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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 17 — Raising the Stakes

After dinner, Lucas and Youna went downstairs to pick work on Bianca and Youna’s tattoos. There was no way they would finish tonight and it was likely Lucas would end up staying over to work on them the next day too. Barbie gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed for Dixies to work a shift, very soon the guys at the club would all be drooling over, and in the case of a lucky few, cumming for my blonde bimbo plaything. Merel was left to clean up the kitchen and seemed a little relieved at something of normalcy, she barely even flinched when I fondled her tits as I grabbed a beer. Kato, on the other hand, scampered around the kitchen, yapping happily whenever Merel put down a plate for the puppy girl to clean with her tongue before washing it.

Heading to my office I set my beer on an end table by the couch and used a tablet to load the camera feeds from Merel’s house. It was a lavish affair, large and opulent and it was clear her father liked to show off his wealth. My associates hadn’t been able to get cameras in every room of the house but most of the public areas were no problem and the audio coverage seemed to be good everywhere but in the bathrooms. I was glad most people don’t have conversations in the bathroom that often. I could hear Merel’s father yelling at someone on the phone about finding Merel. I could tell on the tablet from the tap on the call that it was some private investigator. I clicked off the feeds for now. That was enough of a test for now.

I relaxed and fiddled with my phone. Texting my usual group of friends for a poker night I started to get replies back.

“I’m in! Barbie going to be there?’

“Fuck yeah, been too long says we played.”

“C U 2 morrow.”

“Poker? Sure. Poke-her? Tell Barbie I’m already cumming. Lol”

The guys had gotten pretty used to being allowed to use whatever slut I had around the house so they knew this was going to be a combined game and fuck fest. I didn’t have the heart to tell them Barbie was working a long shift tomorrow, but I had some plans for alternate entertainment that I was sure they’d enjoy. I messed around in my office taking a break for myself for a bit until Merel and Kato came looking for me. I bent Merel over the armrest of the couch and pried open her ass with my fingers. I inspected her carefully for any signs of damage to her ass. It looked like the cum and wetness of her ass had put the cigarette out before it had done any harm, and Merel only moaned in pleasure as I played with her hole so I decided she could help with tomorrow’s festivities. I smacked her ass and she looked up at me nervously.

“Tomorrow night you’re going to entertain my friends.” Caressing her ass as I spoke she instantly knew at least one way she would be doing that. “And if you are good, then you’ll call your sister and arrange payment to be bought back by your Daddy.”

“Yes Master,” Merel looked both apprehensive and hopeful at the same time. She wanted to go home but she doubted that I would sell her, and was probably worried about what she had become over her stay with me. She loved anal sex now and her ass could easily make her cum, it wasn’t quite the picture of normal she had in her head.

When I was done in the office I took Merel downstairs for bedtime and locked her away. Bianca had already been moved into her cell. Youna was having her tattoo worked on but I motioned for Lucas to wrap it up. Once he had Youna started to move towards the cells but I stopped her.

“Barbie is at work tonight,” I looked at her and she seemed a little confused but also had a twinkle in her eyes of... Lust? Hope? I smirked. “That means I need a bimbo to warm my bed, your tits are pathetically small and your ass needs work but you’ll do for now.”

“I’m glad my unworthy tits and ass can be of service, Master.” Youna purred playfully. “Maybe if you rape my holes hard enough you’ll forget what a poor bimbo I am?”

Lucas stared at me with envy and then laughed. “Hey man, don’t take this the wrong way because I’m super grateful about the other girl, but fuck if willing bimbos aren’t super hot.”

Grinning at him and smacking Youna’s ass I waved to Lucas. “Come on, I’ll show you to the guest room that was ready for you.”

When we got to his room we found Kato already lounging on the bed, idly rubbing her tummy and running her fingers over her breeding whore tattoo she looked like she was ready for some attention. I slapped my hand on Lucas’ chest and laughed.

“I was going to see if you wanted to try and keep Nicole busy tonight but it looks like the family dog has other plans.” Lucas smiled at me and eyed Kato with lust.

“Fuck, no complaints from me.” Walking over to the bed Lucas grabbed and squeezed Kato’s tits. “I’ve been hoping to fuck her since you first had me work on her.”

Youna and I left them to it closing the door behind us as we headed for my room. After a long soak in the tub with Youna pampering me, we curled up in bed together. I was being careful of her numerous new tattoos and settled for her sucking me off before bed. She, on the other hand, insisted if I wasn’t going to abuse her holes that I should at least get two loads in her throat. Normally I would have punished such presumption but I was feeling good about the day in the end. As my second load shot down her throat she fingered her clit to a strong orgasm before crawling close to me and collapsing.

The next day was lazy for the first part. Everyone slept in, in fact, I was the first to wake up, leaving Barbie who had crawled into bed only a few hours ago, to snuggle with Youna. Somewhere in their sleep Youna had become the big spoon and had her arms wrapped around Barbie, her hands squeezing down on Barbie’s huge fake tits. As I headed down the hall I saw Lucas’ door was open, at some point he must have let Kato out to use the yard and not bothered to close the door. He had his cock pressed against the puppy girl’s ass and his arm was over her waist, his hand resting on what would eventually be a very swollen stomach as Kato carried my child.

I made some eggs, bacon, and toast for all and enjoyed the quiet for a bit. I then wrote up a chore list of things to do for the day. Awakened by the smell of bacon my guest and slaves began to file sleepily into the kitchen. Barbie and Youna were last and from the barely thrown on robe and wetness on Youna’s mouth, I had a guess. I outlined the day to all and the house went to work. Over the next few hours, all five of the college girls went to work cleaning, preparing, and cooking for my guests for the evening. Barbie supervised and also ran through her morning workout before taking a nap in the afternoon to rest before her shift at Dixies started. Lucas and I watched some sports, news, and then played some games as we just relaxed and enjoyed a household of sexy women pampering us. By late in the afternoon I had texts coming in confirming the time and I replied to each.

Before the first guest arrived Lucas, Youna, and Bianca headed downstairs. Lucas needed to get to work finishing up tattoos for both girls and it was going to take quite a while still. Nicole was brought up from the basement and taken to the master bathroom to get cleaned and dressed by Barbie. Merel was given her outfit for the evening and obediently got dressed. For the first time in a while, I had new accessories for Kato and while she resisted at first, once she saw her look in the mirror she wagged her tail excitedly.

Preparations complete I heard the doorbell ring as the first of my friends arrived. Merel was on door duty so she answered the door and waved the two men who were waiting there inside. Each took a long appreciative glance at her. She was wearing a tight black corset with white laces that went from just above her hips to right below her bust. A thin white blouse barely concealed her braless tits, hard nipples brushing against the sheer fabric. A tiny white skirt of similar material barely covered her mound, in fact, if she moved much or you looked from the right angle you could see the dangling pussy piercings below the hem of the fabric. Topping it off was a pair of long black and white sheer stockings and a pair of five-inch heels.

“Jesus.” A man named Joshua with short blonde hair stared at her. “You didn’t tell me there would be new entertainment! I would have been over way earlier.”

His buddy Aaron made Merel turn around and whistled as he saw her butt cheeks peeking out below the fabric. He looked at her with a charming smile and talked to her. “What is a beautiful girl like you doing with a loser like my friend?”

I chuckled and just motioned the guys into the house. “You know my rules, no touching the entertainment until everyone is here.”

The guys pretended to moan and groan but shuffled into the room just as Barbie came out of the bedroom dressed for the club. Both of them whistle.

“Hey, there!” Aaron grinned and looked her up and down. “Are we getting a striptease from you Barbie? It’s been too long.”

“If you want to see all that you need to come to the club more.” Barbie winked at him. “You cheap pervert. But sadly, no, I’ve got to go to the club tonight. You’ll have to make do with the new girls.”

Barbie had emphasized the plural word and I could see the excited reaction from both. As they settled in and grabbed drinks and snacks Merel answered the door for our next guest. A well-groomed guy who looked like a fitness model was next and I could actually see Merel blush as he looked her over. He had a case of an expensive foreign beer with him in one hand but he wrapped the other around her waist escorting him into the house.

“Oliver,” I said nodding to him as he took Merel’s hand and kissed it before breaking off to put the beer on ice. “I hope your luck is as bad as last time, I could use a few grand more from you.”

Oliver just looked up at me with a shit-eating grin and raised his middle finger to flip me off. Merel was still watching him when the doorbell rang next. She scurried off as fast as she could in her high heels and opened it. The surprise on her face was obvious from this distance. That had to be Leo and Sofia.

As three people walked into the living room I saw that I had assumed correctly. Leo was an older man with salt and pepper hair and beard, his wife Sofia was younger, a knockout in a long red evening dress that had a neckline that went clear down to her waist. The dress displayed her ample double D tits and flawless skin.

“... I would love to suck your cum out of that girl’s asshole.” Sofia was saying to her husband as the entered the room. With a smile, she came over to me and wrapped me in a hug. “With your permission, of course, darling.”

“Of course. Lovely to see you both again.” For Leo’s viewing pleasure I pulled Sofia’s dress up and slid my hand over her, unsurprisingly bare, ass. He grinned approvingly and nodded his greeting.

“Only two more to show up,” I announced to the group. “Andre and Liam texted saying they were running late because of a situation at work.”

Seven people for the game including myself was a pretty good turnout. While we were waiting for the others to arrive everyone handed me the cash they had brought. They knew me and trusted me, and I cultivated that trust because in my business absolute trust was necessary. I soon had a stack of cash tucked away in my safe that represented the money it would take people years if not decades to accumulate with honest work.

When I came back from the office Merel was answering the door and Sofia had settled on the couch between Joshua and Aaron and was gently rubbing the friend’s cocks through their pants while staring lustfully at her approving husband. Oliver had picked an armchair and had one of his expensive beers open, sipping at it as he unwound from whatever his day had entailed. Andre and Liam walked into the room following Merel. Even in her heels, the two black men towered over the tiny white college girl. They both had on suits that were sharply tailored, and that fact alone told me they had just been dealing with work. These two had a lot of style and took their business seriously.

“Sorry for being late to the party,” Liam said sheepishly as he handed me what could only be both he and Andre’s share of the pot. “But you know how business is some time.”

“Well, no business tonight man,” I said taking the cash and heading to the office to lock it up. “Just relax, have Merel grab you guys a drink and some snacks and we can get started when I get back. Oh and if any of you need your shoes shined she’ll be more than happy to use her tongue.”

The last bit was added as a sadistic little jab at Merel, she knew she needed to be good tonight or I wouldn’t let her call her sister. When I got back Merel was kneeling in front of the couch, her tongue slowly licking over the outside of Sofia’s heels. Whenever Merel would look up at the older woman she would lift her dress and flash her pussy to the little slave maid. The men were all eating it up and encouraging Merel, telling her whenever she missed a spot.

I let them have their fun for a while longer, and Merel was starting on Oliver’s wingtips when I announced. “Time to play, grab your seats, and your stacks, and let’s get this show on the road. After a couple of hands, we’ll get to the real entertainment.”

The dining table had been set with a long green tablecloth that reached the floor and enough comfortable chairs had been pulled around it. At each seat was a stack of chips for each player’s buy-in. As the players settled around the table Merel took orders for drinks or snacks and served as a waitress for the party.

The first few hands were light, low bets, lots of cross-talk about work, life, sports... nothing too serious but big money wasn’t on the line. So when Andre folded on the second hand and practically jumped out of his seat, it shocked everyone but me.

“What the... fuck?” Andre looked down confused and we could all see his fly was down. Then I saw Kato’s slender hand reaching into his fly to fish out his cock. She’d been hiding under the table the whole time and I guess she finally wanted to play. Andre stared at her seeing the little white girl, a headband over her head with little puppy ears attached. Her collar proudly displayed her name as “Bitch,” and as his brother Liam peeked under the table from the other side he was greeted by a sexy white girl’s ass with a huge plug shoved in her shit hole that a dogs tail had been attached to, she wriggled it for his viewing pleasure.

“Damn man, warn a guy next time,” Andre said with a chuckle and sat back down. “Nearly gave a brother a heart attack.”

If he was upset about that he forgot because a few moments later accompanied by slurping and sucking from beneath the table he seemed to be quite thoroughly enjoying the surprise. He sat out the next hand relaxing back in his chair. When he grunted and pumped his load into Kato’s mouth I figured all was forgiven. For her part, Kato crawled out from under the table and over to a metal pitcher that had been set on the ground. As the players watched she spit the large load into the pitcher and then wagged her tail for everyone to see.

“Good girl, Bitch!” I praised and Merel patted Kato’s head so I didn’t need to get up. I then looked to the players. “If you cum tonight it needs to end up in that pitcher. That’s the special rule for the entertainment.”

The guys looked intrigued and grinned at each other as they imagined what that would mean, but not everyone was happy, Sofia was pouting.

“What about me?” She said crossing her arms over her ample chest. “I don’t get to be in on the fun.”

“Do you really think I’d forget you Sofia?” I smiled and looked at her. “While the guys might be providing one ingredient in that “cock”—tail I need you to help with the mixer. Whenever you feel like you need to piss...”

Sofia’s eyes widened as she got the point, and she smiled at me wickedly. “Oh you sick degenerate. I love it!”

We settled back into the game, Kato taking turns sucking the cum from each of the players, seemingly at random. Even Sofia took a turn where she leaned back in her chair and then came on Kato’s face. Once everyone had had one turn to cum I called a halt to the game and threw out seven chips on the table. Each one had a letter on it, two were marked with an M, two with a B, and three with an N. The chips were either pink, red, or brown. Everyone looked confused.

“I’m going to add one of these to each pot. If you have more than one of these chips, you must ante at least one into the pot of your choice.” Eyebrows raised and glances were exchanged as I explained my game. “The letters correspond to Merel, Bitch, and the as of yet not introduced Nicole.”

The players looked like they had questions but they knew better than to interrupt until I was done. I continued, “The color corresponds to the hole when you win you get to be the first to do whatever you want to that girl’s hole. But you have to have them at the end of the hands we’ll play. The chips aren’t worth anything other than the holes. Pink for pussy, red for the mouth, and brown for that filthy, filthy, ass.”

I finished with a chuckle and the players looked over the chips. For Merel there was a chip for mouth and ass, for Nicole there was one of each, and for Bitch there was an ass and pussy... which made sense because we had all already enjoyed her mouth tonight. There was some discussion over who really wanted to win what and how much they liked the idea of gambling with these slave’s fuck holes meanwhile Andre was petting Bitch’s head and staring at her, I was pretty sure he wanted one of her holes, bad.

I excused myself to go check on Lucas as everyone took a break from play, I saw Sofia squatting in the kitchen over the pitcher as I left, her red dress bunched around her waist as she let go of a stream of hot piss. I chuckled. In the basement, Lucas was working on Youna and I stopped to give the girl a kiss as she grimaced with a bit of pain but soldiered on through her elaborate tattoo. I went and got Nicole. The girl was tied to a wall to avoid her messing up her outfit or makeup, she had a collar around her neck that was attached to a solid steel spreader bar that kept her hands up and at her sides so she couldn’t fill herself but she actually was calmer than usual, likely due to the chastity belt that she was wearing, it was special and I’m sure the toys filling her holes helped calm her. She was sucking happily, but hornily on a dildo gag that I had felt safe leaving her with because Youna and Lucas were nearby.

When I led Nicole upstairs the whole living room stopped and stared over at the two of us. Nicole was, of course, the center of attention, she was still drooling around her dildo gag, but the rest of her outfit is what grabbed the attention. A pair of faux leather sleeves connected around her collarbone and neck so that they would stay in place even though there was no other fabric on her torso at all. A belt around her waist had a strip of the same faux leather as her “top’ down each side of her legs until it met mid-thigh with the chaps it supported. Her crotch was fully exposed so the assembled group could see the chastity belt. At both the cunt and ass the belt was made of clear plastic and everyone could clearly see the large toys in both of Nicole’s holes. A small LED was buried deep in each toy which caused the plastic to illuminate her holes so everyone could see how stretched and open they were and let them gaze deep into the hole of her cunt and her ass.

“Well, good luck to you boys, I’m winning them all,” Sofia said breaking the silence. The guys looked sheepish and then chimed in with their own boasts and bragged about how many first holes they would claim tonight. I took my seat and enjoyed my show.