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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 16 — Lucas’ Slut

After losing my cool with Bianca, it took me a bit to get back into the spirit of the day. We started by unbinding Merel’s arms and letting her stretch to remove the aches and pains of being bound so long. I gave her more time than I might have normally but when I commanded her up on a medical table she hopped up, probably even more afraid than ever of how I would punish her. I gave her a pill to help with her already mounting pain and then let Lucas go back to work. I lounged with Barbie while Youna headed upstairs to figure out dinner for the group.

A little while settled with Barbie’s naked body cuddled up close to me and stroking her warm lightly tanned skin and I soon had a good idea for how to start to punish Bianca. I had actually started to doze off with Barbie when Lucas coughed loudly and I looked up through one opened eye.

“Ta-da!” Lucas said with a grin. He waved his arm in front of Merel like he was presenting a game show prize. The girl stood there, wearing just her collar and her perky nice sized breasts on display. However, as I looked down I saw the tattoo above her cunt saying “No Entry” and her inner labia pulled down and exposed by the weight of her piercings. I nodded but then Lucas turned her around and exposed the second tattoo right above the crack of her ass, it said “Insert Here” with a thick black arrow clearly pointing to her well used asshole.

“Perfect,” I said with a smile. “We might need to add more to her later but I think for now I’m happy. That was what I had planned at least. Are you happy with your new decorations my little anal fleshlight?”

Merel sniffled and gulped as I addressed her, she was clearly still feeling some of the pain, though the pill had dulled it. She nodded her head slowly, still fearing my wrath, and said softly. “Yes sir.”

“Oh honey, you look beautiful.’ Barbie announced as she stood up and walked over to the girl, the blonde bimbo pulled the other girl into a warm hug and then wiped her tears. Merel smiled weakly and nodded.

“Once Lucas gets your tattoos and piercings properly dressed and attended to you can go help Youna with dinner if you want,” I said as Lucas pulled her back to the table to get started. “If not I’ll put you back in the cells with Bianca and Nicole.”

Grimacing at the mention of Bianca, Merel seemed like she was trying to think it through. I’d never let her wander the house unattended before so this was new territory. She also knew what happened if she stepped out of line. In its own way, this was a test before tomorrow night.

“I’ll go help, it will take us less time if we work together sir.” The dirty blonde girl yelped a little as Lucas touched a tender spot, but soon she was cleaned up and bandaged properly and heading upstairs to join Youna.

Lucas, Barbie, and I were left alone in the basement for the moment. Well, Kato was still sleeping in the corner of the room but she wasn’t really a person to me anymore, just my fuck pet. I thought about things and looked at Lucas with a smile.

“I’ve been thinking about how to pay you for your services properly,” I said with a grin. “I have a few ideas, I know you like fucking the girls, but I’ve asked a lot of you over the years and this load of work especially requires special payment.”

“A fat stack of cash?” Lucas joked, then grinned and laughed. “Or you’re going to give me a slut of my own.”

This last statement was said as a joke and Lucas kept laughing but I smiled and Barbie tried to suppress a giggle of her own for a different reason. I stood up and motioned for them to follow as I headed over to the passage to the cells. Lucas looked up wide-eyed and his laughing stopped.

“You’re shitting me, right?” Lucas stared at me hard. “Oh hell, please don’t tell me it’s that ball buster Bianca, I mean she’s probably fun to fuck but I don’t know if I want to handle all that... no offense.”

“I have other plans for her.” I smiled wickedly. “Thought you might have a different opinion of the one you haven’t met yet.”

As we entered the cells I shocked Bianca for good measure without even saying or letting her utter a word. Nicole didn’t care, she looked at us with drool dripping down her chin from the pacifier she was sucking on. She was squatting on the floor of her cell a massive black butt plug forcing its way into her anal cavity as she bounced her weight up and down on it desperately. Another hand was driving a thick vibrator in and out of her cunt but she had long since worn out the batteries. The mindless blonde fuck doll was filling her holes and drooling happily.

“Fuck man, what did you do to this girl?” Lucas grinned and walked over to the cell to get a closer look. Nicole looked up at him with hungry eyes and smiled around her pacifier. It dropped out of her mouth onto the floor of her cell and she started to crawl over towards him. At first, Lucas backed up a bit but Barbie just laughed and came up behind him. As the blonde pressed her massive tits against his back she pushed her weight on him and pressed him up against the bars. He resisted at first but when Barbie nibbled his ear he relented, instead he looked down at Nicole, and the dull-eyed slut grinned at him happily.

“Nicole wants cock.” She practically slurred, her small hand reaching out and rubbing Lucas’ cock through his pants. She brought her face close and nuzzled his hard-on. “Nicole is fuck meat, needs her holes filled. Nicole loves cum.”

I watched with a grin as Barbie reached down and undid Lucas’ fly, pulling out the cock that had been jammed deep into Bianca’s ass not too long ago and stroked it’s already hard length. Nicole practically moaned her delight and before Lucas could begin to enjoy Barbie’s hand Nicole swallowed the cock in front of her. She began sucking hungrily, anomalistically, and needfully. Copious amounts of spit and drool spilled down her chin and onto the floor of her cell. When Lucas surrendered to the girl’s hunger, she pushed his cock deep down her throat and I could watch the pulsing of her throat as she swallowed him all.

Pulling off of Lucas with a gasp Nicole turned around and pushed her pussy against his cock, her ass hitting the bars as she tried for the best angle to fill her needy hole. Lucas swore and grinned with the sheer lust and eagerness Nicole was showing.

“Holy fuck man!” Lucas looked back at me. “And you want to give... her... to me?”

I nodded and watched as Nicole got him lined up slide down with a satisfied moan, she started fucking again like a bitch in heat, grinding her ass against the bars to fuck his cock. Lucas groaned as well.

“Fuck it man, I’ll do piercings and tattoos for you for life if you give me her,” Lucas announced, his hands moving to reach through the bars to feel her small tits. The angle was awkward but he managed it. “Might need to upgrade her.”

“You can do what you want when I’m done training her.” I grinned with a twinkle in my eye. “She’ll be your property to use and take care of.”

Barbie had since moved away from Lucas, letting the new Master and his slave get acquainted. She instead moved over to me and smiled before whispering in my ear. “It’s so cute to see a man get his first owned slave.”

While Lucas dumped another load of cum in his cum dump, Barbie and I shocked and got Bianca out of her cell. Dragging her to the other room we tied her to a cross and adjusted her so that Lucas could work on her. Once he was done she would sport tribal tattoos around both biceps and her thighs. A trashy tramp stamp would be on her lower back, a patterned design surrounding the script

Domme by Choice

Slut by Force

When Lucas finally came out of the backroom I described those tattoos to him and he grinned. He then looked her over.

“What about piercings?” He smiled as he asked. He reached between her legs and poked her thick meaty clit. A combination of the steroids she was on, an androgen applied to her clit, and the other drugs I was feeding her had made it swell up rather large already. By the time I was done with her, it would probably put some guys tiny dicks to shame.

“Thickest heaviest gold rings you’ve got in each tit,” I said and Barbie winced, those were going to be heavy and pull at her nipples mercilessly. They would hurt a lot until they healed. “And an equally large piercing in her clit itself.”

Lucas whistled and looked at Bianca, maybe even with a little pity. “Man, you dumb bitch, shoulda known better than to fuck with his property. Never seen him get pissed like that before.”

“We can discuss Youna’s piercings and tattoos over dinner,” I said with a smile, Kato looked up at that moment, awoken by the talking and stretched on all fours. She then wiggled her ass like wagging her tail and nuzzled Barbie’s leg. “I’m going to go up and watch a show with Barbie and Kato until it’s ready. “I’ll send one of the girls down for you when it’s time to eat.”

When the food was ready I sent Kato down to get Lucas. Unlike most nights I didn’t make Merel or Youna eat down in their cells or on the floor. Instead, Merel sat in Lucas’ lap and could only eat when he fed her, having to open her mouth and wait for her food. Youna, on the other hand, got to eat like a member of the family instead of a slave, though her nudity and collar were in stark contrast. Barbie had gotten dressed before dinner as she had to head to Dixies to strip after leaving Merel and Youna as the only two nude women in the house. Kato was also nude but as the puppy dug into her bowl she didn’t act very much like a woman anymore.

“So I want roses around both ankles, then thorny vines wrapping around my legs, all the way up until they wrap around my crotch and ass, the come back forward to put roses over my cunt.” Youna explained in between bites as Lucas stared at her in shock. “Then I want that to go along the sides of my torso before wrapping around my arms and chest. The arm vines should end on my biceps with roses, and the last large rose should be nestled between my breasts... but...”

Youna hesitated and I wondered why for a moment, I know Barbie and her had been talking about this for a while. I’d shot down any of her more raunchy designs so she had opted for something big ad flashy instead. I looked at her and nodded as if giving her permission to speak her mind.

“I kind of don’t want you to finish that until I get my new tits,” Youna said quietly and shyly. Lucas glanced between her and me.

“You’re going to get her some new tits?” Lucas grinned and fed Merel a bite of food as he thought about that. “Fuck that’s hot.”

“I hadn’t promised anything or even discussed it.” Setting my fork down and resting my chin on my hands I glanced between Barbie and Youna, I sensed a conspiracy, but I also had to smile inwardly. Barbie knew me too well after all these years, and Youna had been all too eager to spend her time masturbating to bimbo porn and adoring Barbie’s bimbo body. I sighed. “But if she’s a good slut I don’t see why not.”

“YES!” Youna practically squealed with joy. “If Master will let me get big fake titties I’ll be the best brunette bimbo he’s ever seen!”

I noticed the “brunette” bimbo and chuckled softly. Yeah, Barbie was pulling the strings here. I glanced at Youna and smiled it was going to be fun to watch her go through the changes of becoming a bimbo slut.

“We’ll also hold off on some of your piercings then,” I said as I resumed eating. “You can get the extra ears, belly button, and hood piercing done, but we’ll save the nipples for after enhancement.”

Youna looked disappointed for half a second but her enthusiasm could not be doused. She nodded and then impulsively got up from her chair and sank under the table. She crawled toward me and then nuzzled my crotch. “Youna is so lucky to have the best Master. Thank you for treating me like the slut I am.”

“Good girl but there is one more condition.” I exhaled and glanced at Barbie. “It’s expensive to get you what you want so you need to make me some money. Starting in a few days Barbie and I will take you to Dixies and you’ll be the new dancer. We’ll tell all the men that every dollar you earn will go to your bimbo transformation... and you’ll be back dancing to show off what their money bought you.”

If Youna cared she didn’t show it, her fingers and unzipped my fly and her lips had wrapped around my cock. As she sucked me off, urging me towards a load of cum she would greedily suck down I thought about how perfect her lips were already and that I probably wouldn’t pump them up, instead enjoying her as a slut who was naturally built for cock-sucking.