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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 18 — Winners and Losers

When the game resumed the air of the room had changed. Not only were the bids higher, but the competitive nature of the players started to come out. The first chip in the pot was Nicole’s mouth and the betting got heated as the hand continued. Bitch was quickly shooed from beneath the table as the players tried to focus. The disappointed puppy girl laid down on the couch and listened to the game instead. She wasn’t a total idiot and she knew that her holes were going to be bet away to someone so she had an interest in staying nearby instead of going to bother Lucas, Youna, or Bianca in the dungeon.

Nicole’s chip was won by Liam, and Merel’s mouth was next. After another tense hand, that one went to Oliver who grinned and winked playfully at Merel. She actually blushed as the handsome and fit man paid attention to her, and I was pleasantly surprised that I saw her hand slip back to her ass and I swore her fingers crept under her skirt, rubbing her hole in anticipation. It was a good sign that she didn’t go to her pussy first for attention, she really was an anal craving slut now. Bitch’s pregnant pussy went into the pot next and Sofia looked pissed.

“Put the maid’s ass in the pot!” The older woman was heated even as she continued to play the hand. Sofia pushed her chips in for a bet as she continued to speak. “That’s the one I want. Oliver can fuck her throat but I want to abuse her little asshole.”

The expression on Merel’s face changed to one of concern. She’d been prepared for one of the guys to want to fuck the hell out of her ass-pussy but she was unsure what Sofia would do to her hole if she won.

To Merel’s relief and Sofia’s growing anger, when Merel’s ass eventually went into the pot, Liam also won that hand. She hissed in even more rage when Liam included Nicole’s mouth instead of Merel’s ass in the round after his win.

“Dick.” Sofia nearly spat at Liam but I could tell she was still playful and loving wagering the girl’s bodies as part of our game.

As the hands continued the chips for the girls ended up being distributed among the group. When I tossed the last of the chips in Liam had still had Merel’s ass, Bitch’s cunt was in Leo’s pile, Nicole’s ass was Andre’s to claim, Joshua had Bitch’s ass, and Oliver had cleaned up with Merel’s mouth and Nicole’s cunt and mouth

We continued to play hands with Oliver betting away Nicole’s mouth and then her cunt. Everyone at the table noticed when he kept Merel’s mouth, especially Merel. Looking at the handsome man Merel was practically drooling and I could tell she had her fingers in her own asshole rubbing with need.

Nicole’s chips for her mouth and her cunt made the rounds over the course of a few more turns but no one was betting away much else. When I ended up with her mouth and Aaron with her cunt I eventually called it quits. Sofia looked pissed but I had already been bidding Nicole’s mouth in the hopes that it would shake loose another chip for betting but kept winning the hands.

“I didn’t even win one!” Sofia threw up her hands in disgust and looked pissed. “I don’t get to abuse any of these slut’s holes and have to settle for sloppy seconds.”

Sofia stewed for a while longer before she got a wicked little grin. She looked right at Liam who was still holding the chip she wanted. With a mischievous twinkle in her eye she spoke in the most sultry voice she could manage. “How about a special wager? One hand, you and me Merel’s worthless slut asshole, and I’ll throw myself into the pot, you can have my holes first tonight.”

“No deal Sofia.” Liam chuckled and shook his head. “You usually end up riding my big black cock sooner or later anyway and Merel’s ass is probably virgin meat for a black dick and definitely one I’ve never fucked.”

“Okay...” Sofia looked annoyed but determined. “What if I raised my stakes? Instead of for the night what if I go home and be your cock slave for the weekend?”

“What’s the catch?” Now Liam looked intrigued. “You’ll fuck and suck my dick whenever I want? Let me use all your holes until I’m happy?”

“You’ll be my Master... only fair you can use all your slave’s holes as much as you want.” Sofia purred, knowing she had him on the hook. “I’ll even fuck and suck your friend’s cocks too. Just no modifications.”

Liam was hooked, he was already eyeing her like he had plans to use her for two days straight. Sofia just smiled and glanced at her husband who nodded approvingly. It wasn’t going to be the first time his wife got abused by other men and certainly wouldn’t be the last. That weekend would likely end with Sofia returning home used and abused to be further used by Leo.

“Deal the cards,” Liam growled at me excitedly, there was a mix of lust, sadism, and playfulness in his eyes I could respect. “Can’t wait to have a little stuck up white bitch for the weekend.”

“Oh honey, you’ve got to win before you get any of this.” Sofia teased with a purr, then pulled the top of her dress open to expose both of her bra-less tits. If she was hoping to distract Liam it didn’t seem to work, but the rest of us sure appreciated the sight. While they played the hand the rest of us got fresh drinks and took liberties squeezing Merel’s ass as she served them.

“Son of a BITCH!” Sofia yelled as her flush was beaten by Liam’s full house. Both had surprisingly good hands and the betting and gotten heavy, Sofia looked crushed as Liam celebrated, giving a high five to his brother and telling Andre they were going to tear up her ass over the weekend and should throw a party for all their boys.

“Look, baby, since I’mma be tearing up the white cunt of yours I’ll make you at least a little happy,” Liam said with a grin. “You give me first dibs on your ass and cunt tonight, and you can use Merel’s while I fuck you.”

Sofia practically squealed with delight and looked at Merel with glee. The dirty blonde ass slut had paled and stopped rubbing her hole a while ago. She let out an audible whimper as Sofia grinned.

“Alright, I know we’re all eager to dive into our... winnings... but we also need to settle up.” I announced and started counting my own stack out. While I’d thrown a few hands at the beginning to get the chips out among the group it ended well for me overall. I wasn’t the big winner of the night I still had more cash than when I’d started. Oliver and Liam had a good amount of chips in their piles, but Sofia, Joshua, and Aaron were on the lower end with Sofia being the worst hit.

As I noted all the totals down Merel cleaned up and put away the chips. Oliver had settled in an armchair in the living room and had his cock out stroking it as he looked at Merel. Leo had grabbed Bitch’s collar and dragged her over with him to the couch, he was kissing her as she sat upon his lap and squirmed with her cunt drooling all over the front of his pants. Nicole was being molested by Andre and Aaron, they had started by grabbing and pinching her tits from either side of her even as she was still trapped by the spreader bar from returning the attention. Her nipples were hard and red from their abuse already by the time I announced the final totals, but no one was paying that much attention by the end.

“Come over here you fucking slut.” Oliver said as Merel finished cleaning up after the game. “My cock is dry and I think your throat will be extra wet.”

Merel moved over to the handsome and fit Oliver sitting in his chair and looked down at his cock. She knelt before him and took a tentative few licks looking up at him coyly. He just grinned at her and grabbed her head, pushing his length between her lips and deep into the back of her throat, she gagged and choked, but at the last moment Oliver let her up for relief. Repeating the motion, again and again, he brutally face-fucked the girl who had been all too eager to swallow his cock. She was so engrossed in the rough throat fuck that she didn’t realize Sofia was crawling up behind her. With a bottle of lube, the older woman greased the college girl’s ass, practically pouring the bottle into Merel’s already gaping anal cavity.

“Mmm...” Sofia purred as she rubbed the outer ring of muscles on Merel’s sphincter. “I’ve been dying to shove my arm into your ass all night.”

Merel’s eyes widened in shock and she tried to pull away but Oliver’s strong arms held her in place and he continued to pump her mouth. Sofia rubbed lube along the length of her hand and forearm and then pressed all four of her fingertips against Merel’s ass. Her hand slid into the girl’s shit hole without much resistance, Merel had been trained to take more than that, but the woman kept pushing and Merel’s eyes started to water as more and more of the woman’s hand and arm snaked into her overstuffed asshole.

“Oh god, this slut can take more. Open up whore, I know you have room for my whole arm!” Sofia moaned, looking like a woman possessed. Her progress had slowed when she suddenly became away of a thick intruder pressing on her own rectum. “Fuck yes Liam, fuck my ass while I fist fuck this whore’s ass.”

Liam was more than happy to deliver, his thick black cock pressed deep into Sofia’s ass, stretching her unmercifully until his balls slapped against the pink pussy of the woman he was sodomizing. Each thrust of his hips pushed Sofia into Merel effectively pounding the slut who was still impaled on a good portion of Sofia’s forearm. Oliver kept up his face fucking, wrapping his fingers in Merel’s hair as tears streamed down her face from the brutality of the fucking she was receiving. Even still I swore I could hear her moaning too and I might have imagined it but her pierced shut cunt looked surprisingly wet when I got a peek.

Aaron had peeled off Nicole’s chastity belt, causing the fuck meat to groan in disappointment as her ass and cunt were suddenly emptied of their large toys. I had joined him and Andre and let her out of her other restraints. Suddenly surrounded by three men with big bulging cocks in their pants, Nicole grinned and let the dildo gag fall from her mouth with a wet slurp. Aaron kissed her roughly and she returned it, sucking his tongue into her mouth and slurping on it like she would if it was a cock. As she parted from him Aaron smacked her tit hard and she groaned happily at the abuse. Andre took his turn showing his tongue down her throat and she treated him to the same sucking treatment.

Nicole’s hands wandered over each bulge of the three men surrounding her and squeezed and fondle the shafts and balls of each through their pants. A moment later she was dropping to her knees and pulling the pants off of Andre. A gasp of delight left her swollen and well-used lips as Andre’s meat rod popped out hard and ready in front of her. The once prudish blonde wrapped her lips around that shaft and tried to suck it deep into her throat.

“Fuck!” Andre practically yelled. “This slut is trying to suck my balls out through my cock!”

I didn’t care that Nicole’s mouth was supposed to be mine first. As the gracious host, I let him enjoy the eager slut’s needy slurping. Even as she worked on Andre Nicole’s hands still fumbled blindly stripping Aaron of his pants. I undressed and soon she was taking turns slobbering on each of the three cocks surrounding her.

“Holy crap,” Aaron exclaimed, looking down at Nicole. “You are one eager cum dumpster aren’t you, you filthy slut.”

Nicole probably would have grinned but instead, she just moaned her affirmative around my cock. I pulled it out and wouldn’t let her have it when she tried to get it again. Following my lead, the other two backed off.

“Nicole wants cock!” She pouted and whined, she then stood and bent over showing us her ass and cunt clearly. “Nicole is fuck meat, come use Nicole’s holes. Nicole’s holes are only good for cock.”

“Damn, you fucked this bitch up.” Andre grinned even as Aaron laid down on the floor and motioned Nicole toward his cock pointing up in the air. She sat on his length, one delicate hand sliding Aaron into her dripping loose cunt.

“Shit man,” Aaron said with a grin. “She’s too loose, like a fucking sloppy old whore, you’d think a young cunt like her would be tighter.”

“Don’t worry brother, I can tighten her up for you,” Andre said with a laugh and positioned himself behind Nicole, her cunt had been drooling down to her asshole all night but Andre still smothered his cock with a bit of lube before he forced his monster black dick into her back door. Nicole moaned and came hard as she was impaled by the two.

“Oh shit, yeah now she’s tighter.” Aaron groaned as the two men started to find a rhythm fucking the other girl. As Nicole licked her lips and looked at me I moved forward and obliged her, wrapping my fist in her hair as she started to bob up and down my length, worshiping my dick.

On the couch, Leo had opened his pants and Bitch had mounted him before he could even get them off completely. She humped him like a bitch in heat, which was more accurate than the college girl she used to be. She barked and yipped happily as she put on a show and whenever Leo would grab her tits and squeeze or pull she would yelp and whine. Shortly after she started she felt strong hands on her hips making her stop her pace for a moment and Joshua slid his lubed cock into her tight asshole. Fucking my pet on the couch the two men alternated strokes as the filled her cunt and ass, making the bitch howl in delight.

“Fuck, I’m going to pour a load down this cunt’s throat,” Oliver said, still fucking Merel’s mouth.

“Pitcher.” I reminded him, as I slapped Nicole’s cheek as she must have cum again and wasn’t’ doing a good job of sucking me off.

“Fuck, really?” Oliver groaned but he pulled Merel off his cock leaving her to gag and cough as she tried to recover from the brutal blow-job. He grabbed the pitcher Merel had brought over and jerked his cock into the pitcher shooting a thick load into the existing piss and sperm mix.

After Oliver pulled out of Merel’s mouth Sofia withdrew her arm. The nasty sound of air first entering and then escaping Merel’s ass practically filled the room.

“Sounds like... oh...” Sofia exclaimed as Liam still fucked her ass hard and deep. “Sounds like she’s shitting herself.”

Liam pushed Sofia off his cock roughly and blew his load into the pitcher too. When he returned he flipped Sofia over. “Clean my cock you dirty white slut.”

Sofia just grinned up at him and started to rub her cunt as she lovingly licked the black cock covered in the taste of her own ass. Each man started to take their turn blowing a load into the pitcher and as Merel recovered she helped by sucking them until they were ready to blow and directing their load into the pitcher.

“God she’s a good cum whore.” Liam said as he took a break. “You really wrecked her ass, I think it’s even big enough that I don’t need to worry about fucking her.”

“Feel free.” I smiled and sat back in my chair. I was taking a break and having a drink as I watched the orgy around me. Nicole was getting fucked by Oliver in her ass as she sucked one of her toys and pushed another up her cunt. Liam shoved his way up Merel’s ass without ceremony causing the girl to blush in embarrassment as she came just from the black stud shoving his cock in her shit hole. Joshua and Aaron had taken over with Sofia, fucking her ass and throat respectively as she was on her hands and knees between them. Leo had flipped Bitch over and taken her ass after her cunt, and invited Andre to fill her pussy.

“Well Master, it looks like you are enjoying yourself.” Youna cooed as she appeared near my chair. She was covered in a number of dressings for her tattoos and her face wore a tired and pained look but she was still smiling. I nodded and pulled her down to sit in my lap. He slender hand slid between us and popped my cock into her wet cunt. She didn’t move, waiting for me to order her to do so but watched the orgy and stroked my chest, her head resting on my shoulder.

I enjoyed the show, and my living cock warmer, for a while longer before it looked like everyone was winding down. However, Sofia surprised me as she came walking nude out of the kitchen. The surprising part was she had an empty bottle of bourbon in one hand and the bottle of lube in the other.

“Come here cunt.” Sofia said with a grin at Merel. “I’m not done with your whore ass yet.”

Merel looked scared and tried to move away but Leo and Oliver grabbed her by the arms and held her tight.

“Bend her over I want to see if I can fit this in her hole,” Sofia said with an evil grin, she started to pour lube around the base of the bottle of bourbon. I pondered for a moment if I should intervene but I wanted to see if Sofia really would try and make it fit. Merel had been able to take quite a bit of Sofia’s arm.

Leo and Oliver bent Merel over and held her head to the floor with her ass up for Sofia to abuse. The older woman poured even more lube into the filthy anal slut’s already gaping and abused asshole. Then she started to press the large end of the bottle against Merel’s hole. Even Merel’s tortured and abused ass couldn’t take the bottle easily though and Sofia had to rock and shift the bottle trying to work it into her ass. Merel gasped and moaned pitifully but all her anal training had told her to relax so she tried. After what seemed like an eternity the bottle shifted in Sofia’s grasp and Merel’s sphincter clutched onto the base of the bottle. It was in.

Everyone stared as Sofia continued to shift and rock the bottle working it deeper ever so slowly. The bottle forced into Merel and it was obvious the large bottle was rubbing against bone the hole was so stretched. Still, Sofia pushed and pressured, easing inch after inch into my poor abused anal slut. Then with one final push, Merel’s ass closed around the neck of the bottle and Merel let out a scream of pain and pleasure.

“I knew she could take it!” Sofia cooed in triumph. “She’s a world-class anal whore. The urinal is open for business boys.”

With that announcement, Sofia opened the cap of the bottle and pointed into the hole. Andre got the hint and walked over aiming his cock at the hole and started pissing into the bottle. Most of his stream hit the mark but soon Merel’s ass was covered in piss as well as lube. The guys lined up and took turns filling the bottle until it overflowed and then capped it off. The last man to go was Oliver and the bottle was already full. He pulled Merel up and shoved his cock down her throat and just pissed into her stomach.

Merel lay on the floor, a warm piss filled bottle buried in her rectum and coated in spit, lube, and piss... exhausted. Nicole was stoking the other guys cocks trying to encourage them to fuck her again but everyone was done. I stood and approached with a glass in one hand and the pitcher in the other. I stirred the mix with a long spoon and then poured a generous glass of sperm and piss and handed it to Merel.

The broken girl looked at me a moment and I thought maybe she would throw it back at me. Instead, she smiled weakly and said quietly. “Thank you, Master, for giving your worthless slut something to drink.”

I watched with satisfaction as she tilted back and chugged the mix of piss and sperm and handed me back the glass for another. I smiled. I didn’t give her a refill instead I poured the remaining in three glasses. The remaining women at the party each looked at each other. Sofia was first to shrug her shoulders and lift her glass. Youna took hers and smiled at me seductively as she raised it to those beautiful lips I loved, and Nicole she held hers like a toddler and didn’t even wait for the other two women before she chugged hers down.