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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 25 — Night Out: First Dance

A short time later I descended from the executive offices. The meeting had gone well and I was in a good mood. I flirted with 001793 as the bouncers retrieved my property. While not every slave was happy to be owned by Dixies but this girl seemed to have earned her a favored spot at the club. I was almost certain she really did want to bounce on my cock with her thick lush ass and feed me her dark nipples as I squeezed her naturally large and soft breasts. It was a pity I didn’t have the time to play with her tonight.

Bianca glared at me when she was brought before me. There was still a low buzzing coming from her crotch and I reached down and flipped the toys off. I then unlocked and pulled the toys out of her, her cunt drooling a little as the toy came free. She had apparently enjoyed being locked in a closet with other slaves more than she would ever admit. I almost left the gag in place but instead fixed her with a harsh, warning gaze as I unlocked and removed that.

Working her jaw after being gagged Bianca at least managed to not do something as dumb as backtalk me at the club. I said goodbye to the thick black girl and nodded politely to the bouncers, noting one of them had a number tattooed on his chest but the other did not. I briefly entertained booking his time to force Bianca to degrade herself for him but again sighed and had to consider the time. As I entered the elevator with Bianca I pressed the button to descend to the public part of the club.

“Asshole storing me like a fucking coat,” Bianca muttered and I glared at her. I pushed her roughly against the elevator wall and reached under her dress.

“And you got wet as a fucking slut.” I laughed and pinched her clit roughly. It was thick and meaty, some of the drugs she’d been given to improve her body had caused it to swell larger than normal and it made it a tempting target. “So don’t be all high and mighty or I’ll put you into the slave pens for the night to earn me some extra cash.”

“Yes, Sir.” Bianca gasped out fearfully as her cheek pressed to the cold metal of the elevator’s wall.

“Good girl,” I muttered, then smiled and pulled her out of the elevator as it chimed and the doors slid open. I lead her into the club and moved towards one of the reserved booths for patrons of the club to use. I found my favored one with my member number already on it, reserving it as mine for the evening. I slid far into the back of the semicircular booth, pulling Bianca in behind me. The high back of the booth concealed us from everyone but the main stage or a handful of people in the line of sight between us and the stage. A long table cloth ensured that no one could see what happened under the table as well. All in all, it was as much privacy as a man could expect in a strip club.

“Can I get your anything, Sir?” A young woman stepped to the table quite quickly after I sat down. I noticed the disappointing use of first-person but this wasn’t the VIP section.

I looked the girl over. She was dressed in a skimpy black corset that pushed her firm young tits up and pushed them on display. Her short skirt barely covered the dark black panties that concealed everything as a normal patron would expect. Her brunette hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and tied around her head a carnival mask made of black lace covered the upper half of her undoubtedly pretty face. I glanced at her number and smiled, 002412 a tattoo meaning the club owned her. All the waitresses were similarly clad, colors differed but masks concealed their faces. That combined with the numbers on their chests made them as much property as the furniture in this place.

“I’ll take a Macallan, neat, and for the slut,” I smirked when Bianca glared but the waitress didn’t even blink an eye. “I think the Cream Girl Delight.”

“Very good choices, Sir,” The waitress smiled as she wrote down the order and then headed off to retrieve the drinks.

“So you’re ordering my booze now?” Bianca smirked and I shrugged, she rolled her eyes and changed the subject. “You really wanted to fuck that fat black girl didn’t you?”

I pondered Bianca for a moment, the girl had been curvy maybe a bit chubby but I would never have thought of her as fat. Instead, it looked like Bianca was getting nasty and jealous the way she often did if the attention wasn’t on her. Her jealousy made her nasty and mean but I had my reasons to not squash it. I reached over and roughly pushed her dress up and slid my hand between her thighs.

“I’d fuck a fat pig like her any day over a worthless slut with no tits like you,” I said calmly as I slapped her clit, she jumped and tried to closer her legs but I pinched hard until she opened them again.

“You fucking asshole.” She hissed through eyes welling with tears. “You’re the one who starves me and makes me workout every day almost all day. It’s not my fault my tits shrank.”

“You didn’t have much to start with.” I laughed and slid my fingers into her making her shudder. Despite my verbal and physical abuse, she was still wet. I could see an acidic comeback ready on the tip of her tongue but the waitress returned with the drinks. She set them down on the table with a smile.

“Anything else that I can get for you?” The nameless slave said with a smile. “The kitchen is open of course and I’ll be back to check on your drinks shortly if you need fresh ones.”

I smiled at the girl and nodded, everything would be charged to my account since my member number was used to reserve the table. I lifted my glass and took a small sip, savoring the drink letting the scotch roll on my tongue. Bianca stared at the drink in front of her, it seemed to be some sort of creamy drink on the rocks, with a darker liquid settling to the bottom of the glass. In most ways, it appeared to be a White Russian. Bianca picked it up and sniffed it experimentally but then took a drink.

“Well, at least the drink is good,” Bianca said then couldn’t help a moan as I continued to play with her pussy. I chuckled and sipped my drink again.

“I guess you’re a fan of vodka,” I said with a wicked grin. “And pig cum.”

Bianca nearly spit a mouthful of her drink out that she had just drunk, but I glared at her and then grinned cruelly. She stared at the drink and I lifted mine in a toast. I slid the fingers of my other hand deep into her and pulled on her hard to get her attention.

“When I drink, you drink,” I growled, my hot breath caressing her ear. “When I finish a drink, you will finish yours. You will drink that filthy animal cum and you will beg for more if I tell you to. I may have let you out of your cell for some fun tonight, but don’t forget who owns you.”

“Yes Sir,” Bianca said coldly, but lifted her glass obediently and took a swig of her cocktail. I nodded and smiled as I toyed with my glass. As we sipped our drinks in silence for a few minutes the round of songs ended and the strippers on stage swapped out for a new set. Usually, the main stage hosted three girls at a time but as the DJ announced the girls for each of the side stages he then made a special announcement about the main stage.

“And now, for the first time at Dixies, we’d like to welcome our new girl!” The DJ announced putting on his best performance. “You know her sister, our very own slutty bimbo star Barbie!”

Sister? I smiled and quite nearly laughed. Was this the performance my girls had been planning and wouldn’t share with me? I was further amused as Barbie came strutting out onto the main stage. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, a white button-up blouse and a black jacket. With a pair of dark-rimmed glasses settled across her bimbo face and a pair of black high heels on her feet, she looked like the wet dream version of a teacher or librarian, massive tits straining her blouse and jacket. In one hand she held one of my floggers from home and she slapped it against her other palm. The crowd cheered, and I swore I heard one regular proposing to Barbie as he shouted above the music.

“But you will be amazed to see her baby sister Stacy!” The DJ announced and I smiled slightly, my newest baby bimbo had chosen the Barbie doll’s sisters name, funny. Barbie leaned against one of the two poles on the main stage and slapped her palm with the flogger in a bored fashion. “Stacy’s just turned eighteen yesterday, and she couldn’t wait to get her jail bait tits and virgin cunt on display for all you degenerate perverts!”

Youna pranced out on stage in some pink platform heels, sheer pink stockings, and wore a parody of a high school cheerleader’s outfit. Her skirt was a tiny white mini-skirt with pink trim, her midriff was bare, exposing a cute pink heart-shaped jewel hanging from her belly button piercing. Her tight cheerleader top had Dixies in all caps across her modest but sexy chest, exposing a deep plunge of cleavage and leaving her arms bare. Her dark brunette hair was done in two ponytails with pink bows and as she strutted out, blowing a big pink bubble with her gum.

As Barbie looked over at Youna she adopted a shocked and annoyed look and tried to chase her across the stage as the first song started to play. The DJ or the girl’s had chosen “She’s only 18” and as the two women danced and played with the poles they played a game of chasing Youna around, Barbie would go to grab Youna to stop her flirting with the guys crowding the stage and would just barely reach Youna before she would spin away.

Suddenly as if by accident Barbie grabbed Youna’s top. When she pulled to get Youna back under control and stop her from dancing, the sheer fabric ripped and tore away, leaving Youna in a pale pink lace bra. She looked shocked but spun around and pole and dropped in front of a patron, pressing her arms together to force her breasts together. The man happily stuffed several bills between the girl’s offered tits and she blew him a kiss and winked.

Barbie threw her hands up in frustration and then reached down and used a zipper along the side of her skirt to loosen the skirt so a massive slit was along the side and she could chase Youna better. Youna still played the part of running from Barbie, but once again Barbie “accidentally” caught Youna’s skirt and the fabric tore away cleanly, leaving Youna standing in her matching pink bra and tiny barely there g-string. As the song came to an end Barbie finally caught Youna and shoved her against one of the poles.

Using the fabric of Youna’s skirt, Barbie tied Youna to the pole to the cheering delight of the crowd. The blonde acted as if she was pissed at her younger “sister’s” slutty actions and drew the flogger back to strike Youna, but it soon became clear to the audience that her restrictive and prudish clothing was getting in her way. As she danced and teased and Youna wiggled her ass and tits for the crowd Barbie stripped out of her jacket, skirt, and blouse. When each piece came off it revealed more and more of the silver-studded leather harness she wore beneath. The leather-wrapped around her throat, down around her massive fake tits, and across her stomach and back before sliding between her legs on either side of her cunt, but not covering the swollen mound of her sex. She had quickly transformed from sexy teacher to dominatrix with just a few pieces of fabric pulled away.

Youna struggled weakly against her bonds as Barbie let the flogger rise and fall to the delight of the crowd. Barbie gave Youna a few swats but then bent over and took a bill from one of the patrons. She held it up so the crowd could see it was a five. Then she struck Youna five times, letting the blows fall on her back, ass, and thighs. As the crowd got the hint more and more men forced their way to the front offering larger and larger bills. Then with a skilled blow and some more than obvious planning Barbie let her flogger strike Youna’s bra and panties in very specific spots, it took a few blows but suddenly the fabric snapped and the fabric barely held onto Youna’s nearly naked body.

Barbie plastered her best look of disgust and disappointment on her face, but as the song faded out and the next began she slid up behind Youna. The blonde bimbo pressed her crotch the younger girls ass and Barbie’s hands wandered over her younger “sister” pulling the flimsy remnants of her underwear away and tossing them into the waiting crowd. Her hands then roamed up Youna’s restrained body until she cupped the younger woman’s natural tits. She shook her head in disappointment and then squeezed the young woman’s nipples roughly for the crowd’s amusement. Youna just moaned loudly, enough that I could hear it over the throbbing music. She leaned her head back and Barbie leaned forward and suddenly the two “sisters” were making out on stage, tongues diving deep into each other’s mouths as their bodies writhed against each other in time with the music.

Bianca had gone from wet, to soaked one hand had slid down under her dress to rub her clit as she watched the two women tease the crowd and strip for the assembled men, showing off their slutty bodies to make the desperate men too hard and horny to think with anything but their dicks. Her other hand had moved on its own and stroked my cock through my pants by the time the second song had started. By the beginning of the third, she had me pulled out and was stroking my full length. She didn’t even bat an eye when the waitress brought a new drink and clearly saw the fit horny brunette desperately rubbing her clit as she was fingered and played with her Master’s cock.

The girls had moved on with their set. Youna had been released and the two basically nude women danced and teased the crowd, moving to each side of the stage in turns, fondling and kissing each other to the crowd’s roaring delight whenever they passed each other on stage. A large pile of cash was strewn about the floor as they finished their set, each girl leaning down and talking with a patron near the end and giggling and smiling. Clearly more than a few girls were looking for a private dance from one or both of the girls.

As the set ended the DJ popped back onto the sound system, announcing each girl’s name for each of the side stages, encouraging applause and catcalls, but the crowd was the loudest when he announced Youna and Barbie.

“Now! In case you don’t know, and really how could you!?’ The DJ joked as he teased the crowd. “Our baby bimbo Stacy wants to be just like her BIG sister, but as you can see there are some obvious differences!”

Youna winked at the DJ but then pouted and squeezed her tits to the best cleavage she could manage, which next to Barbie seemed pathetically small. Then the girls turned around and showed their asses, the bubble butt of the blonde bimbo providing a stark contrast to Youna’s cute but smaller, natural rump.

“So! For her first week at the club,” The DJ continued as the girls collected their clothes and cash. “Jail bait Stacy here will be saving every dollar earned to buy you lovely ladies and gentlemen some brand new assets to play with! That’s right you horn dogs, every single dollar will go to getting her the biggest and best tits and ass that money can buy, so crack open those wallets and let’s see how big we can make her!”

I chuckled, Youna didn’t need money for her new toys but it was a nice ploy by my girls to make sure they brought me home lots of cash and the patrons of the club would pay extra attention to the new girl. Bianca came a moment later, my fingers and her desperate attention on her clit combining to make her cum loudly. I was pretty sure a few other people likely heard if they were close enough but I didn’t care and no one came to investigate so she shuddered and then relaxed.

“You’re a drink behind,” I said as I sipped my drink, my thick cock still wrapped by her hand. She looked at me dully, the pleasure of her orgasm still making her unfocused, but then nodded slowly and lifted the glass to her lips chugging the pig cum cocktail as I had told her too. I patted her head but then pushed her down under the table out of sight. I praised her as she settled between my legs for both her drinking and being a slut. “Good little piggy whore.”

The normally acerbic Bianca didn’t say a word but engulfed my cock in her lips as she suckled my fat hard-on into the back of her throat. I cuffed her head and coached her with blows to get her to settle into a lazily long blow job as I waited at the table. A while after their set ended Barbie and Youna wandered out of the back. Barbie was now dressed in a pink body stocking more like her usual bimbo style, Youna meanwhile had a sheer black lace kimono robe that left almost nothing to the imagination. The women walked as a pair and spoke with many patrons and a few of Barbie’s regulars but they had a clear objective in mind.

Barbie slid into the booth on my right side and Youna on my left. Barbie pretty much knowing Bianca was under the table slapped the girl until the fit brunette stopped sucking me. Barbie wrapped her hand around me instead stroking my cock towards the other girl’s waiting face. Youna meanwhile wrapped an arm around me affectionately, and I was glad none of the more jealous patrons could easily see in the booth.

“Did you’re baby bimbo do good Master?” Youna practically whispered in my ear. One of her hands took mine and slid it down into her panties. “Feel how wet my pussy is from showing your property off and thinking about earning you lots of money for my new fake titties and huge round ass.”

Youna wasn’t lying, she was drenched, I started to stroke and play with her young brunette bimbo in training’s sopping cunt and throbbing clit and she ground her pussy against my hand. Her upper body pressed against me and I could feel her warm breasts squash against my arm. Barbie must have been directing Bianca because suddenly in addition to the hand stroking my cock I felt Bianca’s mouth capturing one of my heavy balls and suckling at it eagerly.

I kissed Youna then, deeply and forcefully, and held her to it as I forced her to a fierce orgasm, her cunt spasming and even further coating my hand with her juices as she moaned into my mouth, partially muffling her excited moans. Seeing my brunette bimbo in training’s clear excitement of selling and using her body for my profit and amusement was enough to combine with Barbie and Bianca’s attention and I shot a thick load of cum out which Barbie directed all over Bianca’s face.

“God, you are such a good slut.” I mumbled to Youna as she and I recovered. Barbie had leaned in and was kissing my neck and ear from the other side, clearly happy that she had been part of the training and planning of Youna’s performance. I turned to her and kissed her. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten my blonde bimbo needs a reward too.”

Barbie kissed me back and then winked at me playfully. She picked up my scotch and sipped it slowly as she and Youna cuddled against me from either side and Bianca kept sucking and licking my balls.

“Alright girls,” I said when I thought I had taken enough of their time from the other patrons and looked at Youna “Barbie knows the rules, but... No fucking, no sucking, no anal for you tonight. Barbie will tell the clients she’s showing you the ropes before you can do any of that. So if she says it is okay you can go with her to dance and watch her do her thing but no cock for you tonight.”

“That’s fine,” Youna said with a playful smirk. “There’s only one I’m thinking about stuffing in my horny stripper cunt right now anyways.”

“Good girl, now go earn your Master the money for your new titties,” I said laughing before I kissed each girl and sent them on their way, swatting their behinds before they slipped away completely.

“Get up here, finish your drink.” I barked at Bianca who slid out from under the table. She still had most of one of her cum cocktails and she went to grab a cocktail napkin to wipe her face. I smacked her upside the back of her head and just pointed at her drink. She glared at me, face still covered in a thick load before picking up her drink and finishing it. When the waitress saw the empty glasses she came to see if we needed more but I shook my head even as the slave girl stared at Bianca’s sperm covered face.

I pushed Bianca up and out of the booth and guided her to the elevator. More than a few patrons could clearly see my cum all over the sluttily dressed brunette’s face and she was practically vibrating with anger as she was forced to walk publicly to the elevator doors. I used my key fob and the elevator opened for me, once inside I pressed a button for a different floor than we’d been on yet.

“Where are we going now?” Bianca muttered in annoyance. “I thought you’d want to watch your skanky sluts whore themselves out while you used my holes to satisfy your limp dick.”

“We’re going to the Auditorium.” I chuckled when that answer did nothing to dispel the look of confusion on my slave’s face, but she would see soon enough.