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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 23 — Farmer’s First Cow

“Oh!” Youna giggled and Barbie was pawing her large fake orbs as they both stared at the machine I was setting up. There was no mistaking it for what it was and Youna couldn’t help herself as she asked, “Who’s going to be Master’s first cow?”

I finished pulling everything out for the milking machine and grinned widely as I set it near a bench I thought would serve well as a milking bench. I really couldn’t wait to see one of the girls hooked to it with their nipples being pulled and abused by the constant strong suction. I thought about it for only a moment before I answered Youna.

“Well, Bitch is pregnant and could eventually be the first one to give milk.” I grinned and nodded my head towards the cells. “But I think the first one I’m going to hook to this will be our new girl Amber, those large natural breasts of hers will look so good being sucked dry.”

Youna pouted and despite all her depravity, I was a little surprised. Did she want to be turned into a dairy cow for me? Tits hooked to a machine and sucked until they produced milk for her Master? As I thought about it I realized her likely cause of concern. It wasn’t that she wanted to be my cow, she wanted to be first, wanted me to treat her as first in my depraved and dirty plans. It was a habit she would need to eventually break but one that I kept in mind for later.

I shooed Barbie and Youna from the room as I didn’t need them ruining the surprise for Amber, or for Amber to discover what a wanton and willing slut Youna truly was. I honestly didn’t care what they got off to do, whether it was eating each other to orgasm or getting chores done around the house. I had a new toy to play with and a plaything to use it on. I covered the machine with a tarp and then set out a few more toys and devices near the bench I intended to use. I then headed into the cells to convince the girl of my choice to volunteer.

Merel and Amber didn’t even look up at me when I came in, they likely assumed it was time for one of Bianca’s workouts, it was too early in the day for me to be pulling Amber out to serve my cock or have her clit slathered with the gel I applied daily. When I moved past Bianca’s cell and headed for Merel’s however Amber’s eyes went wide and Merel looked up at me with a mix of eagerness and dread. She hadn’t been played with for a while and she was likely aching for some relief.

“Come on slut, up and at em,” I said with a cruel chuckle. “Time to finally put those worthless tits of yours to some good use.”

Merel looked both happy and fearful but Amber started to bang on her cell bars. I faked an annoyed sigh, Amber was too predictably the over-protective older sister. I flipped Amber’s collar off so she could speak.

“I’ll do it,” Amber said to no one’s surprise at all. She didn’t hurl insults at me anymore, that had stopped after a few days. They never affected me and often just encouraged fresh punishments. “Whatever it is leave Merel alone and I’ll do it.”

I looked back at Merel and she actually looked angry. If her collar hadn’t been set to silence her she probably would have spoken up and said something to her sister. Instead, she just glared at me in mute frustration and impotent rage. I smiled at Amber and reached through the bars and stroked her cheek.

“You’re such a loving big sis, aren’t you?” I smiled and patted her cheek patronizingly. “You don’t even know what it is... I need someone to help out with a chore around the house and Merel isn’t busy, so why would you volunteer?”

“Because I’m never going to let you abuse her,” Amber said with a weak snarl in her voice. She was cracking, slowly but surely. I reached down and squeezed one of her breasts, the warm soft flesh of her natural tits felt good in my hand and as I flicked my thumb across her nipple it hardened to my touch. She’d begun responding to my touch fairly well, but I guess that came from the only pleasure and stimulation you got was from sex.

“Alright, your tits are probably better than hers for this anyways.” I shot a nasty smile at Merel and opened Amber’s cell. As I led the older girl out into the playroom I saw Merel slump dejectedly on her bed. She was almost ready.

I led Amber to what I now thought of as the milking bench and she hesitated when she saw the tarp-covered contraption. I pushed her more insistently however and she relented, giving up and letting me strap her to the bench. It left her in a kneeling position her arms and legs supported by the bench, and with a wide and comfortable rest for her neck, shoulders, and around her waist but left most of her torso exposed. As her breasts hung down below her I admired the sight. I almost wanted to fuck her and watch her tits sway but I’d made sure she had to be the active participant in every fucking so far and I wasn’t going to break my own rules.

Instead, I pulled the tarp from the machine dramatically. Amber gasped and whimpered as she saw what it was, even she could guess what was coming from the look of the machine and the fact that I had been so focused on her tits. She struggled against her bonds and grunted helplessly.

“No don’t...” She pleaded. “I’m not a cow, you can’t milk me! I can’t give you anything.”

“Not yet.” I laughed and took a moment to massage her breasts. I squeezed and massaged her flesh. Holding her breast with my fingers and thumb cupped around it a C shape I started near her areola and pressed moving backwards towards her chest. Then I slowly compressed her breast with my fingers as I moved it towards her nipple before releasing the pressure to repeat again. Soon her hard nipples were sticking out fully, stimulated by my attempt to hand milk her. I gave her a pat on the head and grinned.

“Good cow.” I chuckled again when she glared at me but I started to prep the machine. Once I had the cups attached to her breasts I moved the other toys into place. A remote-controlled pair of vibrating panties was snapped into place. We had them fitted with snaps at the hips so they could be put on even a restrained girl. The small vibrators pressed to her cunt and ass but left her clit exposed. To this, I attached another, much smaller suction pump.

“So listen carefully cow,” I said as I came around to the front of her. “You’re going to become the family dairy cow and give us lots of milk.”

“You sick fuck.” Amber growled and I slapped her firmly but not maliciously to quiet her.

“You’ll be milked regularly.” I continued holding up her chin so she was forced to look into my eyes. “Now each milking session should be only about twenty minutes for a woman, but since you are a dairy cow with fat udders to milk I think we can make it an hour and a half.”

Amber’s eyes went wide, she was clearly anticipating the amount of pain and abuse that this would cause. Many women would get sore or uncomfortable from a normal milking session and I was going to have her strapped in the machine for nearly five times the length.

“Now, if you agree to take your medicine like a good little cow and help us make you give lots of milk I might.” I grinned and stressed that again. “I might... reduce it to an hour. Moo if you agree.”

Amber glared at me and then dropped her head looking at the ground. A moment later a defeated mooing sound came from between her lips. I lifted her head again and held a hand to my ear. This time she mooed loudly for me to hear. I took out a bottle and let her see the label. I let her read it and the description of the pill, as well as its uses, and then shook the recommended dosage into my hand. Popping the pills into her mouth I held her throat as she struggled to swallow them down dry. Once they were gone I smiled.

“I’m sure you’re still thinking... an hour? That’s too much time, especially when my fat cow udders aren’t giving milk yet.” I looked at her expectantly and eventually, she nodded, prompting me to continue. “Now I don’t want to abuse my poor cow so I’ve had a friend whip up a computer program. It recognizes speech patterns and if you moo just right, you should be able to get the vibrators and clit pump to turn on. Every minute that it is on will reduce your milking time by that amount. But you’ll need to keep mooing like a happy little cow to keep the machines going.”

Amber just hung her head in shame and defeat. I was telling her she needed to play with her cunt, ass, and pump her own clit in order to reduce her torture and do it all by mooing like a dumb dairy cow. Since she didn’t object I smiled and patted her on her rump.

“Now, my pretty little dairy cow.” I squeezed her juicy ass and patted it fondly. “That will still leave you with thirty minutes of milking... and the machine will repeat the cycle every three hours. We’ll start you out with about a six-hour shift, three milkings to be precise. Now if you want to shave off those extra ten minutes a milking, the machine will register some mooing between cycles and you should be able to shave it down. Since the machine is looking for different moos I’ve set it to make a cowbell sound when you get it right, so keep that pretty little cow throat of yours mooing since you will need to reduce your time. During your rests, your mooing won’t trigger your sex toys.”

“I think that pretty well covers it.” I thought for a bit and then shrugged and moved to the controls of the machine. Flipping the switch the machines began to hum to life. “Good luck my little cow.”

Patting Amber on her ass one more time I smiled and left the basement, listening to her start desperately mooing to try to get the machines to reduce her torture. I grinned and went to get Bianca out from her cell. As I led the fit brunette through the playroom and to the stairs I set the collar so she could speak.

“Look at that dumb cow bitch.” Bianca laughed as she watched Amber and listened to her mooing like a cow desperate to be milked. “You really called what she is with those ugly fat cow tits of hers.”

I smirked, Amber had very pretty and naturally large breasts and Bianca was obviously upset that she had both started out as the smallest of the bunch, but also was losing breast size as I forced her to become a fit and muscled beauty. She loved the strength and control over the other girls but definitely was not enjoying feeling inferior in the looks department.

“I bet you’d love to fuck her hairy cow pussy wouldn’t you?” I smiled at Bianca, Amber was one of the few girls who hadn’t been shaved. Youna kept hers nice and trimmed like Barbie, Merel was shaved clean so everyone could see her piercings keeping her pussy closed, and I had been forcing Bianca to shave and trim hers into a heart as a counterpoint to her otherwise strong appearance.

“Mmm, yeah.” Bianca purred as she watched Amber. “You could get me a big horse-cock strap on and I could fuck the shit out of that dumb animal.”

Laughing I grabbed Bianca by the still healing rings in her tits and tugged. She yelped and glared at me. I just stared back as if daring her to try something. Eventually, she relented and followed me as I pulled her through the room. As we got upstairs and I closed the door behind me the last of Amber’s lowing voice faded away. As I led Bianca down the hall I saw Barbie was laying back on the couch, Bitch, and Youna on either side of her.

Stopping to watch I saw that my blonde bimbo Barbie had Youna suckling on one of her massive fake tits, and Bitch slobbering on the other. It honestly looked like the older bimbo was nursing the other two sluts and I smiled. I hadn’t really expected Barbie to react this way to the thought of milking a girl but I had to admit it was hot. From the glazed and happy look in her eyes as she looked at me, she seemed to be enjoying it, and I could tell from the movement of Youna’s arm that she was probably rubbing and fingering Barbie to a massive orgasm. Youna’s other hand was between her own thighs and Bitch seemed to be playing with herself as well. All in all three women suckling and being sucked for milk made me twitch and come to full attention.

“Look at these dumb cunts.” Bianca laughed and watched the other girls. “I bet they’re all dreaming of being your stupid cow herd. It’s where they belong.”

Shaking my head I shoved Bianca down over the back of the couch, she tried to struggle but I held her down. With her bent over the back of the furniture I reached down and unbuckled my pants.

“I bet you’d love it too.” I hissed down at her. “I bet you’d love it if I knocked you up and gave you a calf so those tiny worthless tits of yours could grow into some udders I might even consider playing with.”

“Asshole.” Bianca spat back at me. “You wish I would carry a child for you. But if you can even get it up that limp dick of yours couldn’t do the job.”

I smirked, she was trying to provoke me but I was already hard and when I pushed into her cunt and forced myself all the way inside I found she was already dripping in anticipation. She fought me, trying to buck me off but I could tell as I held her down and forced my length in and out of her hole that she was getting even wetter from the struggle.

“I think you’re cunt is the worthless thing.” I chuckled and grunted as I pumped into and out of her wet snatch. “I’ve already bred Bitch, and Barbie would have been pregnant a hundred times over if she wasn’t on the pill. Youna is probably already pregnant, but your skank ass is the only one who can’t seem to make me cum enough to knock her up.”

Bianca growled back at me but she was moaning and lost in the pleasure of me degrading her and also treating her like a woman. She used and abused the other girls, but was only a woman when I forced her to be, and I had come to learn she enjoyed being used like a slut as much, if not more than she loved abusing the other girls. I kept fucking her hard, making the couch shake with my thrusts.

“Oh yeah! Suck my bimbo tits dry!” Barbie exclaimed suddenly and the idea of the two girls sucking out her milk pushed me over the top and I flooded Bianca’s womb with a thick load of seed. I would never tell the girl, but Bianca’s vitamins had included birth control from the start. I wanted her fit and strong, not soft, and pregnant. Still, I had to admit her tight vice of a cunt was fun to flood. Once I recovered, I pushed her off down the hall to the gym and her usual training and left the three other sluts to finish playing.