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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 31 — Tests

Bianca leaving the house and taking up her new permanent residence at Dixies the house could finally settle into how I had envisioned it for a while. Barbie and Youna remained in my bed, Youna having taken up her place in my bed eagerly. Kato would sometimes sleep with us in the massive bed, but often just slept nearby in her doggy bed. I moved Amber and Merel out of the dungeon eventually. While I did not remove either of their collars they were given the freedom to move around the house after a month of being out of their cells. During the night they were still restricted to their rooms and the bathroom.

Merel seemed to have given up on trying to change her situation. Merel had fully adopted her role as an anal toy for my guests and friends to use, she greeted most visitors to the house in her little maid outfit, but would bend over to show them her gaping or plugged hole and offer them the opportunity to use it for their pleasure. With her low dose of the pills, she would happily bounce on a cock and cum her brains out as her asshole clenched around a spurting cock. She would similarly cum explosively when Bitch or someone else would lick, suck, or tongue her tight hole. Merel also craved to suck cocks before and after they filled her ass with cum. Her other favorite activity was providing oral attention to men and women alike, though she particularly loved sucking cum from another girl’s freshly fucked asshole.

On the other hand, Amber was falling deeper and deeper into her own level of depravity. After a few months, her belly was beginning to fill out, and she was producing a small but steady supply of milk from her udders. Where she had once dreaded her milking sessions she was now begging for the relief and pleasure of the milking machine and had learned that I enjoyed it most when she came to me and mooed happily to show she was ready to be milked. Every time I put Amber into the milking bench I found her wet and ready, even her non-drug addicted brain had come to associate being treated like a cow with pleasure. Her greatly expanded clit and g-spot made sure she came over and over as she was milked or I fucked her and filled her with cum.

Youna had become a perfect little bimbo stripper, her first night back at the club had been a smashing success with every guy who had contributed money for her new tits going wild as they saw how much of a sex toy she had become. According to Barbie, Youna was a hit with some of Barbie’s regulars too, giving jerking off, sucking, or tit fucking the high paying ones. Inevitably when the girls got home they were usually wet and eager for their breeding sessions, and after a few months, both of the girls had confirmed that they had joined Bitch and Amber as bred little cunts carrying my seed.

I was laying on the couch with Bitch, a favorite thing for me to do late in the evenings when I was waiting for the girls to come back from work. My fingers traced over the stretched “Breeding Whore” tattoo on Bitch’s pregnant belly. The doctor had told me she was about six months pregnant, which lined up well with that first fateful day I had taken Kato on the beach. My puppy slut Bitch, however, was nothing like that stuck up flirty college teen. Instead, she was a naked, collared slut with lewd piercings and tattoos. Her swollen breasts and heavy belly hung below her as she crawled everywhere, and swung heavily when I fucked her.

There was a load of cum leaking out of the puppy girl’s already bred pussy as Amber came up from her evening milking. I never needed to tie her down anymore, and given she had been milked and trained for almost five months now she had become a very submissive cow. She gently set a bottle of breast milk on the table for my approval and I smiled.

“Looks like you’re producing even more!” I said cheerfully still stroking the swollen pregnant belly of Bitch idly. I glanced at Amber, she was so fucking hot with her big long nipples all swollen and stretched from her recent milking. Unlike Barbie and Youna, her enhanced tits hung naturally and looked so heavy and swollen even after being emptied of milk. Her pussy was wet with juices and even her thick prominent clit stuck out in swollen excitement. Her growing belly had ruined the hourglass her enhanced tits and ass had previously given her, but that was hot in its own way. Just by the look of things she was maybe a month or two behind Bitch at most.

“Yes, Master…” Amber said happily and let out a happy moo at my attention. “Your cow’s udders are getting even more productive as her calf grows.”

I grinned in delight and beckoned her over to sit next to me, I gently began to massage her tender swollen breasts, careful not to inflict too much pain as I explored their post milking swelling. Her nipples were bigger and thicker than any of the other girls before the pumping but now they stuck out from her chest long and obscene. My cock twitched in my pants even though I had just dumped a load in Bitch. Bitch gave a playful little bark as her head was resting in my lap.

I stroked Bitch’s tummy again gently then reached down and swatted her butt. Taking the hint Bitch climbed off the couch. As she stretched on all fours, her pussy oozed cum onto the floor. I growled and pointed and Bitch just looked at me dully before happily lapping up the mess drooling from her own cunt. When she was done she turned and cleaned up any more that had leaked, before settling on one of many doggy beds around the house. I watched happily as she scooped the cum from her own pregnant pussy and ate it happily while watching Amber and me.

“Are you enjoying being milked?” I smiled at Amber and positioned her so I could suckle on one of her udders gently. She had just been milked but I swore I tasted a dribble of liquid when I sucked the thick nipple to the back of my throat.

“Yes Master,” Amber sighed happily and her hand moved up cradling my head. “You’ve taught me to be a good cow and love milking because I get to cum.”

I wondered idly as I swapped breasts how much of this was true and how much was an act to prevent me from further punishing her or doing something to her sister. As the only girl who hadn’t been given the mild altering drugs Amber was harder to judge. While Youna had been weaned off the drugs she and Barbie would still occasionally take them for fun, and that recreational use likely reinforced their bimbo natures. Merel and Bitch got a constant dosage and it further reinforced their roles in the household. But Amber, I never quite knew her mind. Sure her body seemed to enjoy the attention and she played her part, but I felt like she was still holding out hope someone would save her.

“Hmm, well you certainly have the sexy body of a hucow,” I said after I had smiled and kissed her pushing a tiny trickle of her own milk into her mouth which she dutifully drank as she kissed me back. “You are definitely a breeding cow too.”

Amber closed her eyes and leaned back pushing her tits and belly out towards my touch as I stroked her stomach. She sighed seemingly contentedly and I explored her body slowly. I squeezed her breasts feeling their pleasant warm weight, stroked her long distended nipples, and caressed her pregnant belly. As my hand slid lower I stroked her thick, huge clit. It stuck out practically like my thumb now, the combination of daily pumping and androgen treatments having slowly done their work to turn her once pretty clit into a throbbing attention-grabbing appendage. I teased it and played with the thick barbell piercing that was shoved through the meaty clit, causing Amber to moan and then moo in pleasure.

“My heifer wants to cum?” I said with a grin, I recognized the moo. The training had taught Amber to moo distinctively for various things she wanted and she had just made the sound that would normally turn on the toy for her cunt. She blushed looking embarrassed at first to be caught basically begging for more attention.

“Yes, Master,” Amber said quietly then looked at me with lust-fogged eyes. “Please use your cow and make me cum.”

I chuckled and nodded. I tapped my watch and went back to idly stroking her body. A moment later her sister walked into the room, the light static shock from her collar having alerted the girl I wanted her. I could tell she had been in the middle of masturbating as there was a long thick toy still sticking out of her ass instead of one of the plugs she more often used when she was doing something else. Merel came and turned around presenting her ass for my display. Bending she almost reached her own ankles as she displayed herself for me.

“Master wanted me?” Merel said and then groaned when I grabbed the toy and pulled it roughly from her ass. Released air from the girl’s sphincter made an obscene sound and the girl’s open and abused ass pulsed and tried to grip something that was no longer there. When I smacked her on her rump she turned around and fell to her knees in front of me to await my command.

“I want you to give your sister your best blow job for that dick of a clit of hers,” I said watching both girls closely. “Then eat and clean her cunt. You are to make her cum and then I want her to fist your ass until you do the same.”

It was the first time I’d ordered the girls to commit actual incest and I meant it as a test. Watching Merel I saw a moment of hesitation before she nodded and crawled between her sister’s thighs. A moment later her lips were wrapped around her sister’s huge swollen clit and was suckling and slurping its length. Amber, on the other hand, looked unsure and then briefly repulsed by the orders but she didn’t complain, and either faked or couldn’t control a desperate moan of lust as Merel engulfed her clit in her warm wet mouth.

I beckoned to Bitch who had been watching eagerly and she crawled over to me as quickly as she could on her hands and knees with her swollen belly. Without missing a beat she slid her head between my legs, her mouth engulfed one of my balls and sucked at it rolling it around in her mouth even as he hand reached up to stroke my length. I let her suck and suckle gently and slowly, not letting her push me over the edge as I watched my pair of slutty sister’s getting each other off.

“Do you like your baby sister sucking your baby dick?” I teased Amber as I reached out and squeezed an udder gently. “If I keep growing it out maybe it’ll get big enough to fuck her with. Though honestly, I don’t think it could grow big enough for her to feel it in her gaping and destroyed ass pussy.”

Neither girl responded, Merel was too busy with trying to make her older sister cum, and Amber was blushing in embarrassment and had closed her eyes and tilted her head back. I frowned at that and reached out and slapped Amber’s udder hard, striking her swollen and distended nipples.

“Eyes open cow,” I ordered with a growl. “If someone is being nice and eating your pussy or sucking that cock you call a clit the polite thing to do is watch them do it.”

Amber yelped at my strike but opened her eyes and looked down at her younger sister. Merel without even being abused by me looked up and met her sister’s eyes. I smiled watching my cow slut having her pussy and clit devoured by her sister’s hungry mouth. Tears formed in the corners of the older girl’s eyes but she didn’t look away until she arched her back and started to cum hard, flooding her crotch with her juices, feeding them to her younger sister. Merel dutifully licked and sucked until her older sister pushed her face away from her too sensitive cunt.

Merel sat back and then turned around on her knees and bent forward, reaching back with both hands she displayed her ass again. This time though she spread her cheeks with those hands reaching in with her fingers to grip the ring of her asshole and spread it wide showing a large gaping hole to her sister and me.

“Come on sis,” Merel said with only the barest hint of shame. “Master wants you to fist your little sister’s ass pussy. Make me cum with my filthy shit hole.”

I pushed Bitch off my cock and patted her head. Standing up I found some lube and tossed it to Amber who hesitated briefly before lubing up her hand. Just as Amber began to ease her fist into Merel’s ass I heard the front door open and close. Barbie and Youna walked in looking happy but a little tired. Bitch looked excited and crawled over to the two to welcome them home. As Youna petted Bitch and stroked her hair, Barbie came over and looked at Amber with her hand shoved far into her little sister’s asshole.

“Looks like you’re having fun,” Barbie said with a smile and then leaned down and kissed me gently. “You haven’t been up to too much have you, Youna and I still need some attention.”

“I think I can manage it,” I said with a grin as I stroked my throbbing erection. I stood up and led the girls towards our bedroom. Bitch stayed behind watching the sisters but I could already hear Merel beginning to build towards her climax.

“So why were you having the girls fuck each other?” Barbie looked at me as Youna headed for the shower. She was stripping out of her clothes as I settled back on the bed watching her. Her heavy tits bounced out of her bra and I took her in, I swear I was starting to see her belly truly swelling. Soon the guys at Dixies would have two pregnant bimbo sluts to lust over. I had no plans for either girl to stop stripping until there was no other choice.

“A test,” I shrugged and smiled at Barbie. “I wanted to see just how broken they were, whether they were truly my sluts or if they needed further training.”

“Oh?” Barbie smiled and say on the bed next to me, her hand reaching out to stroke and fondle my cock and balls. “How did they do, did they pass?”

“No,” I said with a sigh, reaching out to squeeze one of Barbie’s tits. It was hard to tell with her implants but I was beginning to think they were starting to swell with her pregnancy. “But I have some ideas.”

“Well, you know I’m loyal to my Master.” Youna smiled as she stepped out of the shower and Barbie moved to take her turn. “I’d do anything for my owner and the man who bred me.”

“Oh really?” I grinned at my newer bimbo, then reached out and pulled her to the bed. She was still slightly damp, but much like Barbie, her body had begun to show the signs of her pregnancy, though many might mistake it for weight gain rather than pregnancy at this stage. To be honest, it looked good on her, filling out her curves deliciously. I moved her atop my cock and she sank down on me slowly groaning happily.

“Yes Master,” Youna purred and started to slide up and down on my length. “You can tattoo me, pierce me, make my body into a plaything, beat me, breed me, anything my Master desires. I’ve helped you train my slutty friend’s because you are my Master.”

“What about your family?” I said with a grin as Youna started to moan, one of her hands was stroking her new tits and playing with her nipples. “Would you help me enslave your sister?”

“I don’t have a sister,” Youna moaned, not missing a beat as she rode my cock moaning happily.

“But if I did I’d bring her to my Master to learn that he place is as a breeding slut for Master just like me. I can help you get my mother, with some surgeries she’d make a nasty milf slut, we could give her big fat tits and make my daddy watch you fuck her.”

I groaned as Youna spoke like that, her depraved and submissive nature making me throb even more insider her warm tight cunt. She was offering her family up for my amusement, of course, it was one thing to talk about it and another thing to do it.

“Would you fuck your daddy if I told you to?” I said with a wicked smile and smacked Youna’s ass. “Would you let him breed you if I commanded it? Show your slutty milf of a mom how much of a whore her baby girl is, and how much no man can resist your enhanced and slutty body?”

“Anything, my Master wants!” Youna cried and then screamed out as she started to cum hard, the slutty talk pushing her over the edge. She arched her back and came as she ground her pussy against my cock.

“Well, that was hot,” Barbie said still drying her hair as she watched Youna finish. “Though I’ve got to bet there is a better target than your mom, though with you as her daughter I’d imagine she is quite the milf.”

“Hmm,” Youna just purred and rolled off me, but I could see in her eyes she was thinking about it even as Barbie crawled onto the bed and presented her pussy and ass for me to choose as she wanted her turn. I slid into her ass, cock still wet from Youna’s cunt, and began to fuck the sexy bimbo blonde’s asshole with a growing need to flood her with cum.

“I might have an idea,” Youna said with a smile as she crawled toward us both and began to kiss the sides of Barbie’s massive fake tits and caress the blonde. “We can start tomorrow if you want.”

I grunted my approval even as I pulled Barbie’s hips back towards me, pushing deeper into her tight asshole. Youna stopped talking as she started to play with the older bimbo. With the added attention it was only a matter of time before Barbie and I climaxed, cum pumping into her asshole as her pussy spasmed and throbbed from Youna and my attentions.