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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 29 — Recovery

“Fuck my worthless cunt Master!” When Amber awoke Doctor Lee was moaning happily as I had her bent over one of the medical beds in the room Amber was recovering in. The doctor had been stripped down to a black lace pair of crotch-less panties and a cup-less bra, her enhanced D cups pressed to the sterile bed. She was moaning in delight as I fucked her dripping snatch. “It made me so wet to turn these worthless cunts into fuck toys for men to use!”

I noticed Amber coming around, her wrists and ankles chained to the medical bed she was resting on. Her bandaged chest felt heavy and full but she was likely still feeling no pain. Her butt would likely feel strange to her too at first, her lips felt swollen and sore too. She was bandaged around her chest, butt, and privates but there was little she could do about it now. Instead, she was stuck strapped down to the bed as I fucked the woman who had changed her body so drastically at my command.

“They’ll make you lots of money as escorts or whores.” Katherine purred as I slid my cock in and out of her wet hole, long deep strokes pushing into her tight shaved cunt. “Or big tit stripper sluts, or maybe just as fuck toys for you and your friends to empty cum into.”

I smirked but was enjoying Katherine’s tight cunt too much to indulge her fantasies of turning other women into sex dolls, I looked over at Amber watching us in horror and disbelief. Grabbing Katherine’s hair and pulling her up violently I exposed the number tattooed on the doctor’s chest with a grin as I continued to pump my thick cock between her swollen cunt lips. She cried out in pain and pleasure and looked over at Amber with lust in her eyes.

“Yes Master, use this doll,” Katherine moaned out as she was repeatedly slammed with my cock. “Fuck her, fill her, use and abuse her… I’m just a worthless set of meat holes for men just like all sluts.”

I pulled out of her eliciting a whimper of disappointment but then shoved her down to the floor on her knees. As I pushed my cock between her lips she eagerly sucked me to the back of her throat, tongue cleaning her own pussy juices off my thick pole. Grabbing hold of her hair again I violently fucked her face as Amber watched. The previously professional-looking doctor’s eyes teared and spit drooled down her face as snot appeared at her nose as she gagged and choked as I violated her throat. Makeup smeared, dressed like a slut, drooling on a cock, and with her own spit dribbling over her bared tits she looked nothing like a strong professional woman and more like the fuck doll whore she begged to be.

As Amber watched I filled the Doctor’s throat with cum groaning as I held her face down at the base of my cock until I felt like she would pass out. When I withdrew she gagged and wretched but managed to hold her mouth closed around the load of cum in her mouth. I gave her face a playful slap.

“Go feed your patient her medicine and then we can go back to your office and fuck.” I said with a smile. “Maybe I’ll have that receptionist of yours wank my cock with her tits while you eat her ass.”

“Yesh Mashter.” Katherine gurgled around my cum, then leaned over Amber’s bed. Pressing her lips gently to the other girl’s swollen and now enhanced lips Katherine pushed the cum into Amber’s mouth and continued to gently kiss Amber until she had obviously swallowed it all.

“Good girl,” I said with a smile and led Katherine out of the room, still naked and my semi-hard cock recovering to full strength as I started to think about seeing the other girls and fucking Doctor Lee and her mature receptionist. It had been a while since I had tit fucked a girl enhanced by Doctor Lee and it would be fun.

After I had my fun and Doctor Lee was cleaned up and recovered enough to check all the girls out she explained aftercare to each of the girls. Bianca had the least concerns and Amber the most but it was mostly simple stuff. Bianca would need to tone back her workouts for a while and then take it easy for the first bit getting back into it, Youna wouldn’t be dancing at the club for a while and would be mostly taking it easy at home, and Amber would need to be handled with care and couldn’t have her udders milked for a while so that was disappointing but expected.

After getting the girl’s prescriptions taken care of I thanked the Doctor by making her cum hard as her receptionist licked my cock and her clit as we fucked and then I got the girl’s in the car. Picking up their painkillers from a pharmacy on the way home I arrived back at the house and got them all settled inside. Merel’s eyes went wide as the Bianca and her older sister were brought in, their obvious enhancements easily on display for her to examine. She looked concerned and horrified as I got both girls settled and checked on them before leaving them to rest.

I pulled Merel from her cell when I went to leave and stopped in the playroom for a moment to select a nice vibrating butt plug for the girl. She moaned happily when I slid it into her willing ass but I waited to turn it on. Leading her upstairs I found Barbie waiting for me on the couch. Bitch was laying next to her with her head on Barbie’s lap having her hair stroked by my blonde bimbo.

“I checked in on Youna,” Barbie said with a smile as I settled on the couch next to her. “She’s resting fine, and I think she looks good. But…”

“But what?” I asked as I had Merel bend over in front of me. The fat anal plug showed between her spread ass cheeks and her pierced shut cunt peeked out below it. I flipped the vibration to the lowest setting and pulled Merel onto the couch on the other side of me. She moaned softly as I pulled her close.

“Well, you know that slut won’t be happy with her tiny tits,” Barbie said with a grin, pulling one of my hands over to her own massive breast. I squeezed and teased her breast, feeling the full fakeness of her bimbo tits. “She’s going to beg you for bigger.”

“Of course she will.” Laughing I reached over and squeezed Merel’s soft natural breast, she was a good size naturally but after spending the day turning three sluts into plastic fuck toys I had been craving playing with Barbie’s tits so I slapped Merel hard on her nipple and then guided her hand to my crotch. “I had the doctor put in the biggest size she felt was safe, and they are expanders so once she recovers we can start inflating those balloons she now has instead of tits.”

“Mmm…” Barbie just smiled as she turned and leaned into me so that I could wrap an arm around her and play with her tits. She switched on the television to whatever show she wanted to watch. I relaxed enjoying Barbie’s tits and Merel’s stroking hand. When I was hard and ready I had Merel bend over the coffee table and told Bitch to fetch the toy in Merel’s ass.

My puppy girl rose to all fours giving one of Barbie’s tits an affectionate lick, then shook herself and crawled onto the floor before moving behind Merel. She yapped playfully and sniffed the other girl’s ass before she leaned in and slurped against the toy with her tongue.

“Fetch you dumb mutt,” I said with a laugh, I knew Bitch was having fun and playing around but I did want her to get the toy. With a little whine, Bitch leaned in and grasped the end of the toy with her teeth. Pulling hard the toy came out of Merel’s gaping asshole with a pop. It started to shake in her teeth and she dropped it, as it vibrated on the hardwood floor she leaned down and sniffed it before pushing it with her nose. I smirked and then grabbed Bitch’s hair and pushed her face into Merel’s ass. I could tell a moment later that her tongue had to be working on her friend’s abused hole when Merel started to moan happily.

“Oh, you’re going to cum in her ass?” Barbie said with a smile, as she looked down at Bitch prepping Merel’s asshole for me. “Here let me help.”

With a smile, she fished my cock out of my pants, then leaned over and with her huge tits pressing against my thigh began to suck and slobber all over my cock. Once it was good and wet she roughly pushed Bitch off of Merel’s asshole, eliciting a groan of disappointment from Merel. Barbie then grabbed Merel by the collar and forced her up until she could push the girl back and guide her ass down on my cock. Shoving the younger blonde down violently she speared the girl’s ass with my cock until Merel’s gaping hole had swallowed me to the hilt. Barbie then kissed me on the cheek as she stood up.

“You have a nice ass fuck and I’ll start on dinner with Youna resting,” Barbie said with a smile and then a whine from Bitch drew her attention. “And I’ll let the dog out, we should get a doggy door for her.”

“Uh-huh…” I groaned, only half listening as Merel eagerly rode my cock with her warm tight ass squeezing my cock. Barbie just laughed and slid open the sliding glass door to let out Bitch. She then moved to the kitchen as I squeezed Merel’s tits roughly, making her gasp and clench down on my thick cock with her tight ass.

“Please Master, flood my filthy shit hole.” Merel gasped out as she bounced up and down on my cock. Looking down I saw my thick length splitting her used and abused asshole. Reaching around I playfully teased her pussy lips rubbing along her piercings. Merel flinched and whined. “Ewww, Master, don’t, I was about to cum…”

“Sorry my little anal fleshlight,” Smiling to myself I moved my hands to her hips and increasing my pace as I fucked her tight butt. “I know you don’t like having your worthless cunt touched anymore.”

Merel moaned her acceptance and started to squeeze and tease her nipples as I filled her asshole. She pushed down hard on me at one point burying me deep into her hole and held herself down. Cumming hard she groaned and moaned in ecstasy. I growled my own pleasure and pumped a thick load of cum deep into her ass. I let her rest as I recovered then pulled her up and off my cock. I found Bitch there watching us, with Merel’s vibrating toy in her mouth sucking on the filthy plug. I grinned and took it from Bitch and patted her head affectionately.

“Good girl.” I praised my puppy girl as I took the toy and forced it deep into Merel’s ass trapping my load of cum deep in her rectum. “Now, Merel, go help Barbie with dinner.”

Barbie smiled her thanks as she definitely did not enjoy being the house mother for all these stupid sluts. Youna had become the usual caretaker with Barbie making sure chores were done and schedules followed, but with Youna resting someone had to step up. As Merel and Barbie got busy in the kitchen I pulled Bitch up on the couch and pushed her head into my crotch. Bitch eagerly slurped the mix of cum and Merel’s ass from my cock slowly cleaning me as I waited for my girls to be done.

After dinner, I showered and cleaned up then went and spent some time with Barbie and Youna in the bedroom. Youna looked miserable, she wasn’t allowed to fuck, or do anything strenuous and could only lay on her side because of both her butt and breast implants. I let her spoon up against me on one side as I lay on my back and she rested her head on my shoulder. I caressed her skin wherever I could and stroked her hair while promising I’d break in her brand new bimbo body as soon as possible. Barbie rested on the other side of me and smiled at Youna and praised her for becoming more of a bimbo for me.

Eventually, we turned in for the night, Barbie fucked me hard with her wet cunt until she came, then helped position Youna and I properly so that I could use Youna’s throat, the only hole I could easily use while she recovered. I blew my load in Youna’s mouth and she swapped and shared it with Barbie before we all collapsed into bed.

“Master?” Youna asked quietly as she stroked my chest. I looked at her and kissed her forehead and she took that as a sign to continue. “Now that I’m becoming a good fuck toy for you can I ask for something else?”

“Hmm?” I looked at her with a bit of a frown. “I already am giving you the tits and ass you deserve and decorating your slutty body, what do you want now?”

“Well,” She hesitated and bit her sexy lower lip. “Umm, Barbie and I have been talking… and…”

I glanced over at Barbie at this point but she avoided my gaze for once. This had to be a subject that both of them were a bit nervous about so I really had to wonder what it was that they wanted. I stared at Youna and finally, she spit it out.

“We don’t think it’s fair,” Youna said in a small quiet voice as if afraid of angering me. “That you’re breeding the dog and the cow but we can’t be bred.”

Blinking a few times I then laughed. Both Barbie and Youna glanced between each other and I again smelled a conspiracy. Barbie had been hinting at it, and I’m not surprised she roped in Youna. I smiled at both of them, lifting first Barbie’s chin for a kiss, and then Youna’s.

“You two really want to be turned into fat-bellied breeders?” I said with a twinkle in my eye. “Big swollen milky tits and heavy pregnant bellies?”

“If it pleases Master,” Youna and Barbie both said almost as if rehearsed. I laughed again, which for some reason made Youna seem a little hurt.

“Please Master?” Youna pleaded. “We want to push out heirs or sluts for you after we take your seed. Aren’t we more worthy of breeding than the animals?”

“Alright, alright,” I smiled and nodded. “A man knows when he is beaten… you sluts would probably “forget” your birth control sooner or later… at least this way I know not to let any other man fuck you until the deed is done.”

The next few weeks were mostly recovery for the three girls who underwent surgery. Once it was okay Youna, Barbie, and I would take turns massaging and checking on each woman’s breasts to help the healing process. Bianca was relieved when she could get back to her workouts, though at first, she was only really able to do light amounts of exercise and no weights. Amber eventually resumed her lactation treatments and milking sessions, but those took a lot longer than anything else. Youna happily resumed her place in bed with Barbie and me and seemed to eagerly try to coax each of my loads into her eager and wet cunt. As things got back to normal I called Barbie and Youna to talk to me in my office.

“Since we are ready for guests again I was thinking we could invite Lucas and Nicole over for dinner,” I stated, not requested, of the two girls. Both smiled and nodded. “I figure we can do something understated and Lucas can finish up some tattoo work on Bianca and Amber… Youna you’ll need to wait until we’ve settled on a size for your final touches.”

“Yes, sir,” Youna said with a smile, getting her tits further expanded had become a common dirty talk fantasy of hers ever since the surgery. Barbie had been right and the younger brunette was not happy with her now large, but not yet massive tits.

“Alright, go… get the house ready and I’ll give our friends a call,” I said and slapped Youna on her large enhanced ass playfully. Her exaggerated curves fit in well next to Barbie’s slightly more mature bimbo body now and they were looking more and more like sister bimbos. I grinned and picked up the phone to call Lucas.