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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 32 — Naomi’s Investigation

Naomi glanced down at her phone. The dark-haired girl was sitting in her car outside of Dixies. She took another look at the picture on her phone. In the picture another dark-haired woman. She zoomed in on the picture. The figure of the girl didn’t match but when she looked closer at the woman’s face it was quite definitely her cousin’s face. Youna was a vastly changed woman, her body was much curvier than Naomi remembered, with exaggerated curves and tight slutty looking clothing hugging every inch of her body. Naomi looked again in disbelief, this trashy looking slut with huge fake tits and a big blown up butt couldn’t be her cousin but she had to know.

Youna had disappeared almost six months ago. Okay, sure most people in the family didn’t believe that she had “disappeared” but Naomi thought it was strange no one had seen Youna in months. Sure she texted and even called but she hadn’t shown up in any of her usual hangouts and her friends hadn’t seen her in months. Combined with her friend Merel and her sister Amber going missing it made Naomi nervous. When someone had texted her the picture on her phone she had been shocked to see how much her cousin had changed. The picture her cousin dressed up like a slut going into a local strip club called Dixies. Naomi had decided that she had to find out what was going on.

Watching and waiting in the car out in front of the strip club Naomi finally saw a woman who looked amazingly like her cousin enter the building. She spent a few more nervous moments before she got out of her car and headed for the door. Glancing around nervously she headed through the darkness and to the club. When she entered she was greeted by a pleasant-looking woman and a tough-looking bouncer. After showing her identification to show she was of age and paying the cover charge Naomi made her way into the club.

Once inside the club, Naomi tried not to draw any attention to herself, however, a pretty young girl alone in a strip club definitely drew the attention of more than a few of the patrons and staff. She was dressed modestly, in jeans and a white tube top style top, but also wore a small black jacket over top to cover her bare shoulders and conceal the small amount of cleavage the top displayed. Still, the long, straight-haired girl stuck out in the club full of mostly men or couples. Her young, round face looked more like she belonged as one of the waitresses or dancers than as a patron alone in the club. Still, all the staff smiled at her and greeted her warmly.

Brushing a stray lock of her long brown hair behind her ear Naomi looked around the club slowly, her eyes adjusting to the dim lighting of the club. She saw women dancing on stage to the cheers and hollers of patrons and a quick look made it clear to them none of them were her cousin Youna. She moved to a table where she could see most of the club and started to look around at the other people. First, she tried to see if any of the dancers walking around or sitting with patrons were the person she was looking for but she was frustrated when she didn’t spot her cousin.

“Can I get you something honey?” A pleasant female voice asked and Naomi looked up startled at a waitress who had walked up to her table. Naomi looked the woman over, she was dressed all in black that matched her dark hair. Black cowboy boots adorned the woman’s feet leading up to black stockings held up by a black and silver-buckled garter belt. A pair of solid black panties covered the woman’s crotch, concealing the woman’s cunt and keeping her ass on display without showing everything. She wore a skimpy black halter crop top with two silver buckles in the front. Over her features was the same black lace carnival mask that Naomi had seen on all the waitresses and topping out the outfit was a black cowboy hat. Around her neck was a black and silver bolo tie the laces of which hung down over a tattooed number high up on her chest.

Naomi took a moment to study the buxom black haired girl and wondered what the tattoo was about, she had noticed that most of the women in the club were wearing the same number but wasn’t sure why. She suddenly realized the woman was looking at her expectantly. Naomi fidgeted nervously and thought about whether to send the girl away but decided it would be strange. She ordered a drink from a small menu on the table that sounded good, not really intending to drink it. The girl smiled and walked away as Naomi continued to study the room.

A minute or two later the waitress returned with Naomi’s drink. As the waitress handed it to Naomi, the other woman let her delicate fingers brush over Naomi’s hand and she looked up in shock to see the black-haired woman winking flirtatiously. Naomi blushed and paid tipping the waitress who blew her a playful kiss before walking away with an exaggerated sway to her ass. Feeling more nervous than ever she decided to sip the drink experimentally both to blend in and calm her nerves.

Naomi was about ready to give it up when the DJ announced another change in the dancers, she listened closely for Youna’s name but didn’t hear it. However, she looked up in shock as her cousin came out on the main stage when she was introduced as “Stacy” with another girl named Barbie. She had started to stare as the girls began what appeared to be a practiced and coordinated routine. A slender athletic-looking dancer came up to her table, dressed in a purple teddy that showed off the woman’s small tits and slim frame.

“Are you looking for some company sweetie?” The girl’s voice practically oozed sex and she was smiling warmly at Naomi. “I can sit with you or we can slip in back for some more fun if you like.”

Almost waving the woman away Naomi stopped herself, and then nodded nervously. The woman slipped down to sit beside Naomi and cuddled up to the young woman. She reached out and slid her dark-skinned fingers over Naomi’s own fair-skinned hand.

“What’s your name cutie?” The black girl smiled as Naomi took another sip of her drink and glanced back up at Youna dancing on stage.

“Naomi...” The long-haired brunette gulped as she said it, this half-naked woman pressed close to her was making her nervous. “And you?”

“Exotic,” The dark-skinned girl said as she offered her hand. Naomi took it and gave a small short shake. “So what brings you here, alone, tonight?”

“Umm...” Naomi realized she seemed out of place even to this dancer. “I’m looking for someone.”

“Hmm?” The dancer who called herself Exotic smiled, and then watched as Naomi looked up at Youna again. “Isn’t everyone who comes here?”

Naomi didn’t know what to say but Exotic just laughed and smiled a bit, then let one of her hands drop down and stroke Naomi’s thigh through her jeans. Naomi had never had another woman touch her like that and she wanted to back away at first but pressed for more information.

“So if I want some private time with a girl?” Naomi nervously asked. “What do I do?”

“Well, if you want time with me, we can just go,” Exotic said with a sultry smile. “But given I’m loving up on you and all you can do is stare at the dark-haired bimbo on stage, I’m going to guess I’m not your type.”

“No... I don’t mean to...” Naomi looked at the woman, afraid she’d hurt her feelings or insulted her. “I have...”

“Hush,” Exotic pressed her finger over Naomi’s full lips, they weren’t as thick and sexy as her cousin’s but it definitely seemed like there was some familial tendency towards full lips. “I’m not upset, everyone has their type some people like fake tit bimbos, some like athletic girls who can bend in so many fun ways.”

Exotic winked at the other girl and then smiled as Naomi took the last sip of her drink. She then pointed over the girl’s shoulder to where another woman, dressed similar to the waitresses was manning a cash register.

“Go over there and talk to her,” Exotic said fingertips tracing over Naomi’s arm as she talked. “Give her the name or number of the girl you want to spend time with and she’ll make sure the girl is notified. You can also ask your waitress to do the same, but sometimes they get too busy, and the popular ladies have their time snatched up quick if you know what I mean.”

“Thank you,” Naomi managed to stutter out even as Exotic continued to tease her. She reached into her purse and pulled out some money to tip the girl and Exotic pulled the strap of her panties out for Naomi to slip it in. She just barely caught sight of the well-trimmed bush of the black girl before Exotic leaned in and kissed her cheek before waving and standing up to find another patron to dance for.

Standing up quickly Naomi wobbled for a second, that drink must have been stronger than it had tasted and she took a second to compose herself. She felt odd, a little flushed and excited, but a woman had just been touching and flirting with her, maybe she was into women more than she knew? She shook off the thought and then headed for the register. A short and polite conversation later and the woman said she would let “Stacy” know that she had a patron. The woman explained when it was time she would send a waitress to lead Naomi to the VIP room where Stacy would join her and they could enjoy their time alone. The woman noted where Naomi was sitting and smiled.

Returning to her table Naomi found the waitress waiting for her with a fresh drink, there was also a bottle of water next to it. Naomi looked puzzled but the waitress just smiled and explained that the dancer she had been talking to had ordered it and explained that Naomi had looked nervous and needed to relax and enjoy herself. Looking up Naomi found Exotic smiling and waving to her before turning back to the patron she was sitting with. Naomi found herself grateful for the drinks as she did feel nervous and if the first drink was as strong as it seemed the water would be a good choice.

As Barbie and “Stacy” finished their routine on the main stage Naomi drank a little of the drink, and cracked the bottled water, and drank about half of it. The next set of dancers took the stage as she waited to be told that Youna was ready to see her. A few songs into the following set a woman came up and guided Naomi back into the VIP room. She set her purse on a side table and sat on the couch waiting for Youna to arrive.

“Oh!” Youna said with surprise as Naomi looked up at her as she entered. Youna was wearing a slinky black dress that barely covered the large fake orbs of her enhanced chest, with slits that went so high up on either side of her that Naomi could tell she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Naomi stared in disbelief, her once athletic and slender cousin looked like a male wet dream. She had a curvy hourglass figure that obviously came from more than one surgery and had put on a little weight that filled out her curves in an enticing way. Naomi was shocked as Youna moved close and straddled her. She started to speak but Youna pressed her full red lips to her younger cousin’s ear.

“Don’t say anything they are watching.” Youna hissed quietly and Naomi’s eyes glanced up at the security camera in one corner of the room. “Just play along like a patron.”

Naomi nodded and wasn’t sure what to do exactly, but Youna pulled back and smiled at her. Taking the other girl’s hands Youna placed them on her hips, sliding them under the fabric to touch bare skin. Naomi blushed and felt a strange heat rising in her.

“It’s okay sweetie,” Youna said as she started to dance for her cousin, hips grinding against the other woman. “You paid for me, you can touch if you want. I’m Stacy, and you are?”

“Naomi...” The other girl stammered out, trying not to look at the camera as she played along. She was suddenly struck by how smooth and warm Youna’s skin was underneath her touch. She thought about what she had heard about clubs. “So it’s okay to touch?”

“If I tell you to.” Youna beamed at her cousin and then winked at her playfully. “And a sexy woman like you? You can touch anything you want.”

Thinking it would be odd if she didn’t do something at that statement Naomi lat her hands drift back to cup and squeeze Youna’s enhanced ass, it was so full and round even she had to admit it was kind of hot.

“Oh, you like Stacy’s big beautiful booty?” Youna said with a smile and then leaned over and let her hot breath tickle Naomi’s ear as she whispered. “You gotta help me, they captured me and are turning me into a sex doll! Keep playing along.”

Trying not to let that revelation show on her face was probably the hardest thing for Naomi to do. Youna shifted, turning around so her back was to Naomi, lifting her dress she showed her cousin her juicy sexy ass and shook it playfully for the other woman’s enjoyment. Naomi was captivated by it, whoever had taken her cousin had certainly turned her into a sex goddess. She noted the roses and vines all over her cousin’s body and wondered how long they must have had her.

“Mmm, cutie, you can touch a lot more.” Youna purred as she leaned back against Naomi, she then pulled the sides of her dress inward until her massive tits were exposed, the black fabric of the dress settling in the deep valley of her cleavage. Youna then guided Naomi’s hands from her own waist up to those massive round tits. “I’m sure you love my big fake bimbo titties don’t you honey?”

“Yeah...” Naomi gulped and found herself squeezing and kneading the stretched flesh of Youna’s now-massive chest. God, they felt so full and fake. They were heavy and round and she found herself strangely captivated by them, stroking the skin and gasped in shock when her hands brushed against Youna’s achingly hard nipples. Her cousin let out a very real-sounding moan of pleasure, but Naomi guessed she had learned to pretend for the patrons. Still, she found her own fingers lingered on those erect nubs longer than she probably should have but told herself it was all part of playing along.

“I know you do baby.” Youna said with a smile and stepped away from Naomi. Pulling off the dress Youna stood in front of her cousin in all her naked glory, just her high heels and a garter band adorning her otherwise naked form. Naomi stared and suddenly felt herself shifting uncomfortably. It shocked her to find her own nipples were hard, rubbing against the inside of her top, and her crotch felt warm and made her squirm. “You can suck them if you want... I don’t mind, I obviously love the attention on my sexy bimbo tits or I wouldn’t have gotten such huge fuck pillows.”

Youna reached up and cupped her huge breasts, lifting them gently even as she moved closer, straddling Naomi’s hips and pressing her crotch against the other girl’s even as she pressed her tits around Naomi’s head. Naomi gasped in surprise and then shocked herself as she inhaled the warm pleasant scent of Youna. Even more shocking was when her cousin brushed a hard nipple against her lips, and she found herself sucking it into her warm mouth and suckling on it with more than just pretend enthusiasm.

“Oh! You really do like my big boobies,” Youna cooed and gasped, tilting her head back and moaning in pleasure. She gave it a bit before leaning close and whispering quietly to Naomi. “I was taken by a man and his girlfriend and they’re trying to make me and my friend’s into fuck toys for their amusement.”

The statement jarred Naomi out of the pleasant experience of suckling on the huge tits in her face. She let go of Youna’s nipple, embarrassing herself when it slid from her mouth with a surprisingly loud and wet pop. She tried to get close to Youna’s ear, her cousin’s massive chest crushing her own smaller tits under their heavy bulk.

“Who and where?” Naomi tried to whisper even as Youna continued to dance and grind her sexy body against the other girl. She needed to know more info if she was going to get her cousin free of these terrible people. Youna stood and danced for her, shaking her tits, ass and even leaning back legs spread and reaching down to spread her pussy lips to show her cousin her hole in a teasing manner. Naomi knew Youna was just playing along, but the hot flush of arousal that surged through her was hard to ignore. God, what kind of pervert was she to be so turned on seeing her cousin turned into a sex doll.

“God, you are hot,” Naomi said without thinking about it, she blushed even as Youna smiled and turned to bend over so that her cousin could see her cunt and ass on display from behind. Her sexy shaved cunt drew Naomi’s attention and she almost reached out to touch it, settling and squeezing Youna’s sexy ass instead. She glanced up at the camera and then realized she needed more info from Youna. “Come back closer so I can touch you more.”

“Of course baby.” Youna purred and sank to her knees in front of her cousin, her massive tits resting against Naomi’s legs as she ran her hands up over her cousin’s thighs and then up under her shirt touching her flat smooth stomach. “I’ll make your every dream come true.”

Flushing, Naomi suddenly had some very dirty and inappropriate thoughts about her cousin and wished the girl would come up closer so they could just talk, this display was getting far too exciting for her flushed body to handle. Youna pushed her head up between Naomi’s thighs, and Naomi’s eyes widened in shock. She moved her hands down towards Youna’s head to stop her but when the dancer exhaled a hot warm breath right against her crotch she could feel it even through the fabric and it made her fingers curl in Youna’s hair almost pulling her closer.

Youna slid up her body, kissing over her stomach and breasts and across her bare neck, her tits trailing her path, their heavy weight pushing against Naomi causing the woman to squirm. Even though the kisses were across her clothing Naomi imagined them on her skin and it made her excited. Youna finally kissed and nibbled her ear lobe.

“I have to do this or they’ll get suspicious. I’ll give you all the details after,” Youna breathed hotly as she spoke. “I can give you all the details after.”

Naomi didn’t know what Youna was going to do but she closed her eyes and let her cousin lead, to her shock the brunette bimbo crept back down kissing over her neck and collarbone, but this time when she started to reach her chest Youna hooked her top with her thumbs and pulled it down. Naomi gasped in surprise as her small tits were suddenly exposed to the cool air of the club, Youna didn’t stop kissing down and soon covered her cousin’s breasts in warm wet kisses. Then Youna’s tongue flicked out and lapped at one of her hard nipples. Squirming Naomi moaned as Youna began to suck and tease her tits, alternating between one then the other until both stood proud and swollen from her chest, coating in a layer of her own cousin’s spit.

As Youna suckled and teased her cousin’s nipples much to Naomi’s inflamed delight, her hands worked at the girl’s waist. Distracted by the shockingly pleasant sensation of having her nipples sucked by another woman Naomi barely noticed the movement until Youna was tugging and pulling at her jeans. Lost in lust and confused by desire Naomi even lifted her ass for Youna as the bimbo tugged and pulled her jeans down and off, taking her panties with them.

“Oh! You’re so wet Naomi...” Youna purred as she looked between her cousin’s thighs. “Did bimbo Stacy turn you on this much?”

Ashamed Naomi turned her face away from her cousin. She was shocked at her own arousal, and that her cousin could tell without even touching her. Why was this so hot, was it being watched? Was it the strip club? Was it that it was her first lesbian experience beyond kissing? Was it... was it that she was related to Youna? She covered her face with her hands but then let out a deep groan of pleasure when she felt Youna’s soft tongue begin to play with her pussy.

“No... oh god... that’s... No...” Naomi started to protest but Youna continued to suck and lap at the other girl’s dripping hole. Naomi was shocked at how eagerly and proficiently the other woman was bringing her towards the edge. She’d never had an orgasm so quickly or easily before. As Youna’s tongue plunged deep, fucking her hole before pulling back out to lick and suck her pussy lips and clit Naomi pushed her crotch towards her cousin’s face and her hands went down to hold the other brunette’s head between her thighs. She needed this now, and forcefully held Youna in place as her own cousin pushed her to a gushing, thrashing orgasm stronger than any she’d had before.

Naomi’s fuzzy and horny brain was still trying to figure out what was going on as she tried to recover from the massive climax. She felt a weird pinch on her thigh and looked down, Youna had a hypodermic needle pressed into her leg, and was pushing the plunger down slowly. Youna smiled up at her sadly, with her face covered in glistening pussy juice.

“Don’t worry Nomi,” Youna said and reached up to pat the girl’s pussy as Naomi’s world began to fade to black. “Master said he’d make sure you’d enjoy being a fuck toy just as much as me.”