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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 12 — Working Out and Working In

When Youna came in to say lunch was ready I had the brunette cleanout Barbie’s still cum dripping pussy. The blonde had already been using her fingers to scoop the mess from her own slit and eating my load, but Youna made quick work of cleaning out the blonde of every last drop of cum. I didn’t know how long exactly they were at it as I left the room before they really got into it.

I headed down the hall, still walking naked in my own house, and entered the room with Nicole. Her holes were still being constantly fucked by the machine pumping dildos in and out of her abused cunt and ass. Her mouth worked feverishly on the dildo in her throat even when I switched all the machines off. Without the pistoning of the dildos, she resorted to humping the machine, stopping only when I pulled them out and examined her loose and gaping holes. I made a note to use some bigger dildos on the machine for her next training. As I finished removing her bonds and pushed the other machine from her mouth she stuck her thumb in her mouth and sucked it vacantly.

Nicole didn’t really react until I had her up and standing on her own two feet. Her other hand snaked down over her body, rubbing where she had been laying against the bench to ease her own discomfort, but as it got lower it inevitably slid between her legs and her fingers pushed into her sore and abused cunt.

“What are you?” I asked with a slight smile. I wanted to see what effect her training and a heavy dose of the mind-melting formula would have even in this short time.

Nicole stared at me dumbly until I repeated the question. She then looked briefly thoughtful like she dimly remembered something but then mumbled her answer around her thumb. “Nicole is fuck meat.”

“Yes, yes you are. Good girl.” I patted her ass and smiled at Nicole. Squeezing her butt as she tried to shift my fingers to hit her asshole I pushed her out of the room. We made our way down into the dungeon and as I walked in with the dull-eyed fuck toy the other two girls looked up. Nicole was a mess, disheveled hair, cunt wet and sticky with her own juices, lube dribbling liberally from her asshole, and she sucked her thumb like she was pretending she was a toddler. A generous amount of spit and drool had dribbled down her chin, though little had reached her naked tits since the bench had prevented that.

“Nicole!” Merel cried out to her friend in concern. Bianca, on the other hand, looked pissed, she sulked against the back wall of her cell clearly staying out of range of anything I might want to poke through her cell bars. I could see the worry in her eyes and for the first time, she didn’t hurl insults at me. Maybe she was concerned she might share Nicole’s fate. Merel continued to call out to her friend. “What did they do? Are you okay Nicole?”

“Nicole is a cum dumpster...” The dazed blonde muttered as she settled onto her bed, curling up even as her hand slid between her thighs to rub at her abused sex. It would take some time for her to come down off the chemical mix she had taken, and even then I was pretty sure the old Nicole was well on her way to being gone for good.

“Lunch will be soon. Then Barbie will come down to play.” I played with my watch and triggered the lightest of shocks as I added, “Good girls get rewards, bad girls get punished so behave for her.”

As I left I wondered if I was getting a bit soft when it came to Barbie. Other than her extreme curves I’d never made her get tattoos and piercings because I had wanted her to be my public plaything obviously a sex toy but not ridiculously so. Just now I had warned the girls to treat her right as well, something I wouldn’t have bothered with if it was any other person, myself included. I did a mental shrug and decided to forget it, I just hadn’t had a good reason to punish Barbie in so long because she obeyed everything so eagerly and enthusiastically.

I went to the kitchen and selected a lunch at random just as Barbie and Youna were coming out of the office. Barbie was glowing happily, and I noticed with interest both girls had wetness around their lips. I smiled a little and gave each a playful smack on the ass as I headed back to my office. The room smelled of pussy and sex, I was going to need to get the girls to do some cleaning soon at this rate. I checked the feed for Kato and then stepped out briefly to grab some clothes before coming back to do some real work.

Every so often I would glance up to see what Barbie and Youna were up to so I saw when Barbie gave Youna two of the lunches and carried two herself to the dungeon. After giving lunch to each girl, with the special one going to Bianca, Barbie locked the compliant Youna in her cell and left. None of the girls ate right away, instead, they tried to talk to Youna. She told them if they did as asked and behaved things would be better, but didn’t tell them what had happened to her. When they voiced concerns the food was drugged she shrugged and told them we had made her make it so she knew it was fine.

The imprisoned women eventually ate in silence and I went back to my work. Barbie had settled in the living room, a comfy robe cradling her body as she watched some reality program on television. I ignored her, apparently, she was either happy with the attention I had given her already, or more likely was saving her energy for after lunch. About an hour after the ladies had finished their lunch I figured that unless Youna was an expert at poisoning someone with household cleaners it was safe to eat and finished my lunch as I watched Kato’s day.

After an episode or two Barbie stretched, causing her breasts to thrust out on display as she faced exactly where she knew the camera was. The display caused me to pause my day and smile at the teasing bimbo’s display. She then went to our room and cleaned up from the morning. She took time settling on an outfit, finally settling on a tight black PVC mini-skirt and a matching top that barely reached down to her nipples and still exposed a generous amount of her cleavage and under boob. She actually struggled to get it on over her massive tits, but I did smile a little when I saw the final look. She strapped on some knee-high black boots to go with and tied her hair back in a ponytail.

When she stalked into the basement dungeon I could see the girls getting nervous. Merel began pleading with her to let them go, trying to appeal to her as another woman. Bianca just eyed Barbie with disdain. Nicole didn’t even seem to register Barbie, and Youna well she blushed and was looking at the floor of her cell quietly. Barbie ignored the girls and punched in the code for Bianca’s cell. As the girl lunged at Barbie I winced, Barbie had been ready and her watch triggered the shock that sent all four girls into convulsions at once. Barbie put a weak kick into one of Bianca’s small tits for good measure. The woman had been recovering but yelped in pain at the additional abuse. Merel and Youna were swearing at Bianca, telling her she should have known better and complained how much it hurt.

“Get up,” Barbie ordered pulling her foot back to kick Bianca again. “Get up and come with me.”

“You fucking trashy bimbo whore.” Bianca spat out but she didn’t make a move to attack Barbie again. In fact, she slowly got to her knees and then up to her feet. When Barbie pointed toward the door and told her to move she did so reluctantly.

“Where are we going?” Bianca bitched at Barbie, crossing her arms over her chest. “Are you going to tie me up and abuse me, or is that asshole boyfriend of yours going to use me because your holes are blown out and too loose for his dick?”

Barbie twitched a little at that but kept cool. Once Bianca was in the gym Barbie turned on a screen against the far wall and it displayed a screen from the tablet Barbie had been working on before. It had an exercise regime in it. The focus was on lifting weights and building muscle as well as burning off some fat. Bianca was a slender girl already though so mostly it was adding more muscle mass to the young woman.

“What the fuck is this shit?” Bianca stared at Barbie. “I’m not doing this.”

“Well not until you take your supplements of course.” Barbie grinned and indicated two plastic cups. One held water and the other had a handful of various pills. “Down the hatch you bitch.”

“Not in this lifetime. I’m not letting you drug me some more.” Bianca crossed her arms defiantly and stared at Barbie. Barbie had been waiting for it though and triggered the shock. Again all four girls suffered for Bianca’s stubborn insolence. To help her out I cut the feed from the dungeon onto the screen in the gym. Bianca had to watch as her friends thrashed in their cells even as she was shocked painfully. When they recovered they were pissed.

“Fine shock those stupid bitches.” Bianca panted as she tried to recover. “Youna just wants to give up, Merel is helpless, and you’ve already fried Nicole’s brain.”

The shock hit all four girls again and this time when recovering Bianca looked a little less sure of herself. She eyed the pills nervously. Slowly getting up off the floor she looked in the cup. I’m sure she was relieved to see they weren’t all the mind-affecting pills she’d taken the night before, but at least one likely was. She sat on the floor and crossed her arms over her chest. At least she wasn’t standing when the next shock came. Barbie kicked her in her other tit and then in her ass as well.

“Fine... just fine...” Bianca hissed through gritted teeth. She stood and took the pills, washing them down with the glass of water. She opened her mouth to show she really had swallowed them when Barbie told her to. “Happy now!?”

The screen swapped back to the exercise routine, and in the office, I secretly switched off the link between Bianca’s collar and the other girls. They didn’t deserve that much abuse, but also I didn’t want them to gain hope by thinking Bianca couldn’t be broken. Barbie started prompting Bianca through the exercise routine. The brunette followed the blonde bimbo’s instructions but glared daggers. After the first few sets, Barbie set the screen to show a porn channel un-creatively labeled “Bianca’s Training.” Hardcore, rough bondage, and sadomasochistic porn soon flooded the room.

“What the fuck?” Bianca glared at Barbie. “What are you going to masturbate to this filth while you watch me work out? Does a strong woman turn you on? Sick plastic titted freak.”

Barbie ignored her and settled back on one of the benches to watch Bianca workout. If she thought for a second Bianca wasn’t working hard enough or fast enough Barbie’s finger would hover over the shock and the screen would cut to a loop of the cells that I had recorded in case we needed to convince her she was making her friends suffer.

As the drugs kicked in and started to make Bianca aroused I saw her staring at her own nude form in the mirrored wall of the gym. Her tight trim body was obviously arousing to her as her nipples hardened further and I guess not all the moisture between her legs was sweat. The porn being shown changed too. It alternated between fit, toned, and muscled women dominating curvy and soft women and weak and men who were submissive and weak with small cocks and then became the same dominating women being forced and abused into submission by a dominating virile male.

When Bianca finished the workout she looked equal parts exhausted and jittery. Someone who didn’t know better might have taken those jitters for nerves or post-workout energy but I could tell her body needed attention. I left the room as Barbie was running her through her cool down, still watching Kato’s feed on a tablet. When I got to the playroom I grabbed what Barbie had listed on her routine for Bianca and laughed. Going back upstairs I tossed the items to Barbie who smiled. Bianca meanwhile was both glaring at me hatefully and licking her lips when her eyes flitted down to my crotch.

“What now? Going to rape me while I’m too tired to fight back?” Bianca said, doing a good, but not perfect job of concealing her lust.

“Oh no, Master’s cock is too good for you until you learn to behave for him.” Barbie smiled and Bianca tried not to look dejected. “He’s going to watch you while I get your playmate ready. She tossed a corset and a large double-ended strap on to Bianca. “Put those on.”

Barbie didn’t say anything further and headed out of the room I watched Bianca and feigned disinterest. The corset went on first, black leather with thick adjustable straps with silver buckles, when secured it gave even Bianca’s slender form a little more of an hourglass shape, but she was still sadly lacking up top and the upper side of the corset was loose around her too-small breasts. I suspected this was Barbie’s plan and smiled.

Gazing at the strap on Bianca took longer with this one, she must have guessed we were going to have her use it on someone and if Barbie had left it likely wasn’t going to be Barbie or me. The double-ended dildo could be secured in place with either a thick long end or a smaller more manageable end, and the wearer could flip it to decide which one before they put it on. I saw Bianca’s thoughts and she set it so she would receive the more manageable one. As she strapped it on and the still rather impressive cock slid into her dripping cunt she let out a small moan. Rather than looking embarrassed she stared at me like I was invading her privacy. I smirked.

Merel came into the room shortly after, followed by the dominating Barbie. I grinned, heading back to my office but stopping to kiss Barbie on the cheek and smack her ass as I did. As I left, Bianca was staring at Merel with an odd look in her eyes. She looked at the blonde and assessed her, Merel was a lot softer than Bianca was, with a nice pair of full B cups that didn’t look bad on her still slender frame. Of the girls, Merel, Kato, and Youna were the curviest. Youna topped out the group in breast size but Merel was close and Kato was third. Bianca definitely trailed the group.

“Fuck her in the ass,” Barbie said in a matter of fact tone. She gave Bianca some lube and nodded at Merel. “Make her cum.”

A look of shock flooded Merel’s face, Bianca looked a mix of taken aback and curious. Despite her evident terror, Merel looked between Barbie and Bianca cautiously. She’d been shocked five times today already and looked like she was dreading more. She took the lube from Bianca’s hands and turned to Barbie.

“Can I have a pill so it doesn’t hurt so much,” Merel asked, broken and timid. Barbie nodded and took out a small handful and held them in her palm so Merel could take one. To my surprise, I watched via camera as Merel took two and popped them in her mouth without question.

“Fucking hell!” Bianca threw her hands up and rounded on Merel as the blonde swallowed the pills and opened the lube. “You stupid fucking cunt! You’re just going to let them abuse you aren’t you?”

Bianca was practically yelling at Merel now, who was cowering away and waiting for the pills to start working as she poured a generous amount of lube into one hand and began to lube her ass. Bianca looked enraged and slapped the blonde. Merel dropped the bottle of lube in shock and seemed to be looking up at Barbie for help, perhaps expecting her to shock them both or at least stop Bianca. Barbie was looking at them both with interest but not intervening.

“You stupid coward of a slut.” Bianca said and pushed Merel to the ground. Merel screeched and then flipped over to try and call away from the brunette’s attack, her shapely ass sticking up in the air and glistening with the lube she had managed to apply. Bianca reached down and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back. As she did the large fake cock between her legs was forced against Merel’s round ass and Bianca grinned wickedly.

“I’m not going to get shocked again for you, you stupid whore, so open wide.” Bianca held the Merel in place by pulling her hair hard and used the other to position the tip of the thick cock against Merel’s puckered asshole. When she felt it settle against the tight hole she grinned and then pushed hard, forcing the tip of the rubber toy into the blonde’s ass, drawing out a cry of discomfort.

“Bianca, please! Stop!” Merel moaned but even via the camera, I could tell she was struggling less than she could, instead she seemed to shift and adjust to the large intruder in her ass. Bianca ignored the blonde’s pleas as she shoved the large toy deep into the other girl’s rectum. When she bottomed out Merel let out a gasp. “Bianca stop, let me get used to it.”

“No! You stupid filthy cunt.” Bianca drew her hips back and then pushed back in hard, a burst of pleasure showing on her face as the motion also fucker her own needy cunt. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you because you are a worthless piece of fuck meat.”

Barbie grinned as she watched Bianca begin to ass fuck the younger blonde. Merel’s ass was stretched wide around the large toy and the ring of muscle was pulled outward on each thrust before being pushed in violently by Bianca’s growing lust. After Bianca’s thrusts had forced the blonde’s face into the exercise mats and drawn one shuddering climax from the filthy blonde’s ass, Barbie moved to the mat in front of Merel. Pulling up her black PVC mini-skirt Barbie exposed her dripping cunt and pulled the ass fucked girl’s face into her crotch.

I watched on the feed with rapt attention, cock growing hard as I watched the three women fucking. Bianca pounded and abused her poor friend’s asshole stretching the poor girl’s only recently deflowered ass. Merel between cries and moans from the brutal ass fucking ate and licked Barbie’s sweet cunt. By the end each woman must have cum several times, and while not sure I would have put money that Merel had cum more than the three times Barbie had commanded.

The women collapsed on the floor after their fuck session. Bianca was lying exhausted the strap on still in her drooling cunt, Barbie was smiling happily and idly massaging one of her tits, and Merel appeared to have lost consciousness and had a generous amount of lube leaking from her gaping and abused ass. I leaned back and smiled, all in all, it seemed like a good day’s training. I picked up the phone and called Lucas, I was looking forward to decorating my new dolls.