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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 30 — Announcements

“Lucas! Nicole!” Youna beamed as she answered the door, her slinky black dress clung to her new curves in a way that would drive most men wild with lust and fill women with envy. In the time since she had come to know me, she had gone from a reserved college girl to an outgoing slutty bimbo stripper and the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes made it obvious she couldn’t be happier. She ushered my friend and his slave into the house.

“God! You are one fine looking piece of fuck meat!” Lucas said with a grin. “Gotta love a brunette bimbo, I see your Master didn’t touch those sexy cocksucking lips of yours though.”

“Keep complimenting me like that and I might have to see if he’ll let me use them on you.” Youna teased with a flirty wink as they all entered the living room. “I wanted him to go bigger but Master says they are perfect, though that’s usually when they are wrapped around his cock.”

“Of course.” Lucas grinned and set his stuff down by the door to the basement. “And damn he did give you a nice size for those fuck pillows, I assume you’re going bigger?”

“Mmmhmmm.” Youna practically moaned at the thought and let her hand drift down and reach through a slit in her dress so she could rub her cunt. “Bigger and better, I want to be at least Barbie’s size by the time I’m done.”

“Fuck, that’ll really sell your act as sister bimbos at Dixies,” Lucas said with a grin. “I was there doing some work and caught one of you guys performing. I think it was the one where Barbie was a nurse and you were her patient. Very hot.”

“Ummm yeah, I remember that.” Youna giggled and withdrew her hand reluctantly, she glanced over to Lucas and Nicole. “I see I’m not the only one who has undergone some changes.”

“Oh? Who’s changed?” I said with a grin as I walked into the room with Barbie following behind me. I glanced up and saw Nicole and saw she was suckling on a pacifier. She was dressed like a raver girl, she had a barely-there top that almost looked like a tie-dye bra more than a top and pushed her small tits up on display. A lime green tight, small bottom that looked like a bikini bottom was wrapped around her waist and covered her crotch, though it was thin enough that there was no doubt that her holes were plugged by thick toys. Green bands wrapped from her hips down along her legs all the way to her fuzzy go-go boots.

“Well, that’s a different look,” I said with a chuckle then motioned for Nicole to turn. As she did I noticed a few more things. Tattooed across the lower part of her belly Lucas had added “Cum Bucket” and on her back, he had started to tattoo a lewd version of Nicole. The tattooed version was nude, her legs spread wide. I noticed a few differences though. The tattooed version had much bigger tits, her breasts mostly covered by the strap of her top but I would have bet money she wasn’t wearing anything. The tattooed girl’s hand was down between her legs and anyone looking closely could easily tell her fingers disappeared into her hole. The “Cum Bucket” tattoo was faithfully recreated on the image as well.

“Oh I see you’ve started to decorate her as well,” I said with a grin as I clapped Lucas on the shoulder. “Nice work so far, that back piece has got to be brutal to do.”

“Yeah man, barely have time to work on her between my customers and her fucking.” Lucas said with a grin. “Of course, since I’ve been taking her to work with me that’s become a bit less of a hassle. I set up a glory hole in the back for her and charge guys who are waiting on their buddies to get work done to use her throat.”

As I talked to Lucas I saw Barbie and Youna undressing Nicole in the background, soon she was topless and I whistled as I saw the thick piercings and the nipple chain hanging from one of the sets of bars in each tit. Both her nipples had two bars each forming a distinct X pattern over her chest. She moaned around her pacifier when Barbie and Youna playfully, flicked one each. The girls then pulled Nicole’s hands behind her back and handcuffed her so she couldn’t resist as they continued to explore the changes Lucas added.

“That’s gotta be making you some cash,” I said with a laugh. “She certainly likes to suck.”

“Tell me about it,” Lucas said with a grumble that I could tell his heart wasn’t in, instead I could see the twinkle in his eyes. “That girl needs her holes filled constantly. If I leave her alone for two minutes something is stuffed in her holes or she’s fucking some guy. Hell some of the guys who do want to fuck her I charge extra and let them cum in her ass.”

“No cunt?” I said with a raised eyebrow. “Are you...”

Right then Youna let out a squeal of delight. She had just pulled down Nicole’s bikini bottoms and was staring at the toy shoved in her cunt. It was linked to six piercings in the petite blonde’s cunt holding the toy in place. Tattooed on either side of her cunt were the words “Lucas’ Cunt.”

“You’re breeding the bitch?” I grinned and then laughed. “You’re going to have your hands full with her dumb ass and a child.”

“Aw man, she’s gotten better with a reduced dosage,” Lucas said with a sheepish grin. “And yeah, thinking about you breeding Kato... and then Barbie sent me a text saying I wouldn’t be able to fuck her bareback anymore the other day...”

I glanced over at Barbie and Youna. The two of them had been very enthusiastic about getting me to cum in their cunts lately and I knew both were trying to get me to breed them. I sighed and smirked, wondering when exactly Barbie had filled in Lucas that I was breeding her. In fact, Barbie had been with me getting ready in the bedroom and trying to tease me into filling her womb just a few minutes before Lucas arrived.

“Hmmm well, I wish you luck.” I smiled at my friend. “Looking forward to working on the girls tonight?”

“Oh yeah,” Lucas said with a grin. “I especially want to see Youna’s big bimbo tits! She looks so good with those fun bags on her chest.”

“You’ll enjoy Bianca’s new assets then too,” Grinning I walked over to Youna, and just to tease Lucas came up from behind her, one arm wrapping around her slender waist and the other reaching up to gently massage one of her large silicone orbs. She moaned and leaned back into me tilting her head back and kissing my chin and neck adoringly. “Oh, you also haven’t met Merel’s cow of a sister!”

“Cow?” Lucas looked confused but I just grinned wickedly. “Well, either way, this should be some fun. Maybe we should get started before dinner because I’m sure we’re going to have a few distractions before the night is over.”

I nodded and then led everyone to the basement. Merel and Bianca were both still in their cells but Amber was strapped into her milking machine mooing away. Lucas’ eyes went wide and Nicole let out a little moan as she saw the cow being milked. I’d had to be super careful of her tender and healing breasts but after several weeks of recovery, I had been eager to return Amber to her milking schedule. Doctor Lee had done a wonderful job and even hanging down in the machine Amber’s udders looked almost perfectly natural.

Lucas approached Amber studying her with a grin. He touched her enhanced lips and she licked and sucked at his fingertips, I had been teaching her to suck anything a man put near her mouth so I wasn’t too surprised but it was a bit of a surprise that she did it so easily around a new person. Lucas reached down and rubbed and gently squeezed one of Amber’s hanging udders.

“Fuck man,” Lucas said as he glanced back at me. “I almost would have thought them natural if she didn’t have signs she was healing... and you can barely feel the implants. She must have had some nice tits when you started.”

“Udders.” I corrected with a grin and Youna pressed into me as Barbie moved over to the bed and flopped onto it. She spread her legs and showed me a nice view up her pink skirt, clearly showing a bare and wet cunt. “Cows have udders, though I might decide to milk more than just the cow if these sluts insist on being breeders anyways.”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Youna groaned in delight and turned so her fake tits pressed against my arm. “Sign me up to be a cow.”

“I’d love it!” Youna giggled and gave a soft moaning moo. “You could hook my pretty bimbo tits up and milk me, the guys at the club would love to be sprayed with bimbo milk too!”

“I bet they would,” I laughed, apparently Youna had decided on the next way I should use her and turn her body into even more of a plaything. I swatted her gently on her huge round ass and pushed her towards the bed. “Go wait with Barbie and suck each other’s fake udders while Lucas and I get started with Amber.”

Youna laughed but did as told, giving me a peck on the cheek and a soft little moo in my ear. Moments later she was rolling around in the bed with Barbie kissing and playing with the blonde bimbo who was cooing over the brunette’s new full fake tits.

“So boss, what are we doing?” Lucas said with a grin as I unstrapped Amber and gently massaged her udders after pulling the milking cups from them. When I popped the suction device from her swollen clit I was happy to find her once little bud was a thick meaty and swollen nub that stuck out from her now shaved cunt. Lucas stared at it and grinned. “Is that just from pumping it?”

“No,” I said with a grin and flicked Amber’s large clit. “I’ve been giving her hormones and t-gel treatments to make it grow. The pumping just amplifies the results, and now that she’s had some basic surgery it sticks out so much she can’t hide it unless she wears baggy clothes.”

Amber blushed and looked ashamed as Lucas took in her now super slutty body. She had massive natural-looking tits that hung and sagged just the right amount in my opinion. Her thick meaty clit poked out begging for attention between her swollen pussy lips, and her round plump ass padded out her thick figure nicely. She still had a slender waist and her beautiful face was untouched except for the additional plumpness in her lips.

Stroking Amber’s cunt I found it dripping from the toys playing with her holes and she gave a little mooing sound. I wasn’t sure if she was starting to get into her role or if she just wanted to avoid punishment but honestly, I didn’t care. The cow slut moved to the new table as directed as Lucas got out his tools.

“So, like I said, what are we doing?” Lucas said as he reached out and squeezed one of Amber’s udders, to his surprise a bead of liquid appeared at the tip of the teat and rolled down her breast. She’d started leaking about a week or two ago but had yet to produce much more.

“Well obviously we can’t stop her milking by piercing those tits,” I said with a thought. “So I was thinking a nice big nose ring like cows have sometimes. Also a nice thick stud for her clit too.”

“Through her clit?” Lucas said and reached down to hold the nub in between his thumb and forefinger. It was nearly as thick as his forefinger and Amber gasped when he stroked it gently. “Because most girls get it through the hood but...”

I got his meaning, Amber didn’t have much of a hood anymore, leaving just that throbbing sensitive clit to hang out for anyone to play with or anything to rub against. I nodded to him to confirm I meant the clit itself.

“And tattoos?” Lucas said as he prepared his equipment, opening individual sterile packages for each of the tools. “Any thoughts? Want me to tattoo cow print all over her body?”

“No, but a funny idea,” I said with a laugh, which called the look of terror that had appeared in Amber’s eyes. I reached out and stroked her skin, high up on her tits. “I think “Dairy Slut” right here would be good. Then on her lower back, “Breeder Cow” with some nice designs surrounding it.”

Amber’s look of fear had returned but she kept her mouth shut. I briefly wondered if she thought if she displeased me I would have Lucas tattoo her body with cow print. I looked her over and glanced between her legs, reaching down and grabbing her huge clit I thought about it. I definitely wanted to show it off. As I squeezed it Amber yelped and whined a little in pain and I relented, stroking it gently instead. She sighed in relief but still winced a little as I teased her abused clit.

“I feel like “Suck Me” with arrows on either side on her mound would be nice.” I grinned and still toyed with her nub. “Show off this big clit. Actually, Nicole... come here.”

Nicole may have been Lucas’ bitch now, but she had been trained by me and she lept at my command, she came in front of me with a hopeful look in her eyes. I smiled and pointed to the throbbing clit between Amber’s legs.

“That’s your new pacifier while Lucas works.” I grinned and Nicole obediently popped her pacifier from her mouth, her tongue flicking out to trace her swollen lips.

“Nicole loves to suck.” The mindless slut cooed as she dropped to her knees and began to suck and tease the huge clit in front of her.

Lucas just laughed and I moved over to the bed, Youna was atop Barbie kissing and nuzzling the older bimbo’s huge tits, sucking firmly on the swollen nipples of the blonde. I slid out of my clothes without alerting either and then crawled up behind them. Youna glanced back just as I was lining up with her cunt and grinned before returning to suck Barbie’s tits. I pushed into the brunette’s wet cunt and stroked in and out of her tight cunt for a while before I pulled out and swapped to Barbie. The blonde moaned in pleasure even as Youna let out a little whimper of disappointment. But my brunette bimbo kept sucking her sister bimbo’s huge tits as I plowed my original slut’s wet hole. I’d been making a point of breeding Barbie first each time and Youna had not complained, well except that she wasn’t allowed to eat my cum from Barbie anymore.

I took my time with both of them, alternating holes until I felt a tongue on my asshole. I was buried deep in Barbie fucking her doggy style when Nicole joined the fun, Lucas must have needed her out of the way. The extra stimulation pushed me over an already impending edge and I flooded Barbie’s unprotected cunt.

“Yeah, breed that bimbo bitch.” Youna cried as Barbie’s face was pushed into her pussy. “Fill her up with cum, we’re nothing but fuck toys for you to use. Breed me, next Master, I don’t deserve your cum but breed me so I can serve as an incubator for your cum.”

Youna’s own dirty talk must have helped push her over the edge because it devolved into grunts and moan as she flooded Barbie’s face. We all collapsed to the bed and Nicole sucked on me cleaning my cock. Lucas was right, with the lower dose she was on now she suckled contentedly, not with the desperate hunger she had displayed just weeks ago.

Lucas finished up with Amber and we took a break. Lucas took a turn with Nicole in the bed, popping the toy from her cunt to fill her with cum in an attempt to breed her. I strapped Youna into the milking chair and fucked her from behind as Barbie teased and toyed with the girl’s tits, all the while whispering dirty things about cows, udders, and milk in the brunette’s ears. After Lucas and I flooded our perspective girls we took a break for dinner. I let Merel and Bianca out and everyone was allowed to eat upstairs for once.

Barbie and Youna cooked and joined Lucas and me at the table. Lucas almost had Nicole sit with us, but when he saw I made Bianca, Amber, and Merel all eat on the floor with Bitch he smiled and told her to do the same. I didn’t stop anyone from talking, though I was tempted when Bianca was bitching about having to eat on the floor with the rest of the sluts. Barbie and Youna asked Lucas a lot about breeding Nicole, and I almost felt like they were trying to make me feel ashamed for not starting to breed them sooner. I listened and enjoyed my perverted little family.

After dinner, as Amber and Bitch were told to clean up, Bitch licking plates clean before Amber washed and cleaned up the kitchen, the rest of us went outback. Barbie and Lucas smoked, I wouldn’t let Bianca because her tits were still healing, and Merel sat between the two smokers, mouth open as their human ashtray. The perverse activity had started to seem normal around the house, Youna as the non-smoker sat on my lap. Reaching down to guide me up between her legs as she often did while settled atop me. She’d become my cock warmer when we snuggled, trying to keep me in her whenever she could. I kissed her neck and smiled at her.

I should have stopped Barbie from smoking but I would soon if she was serious about breeding she’d need to call it quits at least until after the baby was born and weaned. There were a lot of changes coming to the house soon and it was time to get affairs settled.

“Let’s go keep working.” I finally announced as I glanced at Lucas. “You can touch up Bianca and then finish any other touch up work.”

I collected everyone and headed for the basement. I told Bianca to get on the table where Lucas would work on her, she bitched and moaned but eventually complied. The Lucas and I tied her to it, shocking her since she had been behaving.

“I have an announcement,” I said clearly as I looked around at the assembled household. “I told you all before that I would only keep two sluts.”

Lucas was applying a stencil to prepare, and as he settled it high on Bianca’s chest right below her collar bone Barbie began to grin. She had already known my plans, and Youna let out a slightly sad smile next.

“Youna has become a bimbo and doesn’t count for that total,” I said with a smile that the brunette returned with her pouty cock sucker lips. “And Bitch is the household pet.”

“That leaves, Bianca, Amber, and Merel,” I announced as Lucas began to peel back the stencil carefully so that it wouldn’t smudge and it revealed the dark pattern beneath it. It was a series of numbers. “And I couldn’t break up my sister sluts now could I?”

“You bastard!” Bianca shouted as she realized what I was intending to do with her. “You can’t sell me to Dixies! I’m the best slut you have.”

“No, you’re the best dominatrix I’ve trained, the other girls are much better sluts.” I said with a grin. “And I already sold you, the first time you went to Dixies I arranged it, and the little show of abusing the girl you put on was a preview for the clientele.”

Bianca just snarled at me as Lucas began to get the tattoo gun ready to add the numbers marking Bianca as Dixies’ property.

“Don’t worry though, you’ll make them lots of money using and abusing weak men and slutty women.” I grinned, knowing Bianca might be upset now but she would enjoy playing the part of slave dominatrix for hire. “And the occasional dominant woman or man will break you and satisfy that needy cunt of yours.”

I let Bianca cuss and swear as I settled Amber and Merel in for the night, Barbie and Youna had headed upstairs with Bitch by the time I returned. I set a trunk on the ground where Bianca could see it and opened it. It was padded inside with just enough room for her and enough ventilation that she wouldn’t suffocate. She stared at it in horror and I just smiled. I approached her with a needle and injected it in her neck even before Lucas finished his work, when she next woke up, someone at Dixies would be opening the trunk.