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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 11 — Starting a Routine

Kato got dressed in some clothes that Barbie had bought for her over the past few days. If it wasn’t for the collar around her neck you’d think she was a perfectly normal girl. Well, one who enjoyed ear piercings but that wasn’t uncommon these days. The collar was as close to normal as I had been able to have made. It was thicker than just a choker by quite a bit, but I had seen more severe-looking collars worn around town by goth girls and punk chicks. It didn’t fit with Kato’s old look but it hardly mattered to me.

I walked with Kato to the car she would be using and explained all the details of her tasks as well as made sure the car that was available for her met my standards. It had been a trade for the two other cars that my associates had removed and I was assured that if something were to happen it would not be traced back to me in any way. I pulled on Kato’s collar and gave her a slight electric shock after a moment to test it causing her to jump and squirm in pain. Then I patted her head and called her a good girl which made her smile.

As Kato drove off to take care of the tasks I had assigned to her there was more than a little trepidation in my mind. I was sure that she would come back but I wasn’t sure if she would behave herself well enough to not have something odd alert her friends and family. Heading back into the house I set myself to the tasks for the day. Three girls needed to have their training routines started and that would eat up the majority of my time. In between, I intended to use Barbie and reward her for her work for the last few days, as well as the work she would need to do in the coming days.

“Barbie!” I called as I walked into the house. The blonde bimbo popped her head around the corner from the kitchen. She was wearing nothing but a white lace apron and I saw at some point while I was talking to Kato she had slid a big wide butt plug with an attached bunny tail into her own ass to tempt me with and let me know what hole she wanted next.

“Yes, Master.” She spoke with faked innocence as Barbie noticed that I was aware of her bunny tail. “What would you like me to do?”

I ignored her flirty look and batted eyelashes. “I’m going to the office, I’ll call Lucas and get him to come out tomorrow to work on the girls. We’ll need to pay him this time... though I have an idea about that.”

Barbie beamed when she saw my grin, she had learned when I was plotting something and she was looking forward to finding out. She looked at me questioningly. “And me?”

“Sadly you are on dog-sitting duty.” I sighed. “You can come to the office but no distractions until after lunch. After I finish the calls you need to monitor Youna and Kato to make sure they are behaving. I’ll take the first girl out for exercise and rotate each girl. After lunch, we can swap and I’ll watch the girls while you exercise the others.”

“Oh!” Barbie cried gleefully. “Can I “exercise” Bianca!? That stuck up bitch was super rude and needs to pay.”

I enjoyed the sadistic look in Barbie’s face and smiled then shrugged and nodded my acceptance. “I don’t see why not.”

I moved to the office and pulled up the video feeds. Youna was settled into a guest room watching a selection of porn and using a small collection of toys to pleasure herself as she watched some of Barbie’s filthiest porn selections from the category she had labeled “Bimbos.” As I stared I saw Youna’s lust-filled eyes watching the screen intently. She had one hand pawing one of her own average breasts and a vibrating nipple clamp was attached to the other. Between her thighs, her other handheld a rabbit vibrator pushed deep into her cunt and against her swollen clit. I decided to not look too closely, instead of going to my desk to work.

Barbie came in a short time later, having wrapped up what she was doing in the kitchen. She sat on the couch and watched the video feeds from Kato and Youna. The one with Youna particularly caught her attention and I found myself deliberately ignoring Barbie as her hands started to play over her own lush and curvy body.

A short while later I had finished all the arrangements I had needed to make and had selected the training materials I would need for the day. I’d also decided to start with Nicole this morning and once she was settled, I thought about Merel. Deciding against it I looked at Barbie as I stood and headed for the door. The energy I would have used to train Merel would be used on Barbie instead.

Entering the dungeon I saw that each girl had eaten the food they had been given for breakfast. They probably didn’t notice but each had also included their “vitamins” for the day. Bianca was looking more relaxed and also stared at my bulge when I came in the room. Merel had relaxed on her bed and was running her fingers around her abused anal entrance. Nicole, on the other hand, was near the bars of her cell and had her fingers deep in her pussy, openly masturbating and trying to fit her hand in her cunt. Her dose had been particularly high again.

“Come to fuck one of us you limp-dicked asshole?” Bianca said defiantly, but I could see her lick her lips as she stared at the cock that had fucked her cunt last night. She continued to rant at me but I ignored her.

“Where’s Youna?” Merel asked as I passed her cell door. “Is she alright? Did you let her go or...”

Merel didn’t finish the sentence, I could only imagine she was thinking of all the horrible things I might have done to Youna. I wondered idly how she would react to her friend desperately cumming her brains out watching bimbo porn upstairs. I almost told her but it might ruin a future surprise so I ignored her too. I stopped at Nicole’s cell and as I moved to punch in the code the lust-filled blonde reached out and stroked my cock through my pants, she squeezed it, not painfully more possessively. I grinned and waited for the click of the door.

“Youna’s fine. I haven’t even used her or laid a hand on her.” I said as I dragged Nicole past her cell on the way to the playroom. “I’m not planning on that today.”

Nicole was pawing at my crotch as I pulled her along, trying to get at my cock and undo my pants. When I stopped to rummage through the cupboard I had gotten Youna’s collar from she succeeded and pulled my hard cock out. Without a word she eagerly popped it in her mouth and calmed down. She simply moaned around my cock and shoved her fingers deep into her cunt. She seemed calmer and happier like that and I had to chuckle. The dose last night had done a number on her. I fitted the collar around her neck but skipped the description I had given Youna. It wasn’t all the collar could do even when I had told her but the whole speech would have been completely lost on Nicole.

I forcefully pushed Nicole off my cock and stuffed it back in my pants. “Good girl, but we need to go get you some exercise and make sure those holes are nice and stuffed.”

Whatever passed for Nicole’s remaining intelligence perked up at that and she eagerly followed me as I led her upstairs to the room she had spent the last evening in. When she saw the double piston fuck machine she let out an excited moan and nodded at me happily. The drugged slut gave me no resistance as I strapped her into the machine and lubed her asshole before popping the dildos in both her cunt and asshole. I set the other machine up where she would be able to suck on the sensor dildo to keep it from electrocuting her. I attached the wires to her clit this time but didn’t turn on the machine.

Instead, I went over to the “smart” television and pulled up a playlist called “Nicole’s training.” I had pulled it together while in my office but I could tell that now that Barbie was on monitoring duty she was adding new selections. I held the remote and walked over to Nicole. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue begging me to fill her mouth. I laughed.

“No my little piece of fuck meat.” I hit play and the first video began to load. “I’m just leaving you with some instructional and inspirational videos, pay close attention as you please those cocks. I’m sure even you can learn something.”

As I moved the machine into range and flipped it on Nicole wrapped her lips around the fake cock even as her eyes flickered to the screen. It displayed the same messages over and over for a few seconds.

Nicole is fuck meat.

Nicole’s holes are only good for cock.

Nicole is a cum dumpster.

Nicole only feels good when she is filled.

Nicole is a set of holes existing only to be filled.

Nicole loves when all her holes are filled at once.

The messages on the screen repeated for about a minute before the screen burst to life and sound. A rough and dominating gang-bang of some porn actress began playing loudly on the screen and Nicole watched as the actress got fucked and filled in every hole. Every so often the screen would flash and display a message. Each one lasted only long enough to read and they were spaced minutes apart.

Nicole wants to be her.

Nicole wants cock.

Nicole needs her holes filled.

Nicole is only good for men to fill with cum.

The video would play until the end and repeat the original six messages before starting the next brutal gang bang. Nicole would watch the actresses get coated in cum and have all their holes filled even as the machine pumped away at her cunt and ass and she worked her lips and tongue all over the fake cock in her mouth to avoid being shocked. Her drug-addled mind was absorbing it all and she would soon be cumming on the toys in her holes.

I left the room and headed down the hall to where Youna was pleasuring herself. As I walked into the room I saw she was watching some big titty bimbo getting dominated by a man in a black suit on screen. The man was calling her all sorts of names and that seemed to push Youna over the edge. She came hard and I applauded causing her to start.

“Pack it up, baby bimbo.” I laughed. “I need your help in the kitchen and then if you are still good you can come back.”

“Yes, Master.” Youna pulled the toys from her body and set them aside. As she stood on shaky legs I could see she had left a large wet spot on the bed where she had been playing. Her inner thighs were slick and her nipples looked swollen and puffy from the abuse. I reached down and rubbed her cunt lips and she let out a happy moan of pleasure.

“Did you have fun?” I asked even as she leaned on me to steady herself. “Was it worth being a good girl?”

“Oh fuck.” Youna shuddered and pressed against my hand. “Yes sir, it was amazing. Barbie has such good taste in porn... it was so hot and I came so many times I lost count. I think I’m getting addicted to this feeling.”

I smiled at her, partly because she wasn’t wrong. But not since I had met Barbie had I found a girl so eager to descend into the role of bimbo sex toy. This girl was not acting, she definitely was enjoying parts of this, though I still wasn’t sure she wouldn’t escape or try to release her friends. I patted her cunt fondly and she let out a coo.

“Does sir need help preparing lunches?” Youna smiled at me and batted her eyes coyly. “Since there is still time before you need to feed your sluts I could do it all if that would please you?”

Pondering that I thought about the possible consequences. Leaving anyone alone in a kitchen was dangerous, there were all kinds of weapons and implements that she could get her hands on. She could hurt herself or try to attack Barbie or me. However, Barbie and I could just shock her if she came after us. Youna was naked, so it wasn’t like she could really hide much to take back to her cell.

I lead Youna back down to the playroom and grabbed something from a cabinet. I showed her the chastity belt with an evil little smile. She looked hesitantly at the leather and metal device.

“I’m going to lock you in this when you work alone in the kitchen.” I smiled and squeezed her mound. “Don’t want my little bimbo in training to get distracted by her swollen pussy.”

Youna’s eyes went wide when I had said “bimbo in training” and she moaned in delight. After that, she helped me get her into the belt and happily followed me up to the kitchen. Once there I outlined the meals I wanted. Almost all identical to prevent her from knowing which Barbie and I would eat. The only exception was Bianca, her diet looked more like an athlete’s than the others. Youna didn’t ask questions and took the menu and began to busy herself in the kitchen, but I noticed whenever she saw me looking she would stop to display herself to show her tits or butt for me. The lunches would keep for a bit and I had to get back to things.

I glanced in at Nicole who was still happily watching her training videos with all her holes stuffed and then poked my head in to check on Barbie. She gave me a thumbs-up, letting me know Kato was behaving herself on her little field trip.

Heading back downstairs I grabbed two more of the collars that I had placed on Youna and Nicole already. Thinking about things I also grabbed a cattle prod from some of my more wicked tools. This one had been adjusted for much smaller targets but it would still hurt like hell if I decided to use it to taser one of the girls.

Heading back into the part of the basement that held the two remaining girls I glanced at them. Bianca was still defiantly staring at me, scowling, though she seemed to have realized by now hurling obscenities at me would do little more than amuse me. Merel was sulking in a corner of her cell and looked worried when I walked in. Considering each time I came in and took a girl she disappeared and none had come back I could understand her apprehension.

“What do you want now?” Bianca spat at me while eyeing the tools in my hands. “Come to play out some sick fantasy.”

“Not yet,” I said with a little amusement as I punched in the code for her cell door. “Now behave and let me put your collar on.”

Bianca... did not. She rushed me as soon as she heard the door click, which was amazingly stupid as I had known she might try that and pressed the cattle prod to one of her exposed tits. She shook and tensed and yelped before collapsing to the ground in a heap. Merel shrieked and got closer to see what was happening. I just sighed.

“I told you to behave,” I said in a matter of fact tone as I affixed her collar and flipped it on. “If you don’t listen you will make this much harder on all of you.”

Bianca lay on the ground in the doorway to her cell trying to recover as I stood and punched in Merel’s code. Merel had learned from Bianca’s attempt and instead lifted her hair as I approached with her collar. As I was fitting it around her neck I heard Bianca rise to her feet and I smiled. I flipped on Merel’s collar just as the straight-haired brunette tried to rush me from behind.

No sooner had she passed into the cell door than I heard her start to scream as another electric current passed through her body. This was echoed by Merel who was similarly shocked and shook before dropping to the floor. I knew upstairs both Youna and Nicole were experiencing the same. I turned and reached down and pulled Bianca’s head up by her hair roughly.

“I guess I don’t need to explain that the collars can shock you if you go where I don’t want.” I laughed and let her head drop to the cold hard floor. I then grabbed an ankle and dragged her back to her cell. I could have picked her up but I didn’t feel she deserved the effort. I locked both of the woman’s doors.

“You will be shocked if you scream too loud when I don’t want you too, if you try to leave the house by any route, or if you try to enter each others’ cells.” Explaining as I ran the cattle prod against their cell bars. “Also you may have noticed, when one of you is punished, you are all punished. So think carefully before you displease me, Barbie, or anyone else I indicate.”

“Barbie will be back after lunch to let you both out and give you some exercise and training.” I laughed. “Until then you can stay put... Oh forgot to mention. Try to take those off and you will be in for a nasty surprise.”

I left the room and headed upstairs. I glanced in on Youna, she was cleaning up a plate of food that had been dropped and shattered on the floor when she had been shocked. I winced, that could have been bad but she looked unhurt.

“Bianca misbehaved.” I stated coldly. Youna just smiled at me weakly after a moment, she was still put together enough to realize everyone had been punished for one girl stepping out of line. Well, that was good, Nicole was probably too stupid and unaware right now to even think on that level. Instead, she was probably trying to suck and tongue the cock in her mouth even more to prevent another shock.

Leaving Youna to her work I went into my office. Barbie looked up from the monitors and the porn collection she was sorting on a tablet and started to greet me. She was cut off when I grabbed her roughly and flipped her over. She was still able to see the monitors but her huge ass was up in the air as I speared her with my cock. She moaned and shook her hips on my cock as I buried myself in her warm wet hole.

“Yes sir... Please use your bimbo’s pink pussy for your cock.” Barbie pleaded. “I love when you dump thick loads in my tight cunt. I want to be dripping and drooling your cum from my holes all day.”

I growled and smacked her ass before placing my hands on her hips right below her slender waist. Her sexy bubble butt looked so hot up in the air with her swollen pussy lips wrapped tight around my prick.

“Yes, Master!” Barbie cried out as she reached between her legs to squeeze my balls and then rub her clit furiously. “Breed your bimbo. Turn her into a bimbo mommy for these other stupid sluts to envy.”

Thinking about breeding Barbie, of her big fake tits swelling even more with milk and dripping from her fat nipples as her pregnant belly swelled, pushed me over the edge and I shot a thick creamy load of baby batter into my favorite bimbo toy. As I pulled out of her hole thick gobs dribbled down her pussy and were soon being rubbed into her clit by her frantic fingers. Feeling that must have done it for Barbie because she was soon cumming as I sat back on the couch to recover.

A short time later as Barbie lovingly licked me clean, I watched the camera feeds and fondled one of her breasts. “Lunch will be ready in a bit, after that you get to train the next two... Are you ready?”

“Mmmm hmmm.” Her reply was muffled with my cock nearing the back of her throat but she let it pop out of her bimbo lips and licked the slit at the tip. “I’ve got everything ready for each of them. This is going to be fun.”