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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 28 — Augmentation

The rest of the first week of Youna’s employment at Dixies passed without much difference. Amber was milked daily, Merel resumed her place as an anal fuck toy for everyone to use, and Bianca continued her workouts and to torture and whip the other girls when I felt like any of them needed discipline. Youna and Barbie made a killing as sisters at the club, and more often than not Youna returned at night exhausted but dying to be fucked, she crawled into my bed with Barbie each night. I had stopped putting Youna in the cell at night and she had just settled into her new place with Barbie and me. Amber was just starting to drip and dribble milk when I decided it was time.

It was early in the morning when I walked into the cells with the three remaining girls. Merel and Bianca were still sleeping but Amber was rubbing and kneading her swollen and tender breasts. It was just about time for her morning milking and she moved towards the door to her cell as I entered carrying two packages with me.

“Get up sluts.” I ordered loudly, causing Bianca and Merel to awaken. I tossed a package into Bianca and Amber’s cells. “You two get dressed.”

“What, some crazy fetish gear or skimpy outfit?” Bianca said with a laugh and continued to taunt me. “Need something to excite your limp dick?”

I ignored her, amber in the meantime had torn into the package and pulled out a rather ordinary-looking outfit. There were jeans and a light yellow hers. There were no panties but there was a bra, it wasn’t sexy or pretty at all but she went to put it on nonetheless. However, as she slipped it on and went to secure it in place she noticed that it was several sizes too large for her. Her eyes widened in understanding. It took Bianca a little longer to figure it out, given her steady regime of the drugs, even though I hadn’t been taking it to extremes she still was slower than the never drugged cow.

“We’re going to...” Amber trailed off as she got dressed, ignoring the oversized bra for now. Bianca laughed as she looked at Amber’s much larger bra but then looked at her own with a mix of desire and disgust.

“Well, we knew it was coming,” Bianca said with a shrug. Her outfit was much the same as Amber’s but the t-shirt was black. Both women noticed the shirts were oversized and very loose on their current frames.

“Now Amber, before you get any ideas about doing anything while we are out,” I warned my dairy cow. “You will keep the collar on, but also Merel will be home with Barbie and Youna... so don’t get any ideas.”

“Yes Sir,” Amber muttered, Merel and she had not been getting along well since Merel had revealed she was an anal addicted slut, but Amber also probably couldn’t blame her sister for the training and drugs that had changed her mind so I understood Amber still felt a sisterly, or perhaps even motherly affection for the younger girl.

I led both of the girls upstairs once they were dressed. Youna was waiting upstairs with a bag and was dressed in loose-fitting sweatpants and a t-shirt. Honestly from the look of them, the clothes looked more like they would fit Barbie than Youna. I chuckled a little at the girl’s eagerness.

We all got in the car and I reminded one more time to behave. As we pulled out and drove through the city I found myself looking forward to the results of today. Youna sat in the passenger seat next to me and unbuttoned her pants, as her hand slid down into her pants she gave a soft moan.

“Look at this slut.” Bianca said with a laugh from the backseat. “She’s rubbing her pussy at the thought of getting big fake titties and a nice fake ass. Always knew you were a slut Youna.”

“I am a slut,” Youna moaned dreamily and looked over at me. “Slut for Master to use and abuse, and soon I’ll look just the way a good slut should.”

“Disgusting,” Amber muttered as she sulked while sitting next to Bianca. “You’ll never get away with all this, my father is going to keep looking for us.”

“Of course he is.” I chuckled and reached over to squeeze Youna’s tits playfully. She arched her back to press them into my touch. “But he’s the only one now, it seems that the rumor going around is your father was abusive and controlling and first Merel disappeared, and then you took a large amount of his money and fled as well. Leaving your phone behind so he couldn’t track you.”

I glanced in the rearview mirror and Amber’s pretty face was scowling, but her eyes betrayed disbelief and shock. It had taken some doing to plant those rumors but the right people saying the right things at the right time had ensured that more than a little doubt was sown among the police and public. Having Amber bring as much cash as possible to her meet up had been the perfect cover for her disappearance. Even without my prompting, there were other rumors that Amber had something to do with her sister’s kidnapping. The cameras in their father’s place, however, told me that he was still looking for his girls. He had the money and resources to make that a considerable effort but he lacked some of the contacts I had.

“Oh don’t look sad,” I said with a grin as Youna’s hand found my hardening cock and stroked it through the fabric of my pants. “You’ll soon be beautiful and hot as a sexy cow slut, so today is a good day!”

Amber glared at me but didn’t say anything, she’d learned little could cause me to react, and even if I did it was usually not in a way that was good for her. Bianca just sat and stared out the car window. She looked more resigned to everything. By the time we arrived at the parking garage of the doctor’s office Youna had cum once and had lowered her head into my lap to suckle on my prick as I drove. I almost had her finish but decided against it for now as I parked the car.

“Now you two,” I said glancing at Bianca and Amber. “Will stay quiet, you’ll both be punished severely if you try to communicate with anyone, and Merel will suffer too. Trust me, you have nothing to gain.”

I flipped all three of the girls onto silent and headed towards the elevator. It was a single floor up to the main offices and we were greeted by an older woman with large, quiet obviously enhanced but very subtly and nicely done breasts. The doctor was showing off her work. I took the paperwork and pens and had each girl fill out her paperwork. They looked at me when it said “name” but I just nodded to them and didn’t object as each girl filled out her name. It really shouldn’t have surprised them, Amber was the only one who was “missing” and the chances someone would check medical records here were slim.

With paperwork done the receptionist smiled and led the four of us back into the doctor’s office. We took seats and waited briefly before the doctor came in. She was a very good looking woman of Asian descent and had brown hair with honey blonde highlights. Her dark eyes looked over the three women and she smiled as she extended her hand to everyone and smiled brightly as she introduced herself.

“I will say,” Doctor Catherine Lee said with a smile. “It is unusual for someone to book me for the whole day, and for the surgeries to be scheduled on the same day as the consultation!”

“Of course,” I said with a charming smile. “I just promised the girls they could go through it together and it is important that we get it done sooner rather than later. Youna is looking for an enhancement for her career, Bianca needs a bit of confidence due to her physical changes around her bodybuilding, and Amber is looking to improve her looks and sexual experience.”

“And why the collars?” Doctor Lee said with a slight frown. “I will need to talk to each girl and those collars can’t remain on in the O.R.”

“Of course.” I switched off the silent mode and looked over at the girls. “I’m a professional dom and am well paid by women for the fetish play and experience of being a slave in a safe and professional environment.”

“I see...” Doctor Lee said with a weak smile. Her lips drew thin as she looked the girls over. “Can I speak to them alone?”

“Of course,” I said with a smile, I would be listening of course through a microphone in one of their collars and they knew it. It would be hard for them to say anything without risking my wrath, so I stood and stepped out of the room as I reached in my pocket and slid a blue tooth earpiece in so I could hear.

“Oh my gosh, Doctor Lee!” Youna gushed once I had left. “My boyfriend has been promising me some huge tits and ass! I’ve seen some of the work you’ve done on other girls and I’m SO looking forward to it. I really think it will help my career.”

“Oh, given you are describing your size as “huge” can I guess you are in adult entertainment?” Doctor Lee said with a smile, there was no judgment in her tone, probably due to the fact that more than a few adult entertainers were clients.

“Oh yeah!” Youna said with a giggle. “I just started stripping and we promised the patrons they’d get to see my transformation! They’re going to tip so much.”

“I see.” Doctor Lee smiled at Youna then turned towards Bianca. “And you?”

Bianca thought about things for a while, I was fairly certain she wouldn’t say anything, but unlike Amber, she had no one she was worried about who was under my control. Then again, she might suffer a bad fate if she couldn’t escape me completely. It would be hard for her to get by me with only one entrance and exit to the office, and I had already hinted at worse punishments than what she had already received.

“I would like to have the appearance of being a woman again,” Bianca said with a shrug. “The exercise regime and diet I’m on doesn’t really allow for much body fat and I just don’t fill out dresses like I used to.”

That was true, she had barely had anything up top when I had taken her to Dixies, the dress not really hugging her curves so much as adorning her well-muscled body. Doctor Lee reached across the table and squeezed Bianca’s hand.

“A lot of women come here to feel more like a woman again.” The Doctor said understandingly, she squeezed Bianca’s hand. “Whether it is for reconstruction, or like you a bit of a confidence boost and making their clothes fit better, it’s a common thing.”

“I...” Amber hesitated when the Doctor looked at her and for a moment seemed ready to say something different but finally, she settled with the lie I had supplied. “I’m looking to have a better experience in the bedroom. I’m hoping the surgeries will help me with that.”

“Of course!” Doctor Lee smiled at her. “While the implants may not give you much beyond helping to improve your feelings about your looks and confidence, that alone can make you enjoy sex more. However, I also noted that a few more surgeries are on your list and those will definitely help enhance your sexual experience.”

Amber looked ready to ask what those extra surgeries were but finally thought better of it and just nodded. Asking what they were would make the Doctor suspect that she wasn’t a fully willing participant and since she was sure I was still watching she couldn’t risk what I would do to her or Merel.

“Alright then!” Doctor Lee said with a smile then indicated Bianca and Amber. “Why don’t you two ladies go wait with your “Master” and I’ll take Youna back to prep.”

As the four women emerged from the office I smiled and at Doctor Lee’s instructions removed Youna’s collar. I then kissed her affectionately and she kissed me back, throwing her arms around my neck. The lie that I was her boyfriend was much to her liking and she acted and treated me like a loving partner. I played along and kissed her one more time.

“I’ll be there when you wake up, baby,” I said with a smile and gave her a playful swat on her firm butt. I briefly smiled at the thought that it was the last time I’d be seeing her curvy little college girl butt, and soon would be staring at the sexy ass of a bimbo. “Don’t worry, Doctor Lee is the best.”

“I’m not worried at all hun,” Youna said with an excited smile and then winked. “See you when I’m the real me.”

I took the other two girls to wait and it took quite a while before a nurse came back out for the next woman. This time I removed Bianca’s collar and gave her a glance that said I expected her to behave. It was a while longer and then a nurse came out for Amber.

“Sir we’re ready for Amber.” The nurse said with a smile, he was wearing scrubs and motioned to Amber. “Miss.”

“Can I come with her?” I smiled and looked at the nurse. “I know I can’t be in the O.R. But I can go with her part of the way? As you can tell she’s rather nervous.”

The nurse nodded with a smile and he gestured for us to follow. I removed Amber’s collar as we walked. She looked visibly nervous, but whether that was because I had wanted to come along or because of the surgeries I wasn’t sure.

“Ahhh, Amber.” Doctor Lee smiled as we walked into a room that would serve for pre-op. “If you would undress and get up on the table we’ll get started.”

Amber disrobed and covered her chest with one arm before getting up on the table. Doctor Lee smiled at the girl and then laughed.

“Honey, I am going to see way more of you than that by the end, relax.” Her tone was calm and professional and I nodded to Amber, she put her arms down and showed her large swollen nipples, there was a droplet of moisture on each.

“Are you pregnant?” Doctor Lee said with a frown. “We can’t do anything today if you are.”

“Ummm, no Doctor,” amber said hesitantly. “I’ve never been pregnant, umm, I just really like breast play and I sometimes leak.”

It was a passable enough lie and I smiled at Amber as the Doctor was looking the woman over. Doctor Lee was drawing marks on Amber’s breasts and explaining to her how they were going to do the procedure and how the implants would be inserted.

“We’ll be using silicone,” Doctor Lee said finally after explaining the rest of the procedure. “That is because of your request to keep as much of a natural shape and feel as possible. I’ll adjust where the implants sit as well to make them have a more natural appearance. Given the size we are going to be using I feel confident that most people won’t even realize you’re augmented.”

Amber just nodded dumbly, this was really happening and the shock was beginning to sink in. As the Doctor asked her to roll over she started to mark her butt as well. Much the same speech was repeated that the Doctor would be aiming to produce a natural but enhanced look to Amber’s ass. Finally, she had Amber roll over again and reached for a razor and shaving cream.

“Umm!” Amber looked surprised but I glare at her and she changed her question a little. “Is that needed?”

“Of course!” Doctor Lee smiled. “I bet you like your natural look, but if we are going to do the hoodectomy we’ll need to shave you a bit.”

“So, what we are going to do...” Doctor Lee explained as she lathered up Amber’s crotch and began to carefully shave the girl. “Is withdraw your clitoral hood from your clitoris, basically just trim it back gently and carefully so your clitoris is more exposed and ready for stimulation. Women who’ve undergone this procedure report an easier time having orgasms. They report that they are greater and faster.”

Amber looked shocked, I was making her undergo a process that would make her more sensitive and orgasm even more? She was also likely wondering how this would change the clitoral pumping and gel that her clit had been enduring. Doctor Lee gasped when she saw Amber’s shaved clitoris.

“Well, you certainly do have a large clitoris.” Doctor Lee said with a smile. “Much larger than most patients, but don’t worry we’ll bring it even further out. Though that will be after we do the injection for your g-spot.”

Amber obviously wanted an explanation but the Doctor was busy making notes with her pen on Amber’s genitals. She then moved up and smiled.

“And last but certainly not least, I’ll inject a few Ccs of filler into your lips to give you that plump and sexy look.” Doctor Lee said with a smile as she capped her pen. “Any last-minute questions?”

“No Doctor,” Amber said quietly after a glance from me. She was certainly undergoing a lot for one visit, but I wanted it over and done with for now. I could see the fear in Amber’s eyes, she was certainly worried about the type of woman she would be when the surgery was done.

“I guess I’ll leave you ladies to it then,” I said with a grin and reached over to squeeze Amber’s hand, playing the part of comforting friend and confidant. Doctor Lee gave Amber a gown and led her out towards the operating room. I walked with them to the door and waved to Amber as she entered the room.

Once inside Doctor Lee got Amber settled on a table. Amber meanwhile struggled with her thoughts, no collar, no witnesses, heck Doctor Lee wasn’t even in her scrubs yet. She could stop this here and now, she could get help for her sister. Panic and doubt started to set in her fear of me and her fear of never being free waging war. When Doctor Lee had her lean back and started to settle the mask over her face to administer anesthesia Amber finally broke.

“Doctor,” Amber gasped out finally. “That man isn’t my friend, I didn’t pay him... He abducted my sister and then tricked me. He’s trying to turn us into sex dolls!”

Doctor Lee leaned over the girl, and she could just barely see down the woman’s shirt to the swell of her tan breasts. In a moment of confusion, Amber thought she saw a set of numbers tattooed high up on the woman’s chest, above her tits. They said 000092, what did that mean?

“Relax honey,” Doctor Lee said with a smile as she turned up the gas, she made a shushing sound and the last thing Amber remembered before she blacked out was the Doctor whispering. “I know.”