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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 19 — Calling Home

The night was over after that. The guests collected their winnings and the girls got cleaning as I took Merel downstairs. Even Nicole seemed to help straighten up, though if Youna didn’t constantly tell her what to do she would get distracted and try and fit something into one of her holes. I settled Merel down gently on one of the medical tables and with a generous application of lube and a strong and steady hand slowly extracted the bottle from her ass. Even with the body’s surprising amount of elasticity she looked abused and well used.

I got her into a bath to soak and rest her abused holes and gave her some water as well as a pill and some more traditional pain killers. Sofia had pushed things pretty far, but it had been fun to watch and Merel relaxed in the water as the drugs and medicine kicked in. I watched her for a bit as the girls worked and once she had soaked for a while and cleaned herself up I helped her towel off. The anal slut was so exhausted and drained she barely was able to help me, and despite the pills making her arousal spike again she barely seemed to be able to stay awake. I helped her to her bed. I found Youna had already showered Nicole and gotten her dressed up.

“Nice job.” I smiled at Youna and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Nicole was wearing her chastity belt and had a gag in but the rest of her was tied up like a bondage Christmas present. Thick ribbon barely covered her nipples and came back behind her, from there it snaked up to secure to her collar and down until it passed through her ass crack and around over her cunt. Youna had then parted the ribbon into two strips to go around Nicole’s hips and encircle her waist. Nicole’s hands had been tied together with a big bow that was secured to her waist and another similar bow was nestled in Nicole’s small but perky cleavage.

“I figured if Master was giving her as a present then she should look the part.” Youna smiled at me and snuggled against me. She was looking just about as tired as I was starting to feel. I reached up and stroked her head.

“You can go clean up and get in bed if you want slut.” I nudged the sleepy college girl. “Remember Barbie is out tonight so you’re on bed duty.”

“I almost forgot.” Youna did look like she was pleasantly surprised to be reminded and leaned over and kissed Nicole’s cheek. “I’m sure Lucas will bring you back to play. Goodbye Nicole.”

Nicole just grunted and squirmed as Youna headed upstairs towards my bedroom. I led Nicole to where he was still working on Bianca, carrying the bourbon bottle full of piss with me. Bianca was strapped down to a table and Lucas was wrapping up work on the front of one of her thighs. I could see the fat thick gold bars in her tits and swollen clit even through the bandages Lucas had applied. I’d wanted rings originally and those would go in eventually, but it wasn’t practical to have those in while she healed. Bianca tried not to thrash but she was in some obvious pain.

“Need something to take the edge off?” I said with a grin shaking the bourbon bottle, the contents sloshed and Bianca nodded. I cracked the top and then reached out and held her head as I upended the bottle into her mouth. As the still warm piss hit her throat she coughed and sputtered. I chided her for her disrespect. “Now, now... you nearly ruined their fun tonight and my guests still made you this wonderful drink. You’ll either drink it or drown.”

Pushing the bottle into her mouth I reached down and squeezed her nose shut. When she wrapped her lips around the bottle and started drinking I let her nose go and she gasped for breath. She knew I was looking for more reasons to punish her for what she had done to Merel so she just glared daggers at me as she would use her tongue to stop the liquid long enough to gulp air through her nose and then kept drinking. She looked sick after about half the bottle. I pulled it from her mouth and capped it off.

“No hurry, we can save some for later,” I said with a grin. I set the bottle down. Turning, I faced Lucas. “My old friend you do great work, Youna seems happy with everything you’ve done for her and the other girls look great. As promised I’m sending you home with your new slave. A little-used and abused but I think you’ll still find her, willing and able.”

Lucas looked at the college girl dressed up like a present and whistled appreciatively. He shook his head slowly. “I mean, not that I want you to take her back but I know how much a trained girl like her will get you. You sure?”

“It’s not like I won’t ask for more tattoos and piercings over time.” I laughed and pulled Nicole over to him. “She’s yours with all my blessings.”

“Fuck man, that’s great.” Lucas suddenly then looked concerned. “Does this mean I don’t get to fuck any of the girls when I do work for you anymore?”

I laughed and shook my head. “I think Barbie would be really disappointed if that was the case, she’d wonder why you didn’t want to fuck her anymore. No, the deal still stands, you’ll get paid in sex for every girl, you just earned something extra for going above and beyond.”

After that, it was getting Bianca back in her cell and then getting Lucas packed and Nicole in his car. I also handed him a stack of cash I’d won from the game as he was about to leave.

“I thought...” Lucas said looking back at Nicole in his car.

“She is your payment.” I laughed and then added with a grin. “But unless you have a secret I don’t know about I’d guess you don’t have a lot of women’s clothing or necessities lying around your place. Take the cash, consider it a bonus. Besides you still need to come back and do more work on Youna once she’s healed.”

Lucas just grinned, gave me a quick hug and got in his car, and drove away with his new slave girl. I could have sworn I saw Nicole’s head dip to his lap as he pulled out of the drive. Shaking my head I headed back inside. Kato was waiting for me just inside the front door.

“Come on Bitch, bedtime.” I smiled and patted her head, she yapped at me happily and then followed on my heels as we hit the bedroom. When we got there Youna was already asleep naked save for her collar in the bed. I cleaned up and then crawled in. She opened her eyes briefly and just smiled at me and then snuggled close the top of her head nestled under my chin. I wrapped my arm around her and held her while Bitch curled at the bottom of the bed at our feet.

Waking up the next morning to Bitch nuzzling and licking at my morning wood. I saw Barbie in the bed with us, I decided to not wake her but as I looked around Youna was gone. For half a moment I panicked thinking that Youna could be trying to escape but instead, I smelled the scent of breakfast. I relaxed and as I lay back Bitch was able to suckle my cock and I let her until I shot a load down her throat. Washing it down with my morning piss she crawled out of bed and stretched before heading off to find Youna. I laid there looking at Barbie asleep and happy in the bed for a bit before I rose and headed out of the room myself.

Bitch was lapping at her water bowl when I came in the kitchen to Youna cooking breakfast. I slipped up behind her quietly and wrapped my arms around her grabbing her tits in both hands and biting her hard but playfully on her shoulder below her collar. It would bruise but I didn’t care. She jumped when I first grabbed her but relaxed into my arms and even tilted her neck for better access once she realized it was me.

“Don’t do that Master.” Youna sighed pleasantly and chided playfully. “Not when I’m cooking at least, I could have dropped something dangerous.”

She was right and none of the other girls were around to hear her correct me so I just gave her a hard slap on the ass that left a red mark and nodded. I grabbed a cup of coffee and made it the way I liked as I watched her work in the kitchen. She was humming and seemed genuinely happy, which was unusual for someone I had tricked and kept locked in my basement, but she’d had chances to try and escape so I was beginning to trust she wanted to be here.

“Breakfast, sir.” Youna smiled and set my plate in front of me. I motioned for her to grab her own and come sit with me. We ate in silence for a moment before she spoke quietly “Master, can I ask you a question?”

I nodded and she relaxed a little. She looked at me troubled. “Why didn’t Master let me get something nasty tattooed on myself for him?”

“Because a slut like you might be fun to show off in public.” I smiled and looked her over. “Especially if we make you into more of a bimbo like Barbie.”

“Thank you, Master...” Youna seemed flushed at the mention of being like Barbie, but she also seemed focused. “But I still could have had something tattooed on my cunt or asshole for you...”

I laughed and figured out what she was pushing for, Barbie had put her up to this, maybe not directly but I had discussed this with Barbie and she had thought it was a good idea. Youna must not have liked the laughing or been worried about this and it made me chuckle as I watched her trying to read me.

“Sir, you said you were only keeping two slaves, and you’re decorating Bianca and Merel... and Nicole is gone... and then there is Kat... I mean Bitch.” Youna was babbling now, quite worried I might be getting rid of her. “But Barbie said she had plans for me and how I could help you...”

I reached over and picked Youna up and settled her on my lap. I kissed her gently then bit her lip. As she leaned into me I smiled pulling away from her lips.

“I did say I was keeping two slaves, my sweet slut.” I beamed at her and lowered my voice. “And if all goes according to plan you won’t be one of them.”

Her eyes went wide in alarm at that and she started to open her mouth to speak. I hushed her and then whispered in her ear. “I never said how many Bimbos could stay here though.”

“Thank you, Master.” Youna sobbed quietly. I could tell the stress and the tension had drained out of her. She nuzzled my neck affectionately and sniffed. “I’ll be the best bimbo I can for you, I’ll do anything.”

“Good,” I said and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.” I lifted her off my lap. “When Barbie gets up you two need to hit the gym. She’s going to train you in pole dancing, and once you’ve got that down and your tattoos are healed enough you’ll be dancing at Dixies to earn me more money to help keep the slaves. Understood?”

“Yes Master,” Youna said with a smile and then gasped as she got it finally. “You didn’t want me getting anything nasty because it would encourage the clients to get rough! Barbie told me that’s why she didn’t have anything!”

I nodded and chuckled as I put my dishes in the sink. “Now feed the dog, slaves, and make a snack for Barbie if she wakes up early and clean up, when Merel is done with her breakfast, get her dressed and send her to my office.”

“Yes Master,” Youna said wiping her eyes and smiling at me. I could hear her settling back into her work humming again happily as I headed for my office.

“You asked to see me, sir?” Merel crept into my office hesitantly, she was dressed for the first time in a long time in the clothes she had arrived at the house in. They’d long since been washed and set aside if I needed something for her to wear, and with her tattoos and piercings covered she looked like the girl who had arrived that fateful night, except for the collar around her throat. She was obviously still sore and aching from last night’s activities but I didn’t plan to use her ass this morning.

“Yes I’m going to sell you back to your family and I need you to call and make the arrangements.” I looked at her with an unblinking stare. “If you step out of line or say anything that displeases me you’ll never see any of your family again. If your family does anything that displeases me I’ll make sure you never see them again, and I will punish them.”

To illustrate my point I turned on the screen. On the feed were the cameras that I had installed all around her father’s house. She watched in real-time as the household busied themselves for the day. We watched as Frank, her father, left for the day, and as her sister sat at her laptop and seemingly scoured the internet for any sign of her sister. After that, I showed her I was tracking her father and sister’s cars and a few pictures received via text showed that someone was even watching the house actively.

“Yes sir, I understand.” Merel squeaked out. There was growing hope but also fear in her eyes as I snapped a picture of her with a burner phone. As I sent it via text we watched her sister look at her phone and sit bolt upright. I then turned the phone on speaker as I hit dial for her sister’s number.

“You SON OF A BITCH! If you’ve hurt her.” Amber’s angry voice shouted through the phone.

“Amber,” Merel had to speak loudly over her sister’s ranting. “Amber, it’s me, Merel. I’m okay... for now.”

“Oh thank god.” Amber sat down in her office chair and she looked ready to cry. “Where are you? Let’s come get you.”

“Amber, they took me and they said they won’t let me go until you pay them.” Merel followed the script I had outlined for her. “I don’t know where I am exactly so I can’t tell you, all I know is they want you to bring the money to them within the next two hours or we’ll never be together again.”

Amber went pale. Two hours was not enough time to involve the cops and get everything in place. Maybe if she tried hard she could get them to send some cops with her but it wasn’t enough to organize someone to catch her sister’s kidnappers.

“We... we need more time.” Amber tried to stall, we could see her starting to type on her computer. I frowned at Merel.

“Amber, listen to me, they know you are trying to contact the cops,” Merel said pleadingly. “If you do that I have to hang up. Stay off the computer.”

Amber looked around, smart girl, looking for the cameras she knew must be in the room with her. Micro-cameras were easy to hide though and by the time she found it she’d be burning her precious time.

“You only have an hour and a half now.” Merel winced as I slid her the note and she read it. “They said you shouldn’t have tried to call the cops. You need to go to the bank, get as much money as you can, and come to meet them at this restaurant. They’ll take the cash from there and I’ll be waiting to go home with you. Can you do that?”

“Yes...” We could hear Amber exhale, trying to calm herself. “I can do that. I’ll have just enough time.”

“Good, now put your cell on the table and leave it there.” Merel winced as she knew that we wanted her sister to not be able to text anyone the details when she was off-camera. “You’ll need to go directly to the bank and then directly to the restaurant, they will know if you change course. They know your car has GPS so no excuses. Amber... come get me I’m so scared and I just want to go home.”

I nodded to Merel as I hung up the phone. Barbie wandered in just about then and saw what I was watching, with her comfy robe wrapped around her otherwise naked form she looked at Merel.

“Come on sweet cheeks.” Barbie took the girl by the arm with a sleepy yawn. “Need to put you back in your cell until he’s ready to go.”

As the women disappeared I watched the feed. Amber looked torn as if she wanted to text someone or email, or even call the cops. I had my hand hovering over a typed out text message, ready to send the moment she decided to do something I didn’t like. She started typing on her phone and I hit send. When the message buzzed she jumped as if bitten by her phone. She read my message and glanced around the room again. With a frown the older girl closed the phone and set it on the table, she paced back and forth. I sent another text and she looked at the phone.

“Tick Tock” Were the only two words I had sent. After reading that Amber rushed out of the room, leaving the cell phone behind. I watched her progress on a series of cameras as she reached the front door of the house. My final camera view was of her getting in her car and heading off.

A little while later I got updates from the men following her, and confirmation she was on her way to the bank. Once there someone would follow her inside and make sure she didn’t try anything. Her paranoia had to be through the roof at this point, and just in case she did get away with something once she was outside she would find a note on her car with a change of address for the drop-off. If a bank employee was trying to help her by sending cops to the first drop off they would arrive and find she would be nowhere to be found.

I relaxed once Amber was out of my control. I had to trust my associates to take care of business from here on out. Instead, I got ready to go for a drive. Merel must have been fuming when she finally realized I wasn’t taking her with me. When I arrived at the meeting point a single car was waiting for me. As I got out of my own car I greeted the driver who was leaning against the vehicle.

“Oliver!” I said with a smile. “I trust everything went as planned?”

“Like clockwork.” He grinned as he handed me the bag full of cash. Amber had managed to get an impressive amount together in a short time. I split it with him, then added a bit more of my share to his. “For a job well done.”

“Thanks, man.” Oliver grinned and whistled at the amount. “Mighty generous, when I saw that girl Merel at your party I knew she was the girl from the news, never thought her sister was the target we’d been working on setting up. We fucked her sister and now she’s going to end up in the same situation, you are sick.”

“When I see something I like, I take it.” I shrugged. “Merel was carrying around a photo in her purse and then seeing her on the news, I figured Merel needed a playmate to keep her company.”

Oliver laughed and popped the trunk. We both stared down at the sleeping woman in the trunk. Her wrists had been tied behind her back and her ankles tied together and lashed to her wrists. She was hogtied and sleeping in the trunk of Oliver’s car and would soon be transferred to mine.

“Welcome to the collection Amber,” I said with a wicked smile as I helped Oliver get her out and carry her to my trunk.