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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 24 — Night Out: Check-In

The household fell back into a routine for a few weeks. Youna, Merel, and Bianca all healed from their tattoos and piercings and began to feel more comfortable with all the changes. Barbie and Youna worked on the younger woman’s lap dances and stripping, with me as an eager volunteer to play the part of the client. Youna’s help around the house made it easier for Barbie to go back to work so she returned to her normal shifts, bringing me home lots of cash as my stripper slave. Bianca continued her workouts and with the strict diet and exercise regime had quickly taken on the toned and strong appearance of a buff and dominating woman. Bitch, as we now all called Kato, was a happy puppy licking, sucking, and fucking anything and anyone who wanted to use her. She had a love-hate relationship with Bianca who liked nothing more than abusing the puppy girl’s holes with her biggest toys and flogging her for fun.

Merel and Amber were the exceptions to the new routine. Merel had actually taken a step backward. She was now wearing clothes anytime that Amber could potentially see her, hiding her secret piercings and the chastity belt that annoyingly kept her from filling her ass. I would occasionally let her out and tease her backdoor until she begged me to fuck her shit hole, but then would lock her away again. The steady doses of pills kept her horny and on edge, as well as highly suggestible to all the anal porn I still forced her to watch without release. Her frustration and need started to manifest as acting out-earning her more and more punishments.

Amber, however, would take on the punishments for her little sister. I had actually come to admire that about the older woman. She had gone much longer than expected taking Merel’s punishments for her own. Once I was ready Amber was going to end up with quite a different appearance. To my surprise she was responding better to each sexual encounter, trying to make sure she climaxed before we were done. I put it down to a bit of boredom, and possibly some other mental concerns. She was certainly wet enough each time. Amber had also gotten very good at mooing and lowing like a good cow, and her breasts and nipples were showing signs of swelling from the constant milkings. I caught her mooing during one of her orgasms even, much to her embarrassment.

No one in the house was allowed to talk to Amber like a person, instead constantly calling her cow, heifer, or dairy slut. Her tits were more often referred to as udders than anything else, and I made sure Bianca knew that was how she would talk to Amber when I let her punish the family cow for not giving milk already. It was during one of these punishments, as Bianca flogged my cow’s ass and Amber mooed as the machine suckled on her teats that I cut in.

“Bianca, enough,” I ordered sharply and while the brunette looked like she wanted to draw back for one more strike she obeyed when she heard the tone of my voice. I could tell flogging Amber’s ass had gotten her hot and bothered, and likely she was hoping I would roughly fuck her for doing a good job of disciplining the dairy slut without harming her. That wasn’t what I had in mind, so instead I ordered, “Go upstairs. Barbie has an outfit picked out for you and you need to shower and be clean before we go out for the night.”

“Yes, sir” The lack of backtalk from Bianca surprised me a little. She usually had quite the acidic tongue and would get punished for it. Of course this would be her first night leaving the house in over a month so perhaps she didn’t want to anger me.

“And you,” I said to Amber as I turned the milking machine off early. “Your moos are getting so pretty my little cow.”

Amber didn’t say anything to me instead letting herself sag, keeping up the mooing to shorten her milking times was especially hard while Bianca was flogging her so she was just happy for the early release. I took out a jar of lotion and set it down next to Amber. I then reached under her and carefully disconnected her from the machines. I noted with satisfaction that Amber’s clitoris looked much larger and more swollen than when she first arrived. I knew the pumping was the majority of that and once recovered the swelling would go down, but I was fairly certain it actually was getting larger from the Androgel being applied daily.

“Let’s take care of those udders shall we?” I smiled and opened the lotion, spreading it on my hands. As I gently and carefully massaged the lotion into Amber’s aching nipples and udders she moaned softly, partly in pleasure and partly in relief. If we didn’t care for her nipples carefully she would end up chaffed and cracked so I had taken to giving her tits a good massage before and after every milking, an attention Youna and Barbie had grown envious of.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” Amber finally whispered out hoarsely. I smiled and patted her wet hairy cunt after I had finished with massaging her udders.

“Not tonight I’m afraid.” As I unhooked Amber from the bench and she stood up wobbling a little, she looked both relieved and just a small bit disappointed. I had to study her at that moment as I had yet to give her anything to alter her mind chemically. “Tonight you get a break and go back into the cells. Bianca, Youna, and I will be out. Barbie is staying home with Bitch and she’ll watch you on the cameras but has been told to let you rest tonight.”

Part of that was a lie. We were leaving Bitch home alone tonight, but Amber didn’t need to know any of that. Amber was still studying me and I motioned her towards her cell. Her hands wandered up as she walked, gently massaging and kneading her sore breasts. Usually I spent more time but it was already a busy day and the night wasn’t going to be much better. I switched her collar onto the silence mode so she couldn’t speak to Merel and led her inside her cell. I closed the door and looked at Merel who seemed to be wondering if Amber coming back early meant I had some plan for her. I ignored her and headed back upstairs.

A little over an hour later Barbie, Bianca, Youna, and I all climbed into my car. Bianca looked confused and in some regards, pleased. The other two women by comparison were dressed downright prudish. Bianca had on a red, high slit side laced, party dress with a plunging neckline that on one of the other girls would have been jaw-dropping but on her was very sexy and pleasing. The only thing she lacked was the cleavage either of the other girls would have brought to the party. However, both Youna and Barbie were wearing comfortable sweatpants and hoodies. I had also thrown two small bags in the back for my bimbo in training and her mentor.

The ride was mostly devoid of conversation. Barbie and Youna whispered to each other occasionally and laughed but neither wanted to ruin the surprise for Bianca. I let Bianca sit next to me and when I felt like teasing her let my hand wander up her thigh, pushing the slit of her dress higher until I could brush my fingers over her cunt. She had not been provided any underwear and I had easy access as long as she kept her thighs spread. The first time I touched her she did resist, but a gentle but firm slap reminded her who I was and what she was. She let me play after that.

We arrived in the parking garage a short time later. Bianca must have seen a sign or something because she sat up and paid more attention. I used a remote control to open access to the VIP parking garage and slid into one of the spots. As we all got out of the car Bianca turned to me.

“Dixies?” Bianca practically sneered. “Don’t you get enough dumb stripper sluts already?”

I laughed as I grabbed the bags from the trunk and headed towards the elevator. Another level of security happened once we were inside the elevator. Barbie pressed a key fob to the control panel and pressed the button for the VIP lobby. The elevator locked down so no other passengers could stop it before it reached its destination and slowly began to ascend. We passed the normal club lobby, and as we continued to ascend the girls looked out of the clear one-way glass at a club they could see, but who could not see them.

Women in various states of dress and undress wandered among the male and female patrons of the public side of the club, serving drinks and taking requests. On each of the five stages, sets of women danced seductively for their clientele, hoping to entice the lust filled patrons to indulge more deeply in the sin of lust. Youna and Bianca stared wide-eyed at the size of the club and the depravity on display.

Youna was the first to notice something odd.

“Master?” The brunette looked at me perplexed, biting her sexy lower lip as she spoke. “Why do all the women have a number on their chest?”

As Bianca looked closer she could see it too. All the dancers, all the waitresses, and bartenders... and on closer inspection, even some of the bouncers had a number right below their collar bone in the center of their chests. As my new slaves looked they noticed something else about the numbers.

“Some of them are... tattoos?” Bianca frowned, her usual angry scowl appearing once again on her face. “But some of them look painted or written on?”

“Every person who works here is given an employee number,” I said with a smug grin. “The ones owned by the club have their number tattooed on when they are purchased or acquired. The girls who work here but are owned by someone else have theirs written or painted on before each shift.”

“Owned by the club?” Bianca glanced at me nervously and I smirked. “And do you mean to say that every woman working here is a slave?”

“More or less,” I shrugged. “Oh I’m sure there are one or two independent operators, but they probably still listed themselves as their own owners on the paperwork. No woman works here without understanding the system. As for the clients, some know, some don’t. Dixies sells the numbers as a way to easily identify and book time with your favorite girl, even if you don’t catch her name. Honestly, for some of these women, their number is more real than whatever fake stage name they use.”

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open only a moment later. As we stepped out in the luxurious VIP lobby a girl with a bondage mask came prancing over to me. Her arms were tied behind her back and her mouth was gagged but hanging from her shoulders and secured around her chest was a tray of drinks. I took one with a smile after tweaking her pierced nipple playfully, to which she only moaned and trotted off. I motioned to the girls and we headed for the desk.

“Good evening, Sir.” The thick black girl behind the desk practically purred as she leaned forward giving me a good view of her deep soft cleavage. “How may this Slave be of service this evening?”

“I have an appointment to talk with the personnel manager,” I said matter of factly as I noted the girl’s number 001793. I might have to remember that for later. “And these two ladies will be working this evening.”

I indicated Youna and Barbie with a smile, Barbie just gave a friendly and familiar smile to the girl and Youna gave an excited but nervous little wave.

“Of course Sir,” The dark-skinned girl typed on the keyboard and then looked up with a pleasant smile. “Can this slave have the numbers for your property?”

Barbie cut me off before I could say anything, unzipping her hoodie and flashing her oversized mounds, stenciled on her flesh in the correct spot was her number. I chuckled, she always preferred to do it herself, she got to pick the style of the numbers that way. I shook my head in amusement.

“The brunette will need to be registered,” I said with a laugh. “You can copy all the ownership information from the blonde’s file.”

“Very good Sir.” Replied 001793, I reached over and slid my hand over the top of her breast feeling the soft fullness of her tit, she leaned back from the keyboard and let me sample her tits, the entire time smiling vapidly at me. “Would Sir like to book time with this Slave? Her shift doesn’t end for another two hours but I do see that as a Diamond Member we can find a substitute for her position if it would please?”

“Maybe another time,” I smiled at her and pinched her thick nipple as I withdrew my hand, she either moaned in pleasure or faked it convincingly. “With my meeting and the girl’s show, I doubt I have time for more than my already booked session.”

“Ahhh yes, I see the reservation.” The slave was right back to business as soon as I was done fondling her. She slid me a key card for one of the VIP rooms and I pocketed it. She handed Youna a slip of paper with a number on it. “Here you go, Slave. Go through the door on the left behind this slave and you’ll go through processing and they will get your number painted. This slave is sure that your veteran slave will be able to show you the way.”

Barbie nodded with a smile and took Youna’s arm and led her back into the depths of the depraved club. Bianca had crossed her arms over her chest and was quite likely wondering what fate I had in store for her.

“Sir is aware that there are no slaves allowed in the executive offices correct?” The black girl looked at me expectantly, already holding a key with a number attached. I took it when offered and smiled at her pleasantly.

“Of course. I would like to do a full check, with hole warming.” I grinned as Bianca looked at me suspiciously.

“Whatever pleases you, Sir.” The woman said with a smile and stepped back to a locker to retrieve the needed items. Bianca was about to speak when two burly bounces grabbed her, carefully yet firmly, from either side. She tried to struggle but she couldn’t break free. I slapped her hard on one of her tits and frowned.

“Behave you dumb cunt.” I sneered. “There are two options with an unattended slave. Free use and gang bang, or slut check. Be happy I’m checking you.”

Bianca must have thought about her options because she stopped struggling as I fitted her head with a ball gag offered to me by the Slave hostess. It locked in the back with the key the girl had already handed me. I then lifted Bianca’s dress and slid the chastity belt into place around Bianca, there were two small but well-positioned phalluses in the crotch and I pushed each in her holes as I secured the belt. It locked with the same key and once secured there was no way it was coming off without the key or some serious tools. I slipped the key in my pocket and then reached between Bianca’s legs and flipped a switch. The two toys started buzzing away, “warming” the slave girl’s holes for me for later.

“Thank you very much for your service,” I said smiling at the black girl as Bianca was hauled away to be hung up by her wrists in a back room until I came back for her. “I’ll certainly mention to the manager your obedient and pleasant service.”

“Thank you, Sir!” The girl beamed enthusiastically at me. “Sir is certain he doesn’t wish to partake of this Slave’s holes? Sir could fuck my ass while I help the next customer if it pleases him.”

“Thank you, but no, like I said busy night.” I smiled and gave her a playful swat on the rump and headed back towards the elevators to head up to the executive offices. My last sight as the doors closed was her barely clothed body sliding back behind her desk to be of service to the next owner who needed her.