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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 21 — Deceit and Treat

After my first training session with Amber, I switched their collars back to where they couldn’t talk and went back upstairs. I found Binca watching porn in the gym after her workout and shoving Bitch’s eager tongue into her fuck hole with a firm hand. I let the dominating and increasingly fit and muscled woman finish, crying out her orgasm as her strong thighs wrapped around her former friend’s head. I smirked, Bianca was really coming to like being dominant over the other girls, she took every opportunity to be abusive and domineering. She also resented Barbie, and as of late Youna, for being in positions of authority over her. Without Nicole around, I wondered if given the chance her verbal abuse would target Merel and her sister Amber.

Cutting my musings short I guided Binca back to her cell resetting her collar to be in line with the other girls. Bianca sulked when I did and glared at the other two girls. Obviously, in her head, she had made up her mind that they were the reason she was being punished even more harshly than ever. Heading upstairs I curled up on the couch with Bitch for a nap. I rubbed her tummy gently as I thought about it growing heavier, and then palmed one of her breasts and squeezed it wondering how fat they might get once she started to show. Eventually, I fell asleep with Bitch’s head resting on my chest.

I woke up when Barbie and Youna arrived home. Glancing at my watch I saw that it wasn’t too late in the afternoon. As I started to move Bitch hopped off of the couch and crawled over to Youna and Barbie sniffing them and their packages. Youna was no longer dressed in the clothes she had left in, instead wearing a pretty green sundress and Bitch nosed under the hem of her skirt. Youna jumped a little when Bitch licked something under her skirt and if I had to guess that was a good sign she wasn’t wearing panties.

“How’d the shopping go?” I asked as I went over to Barbie and kissed her, then leaned over and kissed Youna too who blushed at the equal treatment. “You sluts get something fun?”

“That one’s a surprise!” Barbie said as I went to peek in one of the bags and she smacked my hand playfully. “It was good, we got a few outfits for the other girls and the items that Youna will need for her job.”

“Barbie knows all the best places to get nasty outfits, Master!” Youna gushed, she was beaming brightly and shockingly seemed ecstatic to be going to work with Barbie as a stripper. I could only grin as the enthusiasm was infectious. “We think you’re going to love what we found.”

“That’s my girls.” I grinned again then took a more serious tone. “I took a round with Amber this morning as her training. She liked it more than she probably wanted to, and she’s taking Merel’s punishments just like I knew she would. I need you to keep an eye on them both though.”

That last statement was directed at Youna and she nodded her understanding. It wouldn’t hurt to have a spy among the girls if they did get smart about trying to communicate or if Merel tried to show Amber what had been done to her before I was ready for the reveal. It would be hard given the position of their cells but I was going to take fewer chances. I doubted they had figured things out in the little window I had given them, and in the end, it didn’t matter that much, but it would be more fun if there were more surprises.

“Yes Master, I’ll be your best little slut spy.” Youna grinned and sucked on a finger as she looked at me.

“You’re just asking to get fucked aren’t you now aren’t you, you fucking whore.” I growled and saw Barbie starting to squeeze one of her tits through her sheer top, she knew something was coming and was looking forward to it. “It’s a good thing too because it will sell you’re just another kidnapped girl.”

“No! Master, please don’t force me.” Youna’s eyes sparkled as she tried to sound convincing, she did a passable job and tried to run. It was pretty apparent she was running towards the bedroom instead of away from it though. She screamed as I chased her and Barbie was just laughing behind us both.

When we got to the bedroom I grabbed her roughly and threw her onto the bed. As she tried to squirm away I reached out and tore at the fabric of her sundress. The green material ripped and soon I could see she had no bra beneath her top. I admired the all too brief glance as she tried to crawl away. She kicked at me but I put a knee against one of her legs and grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and a flailing arm with another. I pushed her face-first into the bed and worked to bring her arms together. Once I had both her slender wrists in one hand I angled until I had a firm grasp on both at the same time. Letting go of her neck I reached up to the headboard and grabbed a tie that I left on the posts for this sort of thing. I quickly had her arms tied behind her back.

With the brunette still squirming and fighting me I now had the freedom to explore her more completely. I kept my weight on her knees to keep her from fighting too much but I pushed the hem of her dress up until I could see her bare naked ass. I squeezed it with one hand and Youna shrieked.

“NO! STOP You fucking asshole!” Youna screamed, even as her cunt was glistening wet between her legs, and while she struggled and fought she didn’t make an effort to close her legs either. “You’re a filthy fucking pervert and I’ll never fuck you.”

“Too bad you don’t have a choice.” I hissed as I fumbled with my pants and then took the opportunity to smack her ass hard, it left a large red welt and I repeated the action on the other side. She shrieked at each stroke and fought me. “Stop squirming you fucking slut.”

“No! Don’t shove that in me.” Youna was looking back at me and could see I had gotten my hard cock out of my pants. “I don’t want you to stretch out my teen cunt.”

I grabbed her by the hips and pushed into her from behind, finding her wet and drooling and slid easily into the hilt in her sopping pussy. She screamed and cried for only a little while longer until I grabbed her bound arms in one hand and pulled her back against me with every violent thrust. She soon devolved into moaning and grunting as I fucked her hard.

I suddenly felt a warm pair of breasts press to my back and looked back to see Barbie pressing against me, she fell to her knees and pressed her face to my ass as she reached forward. Grasping Youna’s hips Barbie pulled her back towards me with each thrust, helping me roughly fuck the now climaxing slut. As I felt Barbie’s tongue press to my ass and start to worship my body I felt my own climax growing. She continued to lick and play with my hole as I fucked Youna savagely, until with a groan of my own I dumped a huge load of cum inside the college girl’s cunt.

As I recovered and rested next to Youna in the bed Barbie sucked and licked my cock clean of the mixture of cum from Youna and me. She then dutifully spread Youna’s ass cheeks and dove down into the girl’s shaven cunt to suck my sperm from the girl with a hungry need. I watched my cum hungry bimbo suck the sperm from my brunette fuck toy. As I stroked my cock back to full hardness I eyed Youna’s ass. Standing I moved to the other side of the bed and grabbed Youna’s hair and pulled her head up. She looked distracted and was moaning as Barbie had her tongue buried in the brunette’s, well I wasn’t really sure which hole and I didn’t really care. As her eyes focused on me she started to smile but I forced my cock between her lips. Forcing her to gag I pushed violently into her throat.

Barbie looked up at me and grinned, then grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand. With a grin she watched me fuck Youna’s throat. Forcing my length deep into her throat caused her eyes to water as she was forced to deep throat my cock. Barbie in the meantime had spread the lube liberally on her delicate hand. She then spread some extra on Youna’s cunt, causing the girl to squirm. Pressing her fingers together Barbie eased all four fingers into the brunette. Youna’s eyes went wide as she choked on my length and Barbie forced her fingers deep into the other woman’s tight cunt. When Barbie’s fingers were fully inside of the girl’s pussy she pulled her thumb against her palm and pushed harder.

Youna groaned as Barbie’s hand pushed deep into her cunt. Barbie grinned when the girl’s pussy lips closed around her wrist. As she balled her fingers to form a first inside the girl I held Youna’s head and violently fucked her throat making her choke and gag. At this point, I was enjoying force fucking my fuck toy’s mouth and I wasn’t going to stop even if I made her puke. Barbie was pushing her fist in and out of Youna’s tight hole, causing Youna’s eyes to go wide and her to gasp even around my cock when Barbie bottomed out in her pussy. When Youna started shuddering and her eyes lost focus I grinned at Barbie and held my cock in Youna’s throat as she finished cumming.

Pulling out of Youna’s throat I laid back on the bed. As she panted and tried to catch her breath and not gag Barbie pulled her hand from the younger girl’s pussy. Youna’s eyes went wide and she lay on the bed breathing hard.

“Fuck, that… that was different.” Youna gasped out and whimpered a little. “I’ve never felt so fucking full.’

“You liked it didn’t you?” Barbie teased and poured some oil down on Youna’s ass. “You’re such a filthy slut.”

“Are you…” Youna looked worried. After having her cunt fisted for the first time Barbie was now lubing her asshole, and I could see how that would make her nervous. “I don’t think that.I…”

“Don’t worry.” Barbie laughed and pulled the girl up. “I’m not going to fist your asshole you dumb whore. Master’s just going to fill it with spunk.”

Youna looked relieved and a little excited as the girls positioned her to settle on my hard cock. Barbie helped Youna sit down on my length since Youna’s hands were still tied behind her back. Youna sucked in a deep breath when my cock forced its way into her ass, but she continued to lower her weight until Barbie let go of her suddenly and she was forced to take the full length as her weight caused my length to bury in her tight hole. Looking at her ass I could see my length filling that tight hole, her anal ring clamped down tightly on my cock as she was facing away from me.

“Fuck, finally Master’s used all my holes.” Youna practically purred though I could tell she was struggling with some discomfort. That caused me to pause and think about it. After a moment of thought, I realized she was right, in all the activity of fucking and training her friends I had lost track of the holes I had used. I moved my hands to her hips.

“Are you ready for me to thrust?” I asked Youna quietly, I had fucked her cunt and throat violently, but being buried in her virgin ass was different. Letting her get used to my girth in her tight ass would help her to be prepared for me and I wanted her to enjoy giving her asshole to me.

“If Master is ready to use his slut’s asshole I’m ready.” Youna gasped out as she squirmed trying to adjust. I waited a little while longer as I could tell she was just trying to please me, but eventually, she gave me a little nod and I started to fuck her tight shit hole with long slow strokes, lifting her up and down by her hips and getting help from her lifting herself with her legs.

After a short time of slow strokes, Youna was moaning softly and had her eyes closed, head thrown back, long brown hair cascading down her back as she was anally violated for the first time. When she started to make the pace quicker I let her take the lead, knowing she could tell better than I what her ass could take. Youna was so focused on my cock pumping her tight ass that she didn’t see Barbie getting closer.

Barbie lowered her blonde head to Youna’s chest and sucked at the younger girl’s tits, causing the girl to gasp in surprise and delight. Then both Youna and I felt Barbie slide two fingers into Youna’s cunt. Curving her fingers so she would rub against Youna’s clit, Barbie’s fingers pressed against my length from inside of Youna’s body. In the end, the combination of Youna’s tight ass and Barbie’s skilled fingers stroking me was too much and I grunted and groaned as I pumped my thick load into my brunette bimbo in training’s ass. Youna came as she felt my load spurting and spraying into her and Barbie stroked her pussy and clit.

“Fuck,” Youna gasped when she had recovered a bit, my semi-hard cock still in her ass holding in my cum. “I never knew it would feel so good to get fucked in my ass. A girl could get used to that.”

“You better,” I laughed and shifted her off of my cock causing a drip of cum to drool from her ass. “Now that I’ve had a taste I think I’ll come back for more.”

Youna collapsed onto the side of the bed and Barbie resisted the urge to suck at the girl’s ass for the fresh load of cum. She also pushed Bitch away when she tried to crawl on the bed and sniff Youna’s holes.

“Not tonight Bitch.” Barbie sighed as the puppy girl whimpered. “Go lick your Master’s bone. The other sluts need to see his cum in Youna’s ass.”

The puppy girl once called Kato looked disappointed at first but when Barbie mentioned a bone Bitch was happy once again. She crawled over to me and started to lick and slobber on her favorite treat. Barbie laughed and patted her on the head as she helped Youna to her feet. After letting Bitch suck me for a while I reluctantly got up and joined them. I looked at Youna and smiled, then kissed her deeply and passionately, she kissed back with equal ferocity and even playfully nipped at my lip.

I slapped her hard as I finished the kiss, then slapped her tits with my hands as Barbie spanked the girl hard. Youna winced at the blows but didn’t scream or yell. Instead, when it was all done she smiled at me and turned in place.

“Do I look good and used?” Youna said with a grin. The handprint on her face and red welts on her tits and ass definitely did a good job of selling the illusion. Her eyes were red and full of tears from a rough throat fucking, her pussy had been fisted and used as well as her ass dripping cum. The green sundress that still barely clung to her body was ripped and torn adding to the overall effect. I just gave her another kiss as confirmation she had done a good job and then led her downstairs.

Once in the basement Youna adopted a beaten and abused look and Amber’s eyes looked shocked when the younger brunette was led into her cell. I finally untied Youna’s arms and she rubbed at her forearms and wrists in discomfort. The no-talking rule was still in effect or someone probably would have been yelling at me. As Amber glared daggers at me, I retrieved Merel from her cell and led her into the playroom where the other girls couldn’t hear.

“I need to make sure you don’t masturbate with that filthy ass of yours,” I told Merel as I retrieved a chastity belt from my collection. Merel had been broken over her stay with me and would often rub or finger her own ass because of her almost exclusively anal training. The constant diet of drugs keeping her horny and sensitive made it both a need and a release when she would cum with just anal play. Her pussy had been untouched since the night she arrived and she had come to expect anal attention at least once a day from someone using her asshole. That was about to stop for a while.

As I was placing Merel back in her cell Amber watched me. She couldn’t tell under Merel’s clothes what had changed, and she was fairly certain I hadn’t violated her little sister in that minimal amount of time still, she didn’t trust me and tried to tell what had occurred. I pulled Amber from her cell and dragged her to the bed in the other room. She almost tried to fight but I reminded her of the shocking that would give all of the girls and she relented. I tied her spread eagle on the bed and turned off her collar.

“What the fuck!” Amber shouted as soon as she could. “Making me fuck you and then screwing Merel’s friend wasn’t enough? You’re going to use me too?”

I smiled and shrugged and went over to a cabinet. Inside of the cabinet were a number of drugs, pills, gels, and creams, all of questionable legality for me to have for personal or recreational use. I pulled out a gel and a pair of latex gloves. Washing my hands then putting the gloves on I headed back to the bed.

“What the fuck are you doing? What is that?” Amber struggled against her bonds but she wasn’t really able to move much. I had set them tight and so when I settled onto the bed between her legs she could do nothing but watch in horror. I used a cotton swab and cleaned her clitoris carefully before drying it with a clean cloth. I then started to rub and play with her clit making it respond to my attention.

“It’s nothing that will hurt you.” Smiling I pinched and squeezed her clit gently and caused it to engorge and grow to full size. “But it is something that will change you and I’m eagerly looking forward to how you will look with it and the other changes your little sister has earned for you.”

Squeezing the tube it dispensed the pre-measured amount and I slowly rubbed and massaged it into her clitoris. The engorged nub glistened with the greasy gel and I patted it gently with a finger. This caused Amber to jump but it seemed more from the contact than what the gel might be doing to her. I got up and cleaned up, putting everything away. Then I loosened her bonds enough that she could shift for more comfort on the bed, but not that she could wipe the gel off or do anything about her situation.

“Good night Amber, hope you enjoyed your first day in your new home.” I smiled and turned her collar back on. Leaving her to sleep in the bed in the playroom I headed back upstairs to join Barbie and Bitch in bed. Barbie was already riding the puppy slut’s face to a screaming orgasm when I walked in and I smiled at them both. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.