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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 2 — Drive Home

Barbie was pouting as I stuffed my semi-hard cock back in my shorts. I knew she still wanted to get more cum from my heavy balls but I was still thinking about the brunette in the red bikini Kato. I could hear her arguing with her friends as Barbie and I returned to our spot. One of them, another slender athletic type, which to be honest most of them were... though this one had a little bit more on top than the others must have noticed the cum dripping out of Barbie’s freshly fucked asshole because she stared at my fuck toys big round ass.

Barbie and I cleaned up our stuff and started heading for our car as the college girls argued. It seemed like two of them didn’t want to leave Kato and thought she was acting weird. But Kato just smiled and kept telling them it would be fine, though I could tell she was having trouble keeping her hands from rubbing her sensitive tits. The drugs must still be working their magic with her slutty body.

“FINE!” I heard an exasperated girl say as I walked away. “Merel, come on let’s go!”

I turned around and saw a dark haired girl with nice plump lips pulling the arm of the blonde who had been staring at Barbie’s gaping asshole. This seemed to break the girl’s trance and she turned to follow her other three friend’s leaving Kato on her own.

Kato looked around a little lost but when she saw Barbie and me walking back to our car she hurried to catch up. The dumb slut didn’t even bother picking up her stuff, it was all just left lying on the beach. I was glad the other four weren’t paying enough attention to who she was following to notice, I had plans for them, but not yet. When Kato got close she had a puppy dog look but when Barbie grabbed her hair forcefully and shoved her in the back seat it made her cry out.

“Sluts ride naked.” I ordered as I got in the driver’s seat. Barbie had climbed in after Kato and she quickly shed her micro-bikini tossing it into the front seat with me. Kato looked shocked, but also looked horny and confused. Barbie slapped her face.

“Get that suit off and give it to Master.” She said, repeating my order and commanding tone. “Your fucking slutty body is his to play with so do what he tells you.”

Kato looked confused but she was also trapped in the back seat with the older bimbo. As if to offer a reward Barbie slid her hand down the front of Kato’s bikini bottoms. Kato gasped in surprise as she felt a thrill of pleasure come from her crotch as the other woman’s fingers ran over her clit. She looked again confused, I guessed that another woman touching her naked body was still new to her, but she looked back and forth between Barbie and me and then stripped down.

I started the car then and when Kato’s suit came into the front seat, I grabbed it and tossed it out the window I had just rolled down to let in some cooler air in the car. Kato had forgotten her stuff at the beach and I had just disposed of the only clothing she had. I left Barbie’s suit as she was a good slut and knew her place, besides the micro bikini could barely qualify as clothing. I pulled out and headed for home even as Barbie pulled at Kato’s nipples and clit, eliciting pained but pleasurable yelps from the girl.

“She’s barely got any tits.” Barbie complained, wrapping her long nailed hands around her own round fake orbs for emphasis. “And her clit is so small, is she deformed? Seems like she’s barely worth fucking.”

Kato looked about ready to cry, maybe it was the abuse of her privates, or the verbal humiliation. I suspected a combination of both to be honest. Barbie pushed the girl down on her back as I fished in Barbie’s stuff. I pulled out her pillbox and grabbed two more of the pills we had given Kato earlier.

“Here girls,” I offered the pills and a water bottle back to Barbie. “Take another pill I feel like I’m going to have to cum in both of your fertile cunts again so better to be prepared.”

Barbie knew it was a lie, she knew the pill was going to make her dumber, more compliant, hornier, and numb the pain of abuse I was going to do to them both, she loved those pills. She quickly popped one of the two into her mouth and took a long drink from the bottle of water. Barbie dropped the other pill into Kato’s mouth and the younger slut waited for her chance for a drink. I could see the wicked glint in Barbie’s eyes as she finished the bottle however, not a drop left for Kato.

“It’s okay, we still have more of your “juice” from earlier.” Barbie cooed as she moved forward, positioning her thighs on either side of Kato’s head. The drugs had made Kato’s head fuzzy and her overall thoughts slow and dumb but even she knew what was coming, she struggled against Barbie trying to pry the bimbo off her face but Barbie settled her weight down and pushed on the roof of the car to hold herself down. I could tell she was smothering the girl.

Eventually Kato got the point and stopped struggling, Barbie lifted up enough to let the girl gulp down some air as she announced. “Now I’m going to piss into that urinal you call a mouth and help you take your pill. And you are going to drink it like the piss guzzling cum slut you are or I’ll smother you again.”

Kato’s eyes went wide with fear. In the front seat I adjusted my shorts, my hard on was back at full force and was going to need attention soon, but for now I was enjoying Barbie dominating the little slut. Barbie thought she was better than other cunts, and while submissive with men she loved to dominate and force other pussies to be mine. She was such a good find that she’d lasted a lot longer than the other toys I used up and discarded.

“Now don’t you spill, Master will punish you if you do.” Barbie cooed causing Kato to nod wildly as Barbie pushed her cunt down on the girl’s face lining up before releasing a pleased gasp and emptying her bladder into the young cunt’s mouth. I heard gulping and gasping and then a displeased shout from Barbie.

“Stupid cunt didn’t even swallow half my piss Master.” Barbie sighed and ground her pussy on Kato’s face. “Honestly sir, we should handcuff this bitch at a truck stop bathroom to be broken in for a few days and come back. You can always fuck me instead.”

I smirked and glanced back. Barbie’s eyes had begun to glaze over, and she must have been smothering Kato but eventually she let up and the girl gasped for air again, but then I heard a slurp. I was surprised, Kato hadn’t even been told and she was trying to lick and slurp up the piss.

“Let her clean you with her tongue.” I mused as I took a turn towards home. “If she does a good job then maybe we won’t have to punish her as much for getting piss all over my backseat. Make sure she cleans you completely.”

The drugs had to be impairing Barbie’s already slightly impaired brains, but eventually she got the hint and giggled.

“Yes sir!” She gushed and started groping her fake plastic tits, her fingers burying deep into her flesh so she could feel the huge firm implants beneath her skin. I noticed Kato’s hand begin to wander between her own thighs and reached back with one arm and pulled it away forcefully.

“Slut’s don’t get to enjoy punishment.” I hissed and Kato let the hand fall, she instead focused on eating out Barbie’s pussy juice and piss soaked crotch. I could tell Barbie was having trouble with the college girl’s job, usually she was cumming and shaking after not long at all, but then Barbie shifted. A shocked Kato recoiled, or at least tried to, still trapped under Barbie’s weight. The shift had caused the little college slut’s tongue to slide into Barbie’s open and cum filled asshole.

“Yessed.” Barbie groaned and ground her filthy ass on the sluts face. “Lick Master’s cum out of my filthy shit hole.”

Kato still struggled but Barbie applied pressure and again the girl had to lick if she wanted to breathe. Soon I heard slurping and sucking and Barbie’s hand drifted down to her own large, swollen clit. With the college girl cleaning the inside of her ass and her fingers working that thick clit Barbie finally came, her pussy squirting onto the sluts face and forehead as she shook with pleasure.

“Send her up here.” I ordered Barbie once she was recovered enough to realize who was even talking. She smiled contentedly still absently fingering her cunt as she pushed Kato up to the passenger seat, crawling up to join me. I had already fished my cock from my pants the throbbing hard on pointing towards the roof of the car.

“Suck.” I ordered simply and she looked eager at first as she leaned down placing her head in my lap, but as she got close to the throbbing shaft she realized it was coated in a mix of her own pussy juice, cum, and Barbie’s filthy asshole. I would have thought the smell of Barbie’s ass would be no surprise to her by now but it caused her to hesitate. I didn’t care, grabbing her hair I forced her down, this time I didn’t let her adjust at all, her throat opened because my shaft forced it to and she gagged and grunted.

“I can’t drive and face fuck you like I want, you need to face fuck yourself with my cock.” I ordered, I figured in reality I could do a decent job, but why bother when you have a cock-sucking toy to order around. Kato took the hint and started to forcefully bob her head up and down on my prick. Barbie smiled from the backseat playing idly with her cunt as she watched the coed face fuck my cock.

I reached over and smacked the girl’s ass when it wasn’t too distracting and might have hesitated a little too long at a light when I was getting close to cumming. The driver behind me angrily pulled around and rolled down his window as if to yell at me but when he saw the blonde highlights of the college girl and her naked ass sticking up in the passenger seat he was speechless. I’m sure if he glanced in the backseat he would have seen Barbie furiously fucking her holes with one hand while pawing her porn star tits with the other. He pulled off a moment later even as I shot my wad into Kato’s throat, I held her head down, cock deep in her esophagus and pumping the cum directly into her waiting stomach. She gagged and choked around the thick piece of meat and when I finally let go she pulled back with an audible slurp and began coughing and gasping for air. I shrugged, she’d learn to deep throat better, or else I’d fuck her unconscious one of these days.

I pushed her off me indifferently even as she was trying to nuzzle and lick my cock to please me. When she sat back and reached for her cunt I slapped her hand away and then slapped her cunt hard.

“You play with that cunt only if I tell you.” I ordered roughly, I pulled out my cell and pushed a button on speed dial before speaking into the phone. “Hey... Yeah, got another one... She’s pathetic looking and I want some improvements before I fuck her too much more... Yeah... Yeah... the usual.”

Barbie grinned widely and cooed happily. She leaned forward to the passenger seat and reached around to fondle the college girl’s too small tits, well at least by a bimbo’s standards, and whispered in her ear. “Looks like Master is going to keep you around for a while. Hope you’re ready to be a real woman.”

Kato glanced back and forth between Barbie and me as I hung up the phone. She shuddered and came from the humiliation and feel of Barbie expertly playing with her tits. It was a small orgasm but an orgasm all the same. I decided not to punish her for that one. There would be enough punishment while she stayed with Barbie and me.

I pulled into the driveway and tossed Barbie her suit, she got dressed even as Kato looked around confused for her own clothes. She looked helplessly around when she realized they weren’t there and then glance all around the car in a panic. Seeing very few people she got out of the car and tried to hurry after Barbie and me, but we were walking casually. The embarrassed college girl tried her best to hide behind us but I kept moving to expose her to people walking on the street. Honestly most of them hadn’t noticed her but the fact that someone could was enough for Kato.

Once inside my house Barbie took off for the bedroom to get a shower and Kato stared at me lost in confusion. She expected something and I picked a collar and leash off a hook by the door. Again she looked frightened but she was confused, horny, alone, and had no idea where she even was. I’m sure her pussy was throbbing and when I raised the collar up she only hesitated a little while before lifting her hair out of the way so I could secure it.

“Pets piss outside, don’t make a mess.” I started as I finished securing the collar. “Pet’s also don’t wear clothes. Pets don’t go on furniture unless told to. Pets walk on all fours. Pets can sleep in the bed if they are good but sleep on the floor if they aren’t. Pet’s eat out of their dish and drink from their bowl or the toilet. We’ll make sure both have fresh “juice” in them for you at all time. And if you don’t want to be a brood mare, you keep taking your pills.”

I pressed the pillbox into one of her hands then started to drag her with me by the leash into the house. When she started to walk I hooked the back of her knee making her stumble. She got down on her knees pretty quickly after that. She had no pockets so she looked at the pill box confused. I grabbed the pills with an exasperated sigh, normally I would have shoved them in her cunt until we got to her pet bed, but feeling especially vicious I shoved it in her tight virgin asshole dry. She winced and yelped but didn’t complain.

“Oh yeah, pets don’t speak unless told to.” I added as I led her into house. I could tell she was trying to adjust to the pill box in her rectum and failing, she was also thinking about having to open and swallow those pills later. She didn’t want a baby after all. Little did she know those pills were what was making her so open to abuse and horny, though I suspected more than a little natural slut ran in this girls’ genes. I thought briefly about not letting her take her own pills... if she over did it she could end up shaving a few points off her own IQ from brain damage. In the end I decided to let her keep them, no one would care or notice is she was a dumber piece of fuck meat than I had found her as when I was done so it didn’t matter.