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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 3 — House Training

The drugs made it easy for Kato to fall into the role of obedient pet around the house. Barbie and I showered and got dressed in more comfortable clothes, though Barbie’s idea of comfortable was a too tight white shirt stretched tight over her massive rack, and a tiny lacy pair of panties that road up high into her ass crack and left her pussy lips peeking out on either side. Kato explored the house on her hands and knees, getting smacked on the ass hard whenever she tried to stand or talk. She finally figured out barking was okay if she needed something and had barked and whined at my back door until I let her out to piss in the yard.

After getting settled in Barbie and I got on the couch to watch television, Barbie cuddled up against me on one side letting me play with her plastic tits, flicking and teasing her nipples as we watched the show. Normally I would stop to fuck Barbie when my cock got hard but I had a new toy to break in so when I felt the need I patted the couch and had Kato jump up.

“Good sluts suck cock whenever they are told.” I told Kato even as I roughly grabbed her hair and pushed her down on my prick. She started obediently sucking the length of my dick and I reached over and started playing with her sensitive cunt. Kato yelped when I pinched her pussy lips hard. I didn’t tell her why but she stopped for a moment and then resumed sucking after I slapped her cunt. A few moments later she yelped again as I pinched her hard a second time. This time as she pulled away from my cock I could see her lust fogged, drug induced bimbo thoughts swirling in her tiny head. She knew she was doing something I didn’t like. She started to open her mouth to ask but I raised my hand and she whined. She went back to absently sucking my dick, this time more cautiously than before, she was obviously trying to figure out what was going on.

It was the fifth time I pinched her pussy lips before Kato realized I was inflicting pain whenever she did something I didn’t like or was going too fast trying to make me cum. I was just getting into a good long cock suckle when Barbie huffed and slapped Kato. This made the brunette jerk her head back and I smacked Barbie’s tit hard for interrupting the head I was getting.

Barbie just moaned with pleasure at the slap and reached over and stroked my cock for me, pumping my shaft using the coating of spit that Kato had left on it. She gathered some with her pink nailed fingers and used that to reach down and fondle my heavy balls. She knew how much I liked them played with. Kato watched this all in rapt fascination. If my fingers weren’t already playing with her cunt I knew she would have had to stick something between her wet pussy lips. As is I played with her, edging the slut, not letting her cum. Barbie slapped Kato again and shook my cock for her.

“Get your bone bitch.” Barbie cooed sweetly. When Kato’s lips wrapped around my prick again and resumed her long lazy blow job Barbie’s hand remained fondling my heavy balls, rolling and playing with the heavy nuts in my sack. Kato yelped again as I pinched her pussy, she hadn’t thought about the fact that because both women were playing with my cock and balls she would need to change her pace. A few more pinches and slaps later and Kato had settled into a pace I liked.

After whatever nonsense show had ended, Barbie let go of my balls and kissed me before standing and stretching, causing her huge round tits to thrust out even further as she did. She then headed for the kitchen like a good little house slut and started on dinner. I flipped the television off and smacked Kato’s cunt hard to get her to stop sucking. She did and looked at me expectantly. I fingered her cunt experimentally. It was soaked, I could tell the drugs and my slow playing were keeping her wet and ready for cock. I pulled the tiny college girl into my lap, lifting her effortlessly and then pushing my cock into her tight teen twat.

I smacked her ass firmly and Kato whimpered, I then slapped again with enough force to leave a hand print. This time she squirmed on my cock, probably due to the pain but it felt good to have her rubbing that juicy cunt all over my shaft so I stopped abusing her until she stopped. I smacked her again on her tight ass and she finally got it. She braced herself and started grinding on my cock with her tight twat. Her slender hips shook and pushed on my thick, hard cock. I reached around and pinched a nipple hard, making her yelp and stop again. I groaned out my displeasure and smacked her ass again leaving a welt that would surely bruise. Kato got the hint and started fucking my hard cock.

It didn’t take Kato long to realize I was abusing her tits not to punish her but because I wanted to. She yelped and whined but kept moaning and sliding her wet cunt up and down the length of my prick. She was really starting to moan with pleasure and a mixture of pain when I whispered in her ear.

“Speak bitch, tell me to breed your cunt. Tell me you want my cum.” I groaned quietly as Kato kept up her pace. She looked confused, and startled but to her credit didn’t stop fucking my cock. Honestly with the wet sounds her cunt were making and her pleading moans I don’t think she wanted to stop. “It’s just a game...”

Kato hesitated again but her stupid slut brain still believed me that the drugs were protecting her. So she nodded and started thrusting her hips even more forcefully.

“Breed me sir!” Kato cried out. “Fuck my fertile cunt and fill me with your cum I need your cum in my slutty little hole.”

I smiled inwardly. I knew Kato was the slut I had thought when I first laid eyes on her. She would make an even better slut when she learned more and I turned her into my breeding bitch. I glanced over and saw Barbie playing with her cunt and staring enviously at Kato. I would have to reward Barbie for good behavior later, she always wanted to be my breeding slut, but I hadn’t dumped a load in her yet because I had her bring in cash from the local strip club.

“Breed me baby.” Kato cooed, and I squeezed her tits hard. She yelped but got the hint. “Sir, please breed your pet, dump all that gooey sticking cum in my womb. Please sir, I know I don’t deserve it but my fertile cunt wants it...”

Kato started to mutter and slur as she started to cum hard. I grabbed her hips and forced her down hard on my prick, holding her so my cock head was pushed right up against her cervix, pouring strand after strand of thick cum into her unprotected womb. I groaned, happy to release the load that had been build since she started sucking me.

“Dinner’s ready.” Barbie called from the kitchen. “Finish up with your fleshlight sir and come eat.”

I pushed Kato off my cock with a wet slurp. I walked over to the table not bothering to cover up, Barbie looked both pleased and annoyed as I approached, cock still wet with cum and Kato’s cunt juice. She knelt in front of me and wrapped her enhanced fuck doll lips around my prick and sucked me clean.

While Barbie was cleaning my cock Kato came crawling over to the table. I looked down at her as she started at Barbie lovingly licking my cock clean. Her finger brushed her cunt where I could see a thick sticky gob of cum oozing from her abused hole. When I was happy with the job Barbie had done I pulled her up and gave her ass a playful squeeze.

“I’m starving sweet tits. Let’s eat and Kato can thank you for her dinner before she gets to eat.” I smiled and sat in my chair and pointed at Kato. “Thank Barbie bitch, give her kisses.”

Kato started to move to Barbie but I smacked her. “Bitches use their tongue for kisses and you need to thank her properly.”

As Barbie took her seat at the table Kato looked confused but when Barbie slouched in her chair her cunt hanging off the edge of her seat and reached down to move her lacy panties from her swollen cunt Kato realized what I wanted. She wrinkled her nose, but only for a moment before sliding under the table. As I dug into the meal that Barbie had made I heard the slurping and licking of Kato eating Barbie’s cunt and more than once my bimbo Barbie had to grab the table to balance herself. I guess Kato was getting better at licking pussy too.

When Barbie and I were done Barbie cleaned up and I dropped a dog dish labeled “Bitch” onto the floor with Kato’s dinner. It was a mix of ground beef, rice, and gravy. It looked like dog food, but I couldn’t have her actually starve, with the loads pumped in her pussy there was a good chance she would be eating for two soon.

Kato turned up her nose at the slop at first but a few smacks on her already sore ass got her to try some tentative bites. She avoided a little abuse by not even trying to eat with her hands, instead eating like a proper slut. I filled her water bowl with fresh piss and set it down beside her and she looked at me gratefully lapping up the piss and slurping some into her parched and abused throat. Given it was all she’d had to drink for hours she was getting very used to the taste. I would need to give her some real water soon but I figured when this bowl ran out she could drink from the toilet for a bit.

While Kato ate and Barbie finished cleaning up I went to the bedroom. I had big plans for tomorrow and was going to turn in earlier than usual. Barbie came into the room closely followed by Kato. Kato settled on the dog bed in the corner while Barbie got ready for bed. I saw Kato sneak another pill, I’m sure she was worried about the load of cum infesting her cunt. I chuckled but Kato didn’t seem to notice it was her I was laughing at.

When Barbie crawled into bed she coaxed me to another throbbing erection and I ravaged the bimbo. I grabbed her by her tits and thrust into her hard from behind, and then switched to ass fucking the slut hard again. Once my cock had reached it’s limit I called Kato into the bed to clear us both, which she dutifully did with only a few abusing pinches and slaps. She sucked all the cum from the abused Barbie’s cunt and ass, then cleaned my cock, before finally, I had her stick her fingers in her own snatch and scoop out the rest of my cum she could. I almost kicked her out of the bed then but decided to let her stay when I felt Barbie snuggle her huge fake tits against my back and Kato snuggle her tight teen ass against my cock. I started to harden a bit and my last thoughts as I fell asleep were of filling Kato’s tight asshole, and as my hand brushed the girl’s flat stomach, of filling a pregnant girl’s asshole.

I woke up in the morning with two pressing needs. The first was the hard cock pressing against Kato’s ass, and the other was an urgent need to piss. Barbie was nowhere to be found, which wasn’t unusual she often woke before me, did her exercise routine and practiced dances for the club, but Kato was still sleeping beside me. I grabbed her throat and rudely awakened her.

“What!?” Kato cried out in confusion, lost as to where she was. I smacked her face and she almost started to speak again but her eyes went wide as she saw who had awakened her. I shoved her face down toward my crotch and when she saw the throbbing erection she opened her mouth. I forced my prick into her mouth without ceremony pushing until she gagged, drool coming down my length, and then let go. A hot fresh stream of piss poured straight down the gagging girl’s abused throat. Her eyes watered and she gulped as quickly as she could but with where my cock was buried in her throat she had no choice but to get a fresh belly full of my morning piss. I eased out of her mouth when I was done so she wouldn’t throw up or make a mess, she panted and coughed but kept it all down.

I got up out of the bed and started to get ready for the day. Kato lay on the bed and a short while later I heard her crying.

“What did I do?” Kato whispered to herself. “I’ve always flirted but never cheated on my boyfriend. And now I went home with a guy, let him fuck me without a condom, and got filled with his cum over and over.”

I ignored her as I got ready for my day. I should punish her for talking, but sleeping through the night had cleared her head and the enormity of what she had done yesterday, how much of a slut she had been was finally sinking in. I grabbed a quick shower and when I came out she had her knees pulled up to her chest and she was crying. Still naked except for her collar she looked scared and lost.

“Hey.” I spoke, with a gentleness in my tone that I didn’t really mean. “Flip over and put your ass up. I want to use your cunt again.”

Kato looked at me, horrified and shocked, but when I grabbed her collar and started to force her into position she stopped fighting me. As I rubbed her abused cunt I noticed it was swollen and messy from the vicious fucking she had received yesterday. It started to get wet almost immediately. I smiled inwardly as I appreciated what a slut she really was. My cock got hard and I lined up ready to force myself into her unprotected pussy.

“Hey, are you going to let me knock you up today?” I growled at her. “I know you haven’t taken your pills, are you looking forward to bringing a little bastard back to your boyfriend to raise?”

Kato paled and reached for the pillbox she had left by the bed, she swallowed the pill dry this time grimacing as she did and letting out a little cough. “No sir, please don’t breed me he would know it wasn’t his, I always make him use a condom since I’m not on the pill.”

Grabbing Kato’s hips I forced myself deep in her cunt as she got wetter and wetter. I rested inside her a moment and whispered down to her. “Then you better not forget those pills, or you’re going to have a present from me in nine months. And don’t worry about your boyfriend... you started flirting with me, you were obviously looking to have a little slutty fun.”

With my cock first buried deep then slowly sliding out, her pussy lips grabbing onto my thick shaft Kato let out a satisfied little moan. Despite the abuse that Barbie and I had put her through she was still enjoying having her sore and abused hole used for my pleasure. I gave her ass a smack and she started to thrust her hips back and forth against my length.

“He obviously didn’t break you in properly, doesn’t appreciate what a dirty filthy whore he had.” My shaft was pushing deep in her abused hole with every movement of her hips. “A fuck toy that he should have been forcing to take his cum to mark as his. You obviously love guys looking at you as a sex toy so he should treat you like one.”

Grabbing her hips I kept up a steady rhythm, not letting her make it too quick and make me, or more importantly her, cum too soon. Kato was starting to moan and gasp more and I could tell her pill was starting to kick in quickly because of her empty stomach.

“Speak fuck doll.” I ordered. “Tell me I can use your holes, flood you with cum, and do whatever I want with you.”

“Oh god!” Kato cried out and tried again to speed up my pace. I held her hips and slowly ground in and out of her now dripping cunt. “Oh god... please...”

“Please what?” I asked as I reached below her and tweaked one of her hard little nipples.

“Please let me cum sir.” Kato cried out, I smacked her tit hard and she let out a small shriek of pain. “Oh... ummm... please... Please cum in me. Please breed me... please flood my womb with your hot sticky cum. Knock me up, get me pregnant, do whatever you want to me master but please, please make me cum.”

That was all I had been waiting for I grabbed her hips and I thrust so hard into her cunt that her face was pushed down into the pillows, she let out a cry of pleasure as she felt her head pushed up against the headboard. With her body forced up against the back of the bed like that I was able to pound into her harder than before. She had no room to move forward so each thrust forced my entire length as deep as she could take it into her slutty cunt. She must have started cumming before I did because her pussy tensed and her hips stopped thrusting back at me, I didn’t care though because a few massive thrusts later and I pushed myself as deep as possible and flooded her fertile womb with the first load of the day.

I left her there, cum dripping from her cunt while I went and got breakfast. Barbie cleaned my cock as I ate and then sat on my lap as I fondled her fuck doll tits. “Is Lucas on his way?”

“He called to ask what to bring I said both the tattoo gun and piercing guns. Figured sir would want to decorate his new slut.” Barbie smiled and gasped when I squeezed her tit particularly roughly. “He’ll want his usual payment.”

I made a face and sighed a little. “You’re going to pay him this time. I haven’t broken in the slut’s ass yet and her other hole is off limits.”

“I was hoping Master would let me do that.” Barbie looked at me with a smile. “Lucas has a yummy cock and some skanky slut is hogging all of yours.”

She had faked a pout at the end but I knew Barbie, me fucking a baby into some random slut we picked up along the way was a huge turn on. I trained women but Barbie really wanted to destroy other sluts who hadn’t realized their place yet.

“Good.” I said, ignoring her last comment. “You’ll take his loads and we’ll get the work done and can really start breaking her in. We’ll throw a party in a few days. Now go get your morning smoke, you know Lucas thinks it’s trashy when you still smell like smoke.”

Barbie cooed and flounced outside to get a cigarette. I watched my bimbo while thinking about the new piece of fuck meat in our bedroom, and my cock began to harden again and twitch in anticipation.