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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 15 — Redecorating

After lunch Barbie came out with Bianca and grabbed a cigarette, she brought Bianca as well and when Lucas started staring at the toned and fit brunette she turned up her nose at him and tried to ignore him even as she sat naked in a chair next to him. Barbie smiled when she sat down and lit up her cigarette. I watched her smoke, watching her bimbo lips purse around the end of her cigarette and those sexy overfilled lips blow a long stream of smoke from her mouth. Youna had come out as well and when I patted my thigh had settled on my lap. I could tell she was leaving a wet spot on my pants as she pressed her naked body against me, gently grinding my cock with her ass.

“So boss,” Lucas grinned as he looked between all of the pretty girls. He’d looked a little surprised when Bianca had shown up. “Who are we redecorating first?”

His eyes flicked between Youna, Kato, and Bianca studying each with interest. Lucas had already worked on Kato but I had mentioned before I might have him do more, but for this trip, I had decided she could skip. Youna and Bianca were definitely on the list but I had actually decided on someone else first. I glanced over at Barbie who got my meaning and she smiled and gave a little nod, a wisp of smoke curling from the corner of her mouth as she smirked.

“None of them,” I stated plainly. Bianca had been glaring daggers at both Lucas and me but I had tapped my wrist subtly and she knew I never bluffed about shocking the hell out of her. She had probably thought at first that I wouldn’t do that with a guest over, but Lucas wasn’t squeamish and even if he didn’t openly talk about it, he knew I trained women to be whores, sluts, strippers, and slaves. “I’ve actually got a different canvas for your first round of work.”

As everyone filed into the dungeon Youna and Barbie settled onto the bed, Youna immediately snuggling in close to Barbie and resting her head on the older blonde’s massive fake tits. They looked so hot together I wanted to climb in and pick a warm hole at random. Instead, I focused on Merel tied in the center of the room. She was on her knees, butt resting on her own legs. A rope had been tied around her chest just below her breasts, this looped behind her where her arms were pulled back palms together as straight as possible. The rope snaked down parral to her arms until it reached her elbows, then split to wrap around her elbows several times, locking her arms in place. Again the robe was coiled around her waist before coming back behind her, it ran parallel downward again until it split to wrap around her forearms, and then lower around her wrists.

Tied like that Merel wasn’t going anywhere on her own very easily, but her ankles had been chained to the floor for good measure. She was bound and ready for whatever my whims called for. No one could see for sure from this angle but I could hear a faint buzzing and I knew Barbie had followed my directions and a vibrating butt plug was buried in the girl’s ass. Her eyes were clear, not touched by the usual pills but I could tell her training had long since made her happy to have her ass used as I saw pussy juice glistening on her wet cunt.

“Merel here,” I said as I lifted her chin and looked her in her eyes. “She is going to be your first project. I have a few things I want for her so it will take a while. I figure after you do some work we can take a break. You can pick a hole to fuck, then we get back to it for a bit. Break after that for dinner and any fun people care to have... and work until you are done or tired. You’re welcome to stay the night if you like. I’m sure Nicole wouldn’t mind warming your bed.”

“Nicole?” Lucas said confused. He’d met the other girls and his count was up to four, not counting Barbie, and it was obviously overwhelming. “How many fucking sluts do you have here!?”

“Five in training.” I laughed and glanced over at the two women on the bed. Youna was sucking the older woman’s tits much to her pleasure. “Six if you count Barbie.”

“You know I do!” Lucas said with a grin and Barbie blew him a kiss. “Alright what do you want?”

I pulled him aside and explained what I wanted then as he got ready I walked over to Bianca. Grabbing her hair roughly, she shrieked having not expected that since I had allowed her some freedom to move around with us so far. I pushed her up against the wall and her well-muscled body pushed against me. She was getting much more toned and fit, but I used my size, weight, and strength to good effect. Bianca no matter how strong, was slender and a good foot shorter, and while her workout was intense I wasn’t a slouch in that department either.

“You have two choices, Bianca,” I hissed at her. “You can either be an obedient little cum dumpster bitch for my guest and me, or I will take you to Dixies tonight and sell you to their VIP section. You’ll spend the rest of your days servicing horny men as nothing but a slutty broken slave girl for their amusement. Got me?”

Bianca didn’t speak for a moment, she was looking at me with hatred and lust. Her training made her want to dominate women and weak men, but strong men made her wet like nothing else... and she hated it. Finally, she gulped, nodded slowly, and whispered. “Yes sir.”

“Good girl. Now go give the dog a bone.” I let go of her hair and nodded to Kato who was looking at us both excitedly. Bianca still wouldn’t call me Master, but sir was respectful enough for now. Bianca nodded at my last command and went to the toy wall to pick a strap on, she was going to make Kato suffer for me forcing Bianca to submit. I didn’t care as long as she wasn’t too rough, didn’t want to have to breed Kato again this soon and the puppy had been nothing but good, so as long as it was just a rough fuck and not brutal it would be fine.

“Please.” Merel sobbed quietly as I turned back to watch her. She had seen Lucas laying out equipment for piercing. It was all single-use and disposable, he didn’t use the gun this time as he wanted to be sterile given the delicate nature of the piercings. She continued to whisper to me. “If you’re going to sell me back to Daddy, I’m sure he’ll give you extra if I tell him you didn’t do this.”

“It’s okay,” I slapped her face gently a few times, mostly playing with her as I looked her over. “Tattoos and piercings can both be removed... though the tattoo will hurt.”

“Tattoo?” Merel looked confused, she’d seen the piercing implements but didn’t expect the tattoos. I don’t really understand why, Kato couldn’t exactly hide her “Anal Pet” and “Breeding Whore” tattoos, and Barbie had mostly ordinary and feminine tattoos it definitely should have told the girl that I liked my women with some ink.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” I removed her ankle chains as the position she was in would be hard for Lucas to work with given her arms bound the way they were. I got her settled face down and ass up in the air and had her spread her legs wide so Lucas would have unhindered access to her cunt. He approached and cleaned her whole carefully. It was clinical and detached but I still could tell he did admire the view. His eyes also darted up to the buzzing toy in her ass. I reached down and flipped it off eliciting something of a disappointed sound from the girl.

It didn’t take long for Lucas to finish the piercings I wanted. Merel’s inner labia were pulled out forcing them out of her thicker pussy lips, then four gauged piercings were inserted on each side, then connected by a small silver ring. In the end her pussy was stitched closed by the four piercings. No one would be using that hole without removing them.

We gave Merel a bit of time to recover, the pain was rough for her and it wasn’t going to get much better with the tattoos. Bianca was still fucking Kato, and the bitch was moaning happily wagging her bitch ass against Bianca as the muscular brunette violated my pet’s asshole. Youna and Barbie had devolved into a full-on pussy licking and tongue fucking session as each girl took a turn watching Merel’s decoration or pleasing the other woman. I held Merel’s head and stroked her hair.

“Why?” Merel sobbed when it was done and we took a picture to show her how it looked. I thought about just ignoring her and not answering but then I shrugged.

“While you stay in this house I don’t want you or anyone else penetrating that pussy unless I say so.” I smiled. “Don’t worry though, I’ll leave you your slutty asshole to be violated.”

“I guess we do above the cunt first?” Lucas said as he looked over Merel’s bound form. She just sniffed and tried to recover as Lucas prepared for the next step. “We’ll need to untie her for the back.”

I nodded my understanding. “Of course, I figured we could get the front done and then take a break for a bit and then untie her for the last part.”

After thinking about the position a while we chose how best to position her. In the end, I decided on a stool that had an extremely short back, only about three or four inches. I could tuck that back under her arms allowing her to sit properly. I gave her a bit of extra cushion because of her abused cunt, I could have done the tattoos first but I wanted her to appreciate the pain I could inflict if I wanted. I needed her to cooperate fully and want to be sold back to her father. I cuffed her legs to the legs of the stool and tied her arms to the back. In the end, she could move very little and Lucas had clear access to right above her pussy for his work.

As the tattoo gun buzzed and Lucas began his work I flopped down on the bed with Youna and Barbie and just watched. Kato came hard not too long after Merel’s tattoo was started and I just rested between the two women on the bed, their hands alternating between caressing my chest, thighs, cock, and balls. I was fully clothed between the two nude women but still, they caressed me intimately. With a sudden thought, I leaned over and whispered to Youna.

“You’re sleeping with Barbie and I tonight as long as you behave well.” Youna beamed at me as I said that and slid her hand between her legs as if to show me how excited she was for that. Barbie just giggled and whispered in my ear.

“Sir likes two sexy women warming a bed for him?” Barbie’s warm breath caressed my ear as her sultry voice whispered in it, and I squeezed her thigh. “Master wants six holes to choose from when he gets horny in the middle of the night?”

I didn’t answer instead, I kissed her passionately and then alternating my attention between her and Youna. By the time Lucas announced he was done I was ready to grab one of the two and fuck her into unconsciousness. With a groan, I parted from the women, eliciting groans of disappointment from them as well...

Standing I headed to Lucas and Merel as he was getting ready to cover the tattoo. Above the girl’s pierced shut cunt were the words “No Entry” in dark fresh ink.I grinned and clapped Lucas on the shoulder. It wasn’t elaborate or fancy but it was exactly what I wanted. After he dressed the tattoo I pulled Merel to her feet and helped her stand again. Youna and Barbie stood with a stand and Bianca had long since finished ass fucking Kato. She stood as well and followed everyone upstairs Kato was sleeping in a corner happily and I let her be.

We headed out onto the back porch, two men and four mostly nude women. Barbie was completely naked while the other three had collars, with Merel “wearing” her bondage ropes still and Bianca still sporting a lube slicked strap-on. Barbie, Bianca, and Lucas all took the opportunity to get another cigarette, meanwhile, I settled Youna on the ground in front of me, facing away, and petted her hair occasionally as we talked. Barbie told Lucas stories about Dixies and some of her regulars, the pathetic financially dominated ones, the white knights trying to save her and make her their wife, or the perverts who just wanted to fuck her in so many depraved ways. Lucas talked about his latest clients and projects and I just watched the other girls.

Youna’s eyes lit up at Barbie talking about Dixies and I noticed her rubbing her own pussy slowly as she listened to every dirty detail. I filed that away for future use. Bianca’s eyes lit up with sadism and amusement when Barbie talked about dominating or controlling her clients. She also spent a lot of time talking to Merel about her new tattoo and piercings saying that she is definitely the kind of girl who deserves to be an anal slut. Merel just stared down between her own legs in disbelief, the bandage over her mound, and the ache in her cunt reminding her of her new adornments.

“So who do you want?” I smiled after a bit more talking and looked at Lucas. “I can see you’ve got a hard-on, can’t have you doing work while distracted. Who do you want to fuck? No one’s off-limits today.”

“Umm...” Lucas gulped and looked over at Barbie and Youna who were flirtatiously smiling at him, Barbie sucked on her cigarette suggestively and blew out smoke, Youna leaned forward to display her tits and purse her naturally sexy dick sucking lips. Bianca looked disgusted, and Merel just whimpered. “You serious man?”

“Gotta pay for your work somehow, and cash isn’t enough for everything I’m asking for.” Grinning I watched the indecision in his eyes.

“No offense Barbie,” Lucas said sheepishly, “You’re probably the greatest fuck I’ve ever had but I want to fuck Bianca’s ass. That bitch has been giving me the evil eye since I got here and I want to take her down a peg or two.”

“Eww... No, I’m not going to let him...” Bianca started to protest but Barbie stood up and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her down over the edge of the hot tub. Bianca was still wearing her strap-on and the hard plastic dick pushing against the side of the tub pushed into her cunt making her gasp. As I watched approvingly Youna apparently had gone inside. She came back with a squeal of delight.

“Here! This will help!” Youna held up a bottle of vegetable oil for cooking and handed it to Lucas who smiled at Youna’s enthusiasm.

“Man I hope I made the right choice.” Lucas eyes Youna but must have stuck with his original choice because he was stripping a moment later and rubbing oil into his erection as he advanced on Bianca with Barbie holding her down. His choice made up my mind and I pushed Merel down face-first against the tile of the patio. Her ass was up in the air and I pulled her anal plug out causing a leaking gob of leftover lube to come free. Lucas had forced himself into the protesting Bianca who finally relaxed when he was buried fully in her ass. Barbie returned with the oil and sat back in her chair, she handed the oil to Youna who coated her fingers in oil and began to finger Merel’s ass with first two then three, then four fingers.

“Fuck Master!” Youna gasped. “How big is this slut’s asshole going to be? I can probably fit my whole fist in here!”

“Try it.” Grinning I watched the shocked Youna and heard Merel moan in confused excitement. Youna eyed me for a moment then tucked her thumb as tight against her palm as she could and started to push. She worked with a slow steady pressure until finally, Merel’s anal ring closed around Youna’s wrist. Youna stared in wonder and slid her hand in and out of the abused hole for a while before pulling out and reaching up with her other hand to spread Merel’s gaping hole with both hands.

“Fuck her Master,” Youna whispered excitedly. “Fill her undeserving shit hole with your cum.”

I moved forward and pushed into Merel sliding in easily, not experiencing much tension or resistance on even my thick cock until Youna let go of Merel’s anal ring and it squeezed down on me finally. I could hear Bianca in the background getting fucked by Lucas in her ass, each thrust shoving the back of her strap on against her clit. She had to be so embarrassed and used right now being taken by a man who wasn’t her Master against her will. I fucked Merel, careful to just enjoy the feel of her warm ass wrapped around my prick. I tried not to thrust too hard as I didn’t want to slap into her abused and freshly pierced cunt.

As Lucas and I fucked our respective girls Youna settled in Barbie’s lap. The older blonde meanwhile lit a cigarette and smoked while her other hand settled in Youna’s lap fingering and stretching the brunette’s sopping cunt. After a fun round of anal violation, Lucas shot his load deep into Bianca’s rarely used asshole and after a while longer I deposited sticky strand after sticky strand into my little anal cum dumpster as well.

As I stayed buried in her resting and letting the last of my cum drain from my balls Barbie lifted Merel’s head with one pink nailed foot. The abused younger blonde looked up at her in confusion.

“Open,” Barbie commanded and the younger girl opened her mouth obediently, prompting Barbie to add. “Stick out your tongue.”

When Merel did so Barbie reached down with the hand holding her cigarette and flicked the ash onto the girls waiting tongue. Merel choked and gagged, surprised by the action. Lucas looked intrigued even as he and Bianca rejoined the rest of the group and lit their own cigarettes. Barbie pushed Merel’s cheek with her foot to get her attention.

“Don’t do that. You just stay there and be a good ashtray.” Barbie said with faked malice. “You got Master’s cum instead of me so you’ll do what I say to make it up to me.”

Merel nodded and then stuck her tongue back out, this time when Barbie ashed in her mouth she closed her mouth and swallowed with a gulp. I pulled out of Merel’s ass and pushed her into the center of the smokers so they could all use her mouth. I rested back in my chair as Youna sank to her knees and sucked and cleaned my cock. The group returned to talking some, with brief interruptions as each smoker ashed their cigarette in Merel’s waiting mouth. Finally done Barbie set her cigarette in the real ashtray but Lucas had a wicked look on his face. He had let his cigarette go almost out and then pressed it lightly against Merel’s wet tongue causing her to yelp but she closed her mouth around it and her spit quickly doused any remaining embers.

“Swallow it.” Lucas said experimentally. Merel looked at me pleadingly but I nodded at her. She gulped and swallowed making a disgusted face. She then looked back at Bianca the only one still smoking and opened her now empty mouth again.

Bianca stood and put her foot on the other girl’s shoulder forcing her head down and making the girl stick out her abused ass even more. Then Bianca grinned evilly and dropped the still-lit cigarette into Merel’s gaping asshole. I stood forcing Youna out of the way as I rounded on Bianca and slapped her as hard as I could. She staggered and crumpled to the tile. Merel meanwhile had yelped in surprise and then shifted to try and force the cigarette from her ass. She was wincing in pain as I watched a cum soaked cigarette fall from her ass. Youna was trying to comfort the girl. I picked up the cigarette butt and went to Bianca, pulling her up by her hair I looked at her with rage.

“You never abuse my sluts without my permission,” I growled then as she found her feet let go of her hair, and grabbed her jaw forcing her mouth open. I flicked the cum-coated cigarette that had just been in Merel’s ass and then on the ground into her mouth. “Swallow.”

Bianca looked at me, but this time there was no rage, only fear, and strange arousal. I’d never lost my cool with any of the girls and this was new territory, she didn’t argue and swallowed the filthy piece of trash. I pushed her down to the dungeon and moved to lock her in her cell. The others were in the playroom when I returned, collected once more.

“Sorry for her lack of discipline,” I said with a smirk. “I guess I’ll have to break her even more. Let’s get back to the fun.”