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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 26 — Night Out: The Auditorium

The elevator descended further than the instrument panels even indicated it could. When the elevatored chimed and the doors slid open there was a short hall, at the end of the hall two armed guards stood on either side of a set of solid metal doors. I nodded to them as I pressed my key fob to a pedestal and looked up at a camera I knew was watching me. There was an audible click and the two men opened to door.

“Enjoy your evening, Sir.” Said one of the two men as he ushered Bianca and me into the inner lobby. Neither one commented about the cum still drying on Bianca’s face and she flushed with embarrassment. We approached another desk where a plump older woman with long dark hair was sitting, 001956, by the looks of it. She had massive tits that were obviously the product of good genes and assisted by her plump figure. They hung heavily from her chest and someone had scrawled “Use my fat udders” across them. Still, she smiled as we approached seemingly ignoring the degrading message in favor of professionalism.

“Welcome to the Auditorium, Sir!” She beamed and smiled at both Bianca and me. “From your key fob Dixies has pulled up your information, and your favored room is available. Dixies has assigned it to you for the next show. Will you need it beyond that?”

I shook my head and grinned. “No, but I would like the Auditorium for the next show after that.”

The pudgy woman checked the system and clicked a few buttons. Then smiled as she spoke. “Dixies recognizes that you are a valued VIP and is happy to bump a lesser member to allow your time. Is there anything else Dixies can do for you?”

“Yes,” I said with an amused smile. “My slut has made a mess of herself. Lick her face clean?”

“Of course, Sir.” Bianca started to move to protest when the woman stood and approached her, but I pushed her to her knees and held her down. The plump older woman came close and let her tongue slip out and slowly lick Bianca’s face cleaning, moaning as she sucked my cum from the fit brunette’s face. I could only imagine Bianca’s rage at being tongue cleaned by this fat titted older slut. When she was almost done cleaning Bianca’s face I smirked and reached under Bianca’s chin, lifting her face.

“Give the slave a big sloppy kiss for helping clean you up,” I commanded and Bianca glared at the woman, but when the slave kissed her passionately my unwilling slut eventually returned the kiss.

“Is there anything else Dixies can do for you, Sir?” The woman said with a smile as she parted from kissing Bianca, a thick spatter of drool coming from her mouth and falling across her fat tits.

“No thank you, Dixies efforts have been greatly appreciated.” Seeing a little button on her desk I pressed it. Beside it was a sign saying “please press the buzzer if service was exceptional.”

When I did the woman’s eyes practically rolled into her head as a strong buzzing sound came from her nethers. I smiled and led Bianca to my favorite room as the receptionist squeezed her fat tits and enjoyed her reward.

As I led Bianca into the small room she looked around with seeming disappointment. She had perhaps expected something more. Instead, it was a small room, very much like a hotel room, including a bathroom with a shower and basic necessities. A bed was pushed up against the back wall of the room, and oddly enough on either side of the bed, two large comfortable chairs faced the back wall. There was little in the way of decorations or amenities and Bianca seemed to study it.

“A boring room?” Bianca smirked. “If you wanted to fuck me in a hotel I know so many much nicer places you could satisfy your… urges.”

“If all I’d wanted was to satisfy my urges I could have bent that receptionist over her desk and fucked her silly.” I retorted as I moved towards the phone. “At least she’d have had some nice tits to hold onto while I plowed her sexy plump ass, unlike a certain twig.”

“Please, like that fat pig has anything on me.” Bianca snorted, but I could see the anger and jealousy in her eyes. I just chuckled and ordered a bottle of scotch sent to the room.

“Well if you are ready maybe I should show you what makes the room special?” I said with a grin and pushed Bianca over to one of the plush chairs. Once she was seated I flipped a switch on the wall. Suddenly the back wall went from black to clear and Bianca could see out into a large space beyond the wall.

The room beyond was three stories tall, and was roughly circular in nature, being made of sixteen flat surfaces surrounding the center point. Each of these surfaces appeared mirror-like to our eyes, but given the same size and shape as our own viewing wall, it was clearly one-way glass. With three layers and sixteen rooms each, there were a total of forty-seven rooms that could watch the central auditorium, as one surface was clearly an entrance to the Auditorium.

The central room of the Auditorium itself was strewn with many torture devices and bondage furniture. The collection here quite nearly put mine to shame. There were fewer toys and devices on display but the reasons for that were easily seen as two latex clad slaves wheeled carts of instruments into the room, the chosen implements of whoever would next put on a show. Bianca watched as three men in goat masks entered the room and started to examine the tools that had been laid out for them.

“On the bed,” I ordered and Bianca looked at the Auditorium longingly. I smirked. “If you hike up your dress and beg me nicely I’ll fuck you from behind and you can watch the show.”

Bianca had never begged to be fucked and at first, the look she gave me said she wasn’t about to start now. Then the girl was led into the Auditorium. She was young, fit, with nice sized breasts and blonde slightly curly hair, she fought and pulled against the leash she was led in by especially when she saw the three men and all of the implements of bondage and torture. When she screamed, Bianca turned to me.

“Fuck me, use my cunt or stick that dick in my asshole.” The brunette was practically panting with lust. “Please Master, let me watch that bitch get what she deserves. Fuck my juicy cunt while they abuse her.”

I smirked and could tell she really wanted it, she practically ripped off her clothes when I nodded crawling onto the bed and presenting her holes to me to use. She got close to the back wall able to look out as the men started to circle the girl who was chained to the center of the room. They had a whip, flogger, and crop in their hands and were taking turns making her jump away from their abuse. As I slid behind Bianca I saw how wet she was already. I reached under her and slapped her hard nipples.

“You really do have worthless tits,” I said with a grin. “You barely have curves anymore. If I made you cut this hair...”

I grabbed her long straight brown hair and pulled hard making her yelp. In the Auditorium, the woman shrieked from some new abuse. Bianca turned her head back to gaze at what was being done, for once she ignored my abuse, captivated by the scene before her.

“If I did I could fuck your ass and pretend you were a boy.” That got her attention and she glared back at me.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you.” Bianca spat back at me. “Is that where you’re going to fuck me? In my ass because you’re afraid of a woman’s... AH!”

She cried out as I speared her in her wet cunt, I pushed in until her face was against the back wall, she tried to push back to her hands and knees but I thrust hard every time she tried to push herself back forcing her face to the glass. She gave up trying to resist me or even talking to me after a while and I settled into a brutal rhythm in her wet cunt. As the woman in the other room screamed and moaned in pain, Bianca screamed and moaned in pleasure.

“Fuck yeah, punish that worthless cunt.” Bianca growled through gritted teeth as she moaned her pleasure, but I knew she wasn’t talking about herself. Through the glass, she was watching as the three men took turns applying water, tazers, and other implements to the woman’s flesh. “Make her feel pain in every inch of her worthless body.”

As the men continued to tease and torture the woman Bianca’s pleasure grew. My own was focused on her tight and pulsing cunt as she gripped down on me. Grabbing her hips I leaned down as I started to reach my peak.

“You are going to be the one putting on the next show.” I hissed as I pushed deep into her and groaned dumping a thick load of cum deep into her soaked cunt. That statement seemed to push Bianca over the edge too, whether because she thought she would be the one tortured or doing the torturing I would never know but she screamed loudly with pleasure, her hips bucking back at mine.

I lay next to Bianca on the bed as she watched the show finish. The occasional screams and sobs from the other room punctuating the otherwise silent room. I wondered idly how Barbie and Youna were doing and flipped on a screen. I entered the girl’s numbers and my own owner’s number. Once that had been done I was able to track their movements. I watched with pleasure as the two “sisters” were entertaining a young man in a private room. He wasn’t even enjoying them, instead, he was watching the two women make out and explore each other’s bodies.

“Come here,” I growled over at Bianca. She was still watching the other room but the action must have been slowing as I didn’t hear the cries as often and she didn’t really object. She stretched and crawled off the bed, she knew what I wanted. As I watched my favorite bimbo and my bimbo to be Bianca, for once, quietly and obediently sucked and worshiped my cock cleaning her own juices from my hardening shaft.

As an alter chimed that we would be able to enter the Auditorium for our show in 15 minutes I picked up the pace. Still watching my sluts entertaining other men and playing with each other, I fucked Bianca’s throat. I didn’t care about her comfort or pleasure, hell if she passed out I probably wouldn’t have stopped. In the end, I shoved my cock deep into her throat and came hard as I watched Youna drop to her knees in front of Barbie and eat her cunt as a patron stared at Youna’s bare cunt. Bianca gagged and when I withdrew my cock choked and then vomited a mix of booze and cum onto the floor of the room.

I didn’t even wait for her, I stood and dressed as she recovered. I glanced down at the brunette with her tear-streaked face, cum oozing from her pussy and spit hanging from her lips.

“Well slut?” I said with disdain. “Do you want to stay here and I’ll have you eat that mess from the floor, or do you want to come play with another whore like you?”

Normally she would have glared but instead, I saw her shiver in anticipation and crawled over to grab her dress. I laughed and she looked up at me puzzled.

“No one wants to see you wear that in the Auditorium.” I said with a wry smile. “Don’t bother putting it on but bring it along for after.”

A short time later Bianca and I strode into the Auditorium. Unlike the previous group we wore no masks, I wanted everyone to see Bianca, and I was well known as a slave trainer, in fact, I probably trained more than a few of the favorite sluts of those watching even now. Bianca had traded her dress for a black leather corset with steel ribbing and studs, knee-high leather boots, and long black leather gloves. Her usual electric shock collar had been swapped out temporarily for a steel spiked one. The spiked heels of her boots clicked across the stone floor of the Auditorium, even as the attendants wheeled in the implements Bianca had chosen.

The woman who was brought in was clothed in a thin white shirt and a pair of basic panties. It lent itself to the theatre of her innocence. Her face was obscured by a lacey black carnival mask but as I glanced over the number on her chest I saw it was the woman I had requested. The attendants chained her spread eagle to the center of the room.

“Hello again Josephine,” I said as I walked up behind her, then reached out and ripped the flimsy shirt from her even as Bianca drew back her whip and let it fall across the woman’s tits eliciting a cry of pain. I stepped away and let my slave torture the woman with blow after blow.

I stood and watched when Bianca used shocks, and hot wax to make the woman moan and scream. I wouldn’t let Bianca push it too far. She had been given exact instructions on what she could do with Dixies property, and though she didn’t know it I was testing her. I wanted to know her obedience, her ability to hold back when told, to enjoy being dominant within restraint.

When I watched Bianca sit on the other woman’s face suffocating her with her cunt and thighs in turns, just barely keeping her conscious as she took turns letting her breath before smothering her again. Bianca eventually forced the other woman to lick and suck her cunt, I’m sure the girl sucked some of my cum from my slave’s cunt, though she was certainly no stranger to eating the substance from someone’s holes.

I watched as Bianca rode the girl’s face while still slapping her thighs and cunt with a crop, the shuddering and twitching from the unexpected pain only seemingly adding to the pleasure that Bianca was feeling. She climaxed again for the second time tonight, smearing her cunt all over the other slave’s face. I left the Auditorium as Bianca was applying nipple clamps to the girl’s already tortured breasts before attaching clothespins to many other sensitive places on the girl’s flesh.

I pulled out my phone once I was outside of the main area and checked my account on Dixies’ website. It was the only site you could reach inside the club, with all cell and internet blocked except the Dixies wifi network which would only let you on their site. I checked my messages, there were more than a dozen messages from interested buyers who wanted Bianca for their own. I smiled and replied politely to all. They would see soon enough what I had in plan for the girl.

Leaving Bianca in the Auditorium I headed for the check-in desk. The same slave was on duty as I approached and she beamed happily. In addition to the “Use my fat udders” across her tits someone else had scrawled “Cow Whore” on her right breast and what looked like drying cum was spattered between her huge natural breasts.

“How may Dixies help you, Sir?” The plump woman smiled at me and I considered briefly changing my plans but I decided instead to stick with my decision.

“When the show is over, please have security do a full check-in for my slut for me,” I said with a business-like tone. “No hole warming needed, I’ll collect her at the end of the night. Oh and can you have 001793 sent to a VIP room for me?”

“Of course Sir, any special requests?” The large breasted slave asked as she typed my requests into her computer. I thought about that and shrugged, why not.

“Her name is Tanya, she’s a trashy hooker and should be dressed appropriately.” I said with a smile. That sexy black girl acting the part of a trashy hooker should be fun for the night. While Barbie and Youna earned their money and Bianca was locked in a closet with her holes plugged, I would enjoy the night out.