently pump her pussy. “Your tiny pathetic tits are hard, and your too tight filthy hole is soaked. You enjoy being raped and used by a big meaty cock don’t you.”

As I pounded her cunt Barbie stood up and held the girl so I could force my cock deeper and pound the girl harder. Kato’s face was half buried in Barbie’s bimbo tits, but even I was a little surprised to hear her moan something out.

“Yes sir.” Kato’s muffled moan was barely audible over her gasps and moans as I thrust into her. “I’m so fucking horny, please make me cum.”

I grinned to Barbie who looked like she was going to cum from just watching this little bitch be violated and surrender to her Master’s cock. I grabbed Kato by the hips and picked up the pace until my cock was ready to explode. Barbie must have noticed I was getting close because she bent down and whispered something in the drugged up slut’s ear.

“P-please... please... breed me.” Kato gasped out hesitantly. Normally I wanted my sluts to beg more but I loved the full surrender and pushed deep into her and poured my load into her tight teen cunt, load after load of cum sprayed in that fertile pussy. Her hole suddenly spasmed around my cock and it took Barbie and I both holding her up to keep her knees from buckling as the slut came.

Finished with her cunt for now I pushed her off of my cock and let her collapse to the sand. Barbie immediately crawled between Kato’s legs and started sucking my cream from the girl’s snatch. I normally wouldn’t let her but Kato had been pretty mean and Barbie deserved a treat. I was eyeing Barbie’s asshole for my next cum dump when I heard Kato moan.

“Please. Use me more, make me cum more. Ohhh!” Kato’s words were cut off when Barbie must have hit her clit with her tongue.

I knew the drugs were making her crave more, and this was probably the best sex of her life. The bimbo whore she’d been making fun of a little while ago was pushing her toward another orgasm, I could tell and I didn’t want that yet. I grabbed Barbie and pulled her away from the girl’s pussy, she started to object but when my fat cock pushed against her distended asshole and I started to pump she cooed happily instead.

“Yes daddy, fuck my little asshole, it’s been itching for cock all day.” She moaned even as she caused her swollen anal ring to squeeze down on me. “Breed my ass pussy like you bred that slut.”

I smiled over at Kato who had let one of her hands drift between her legs as she watched me ass fuck my toy in front of her. She was playing with her swollen clit and staring like she wanted to be next.

“Tell you what Kato...” I grunted out between long slow thrusts in Barbie’s wonderful ass. “Go ditch your friends, tell them your boyfriend is coming to pick you up and Barbie and I will take you home with us and make that dirty filthy cunt of yours into a play toy just like hers.”

I emphasized “hers” by smacking Barbie on one cheek, a loud sound coming as my hard blow caused the bimbo’s huge ass to jiggle even more. Kato seemed to hesitate for only a moment before nodding and then getting up to head back to her friends. I sighed.

“Put your bikini back on you dumb slut.” I had to remind the drugged and horny girl before she walked out there with tits hanging out and a pussy still drooling cum. Even when she did cover up I could still see the wet spot forming at her crotch, and as I came in Barbie’s ass for what would likely be the first of many times today I started to think of how I was going to turn Kato into a fuck toy just like Barbie.