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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 14 — Artist Meets the Girls

The next few days passed quickly. Youna turned out to be a lot of help with handling all of the girl’s training. Barbie and I could have managed without her but with her helping around the house and doing many of the chores Barbie would have done Barbie was soon on her way back to stripping at Dixies on a full schedule. Her regulars must have been dying to see her because she brought home nearly twice her usual amount the first few nights she was back. Barbie would come home happy and horny with her purse filled with cash. I knew Barbie jerked off more than a few of her regulars and others she gave boob jobs between her fake tits. A handful of guys she’d asked permission to suck them or let them fuck her ass. I granted or declined after looking into the guy. She never asked to let one in her cunt though... and instead would come home horny and dripping. She often woke me up when she crawled into our bed, smelling clean from the shower, and I would sleepily fill and fuck her cunt until we both fell asleep again.

Days were long with lots of training. Nicole continued a mind-melting regimen of drugs and hole stuffing combined with her videos and word reinforcement. After a day or two more of training though we took her off the machines. With Youna, Kato, and Barbie’s help, it wasn’t hard to get two women with strap-on toys and a male cock to stuff all three of her holes. Playing her mind control soundtrack over some wireless headphones, we began to train her in every position available, and the size of the cocks the strap-on held increased slowly over time.

Bianca was forced to follow a strict diet and hard exercise. That combined with the mix of steroids, drugs, and supplements and she would be a well-muscled dominatrix soon. She became abusive to the other girls, hitting and insulting them at every chance she got. She even sneered and insulted Barbie too, and while she glared her hatred at me she was beginning to stop resisting me as she knew my wrath would bring the whip and a savage bestial fucking of one of her holes.

After luring her friends into her trap Kato showed no remorse and was instead the obedient slave pet she had become. She would lick and suck on anything anyone presented to her and would hump legs and rub her cunt on people when she was horny, which given that acting like a puppy now aroused her was incredibly often. She used the lawn as her toilet and only when she was particularly annoying or disobedient did I have to flog her ass or lock her in her kennel. Sometimes I thought she was acting out just to be treated like that as she seemed quite happy with those punishments.

Merel was learning the pleasure of being an anal fuck toy. No one but her had touched her cunt since she had arrived in the dungeon. With the constant cycle of arousal and sensation increasing drugs that she took she must have been dying to be used but she was never allowed to cum while her cunt was penetrated. It was actually early in the afternoon as I had her riding my cock with her filthy shit hole that I saw the news report.

“In local news. The daughter of a wealthy local businessman is missing.” The reporter on-screen cut to a picture that showed who I assumed was Merel’s father, sister, and her. “There is a reward being offered for information as to her location. She was last seen...”

The report went on to show a heartfelt plea from Amber, Merel’s sister, and her father a stern-looking man in an expensive suit. I had seen a picture of Amber before but I was struck by just how much the two sisters were similar. Amber, however, had a few more years on her sister. Her shoulder-length blonde hair hung down to her grey sweater and she wore a ratty pair of old blue jeans that contrasted against her father’s suit making her look far more down to earth and sensible. I turned the news off and pushed Merel to the ground as I finished fucking her asshole, dumping a creamy load in her.

Merel had been the hardest girl to cover for. I had Kato and Youna calling their friends and family occasionally and texting them, growing more distant to be sure, but still in contact. What few friends and family Bianca had thought she was with her friends, the occasional text from “Bianca” meant no one was looking very hard for her.

Nicole had been an introverted less social girl, to begin with, and not close to her family at all. Youna, Barbie, Kato, and I went to her place one afternoon and packed up everything in a moving van. Her neighbors who didn’t even really seem to know her probably just assumed she had shown up with her friends and moved out. If they thought it odd they didn’t see her they probably assumed she was in her apartment packing boxes for us to carry out. I sold what was worth selling, donated a lot, and dumped the rest in the nearest landfill. The only things left of hers were a handful of outfits I thought might be slutty enough or ones I wanted in case she needed to look at least outwardly presentable.

I was still thinking about Merel’s father and sister as Merel moaned and then gasped feeling Kato sniffing and then licking the cum from her ass before tonguing the girl’s slit for good measure. I noticed my pet licking her friend’s cunt and slapped her hard on her ass.

“Bad dog,” I yelled. “You don’t lick that. No one touches that cunt she’s for anal fun only.”

Kato looked like I had kicked her, but barked softly in what I could only guess was an apology and went back to licking the moaning girl’s asshole clean. I glanced over to the kitchen and saw Barbie and Youna talking quietly, almost conspiratorially. If I was a paranoid man I’d worry about that but I knew Barbie was my bimbo and she would never go against my will as long as she remained my number one slut.

“I think it’s time we had a talk with the girls,” I said as I nodded to the basement. “Time to tell them the basic plan. But first... Youna what do you want as your reward today?”

Youna beamed, she’d definitely been looking forward to this one. Over the last few days she had asked for more fucking, more porn and toys, or to dominate and degrade Bianca for being a bitch to her, but today it looked like she had her mind made up already.

“When it comes time to decorate me, sir...” Youna said quietly as she smiled coyly sinking to her knees submissively in front of me, legs spread wide. “Can I help pick what you put on and in my body?”

I glance at Barbie and had to contain a smirk. Maybe Youna had figured out that like Kato I would eventually decorate them but I wasn’t an idiot. The conspiratorial conversation, the oddly specific yet still submissive request, and last but certainly not least the fact that Lucas arrived tomorrow. I nodded.

“It can be arranged, Barbie will help you determine what is appropriate to ask for or not.” With that statement, I lead the girls downstairs, three of them willingly and Merel being helped along by my blonde Barbie and her friend Youna. Once all the girls were in their cells for the night I stood in the center of the room and looked them over.

“I’m only keeping two slaves.” Sternly I made my proclamation. I could see both hope and fear stir in most of the girl’s faces. “Those two will live here with Barbie and me and serve us and our needs. Over time, like Kato, you might earn some mild freedom.”

The pet girl yapped and rubbed up against my leg affectionately at the mention of her name. I reached down and patted her head and then slid my hand under her chin and pulled her head up so she was looking at me.

“Of the five of you, two will stay as slaves,” I said this time causing Kato a moment of fear as well. “The others will be sold or given to a club, brothel, or private owner to take care of. Be forewarned, I treat my slaves much better than many if not most owners. I should hope that you all take this seriously and understand that how you impress me will factor into my decision.”

Kato just looked smug and licked at my boot before turning around and displaying her bare ass and cunt to me wiggling her ass as if wagging her tail. I was pretty sure she thought that as my pet she was safe, and unlike Nicole, she had realized for a while now that she had long missed her period and only one man had been dumping cum in her unprotected pussy. She probably thought her position secure, but I wasn’t going to tell her either way.

As Barbie, Kato, and I left the room the girls began muttering and arguing. Merel and Bianca were pissed at Youna, who they thought had been sucking up to Barbie and me for nearly a week now. Clearly they thought Kato and Youna would be my choices. It sowed even more dissent between the girls. Bianca was sure she was getting sold. No one even argued that Nicole was likely first on that list either, the mindless cum slut had been sitting in her cell the whole time a large fat red butt plug forcing in her ass as she fisted her loose pussy and sucked her thumb happily.

I took a shower with Barbie as Kato readied for bed, she flopped down onto her doggy bed in the corner of the room and snuggled with her favorite pillow. Barbie and I took our time toweling each other off, enjoying caressing each other before we crawled in bed. As Barbie and I turned in for the night, I smiled to myself knowing already who would be picked in the end. The girls and maybe even Barbie on the other hand... they would have to wait and see.

The morning came quickly with Barbie coming in to wake me up. She had to chase Kato out of the bed, the pet had snuggled down in the warm spot left by Barbie when she had gotten up for her morning workout. I groaned noticing the time. Kato hadn’t started sucking me off yet because it was earlier than my usual alarm. I sighed and got up grumpily. With Barbie’s help and Youna manning the kitchen we got each of the girls settled in with their training. Bianca was run through her exercises, Nicole was strapped into her machines because it would be a busy morning, and Merel was pulled into my office.

“Merel,” I said as I opened the safe. “I need you to open your phone so I can get contact information for your father and sister.”

Before she could open her mouth to ask questions or protest I wave a hand at her. “You’re too much trouble, I said I’d sell three of you to private owners. As far as I’m concerned your father is a private owner. Until we come to amicable terms you will continue to be defiled and trained.”

Merel looked stunned but soon hope lit up in her eyes and she reached for the phone. She unlocked it and I noted her PIN as she did. She opened her contacts and pulled up her sister’s and father’s numbers. I smiled at her and thanked her before turning her phone back off and putting it back in the safe. I then led her into the dungeon and strapped her to a bench. I lubed her now gaping asshole and left her there. Barbie knew my plan and either Youna, Bianca, or she would be by soon to fuck the girl’s ass.

I, on the other hand, made calls to a few associates. This was going to be a delicate negotiation and I wanted to get everything set up properly. Some people that I knew would pose as city utility officials and get entry to Merel’s father’s home. They would wire the house and phone for observation. Additionally, other friends would plant trackers in the family vehicles and set up tracking on their cell phones. I needed to know every move and call these two would make, just in case.

Arrangements had just barely been made by the time lunch rolled around and I heard the doorbell ring. I got up myself and went to get the door, Kato scampering up with me and barking at the door excitedly. She had no idea who was at the door but all day she had been playing up the part of pet even more. Maybe yesterday’s sale threat had made her more afraid than she had initially seemed. I ignored the pet and answered the door, I knew who it was and he wouldn’t be shocked by a naked girl acting like a dog running around my house.

“Lucas! Come in...” I announced with a girl, even as Kato tried to playfully jump up on my favorite tattoo and piercing artist. “Don’t mind the dog, she won’t bite... unless I tell her to.”

Lucas chuckled and looked down at the girl. “Oh fuck, she is that Kato bitch from before isn’t she? Is she who I’m working on? Can I fuck her this time?”

I smirked and then looked Lucas over. “I mean you can, she’s been bred so it’s safe to use her now, but maybe you should hear the job out completely before you decide.”

“Well Barbie told me it was going to be a long job and I should bring everything, Hell, I’ve even got extra stuff in the truck,” Lucas said with a grin and then sniffed deeply, he was smelling lunch cooking. “Speaking of my favorite big tit bimbo fuck doll... where is she? I thought I smelled her cooking from outside but whatever she is making smells even better now.”

Lucas moved into the living room and set down his cases. He turned towards the kitchen area and was clearly expecting Barbie to come to greet him. Instead, Youna had dropped to her submissive slave pose, knees spread, cunt exposed, arms behind her back, breasts thrust out, and head bowed against her collar in submission.

“What... the... fuck...” Lucas stared at me in disbelief, he was obviously taking in Youna’s beauty and admiring her complete and total submission. Youna had not been spoken to so she didn’t say anything just let him assess her. “What are you doing growing young sluts in a garden out back? Who is she?”

“My name is Youna, I am Master’s fuck doll slave to do with as he pleases, sir,” Youna said when she saw me nod to her to introduce herself. “While you are a guest of my Master I will please you as well, in any way he sees fit.”

“Barbie’s in the gym or dungeon with the other girls,” I said with a wave of my hand. My thoughts were more focused on how much I was impressed with Youna. No one had coached her to say that. I felt like she was also stepping up since being warned only two slaves would be chosen. “We’ve got three more.”

“Five girls? You son of a bitch, you’ve been holding out on me!” Lucas grinned and went to the fridge, grabbing himself a beer as he watched me pull Youna up to her feet. I gave her a kiss on the lips which she returned hungrily. He looked on in envy.

“What do you want as your reward for your work this morning and afternoon?” I asked Youna wondering if she would ask to fuck Lucas to impress me or some other slutty act.

“I need no reward Master, being your slave is the best reward,” Youna said in her most sultry voice. Something about how she said it, how much she meant it, I wanted to drag her to my bed and fuck and fill her every hole, instead, I patted her ass and scooted her back into the kitchen. She smiled back at me then grabbed me a beer as well, opening it and bring it to me. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then headed out back with Lucas to the porch.

“So I’m working on all five of them?” Lucas looked at me and rolled his eyes. “This is going to be a long night.”

“Four.” I smiled reaching down and petting Kato’s hair as she came out and joined us on the porch. “Bitch is pretty well decorated. I think I’ll hold off on more changes for her for now. I told you I was going to need to pay you in cash.”

“Are all the others just as hot?” Sipping his beer and then swallowing Lucas grinned. “Come on, they can’t all be as smoking as that girl...”

“Hmm I’m partial to the rich girl and the one you’ve already met but yeah, they are all sexy women.” I picked at the label of my beer and then drank. “No slut is off-limits and only one of them you can’t fuck all her holes. Merel gets it only in the ass.”

“You are a degenerate, my friend,” Lucas said with a smile. “I knew there was a reason I liked you. When do we start?”

“Right after lunch.” Nodding my head towards the door Lucas looked up and saw Youna bringing two plates and some fresh beers.

“Fuck me, man, a guy could get used to this.” Lucas grinned and then started to dig into his food.