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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 13 — Betrayal

After I hung up the phone with Lucas, I settled in for the rest of the evening. After getting the women back to their cells we took each out one at a time and let them shower and take care of basic hygiene that couldn’t be done in the basic toilets in their rooms. Lucas had told me it would be a few days before he could devote enough of his day to the project that I wanted and I was fine with that it gave me time to settle the girls to their new lives and get them trained better to behave when he arrived.

Almost all of the girls showered in silence, though Bianca stared daggers at me because I watched her the entire time, not that she was special, I watched all the sluts to make sure they wouldn’t try to do something in the shower or the bathroom without supervision. Barbie, on the other hand, was looking happy and satisfied laying on our bed. She had been the center of attention for most of the day and had really gotten her needs filled. Youna again helped with dinner and cleanup volunteering when the opportunity was presented.

Bianca sulked most of the rest of the evening and hurled abuse at the other girls for letting me use them and for giving up. Youna avoided most of that abuse having busied herself in the kitchen for a good portion of the night. Nicole didn’t really care what Bianca was saying instead of sulking in her cell, barely speaking. She had recovered some from the large dose of drugs she had been given earlier but there was still a dull brainless look in her eyes even now and her body was probably sore and exhausted. Merel glared at Bianca, knowing the girl had both picked the larger end of the toy to use on her and had forcefully violated her before she was completely ready for it.

A while after dinner Barbie fell asleep early, but I stayed up watching the feed for Kato to come home. My pet had been told to be home before it got too late and if I wasn’t able to watch her progress I would have begun to wonder what was taking her so long. As II grinned, cock hard and ready for more action when I saw Kato’s last acts for the night. She pulled up in the driveway, and I met her at the door so she didn’t have to ring. As I opened my door I saw her face covered in a sticky load of cum and smiled.

“Master’s pet had a good day out?” I said with a grin as I fastened her collar around her neck. Kato unsnapped her blouse and shed it, followed by a loosening and quick wiggle out of her skirt. Freed of the clothing a normal girl would wear, my bitch sank to all fours and barked at me playfully. She rubbed against my leg and then trotted into the house and began pawing at the sliding glass door into the backyard. I let her out so she could pee and cleaned her paws when she came back in. Youna was in the kitchen and saw me with my hard-on tenting my pants.

“Does Master want me to help him fuck his pet?” Youna asked tentatively. I still wasn’t sure if the girl was trying to make me think she was cooperating to avoid pain, torture, or training or if she really was being as helpful as she seemed. I shook my head no.

“Kato had fun on her outing she’ll be fine for the evening.” I pulled a key from my pocket and unlocked Youna’s chastity belt, she sighed in relief and reached down to rub her thighs and crotch where the belt had settled against her skin.

“Thank you, Master.” The dark-haired brunette smiled at me with those thick sexy lips even as she said the words in probably the huskiest and most sultry voice she could manage. Youna sank to her knees and spread her legs, her back arched, and her head tilted down submissively. However, unlike last time she reached between her legs and parted her pussy lips exposing her wet pink fuck hole as she spoke again. “How else may this slave serve you tonight?”

I raised an eyebrow if she was just trying to win my confidence she was going above and beyond and she definitely had seen some sort of training or bondage before. I let her hold the pose as I thought. Youna would likely have held the pose until I commanded otherwise but Kato came scampering up to us both. The dull look in her eyes told me she had taken her medicine after a day of being without it. With a dumb look on her face, my bitch pressed her face against Youna’s round butt and sniffed. Her pink tongue flicked out next and licked Youna’s puckered hole, eliciting a surprised squeak from Youna.

“Both of you, come.” I laughed and headed for the couch.I patted a spot next to me on the couch as Youna approached and then pulled my cock from my pants and patted a knee as I looked at Kato. She had been sitting on her haunches panting playfully but once allowed up on the furniture she jumped up and settled her head in my lap as I had indicated. She began to slurp and lick at my cock playfully and gently. Days of drug-enhanced training had taught her when I wanted her to make me cum or when I wanted her to just show her love.

“Youna,” I said looking at the brunette. “I need to ask you some things and if you answer truthfully and honestly I’ll reward you like I did this morning. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” Youna nodded, she seemed to rethink her position on the couch and also watched my cock with fascination. She suddenly turned towards me and then laid back until; her back was resting against the arm of the couch, she then spread her thighs and showed me her wet slit again.

“Good. First, why do you act the way you do around me?” I studied her as I asked and she thought about her answer.

“To please Master,” Youna answered quickly. “To make him happy with his slave.”

“Why do you act submissive for Barbie, is it the same reason.” Probing for answers I wondered what she would say.

“Mmm... because she’s so fucking hot and sexy.” Youna moaned and I could see the excitement written on her face and body. “She’s also the perfect bimbo slave and I think she is what the Master wants.”

“Who taught you to act like this for a man?” I said even as I was still mulling over her last answer, idly I reached over and traced my fingernails over her thighs. “Where did you learn all this?”

Youna shivered at my touch and I smiled. She didn’t flinch, she shuddered with delight. After a distracted moment, she answered blushing fiercely. “I found stuff on the internet. Lots of filthy degrading stuff, women being broken by men, women dominating men and other women, people being tied up and teased. I watched it a lot.”

Grinning inwardly I realized she had become a slut addicted to bondage and dominance porn. It made a lot more sense why she was acting the way she was if it was a fetish for her. I reached over and pulled one of her hands down to her dripping snatch, understanding my meaning she began to rub her cunt idly even as I continued to question her.

“If you know I’m training and breaking you and your friends, why are you cooperating with me so much?” I pushed an important question now, hoping for an interesting or at least revealing answer. “Why not escape with your friends and find more... safe... outlets for your desires?”

Youna moaned and opened her lust heavy eyes and stared at me with a vacant, almost bimbo style smile. She rubbed her swollen clit as she looked me in the eyes and said quietly. “Because I’m already broken, I want to be the slave to a strong man who takes rather than asks, who fucks when his cock is hard, who uses women as cum dumpsters. I want to be a bimbo sister right along with Barbie.”

Youna had slowed rubbing as she said all that and I thought I knew why. I pressed her fingers back against her clit firmly and she rubbed whimpering softly trying to hold back the urge. I leaned in close to her and took her mouth, I kissed her fiercely and hard, claiming her lips. I parted from her sexy lips and leaned in close and whispered one word into her ear.


It was a command Youna gladly followed, her hips bucking against her hand even as the weight of my body pressed her to the sofa, I was above her, holding her down, kissing her fiercely again as she moaned and groaned against my lips. She twitched and whimpered when she was done. I could tell she was still rubbing her clit, which was probably far too sensitive for that.

“You can stop slut.” I said as I leaned back to sit in my original position she looked at me gratefully and spread her pussy again, showing me how much of her own juices were leaking from her swollen and satisfied slit. I resumed asking her questions after a bit of rest and quickly learned quite a bit about all of the girls now in my care.

When I had finished asking her questions and noting her answers I looked her up and down. “As before today, I’m going to ask you what you want as a reward?”

She looked a little surprised but then she smiled wickedly. “Master, please use my pussy...”

I would have expected this request earlier in the day and maybe even before she came, but it was a bit of a surprise, however, she wasn’t done talking.

“Use my pussy to lube up your big strong cock, and rape Bianca’s asshole.” Youna stared at me and smacked her own wet cunt making a satisfying sound. “That bitch got me shocked four times today when I had been nothing but the best bimbo I could be for my Master.”

“Granted... on one condition” I grinned and helped her to her feet. I shooed Kato off and pointed her towards the bedroom. “Bedtime bitch.”

Kato looked unhappy but slunk off, I’d probably find her in my spot in the bed sleeping curled up against Barbie’s tits, but I’d punish her for that tomorrow. Instead, I led Youna to the office. I opened the safe and handed her the cell phone. “Unlock your phone and give me the code. Then I need you to make some calls.”

I watched as she did as I asked. She unlocked the phone and showed me the code, then handed it to me. I had half expected her to try to dial the cops as discreetly as possible but instead, she just smiled and asked what to do next. The calls wouldn’t have gone through anyways the phone had been broken too much for even the weakest signal to be sent from it. Instead, I loaded my computer up and described what I wanted. A softphone program, combined with a VPN, and some other tricks some associates had shown me and Youna was soon calling out. Over the next hour and a half, Youna made calls and watched me stroking my cock as I lay back on the couch. When she realized I was watching the footage of her masturbating to bimbo porn she had to take a break and rub her pussy on my cock to show me how wet that made her. She sank down on my shaft completely as she called her own Mother.

Youna slowly eased herself up and down my length as she talked casually with her mom about what I had told her too. Occasionally she had to hide a moan or a grunt as I bottomed out in her cunt but she played them off as yawns, or coughs, or any other number of things. By the time she was done the cover story had been placed. Bianca, Kato, and Youna were taking a long road trip and wouldn’t be back anytime soon. Kato had already planted the seeds of this story earlier in the day, though she had been told to be vague just saying she was going with “friends.”

I pulled Youna off my cock and headed down to the basement waving Youna to follow. She smiled wickedly knowing she had played her part. With a happy smile, she let me strap her down to one of the bondage benches, face-up, legs spread apart, and held in place by comfortable leather cuffs. For my own fun and amusement, I attached a suction machine to her nipples after sucking them up to perfect hard nubs and set the machine to a gentle setting. As it began to pull and suck on her nipples she moaned and squirmed in delight. I deliberately went to the door over to the area with the cells and cracked it open. As I walked back to Youna she wriggled her hips at me.

“Come over here and fuck my tight pussy Master,” Youna announced loudly as I approached. She let out an exaggerated moan of pleasure as I speared into her dripping snatch. I started to thrust even as she moaned out her next declaration. “Yes fuck that cunt, get your dominant cock all wet for that worthless piece of fuck meat’s ass. It feels so good to have a big hard cock rip open my tender pussy.”

I continued to fuck her as she moaned and talked dirty, squirming on my cock, and then moaned when I finally pulled out of her cock dripping with her juices. I headed for the cells. As I entered Merel looked nervous no doubt she heard I was coming to fuck someone’s ass and assumed it would be her. Nicole looked eager too and was eyeing my hard dripping cock with obvious lust. Bianca looked smug glancing between the two girls, but when I unlocked her cell she looked dismayed.

“No, you fucking bastard, you aren’t ramming that fucking monster into my ass!” Bianca looked about ready to strike but I pressed the buttons on my watch and she collapsed in a heap to the floor. The other girls seemed surprised, but I had never reconnected Bianca to their collars so only she suffered. The other girls were fully aware and could watch as I grabbed their resisting friend and hauled her to her feet. She stood unsteadily and I had little trouble shoving her up against the wall, one strong hand wrapped around her neck from behind.

Without ceremony, and no display that this was anything other than a man claiming what he wanted, I forced my hard cock into Bianca’s tight ass. She whimpered and groaned at the intrusion. She seemed to suffer even more than Merel did and I glanced at the two blondes watching me violet the bitchy brunette. Both had looks of lust though Merel’s was more detached and Nicole’s was animalistic. I began pumping Bianca’s tight shit hole with my aching cock, I’d been letting myself be teased for a bit too long tonight, first Kato, then Youna, and now Bianca’s ass? I was determined not to cum too fast though and held out as long as I could. When the tight warmth of her asshole became too much I shot the last load of the evening into her tight hole with a groan.

I let go of her when I was done and needed to recover. She slumped to the floor, fresh cum leaking from her fuck hole. Grabbing a handful of her hair I pulled her up and forced my cock into her mouth. “Bite and I’ll make you regret it in ways you can only imagine.”

Bianca didn’t even look defiant. She did wrinkle her nose but she cleaned my cock of my cum and her ass obediently, the day had exhausted her and she was broken. I pointed at the cum on the floor that had leaked from her hole. “Lick it up.”

I left her after that command, locking her cell behind me. I untied Youna and led her back into the cells. Nicole still stared at my crotch as she sucked her thumb and fingered her own well abused slit. Merel was crying as she sat on her bed. But Bianca, well her tongue was out licking the anal cream pie off the floor, but she glared with intense hate at Youna, like she was the biggest traitor ever. I briefly had to wonder if she was, but then I realized I didn’t care. Youna would make a great bimbo with the proper guidance and that would make me very happy.