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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 20 — Amber’s Arrival

Once I was home with Amber, Barbie’s helped me get her inside from the garage and I stripped off the older girl’s clothes and inspected her completely. She had larger breasts than her sister Merel, quite possibly a large D cup if I guessed correctly. I wondered if Merel would experience more growth as she got older. Amber’s areola and nipples were larger and thicker than Merel’s which I found both interesting and exciting. I had flicked and played with them making the girl squirm in her drug-induced sleep. She had a hairy natural bush between her legs and her pussy looked less than virginal but I didn’t really care, besides she would be far tighter than some of the holes I was used to. She had a nice curvy ass as well that caught my eye.

Amber carried more weight than the college girls but no one would have accused her of being anywhere close to fat. I had been disappointed to find no surprises underneath her clothes. She had no piercings and only a small dolphin tattoo on her ankle. Well, I guess Lucas might enjoy a fresh canvas to work with. I thought about what I wanted to do as I fitted her neck with a collar.

Merel screamed and cussed when I deposited her sister into Nicole’s old cell. The screaming set off the shock collar and Bianca, Merel, Amber, and Youna all thrashed and squirmed as electricity coursed through their bodies. I sighed and let them recover. The shock had awakened Amber and she was looking around wide-eyed and scared.

“Well, I guess that’s one way to introduce you to the shock collars,” I smirked. “Amber, welcome to your new home. For now, you can just settle in and relax. I’m setting the collars to not tolerate any talking and if you try it will get very painful for all of you very quickly.”

I motioned to Youna and took her out of her cell. I flipped her collar off from connection with the other girls. “You are going with Barbie for training, so I’ve turned yours off as having you flop around on the gym floor won’t’ do your training any good.”

Youna left following my blonde-haired bimbo beauty, leaving me with the other three. Bianca was glaring at Merel with hatred for getting her shocked, at where Youna had gone with envy, and at Amber for being the reason Merel shocked her. I noticed a distinct lack of hatred in my direction which was a testament to the training and how much Bianca was coming to hate other women. Amber was looking around wild-eyed in shock and Merel, the only girl wearing real clothes was huddled on her bed crying.

I left them there. I monitored them on and off for a few hours as I watched Youna and Barbie practice and then did some work in my office. I called up Dixies and made some appointments and arrangements for later next week and even helped with lunch before watching a game I had recorded. I handed Barbie and Youna some of the cash Amber had brought us and sent them clothes shopping for themselves and the girls. Youna was going to need some outfits for Dixies after all. When I was finally ready I headed back down to the cells. Bianca had been taken out for her daily workout and geo-locked into the gym, leaving Amber and Merel alone in the cells. Amber looked at me with fresh hate as I walked in.

They had both tried to talk to each other several times during the time I’d left them alone so neither girl raised their voice at all when I entered. I tapped an adjustment to their collars and smiled slightly.

“Alright Merel,” I said coarsely. “I’m horny and the other girls are out, I want to fuck your holes so get out here.”

“Fuck you.” Merel was surprised when she didn’t get shocked but then just stared at me defiantly.

“Oh decided you don’t enjoy cumming your brains out anymore?” I prodded in a mocking tone. “You weren’t complaining last night as Oliver face fucked you senseless. But I guess since you can’t have any respect I’ll have to punish you, what about thick nipple piercings like Bianca? We’ll start with those.”

“No!” Amber screamed at me and pressed herself to the bars. “You bastard! Fuck you! You can’t do that to her. Our daddy...”

“Is going to do what?” I smirked and moved over to look Amber in the eyes. “He hasn’t even gotten a hint of where your sister is now and he’s been pouring resources into the effort for weeks. Now you’re gone too and left him nothing besides a huge cash withdrawal and ditching all the things that could track you. He might even think you had something to do with it.”

“You sick fuck, Dad would never...” Amber hissed at me and spit in my face. I wiped it away without reaction and smirked.

“I guess Merel is going to be double punished since you interrupted hers,” I said coldly. “I’ll be piercing her tits and her tongue. Maybe look at some puffy lip fillers for her while I’m at it.”

My hand shot through the bars and grabbed Merel who had gotten too close. My hand wrapped around her throat and she shrieked with surprise and pain. Running my fingers over her lips I chuckled.

“Yeah, some over-sized doll lips would look good on her.” I smiled and winked over at Amber. “I can already imagine the feel of them wrapped around my cock.”

“You bastard!” Amber was looking around wildly looking for anything to use against me, to keep me from transforming her little sister into a blowup doll slut. Suddenly she looked at me and whispered hoarsely. “Take me instead.”

“What was that?” I looked over at Amber and as Merel started to speak I squeezed her throat to discourage her. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“I said...” Amber spoke louder, glaring at me. “Take me instead. I’ll take her punishments, you can fuck me instead if you’re horny.”

I smiled as this was just what I had been looking for. I made an adjustment on my watch, letting go of Merel’s throat and glared at her. She tried to speak and the collar shocked her, but only her. I smiled knowing it would stop her from telling her sister of any of the abuse and things she had already gone through. I was glad at that moment that Nicole was gone, her mindless sex crazed actions would have been a dead give away for many of the surprises that awaited her.

“Try and escape and I can shock you,” I started going into the usual explanation for the new girl. “Try to leave the house or yell too loud and you’ll be automatically shocked. If you get shocked Merel and Bianca will be shocked too. If Youna was here she would be shocked. If you haven’t gotten the picture yet you’re dumber than your cunt of a sister.”

Amber just glared at me and nodded. I shocked her for good measure causing her to convulse on the floor as I unlocked her cell door. As she recovered I looked down at her. “When you address me or if I am looking at you for a confirmation you will say ‘Yes sir’ or ‘No sir’ you can also use Master if you like.”

“Yes sir,” Amber grumbled out through gritted teeth as she stood. One hand crossed across her chest as she noticed I was looking. That made me laugh and I motioned her out of the cell. She looked hesitant.

“What you want to fuck here? In front of your sister?” I eyed her with a sly smile. “I knew you were a closet slut, like to be watched or maybe it’s the fact that it’s your sister?”

Amber looked pissed and stormed out of the room. I let her indulge in her defiance for a moment as I winked back at Merel who was sitting on her bed, knees pulled up to her chest. Following Amber into the other room I found her staring at all the bondage equipment and toys all over the walls. If she’d thought faster maybe she could have grabbed something dangerous. It would have been futile but a valiant effort, I had almost hoped she would.

“Admiring our collection?” I walked up behind her and she jumped, then tried to back away from me. I shrugged. “Do you even know what half of these are?”

“Yeah I do... I’ve seen things.” Amber looked at me somehow both disgusted and embarrassed. I just nodded and smiled. When she didn’t move she stared at me. “What?”

“I was waiting for you to get on the bed.” I shrugged. “I figured you didn’t want to fuck standing up or against the wall, and the floor can be fun but not the most comfortable. But if you want one of the bondage devices I can strap you in one of those too.”

Amber rolled her eyes at me and sighed. Heading over to the bed she lay back on it and settled herself down. I moved over to the bed and settled to the bed laying back and folded my heads behind my head. She seemed, put off that I didn’t push her around and use her.

“Well, I thought you were horny?” Amber looked at me with disgust.

“Oh, I am,” I assured the sexy older woman with dirty blonde hair. “And if you don’t take care of my needs I’m going to go back in that cell and punish your sister for it and make her take all the punishments that you said you would and I’ll use her to satisfy myself. But I don’t need to force you, you came here willingly.”

Amber frowned and looked at me then must have decided that I expected her to participate. She tried to keep her face pleasant but I could see it didn’t reach her eyes. Despite her look, she did reach out and start to stroke my cock through my pants. I let her stroke and feel the length as she studied me as I hardened under her fingertips.

“It would feel a lot better if you pulled it out,” I suggested and reached out to slowly fondle one of her warm tits. She stopped herself from pulling away as she unzipped my fly and pulled out my length. Her hand wrapped around me and stroked my length slowly. My fingers wrapped around her nipple and pulled on the already hard and thick nipple. “Anyone ever told you that you have beautiful thick nipples?”

She blushed and ignored the question which was fine I guessed her focus was on my length stroking and sliding her hand up and down as she jerked my cock. Unfortunately, it was a bit too dry for my taste and eventually I smacked her tit hard and she yelped.

“Fuck... why?” Amber glared at me but then corrected herself. “Sir, why did you do that?”

Her question was forced and angry, but I just smiled at her. I sat up and pulled off my shirt tossing it beside the bed. I then pushed her away and stripped off my pants as well leaving me naked on the bed. I still hadn’t answered her question but when she reached out to stroke me again I pushed her hand away. She glared at me again.

“How would you like it if someone kept rubbing at your dry pussy?” I smirked and laughed. “It might feel a bit good but it is not the best experience. You either need to use your mouth and get it wet or figure out another way. And I should probably advise you no matter what you better make sure it’s good and wet because it’s going in your cunt dry or not.”

Amber grimaced and then looked down at me. I was freshly showered, no girl’s pussy or ass making a mess of my cock. Still, the idea of sucking off the man holding her and her sister captive was less than ideal. But true to her word, to save her sister from the punishment she dipped her head and wrapped her lips around my prick. She started off tentatively and I reached down under her and fondled one of her breasts in my hand. She really did have nice thick nipples and I played and pulled on them as she sucked and slobbered on my cock.

I figured out she was trying to make me cum in her mouth instead of her cunt from the effort that she was putting into blowing my cock, and I had to admit she had some more experience than the other girls started out with. Eventually, I pushed her head off my length with a wet slurp and smiled at her.

“Are you on the pill?” I asked as I reached between her legs. I was pleasantly surprised to find she wasn’t completely dry, her wet cunt wasn’t dripping exactly but it was slick, and combined with her spit and slobber it would be a pleasant fuck. I rubbed at her clit as I waited for her to answer.

“Yes sir.” Amber grimaced and stared at me as I played with her. I just spread her pussy lips with my fingers and looked at her pink hole.

“Well, better enjoy that while it lasts.” Placing my hands on her hips I shifted her towards my crotch. As the head of my cock pressed against her entrance I pushed into the entrance of her slick cunt. “I’m not going to stop once it wears off.”

I pushed her down hard on my prick with that last statement impaling her fully and drawing a shocked gasp from her lips. I then pulled my hands from her hips and ran them over her stomach enjoying the smooth warmth of her skin under my hands. She rested there impaled to the hilt on my cock until it became apparent that I wasn’t going to set the pace. Lifting and dropping her hips she began to fuck me. I watched her tits bounce in appreciation as she slid up and down my length. I noticed she closed her eyes and was only a little surprised when she started to moan and grunt with the effort, I felt her growing wetter as she continued, her body reacting to the action despite her mind’s protests.

I took my time, not trying to push myself over the edge, letting her set the pace. My hands shifted up and cupped her tits. She had a sexy body but I was going to enjoy punishing her and Merel both by taking it out on this body. I squeezed and toyed with those thick hard nipples, loving how much larger they were than the other girls. They would look amazing with piercings making them stand out even more.

After Amber rode me for a while longer I finally dropped my hands to her hips I shifted until my hands were on her thighs, and an outstretched thumb could rub and play with her clit. As I pushed and pulled at her setting the pace I heard her moan and groan with my efforts. As I started to think she would outlast me she started to shudder and moan. When her shaking stopped she collapsed towards me. I grabbed onto her hips and rolled her over until I was on top. I then used my position to fuck and pound her cunt into the bed as she continued to moan before finally grunting with the pleasure and effort as I pushed my cock as deep as I could inside of her and flooding her womb.

When I pulled away from her, her pussy was open and after a moment a few gobs of thick cum leaked out onto the bed. I shook my head even as I recovered.

“Look at you slut, already risking another punishment.” I laughed as she tried to figure out what I meant. “Good slaves don’t waste cum, and they don’t make a mess if they don’t clean it up.”

Her hand shot down to her pussy and she pressed her fingers against her slit in an effort to hold in the cum, but I shrugged and then grabbed her and pulled her off the bed. I then got her up and heading back to the cell. She was still holding her cunt when we arrived in front of Merel’s cell.

“Squat” I barked at Amber, and she looked at me and then sank down legs spread and squatting like she was about to shit on the floor. “Take your hand from your cunt and push it out.”

“Yes sir.” Amber practically growled, here she was cunt spread and displaying in front of her sister and I had just ordered her to remove her hand and try to push my cum out with her pussy. She pulled her fingers away and a little dribble ran out. She closed her eyes concentrating and after a bit of trying was rewarded as she moved her muscles and pushed out a thick creamy load of cum onto the floor of the cells.

“Good girl, now lick it up.” I glanced between Merel and Amber as I issued the last command. Merel was looking defeated, her sister had been used and filled with cum and I had promised to pierce her and plump her lips. Amber may still have doubted I would do it but Merel didn’t.

“You asshole,” Amber growled. “You make me push out your cum then want me to lick it from the filthy floor? Why should I, you had your fun.”

“You’re right,” I said with an evil grin, then grabbed her head and pushed her towards the floor, when her cheek was pushed to the floor and she was looking straight at the gobs of cum she had pushed from her freshly fucked cunt I sneered. “But I’m still your master, and I’ll punish you for not obeying. I think your tits are nice but I think two cup sizes might help you remember who owns you.”

Amber’s eyes shot open and she struggled against my strong arm holding her down. “You dick! I’ll...”

“You’ll what, attack me? Defy me, yell at me?” I shrugged and let go of her I backed away even though she stayed on the floor. “I’ll just apply those same punishments to Merel. You want to see her tits big and fake? Maybe that turns you on even? Do you like looking at your sister’s tits?”

Amber glared but got my point. Making a show of it for me she dipped her tongue into my cum, slowly licking and sucking it from the floor. I smiled and patted her head when she was all done I’d put her away and it would be the real start of her training.