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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 10 — Cleanup and Rewards

The rest of the five girl’s first evening together at my place was much less exciting. While Bianca and Nicole were already restrained we had to get Nicole and Youna into the dungeon as well. Merel was the harder of the two to deal with. The dirty blond had to be dragged into her cell. Youna simply followed Barbie to the cell and reluctantly let the bimbo blonde lock her inside. I left the four new girls in the dungeon each contemplating the others’ treatment and their futures.

Bianca had been abused at my new house pet’s hands. Kato had flogged and whipped Bianca more than I had even expected. Bianca’s body was covered in bruises but Kato had managed to not break the skin on any of her strikes. While I might have wanted her to be a little more gentle she had done well and I let her sleep in the bed with Barbie and me that night.

Nicole was more broken than any of the other three girls. She must have cum dozens of times due to her heavy dose of the mind-bending drugs. When we dropped her on the little mat that served as her bed she was nearly unconscious and other than the occasional twitch or moan didn’t give any other indication she was even aware of what was going on. I did notice that as she fell asleep she had curled into a ball and had as many fingers as possible shoved into her own cunt.

In her cell, Merel tried not to sit or put pressure on her poor abused asshole and tried to talk to the other girls about what was going on but neither Bianca nor Nicole was aware enough to speak. Youna, on the other hand, settled into her cell, still rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits. To me it seemed like she was still enjoying the enhanced sensations her dose of drugs had given her. Given that she had not received the abuse the other girls had she was least broken by her experience.

After getting the girls settled Barbie and I retired to my room. Barbie drew me into the shower and washed me completely, rubbing her sexy body against mine the whole time. She spent particularity long washing my cock saying she needed to get it clean from the “unworthy sluts” who had been using it all night. I indulged her, relaxing after the day and knowing there was a lot to do tomorrow. I helped her clean up too, lovingly stroking the body Barbie had transformed into a wet dream for me.

After drying off we passed Kato as she went in to take her shower. I pushed Barbie down on the bed and settled atop her kissing her warmly. A short while later when Kato came out of the shower Barbie was laying on her side and pushing her ass back for me to pick a hole to use. Curled up against her back I had one arm wrapped around to squeeze one of her lovely tits and had pushed my cock deep into her wet cunt. I took my time and kissed Barbie’s neck. Kato watched us for a bit and then curled up in her bed on the floor, one hand playing with her pussy as she watched us.

When Barbie and I had both climaxed and I had pumped my final load of the night deep into her cunt we stayed close. I held my perfect bimbo partner in crime and she snuggled into me not pushing me out of her hole until I came free naturally.

“One of these days I’m going to ask you to breed me as a present.” Barbie murmured softly, already half asleep. As her breathing changed she naturally snuggled into her I thought about that.

Barbie, once Barbara had been a companion for my depraved desires for a long time. She had never needed convincing or drugs to want what I wanted. She let me transform her and mold her into a perfect bimbo slut for my amusement. Every year I rewarded her service with any present her heart desired on the anniversary of her submission. I would also reward her on her birthday but I took the anniversary request the most seriously. If she asked for me to start breeding her, I would likely honor the request. I was thinking about why she would ask for that now after so many years when sleep finally claimed me.

I awoke in the morning to Kato sucking my cock. It has become a fairly usual morning routine lately. The first few days I had needed to push her and use her mouth to give her the hint but after days of punishment for misbehavior and rewards for doing what pleased me she had taken to sucking on her own when Barbie told her to wake me.

Such a short time for training was of course, not natural, but the chemical concoction that Kato once thought of as her “birth control” pills had helped the response. It enhanced her pleasure and positive feelings when she was rewarded and also made her hate and dread the punishment. Add in that the drugs’ aphrodisiac-like qualities made the user associate the depraved acts they were forced into with sexual arousal and desire and Kato had been reprogrammed.

The Kato I met on the beach was long gone. In her place was the puppy slave I had trained her to be. She ate from her “Bitch” food bowl and even responded to the name if you called it. She would try to hump your leg when horny and would respond... interestingly to common dog commands. She was still intelligent, though dulled from her former self, and could play the part of being a normal girl when the situation called for it. Last night had been a test, both of her ability to act normal around people and to see if she was broken enough to help capture her friends.

I pumped a load into my waiting pet’s mouth and she slurped it down happily. When I was done Kato opened her mouth to show me the last of the cum before swallowing it. I patted her on her head and threw a toy vibrator to her from Barbie’s bedside table.

“Good girl, you earned your bone this morning.” I smiled as I stood and stretched. Kato was already stuffing the toy in her hole and fucking herself as I threw on some cotton boxers and started to leave the room. “When you’re done come for breakfast, and no pills... I need you to understand what I want.”

Walking out of the bedroom and heading for the kitchen I found Barbie rushing around trying to make breakfast. She looked hurried and annoyed. She glanced at me and huffed, I could tell she hadn’t gotten much done. She was making food for seven people after all. I started to move to help, while she was my slave she didn’t deserve to carry all the burden when a thought struck me.

“Relax for a bit my slut.” I smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead, squeezing her chest playfully at the same time. “I’m going to get you some help so relax and wait for your Master to take care of things.”

Barbie exhaled and then smiled weakly, as I left the kitchen and headed down to the dungeon I still heard her getting things ready but at least she had looked relieved. I passed through the playroom part of the dungeon and headed back to the cells. I heard crying and complaining coming from cells. Lots of questions about what would happen to them and how long they would be there. Bianca snapped at the other girls telling them to shut up and that someone would find them soon. I had to agree with her there, under normal circumstances four beautiful young women would be missed quickly, but that was for after breakfast.

“Shut up,” I ordered as I walked into the row of cells. I looked over the girls assessing each one of them. The long straight haired brunette, Bianca was sulking in a corner of her cell, arms crossed and frowning. Merel was very carefully trying not to put too much pressure on her newly deflowered ass and looked scared and anxious, playing nervously with a curl of her dirty blonde hair. Nicole was the least responsive of them all, the blonde was still curled up on her bed and was sucking her thumb, and had a hand between her legs. I couldn’t tell if she was playing with herself or not but it wasn’t really important at the moment. Youna was sitting quietly and didn’t look particularly upset, anxious, or anything. I wondered if she had shut down and withdrawn to deal with the situation but I couldn’t spend the time to psychoanalyze her now.

“Barbie needs a hand in the kitchen,” I announced crossing my arms. “I want one of you sluts to volunteer. If someone doesn’t you don’t eat.”

“Fuck you!” Bianca growled. “You take us prisoner and then expect us to be house slaves for you?”

“Are you going to let us go?” Merel spoke up, her voice shaking. “You can’t keep us here.”

Nicole was silent, though she did look up at me with dull eyes. I noticed her gaze drift towards my crotch and thought I saw her hand shift between her thighs. That was interesting.

“I’ll do it.” Said a quiet voice, and when I looked it was Youna. She had stood up and was standing by her cell door. “I’ll help so everyone can eat.”

I nodded. I had half expected Bianca to eventually volunteer, hoping to escape, and that could still be Youna’s thought. I moved to the cell door and discreetly keyed in a code to unlock Youna’s cell. The electronic lock whined and then opened with a click. I nodded to her and led her out of the room, all with Merel pleading and Bianca hurling insults. I led the dark-haired brunette into the next room and fished for a collar in one of the cupboards.

“You will wear this at all times,” I said as I fastened it around her neck. “It is tied to an invisible fence around the house, if you go too close to the front door or any window or exit you will be shocked viciously and I’ll be alerted. If you do something that displeases Barbie or me, we can shock you. If you try to remove it... well you’re a bright girl I think you can guess.”

“Yes Master,” Youna said quietly, surprising me by bowing her head slightly submissively towards me. “I understand.”

Keeping my face neutral I smiled inwardly. I had formed plans for this girl when she had done that. I was just hoping that it was genuine but would be on my guard for her deception if it was that. We then headed up the stairs and into the kitchen. As I followed Youna I admired her ass. It was very attractive, round, and perky in that way a young woman in college often was.

“I brought you a helper,” I said to Barbie as we came in, the busty bimbo was leaning back in a chair getting her pussy licked happily by Kato, her hand wrapped in Kato’s leash. I laughed and turned towards Youna. “Slut, you will do whatever Barbie tells you or you will be punished. Now get started while Kato finishes up. I’ll be in my office.”

I headed towards the office as I heard Barbie start to moan as Kato’s attention paid off. Youna had moved to the kitchen, still naked from the night before except for her new collar, and was getting busy helping with breakfast. I settled in my chair and exhaled. Across my desk were the five girl’s phones. Merel had brought Kato’s with her when she came over last night. I took the chips out of each one and pulled basic information by unlocking Kato’s. She had long since given up passwords and PIN numbers so that wasn’t hard. I pulled each girl’s number and wrote them down on a piece of paper. I looked over the chips and copied numbers from those as well. I then turned off and moved all the phones, except Kato’s. into a hidden wall safe. The safer was thick reinforced metal and no signal was escaping or entering it once the door was closed.

I copied the information into an email and sent it off to a couple of people I knew. I also sent an email describing the girl’s vehicles to an associate. Before noon the cars would be picked up and soon the cars would be dismantled and the parts sent to different, shall we say illicit, buyers in various places. Flipping open my cell phone I hit a number on the speed dial.

“Thank you for calling Dixies... Where you can explore your deepest, wildest, and sometimes darkest desires.” A sultry woman’s voice came onto the line. It was the club where Barbie worked for. The woman must have looked at the caller ID because she then added. “How may I direct your call, Sir? This slave wishes only to serve.”

I had to smirk. The owners of the club definitely trained their slaves to be customer-focused, in more ways than one that’s for sure.

“Be a good girl and direct me to legal,” I said in a commanding tone. “It’s about the telecom service contract.”

“Very good Sir, I’ll transfer you immediately.” The woman on the other end said, still somehow sounding sultry and sexual. “Is there any other way I can be of service today?”

“Send me a picture of your work phone stuffed into your cunt.” I said on a whim. “Thank you for being a good slut slave.”

“Thank you for choosing Dixies. and using me for your needs.” She spoke and then the phone transferred to the next line. I heard my cell phone chime with a message a moment later, I knew what it would be.

I spoke to the next person about what I needed for a while. It was all indirect questions and never said exactly what was going on. The girls were “clients” and the phones were “hardware.” Other words substituted in for various other items but in the end, any details I couldn’t cover in my email were taken care of and ironed out. The girl’s phone tracking would be hacked and their GPS records falsified. As far as the world was concerned, none of them except Kato would have even been to the house in their lives. In fact, according to the records Kato and her friends spent last night in some hotel on the other side of town, Kato’s own records have been altered to have come from my place and then back in the morning.

“Excuse me, Master?” Came a voice from the door and I looked up to see Youna standing there. “Barbie told me to bring your breakfast in if you were still working.”

The brunette was carrying a tray and I pointed to an open space on my desk. There wasn’t a ton of space but it was enough. As she moved to set it down I studied her nude body. She was very pretty and sexy, though of course those thick dick sucking lips of hers always caught my attention. I patted her ass when she was done and she actually turned to me and smiled a little.

“Barbie said to entertain Master if he wanted.” Youna looked at me, and I realized she was both nervous and aroused.

I pointed to the couch and nodded. “You can sit there, spread your legs and masturbate. I want you to cum before I’m done.”

“Yes Master,” Youna said surprisingly quickly. She moved to the couch and sank down onto it. She adjusted her position carefully trying to judge how best to show me and then spread her legs giving me a good view of her pink cunt. While not dripping I could swear she was aroused and as she began to play with her tits and pussy I realized she soon would be leaving a wet spot on the couch.

I ate my breakfast as I looked through each woman’s belongings. I copied addresses, credit cards, and identification info as well as looked at personal photos they might have with them. It wasn’t common these days with phone pictures but I did see a picture of Merel with an older looking girl who had to be a sister that caught my eye. Most of Merel’s cards were in her father’s name, which if she was a spoiled rich girl, didn’t surprise me.

Either Youna was fast or I ate and worked slowly, because soon the brunette was crying out in climax, her fingers playing over her swollen little clit and pinching at the nipples topping her average-sized breasts. I smiled and adjusted the loose boxers I was wearing. Damn, I had intended to spend today mostly on Barbie when I did indulge but it was tough to be restrained when there were so many sexy sluts around the house.

“Go take Bitch out to use the bathroom in the backyard,” I said to the recovering girl, who looked up at me with sudden worry one of her hands moving towards her collar. I laughed. “Don’t worry the yard is safe. But don’t get too close to the fence.”

She nodded and thanked me before picking up my dishes and disappearing with it. I planned out the rest of my day, knowing I would need to call and pay Lucas, probably with real cash this time unless he would take later favors for all the work I was giving him. I studied each girl and smiled as I formed plans for each. Youna was the wild card, an unexpected gem among them all if she was as submissive as it seemed.

“Did the little slut take care of you?” Barbie asked as I entered the kitchen again and she kissed my cheek. “I told her too so she’ll need to be punished if she didn’t.”

“Not in the way I’ll expect from you later,” I said flirting with Barbie. “But she did as asked. Has she been well behaved all morning?”

Barbie looked over to where I was watching Youna come in and clean off Kato’s hands and knees so the bitch wouldn’t track dirt and grass around the house. Kato for her part was trying to hump Youna’s legs, making the newer girl stare at her in puzzled amusement and confusion. Barbie nodded.

“She was eager and good. No backtalk or attempt to do anything strange.” Barbie seemed nervous about that “I still don’t trust her yet.”

I nodded then called out to Youna, “Come here slut.”

Youna came as bidden but when she reached me she sank to her knees and spread her thighs, she arched her back thrusting out her tits, arms behind her back, and head down. I almost laughed, Youna had to be a closet submissive and from her nearly perfect pose, she had to have watched a lot of porn with submissive women being featured.

“Wow, you really are being a good slut today aren’t you?” I smiled and reached down, lifting her chin so I could look into her eyes. She looked at me in return and I could tell she was eagerly anticipating what I would have her do next. “What do you want as a reward?”

I expected her to ask for her collar off, or to let her go, or maybe even to let her friends go. I watched her though and the intelligence in her eyes told me she was too clever to ask for any of that. Even if it was a deception she would play the long game and get me truly comfortable before she tried anything.

“C-can... can I have a couple of those pills and you fuck me?” Youna asked hesitantly but in a sultry purr that made my cock twitch.

“Ooh... I like her.” Barbie cooed and let out a giggle. “Are you going to break her pussy Master?”

“Not yet.” I smiled at Barbie and nodded for her to grab the pills. “I am planning on rewarding you by filling each of your holes a few times today if we get our work done.”

Barbie grinned eagerly. “The boys at the club tonight love seeing freshly stretched holes. Can you leave some cum in my ass for my first stage dance?”

“Of course bimbo.” I smacked her ass as she handed two pills to Youna and a glass of water... I guess she did like Youna. I turned back to the kneeling brunette. “Barbie is my cock sleeve for the day but how about I give you the pills and you can use Barbie’s toys and bimbo porn collection until you can’t cum anymore?”

Youna squirmed and eagerly popped the pills in her mouth. She swallowed them with a small sip of water and then opened her mouth and showed me she wasn’t hiding them. I hadn’t expected that but it was a fun touch. Barbie led her off to show her the toys and porn and I heard the loud moaning of a slut a short time later.

“Bitch, table, sit,” I commanded the girl I had been left with. Kato looked puzzled but got up and sat at the kitchen table. I sat down in my seat and looked at her.

“I tested you last night and you passed.” I started out. “But now you get to do another test for me. I’m sending you home.”

Kato looked shocked, eager, but also somehow scared, she whined in that way I knew meant she wanted to talk. After I told her, she then spoke in a confused voice. “Master doesn’t want his pet anymore?”

“No, I still do.” I laughed. “But I can’t have all you girls going missing at the same time. Since you have proven you can be trusted I’m going to let you out for a walk. But I know you’ll come home. You’ll crave your medicine, miss your bed, and miss being the adorable house pet we’ve come to enjoy.”

By the look in her face, she must have surprised herself when she nodded along agreeing with what I said.

“Of course I’m going to fit you with a new collar.” I reached out and stroked her pretty neck around the collar that she had worn every moment she wasn’t in the shower or tricking her friends. “It will track where you go and include a camera and microphone I can connect to so that I can tell what you do and say. And if you are a naughty bitch it will also shock and stun you.”

Kato whimpered a little and nodded, still looking scared. “Also, if you betray me I still have your friends and by the time anyone shows here they and I will be long gone. Do you understand?”

Again Kato nodded and watched me for the next thing I would tell her.

“Good girl.” I smiled and reached down between her thighs and started to play with her warm pussy. I started to whisper my desires to her as I leaned in close. “While you are out on your little walk, here is what I want my Bitch to do...”