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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 22 — Officer Meyers

The next few days flew by I had made arrangements for a few things to be delivered to the house but they would take some time to be delivered. In the meantime, the girl’s training progressed. Youna remained an eager and obedient slut, but whenever around Amber she played the abused and used prisoner to perfection. In fact, in Amber’s eyes, Youna was probably more a target for my abuse than the other girls as she often came back well used and flogged. I had to be careful to avoid Youna’s still healing tattoos but we put on a convincing show.

Bianca, on the other hand, continued to be trained with a serious diet and workout regime. Her transformation was impressive, the kind that only movie stars with personal trainers and nothing but time to accomplish can do in such a short period. Her training with the drugs continued as well, she became increasingly aggressive towards the other girls, taking to her sessions for beating and flogging Bitch with gusto. The constant stream of porn featuring a strong woman breaking other girls was having an effect on her drug-induced pliant brain. Similarly, she lapped up the porn featuring a woman abusing a submissive soft male, while also enjoying the same strong women being forced and used by an even more dominant man. On the rare occasion, she was well behaved enough to earn a reward she would often ask to dominate Bitch or the newly arrived Amber. In fact, as of late Amber had become her new target. The older girl’s large breasts and soft feminine curves excited Bianca’s abusive nature in new ways.

Continuing to be trained with anal porn and steady dosing of drugs to make her pliant and dumb, Merel had become more defiant and less cooperative since her sister had arrived. I still had her dressed in the presence of her sister and the chastity belt ensured that Merel was getting no sexual release which was making her more cranky and desperate. Despite capturing and enslaving her sister with her help, I had a suspicion she would soon be begging for a sexual release soon enough.

Bitch was still being trained and rewarded for behaving like a slutty puppy girl and had long since taken to the role wholeheartedly. I was under a sneaking suspicion that letting her determine her own drug dosages at the beginning of her training had made her permanently more docile, obedient, and horny and had ingrained the puppy behavior into her new slave psyche. All told it seemed she was quite content to crawl around the house naked and be used and treated as the house fuck pet. She would often come to me in the morning with her butt plug tail in her teeth for me to help put in her. She then wore it for hours, only coming to have it taken out when it would get uncomfortable.

Amber, on the other hand, had become a special project. Every time Merel was defiant and deserved a beating or punishment Amber would step in and take her place. She did everything in her power to spare Merel the abuse and keep me from using the girl for sex. While I currently had no intention of fucking Merel there was no way for Amber to know that, and so instead I had her perform every sexual act on me that I teased I would do to her little sister. I never took Amber, I made her do all the work. She would suck and fuck me in order to sate my desires and spare her sister. Each night I would apply the gel to her clit and she would sleep alone in the playroom. Of all the girls, Amber received no mind-altering drugs, but I could tell even without them she was beginning to break.

The package arrived a few days into the training, as did a guest. I was in my office when I saw the delivery driver dropping off the package on the door camera. I also saw the squad car pulling up outside. I exhaled and shrugged. I had been expecting this sooner or later. I moved quickly and warned Barbie and Youna that we had company. The two women moved to get dressed quickly, I meanwhile went into the dungeon and closed the doorway to the cells. I then slid one of the racks of toys in front of the door, concealing it completely. The soundproofing down here would be more than enough to prevent anyone from hearing the girls, especially with the collars still set so they couldn’t even talk without getting shocked.

The doorbell rang as I was heading back up the stairs. Barbie was dressed in a tight little tank top that was pulled taut over her large fake tits. Her round sexy ass and legs were stuffed into a pair of tight-fitting yoga pants. Youna was more subdued just because she lacked the obvious curves of Barbie’s bimbo body, but she was looking sexy in a curve-hugging white t-shirt and a pair of tight black shorts. The fabric was so tight on both I could easily tell she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and I was fairly certain I could see the outline of her nipples through the white top. I rolled my eyes, the two of them were still sex and lust, even with clothes on. Kato, on the other hand, had a robe wrapped around her and looked uncomfortable with that. She was still wearing her puppy ear headband and she was sulking on the couch.

Barbie answered the door and stared at the police officer on the other side of the door. Honestly, when she led her into the living room where I was waiting I had to stare too. While the uniform did nothing to flatter her figure the blonde was striking. She had the body of a swimsuit model if I didn’t miss my guess. Definitely wasted as a beat cop in my opinion. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail out of her face, and I was struck by that pretty face as well. Thick well-groomed dark eyebrows hinted that the blonde wasn’t natural, and her slightly upturned nose sat above a sexy pair of lips with a small beauty mark below the right side of her bottom lip.

“How can we help you today, Officer..?” Barbie was obviously fishing for the woman’s name as she smiled at her and came over to stand by me, leaning against my side and pressing her curves to me.

“Meyers… It’s Amy Meyers.” The police officer said with a smile, and then indicated Youna and Kato and added. “I’m actually here to talk to these two ladies.”

“Oh, what have they done?” I said with a chuckle and then winked at Youna. “Indecent exposure would be my guess.”

“Ummm…” Amy was put off by that comment and she blushed. She had already had to deal with Barbie’s oversexed body and now she was staring at Youna in her barely-there clothing and Kato wearing puppy ears and a robe. “Nothing like that, you aren’t suspects or anything… I just am looking into some missing person cases and was hoping these ladies might help.”

“Of course Officer.” Youna smiled helpfully and then reached over and petted Kato’s head. Kato’s Bitch identity emerged and she nuzzled and licked Youna’s hand before panting happily. When Amy started to stare she whimpered a little uncomfortably.

“Ummm…” Once again Officer Meyers seemed confused by the situation. Youna was quite obviously wearing a collar, and at another glance so was Kato. The brunette girl with blonde highlights was also wearing puppy ears and acting… surprisingly dog-like. I was pretty sure this was weirding out the woman. “What is going on here? Why are you ladies staying here, I spoke with your families and they said you girls were supposed to be on a trip?”

“Well, we couldn’t very well tell our parents and friends that we were moving into a man’s house to live as his slave and pet could we?” Youna said with a wide grin of her sexy mouth. “It’d be a bit embarrassing to explain you want to be treated like a sex slave don’t you think?”

“S-Sex… Slave?” Amy stammered out, gawking at Youna and looked taken aback. “And you girls are here freely?”

Youna laughed and glanced at me with a wink. “You couldn’t drag me away from Master’s fat throbbing cock if you tried… though if you tried to seduce me it might have better results.”

Blushing and thrown off balance Amy wasn’t sure how to react to Youna’s explicit talk and suggestions she instead looked at Kato who hadn’t been talking much. “And…”

Youna looked at Kato and scratched her head. “What do you say Bitch? Would you let the pretty police officer take you away from your Master and your bone?”

Kato once again let her Bitch persona take over and she moved down to all fours leaving the robe behind on the couch. As she crawled down onto all fours Amy was treated to the “Breeding Whore” and “Anal Pet” tattoos and also the pet tail coming out of Kato’s asshole. As the girl barked and growled at Amy the blonde woman backed away. I intervened with an apologetic smile, I stood between the blonde and my puppy girl and reached down to hold her collar.

“Sorry, usually she’s a sweet girl,” I said with a grin. “She’s more likely to sniff your crotch or lick you than bark, and she honestly never bites. Bad girl.”

The last line I said with a swat on Bitch’s behind, I then grabbed the robe and had her cover-up.

“As you can see Officer Meyers,” I said smiling at the blonde as charismatically as I could manage. “My slaves are more than happy here, free from judgment by their families and former friends. I suggest you ask them what you need to, as we are happy to cooperate.”

With my prompting, Amy turned back to the task at hand. She produced a photo that honestly I had seen before. It was a picture of Merel and Amber with their father Frank. She showed it to everyone in the room and watched us carefully as we reacted to the image. Given we all had a reason to react to it we didn’t try to hide recognition.

“That’s our friend Merel and her family,” Youna said confidently. “I haven’t seen her in a while, though I think we saw on the news she is missing?”

“They both are.” Office Meyers added watching us all, but then looked at Barbie and me specifically. “How did the two of you know her, you seemed to recognize her?”

“Well, honestly,” I said with a sheepish grin. “She was with Kato when we met her on the beach that day. She and her friends said some rude things to my girlfriend Barbara. It honestly was a bit of a shock when Kato became interested in slave play with us… but I would rather not go into details. One thing led to another and Kato invited Youna over… and next thing I know I’m in a house with three beautiful women taking care of my sexual desires. But honestly, we’ve all been here since then and we haven’t seen Merel or her sister, haven’t even gotten a call or text. I wish we could help more.”

Amy blushed again and seemed to be assessing me. Quite likely she was wondering how I was keeping up with so many girls and why they were so attracted and loyal to me. I sometimes wondered the same thing myself.

“Alright,” Amy said still blushing deeply then added in a joking tone. “And no other girls tied up in the basement or anything?”

“No Officer!” Youna said with a manic grin. “But there is a sex dungeon if you want to see!”

In that moment I think the last thing Amy wanted to do was go into the basement, though Youna seemed all too eager to show her every kink device down there if she did say yes. Officer Meyers made some notes in her notepad and then nodded to us all.

“I’m sorry to intrude.” Officer Meyers said as she headed back towards the front door. “Please, give us a call if you hear from Merel or her sister, their father is desperate to find her.”

“We will certainly inform the authorities if we hear anything at all,” I said with a genial smile as I walked her to the front door. She was already off-balance with the whole affair going on in the house but her face went crimson when I handed her my card. “And if you need anything don’t hesitate to call.”

Officer Meyers looked down at the card. It wasn’t my official business card, but instead one I used for more private business. The front listed my name and title as Master, and in bold print, it listed out the services I was offering. “Slave Trainer and Slut Tamer.” I wasn’t sure if she’d keep it, or even hand it back, but she read it over and then without making eye contact with me slid it into a pocket. I waved goodbye as she headed back to her squad car and admired her toned ass.

“Well, that was exciting.” Youna grinned as I walked back in, she was already stripping her clothes back off and Kato had curled up on the floor naked to take a nap. Barbie was still dressed but was grinning.

“Did you really need to tease her that much you slut?” Barbie laughed and went over to Youna and kissed the girl. “If she could have died of embarrassment she would have. I’m so proud of my filthy little bimbo in training.”

“What?” Youna grinned and moved over to me, pressing her warm naked body against me. “I just figured if Master got caught I wouldn’t have an owner anymore and keeping her embarrassed worked well for us. I did good, right?”

“You were perfect.” I nodded and kissed Youna, I suddenly remembered the package that had been delivered. I headed out front and got the box, it was large and quite heavy but I lugged it inside and took it down into the basement. Barbie and Youna came down to watch me unbox it and were surprised to see a new machine that I would be adding to the playroom.