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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 33 — Newest Dixie

When Naomi’s head began to clear the first sensation she had was of the cold surface her legs and butt were resting against. It was smooth and cool. At first, she was confused that she wasn’t laying down, but then realized each wrist and her neck were all surrounded by a fitted, yet comfortable collar or cuff. She tried to speak but her mouth felt dry and strange, and her thoughts were still fuzzy and hazy. As she blinked her eyes against the bright white light of the room she was in she looked in front of her.

Sitting only a few feet in front of Naomi, Youna smiled at her, reaching forward Youna wiped away the drool from her chin and mouth with a cloth and then helped her take a drink from a bottle of water. It tasted a little odd but the cool water felt so good on her throat. She eagerly drank some but Youna only let her have so much before pulling away.

“Hey, there sleepyhead,” Youna said with a smile. “How are you feeling?”

“W-what... w-where?” Naomi struggled with her thoughts and started to look around. They were in what looked like a bathroom stall, a rather large one but a stall all the same. It was wide enough that a person could stand on either side of her without any issue, and the door was far enough away that a couple of people could stand watching her. She looked for a toilet wondering if this was some strange cell but couldn’t see one. Instead, there was a drain down below her, and she was sitting in a depression in the floor probably two inches deep. Behind her, above where she was chained was a roll of toilet paper on the wall. There was a sink with paper towels and a trash can in one corner of the stall, on the only side of the stall that had a true wall. She heard a flush of a toilet in the background.

“You’re in your new home Nomi,” Youna said with a smile. “Don’t worry you’ll get used to it quickly and you’ll adore it after a few days.”

“Why are y... Are they making you do this?” Naomi said as she looked at her cousin. Youna was once more dressed in that slinky, slutty black dress and she was smiling brightly at her. “Are they hurting you!?”

“No,” Youna giggled and shook her head. “Master is just making me into the sex doll I always dreamed of being! Don’t I look so much better as a bimbo?”

As if to emphasize her point she hefted one of her massive tits and let it drop, the swollen stretched flesh barely bouncing but still showing off. The display made Youna bite her lip and she gave a slutty little moan for show.

“You’re a... a fuck toy.” Naomi grimaced. “They did something to you and made you do this to me.”

“They didn’t do anything to me!” Youna insisted, “Master realized I was a natural slut and eager for bimbofication and took me in to be his breeder bimbo. And you are just my final test!”

“Final...” Naomi struggled with the idea and looked at Youna in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I needed to prove I would do anything for my Master,” Youna said with a wide grin, she reached out and started to stroke and play with Naomi’s hard nipples, it felt surprisingly good and Naomi was shocked as she started to get aroused again despite her situation. “So I volunteered to bring him a slut for his personal use, you were sexy and cute so I thought you would make his cock hard.”

“You want me to fuck him?” Naomi looked shocked, her surprise overpowering her lust for now. Why was she feeling so horny?

“If he wants.” Youna shrugged, “But really you’re here for him to rent to the club for their use and make him money.”

“You want me to be a SEX SLAVE?” Naomi growled her anger growing and she struggled against her chains.

“Yep.” Youna smiled sadly. “Master is about to have many extra mouths to feed”

Youna stood and cradled the baby bump that was just beginning to show, the bright light of the bathroom showed what the dim light of the club had concealed, Naomi’s cousin was pregnant.

“Don’t worry though, Master said he’d make sure you loved being here,” Youna said with a smile. “I don’t hate you, but had to give you to my Master to prove myself. He’s going to take off my collar and let me be a true bimbo slut for him instead of a slave. I’m happy to be his toy and want him to know that I’m his bimbo because I choose to be a big titted fuck toy.”

“You’re... sick...” Naomi finally managed to say and I chose that moment to slip into the stall, coming up behind Youna I kissed her neck and she tilted her head to the side, moaning softly as I reached around her, stroking her stomach before reaching up and cradling her tits. Naomi looked shocked.

“Welcome to the family Naomi,” I said with a wicked grin. “Did you ever wonder who sent you that picture of Youna coming in here?”

“You!” Naomi figured it out, I had sent her the picture. I had been waiting for her to show at the club, to try and contact Youna, and because I had made sure Youna stayed in contact no one not even Naomi’s family would have believed her, so she hadn’t even tried to involve them or the police. The poor girl had come all alone, and I had watched her on the club’s security cameras all along.

“Yes,” I said with a little smile and pushed Youna towards the wall, I spread her legs and she turned grinning back at me, she braced herself with one arm against the wall, bending over slightly, putting her large ass on display. I brushed the back of her dress aside revealing her dripping hole. “I watched you come in, I had them spike your first drink, then delivered you more drugs in the water and second drink.”

“You...” Naomi looked shocked and thought back to how strange it had been that she was hot and flushed by watching Youna dance and all the nude girls around the club, she had been aroused more than ever and now she understood why. She glanced at the water bottle that Youna was still holding. “You drugged me to make me enjoy it.”

“Yes,” I said with a grin and unzipped pulling out my throbbing cock and smiling when Naomi stared at it with naked lust. She realized what she was doing and stopped herself with pure will. “And you’ll keep getting drugged, the drugs will also make you associate the pleasure with the lewd acts you are forced to do, you’ll learn to love every act of depravity you are forced to participate in.”

Smiling at the horrified girl I began to fuck Youna’s tight cunt, my pregnant brunette bimbo began to moan with pleasure almost instantly. She was dripping wet, apparently seducing, and drawing in her cousin had more of an effect on her than I had thought.

“Yes Master,” Youna purred and urged me on, pushing her hips back into each thrust. “Fuck your pregnant bellied bimbo slut... make my huge milk bags bounce... I’ve been so horny since you knocked me up!”

Naomi watched in stunned silence as I fucked her cousin in front of her. Youna for her part moaned and panted as she pushed back against my cock, crying out for me to fuck her hard and use her more, to fill her belly with even more of my seed. I reached around her and played with her massive tits as she came hard and collapsed against the wall. I had to reach down and hold her by her waist to keep her standing as I pounded and pumped her sweet slick cunt before I flooded my pregnant bimbo with thick creamy cum.

“See, Master is so good to me.” Youna finally purred when she recovered, her body was pressed up against me and she moved her dress to the side so Naomi could see the load dripping from her cunt. “He turned me into a sex goddess and fucks me constantly, keeping my needy holes all filled with his potent seed.”

Youna’s hand stroked my chest through my shirt, and then slid down and cupped and fondled my cock and balls. Naomi watched it all and despite her horror, I also saw her lick her lips. Youna grinned at that and leaned up to playfully kiss me before she slipped out of the stall to grab the bag I had waiting outside.

“Naomi,” I stated as I crouched down in front of her. “You are going to make such a pretty little toilet slave.”

The girl looked confused and her eyes were beginning to become dull as the heavy amount of drugs had settled into her system. She was aroused, confused, and was finding it difficult to think. Seeing her cousin enthusiastically fucking her captor was likely completely jarring as well. Youna returned as I continued to talk to the girl.

“I’m renting you to the club,” I stated, in a matter of fact tone. “You’ll be chained in the VIP toilet for a full shift every day in this stall that will be your new home.”

Gesturing around to the large stall that would be the majority of her world I reached out and grabbed her chin. She tried to bite but didn’t have the mobility or focus to succeed. Behind me Youna pulled a few things from the bag, she handed the first to me. It was a ring gag, I squeezed Naomi’s jaw, and when she resisted Youna came around and held her cousin’s head so I could put the ring in her mouth and strap it in place.

“There you go, now you won’t bite.” Grinning I watched Naomi staring at me even as Youna stroked her hair and whispered something soothing to her that I couldn’t hear. “You’ll serve the needs of the VIPs here, none of them will hurt you but you will relieve them. After a few weeks, I’m sure you won’t even want that gag anymore. You will remain my property and they will make sure you are taken care of.”

“We got you another present!” Youna beamed. “It will make being here much more fun.”

Going to the bag, Youna pulled out a pair of panties that had been fitted with a vibrator for Naomi’s cunt. As Youna suckled on the vibrator, lubing it with her spit I lifted Naomi up by her legs, forcing her into a position where Youna could slide the panties on, positioning the spit-soaked vibrator against her cousin’s cunt. Pushing it in Naomi couldn’t help herself and let out and moan around her ring gag that caused her to flush with embarrassment.

“Whenever the door to this stall is closed,” I said as I set her back down. “That vibrator will turn on, ensuring that you get pleasure while you are taking care of a patron.”

Youna smiled and as if to demonstrate my words went to the stall door and closed it, latching the door, which triggered the vibrator to begin buzzing away inside of the other girl’s sopping cunt. As I stepped forward Naomi still tried to look angry but the distracting pleasant sensations of the drugs plus the toy playing with her pussy made her reactions much less intense. I pushed my cock into her mouth and the ring gag prevented her from biting down, not that I think she would have at this point. Instead, I felt her tongue stroking and caressing the length of my cock, cleaning a mix of my cum and Youna’s cunt juice from my shaft.

As I pushed deeper I sought a bit more friction so I pushed the head of my cock into Naomi’s throat causing her to gag, reflexively she tried to pull away and off my cock but I grabbed her head and forced her down my length until I felt the tightness of her spasming throat around my girth. I backed off and let her breathe and calm before I forced her again. Youna sat beside her cousin and stroked the other girl’s body, exploring her perky tits and teasing her nipples. With a grin, Youna stripped off her dress and tossed it over with the bag.

“Yes Master,” Youna murmured excitedly as her hand slid between her thighs. “Fuck my slutty cousin’s throat. Teach her she’s a cock sucking, piss drinking, toilet slut.”

“Show her,” I commanded and popped my cock out of Naomi’s mouth as she recovered from my cock using her throat. Youna grinned and licked at a string of drool hanging from Naomi’s mouth and then sucked it into her mouth. Then my bimbo toy turned to me and expertly swallowed my length, she wiggled a little when it pressed against the back of her throat and shifted me until I was causing her throat to bulge with my length. Youna’s sexy cock sucking lips were pressed to my crotch, every inch buried in her well-trained throat. She held it there until I pulled back, and gasped when I popped out of her mouth.

“See?” Youna said to Naomi even as she reached up and fondled my heavy balls. “This is where sluts like us belong, worshiping our Master’s cock.”

I grabbed Naomi’s head again, and this time I didn’t relent as I fucked her throat. Youna continued to urge me on and fondle my balls as I used her cousin’s mouth like a cunt. Finally, I felt the pressure build and Youna squeezed firmly like she was trying to milk out a giant load for Naomi and I shot the load into Naomi’s mouth. I pulled back from her throat and made sure to spray a lot of my load on her tongue so she would taste my cum.

“Swallow.” Youna urged her cousin. Naomi did her best without being able to close her mouth. “See once you are trained it will be so much easier to eat your new favorite treat.”

“Time to show her another of her new treats.” I grinned at Youna. “Do you want to or should I?”

“Master first, always.” Youna grinned and sat next to her cousin on the cool tile floor. I returned her grin and aimed my cock at Naomi’s mouth. I started to send a stream of piss at the chained up brunette and she tried to turn her head and spit it out. Youna smacked her cousin hard on the tit. “You’re wasting it, here... let me show you.”

Youna opened her mouth and I aimed for her mouth instead. Reaching down and lifting her heavy tits in both hands Youna gulped down my piss, and when I directed my stream down on her massive fake tits she cooed in pleasure and rubbed the piss into her milky skin. I aimed my stream back at Naomi’s mouth and when she resisted again, Youna grabbed her head with her piss slicked hands and held Naomi in place. I finished pissing into the girl’s throat, and while she didn’t drink it eagerly she still got a fair bit of it down her throat and settling in her stomach. The rest soaked her naked body and ran down her until it swirled down the drain.

“Don’t worry Nomi,” Youna said cheerfully. “You’ll be drinking it like your favorite beverage soon.”

Standing up and moving in front of her cousin Youna slid her fingers into the other brunette’s long straight hair and pushed the woman’s face to her still cum dripping cunt. Positioning the girl’s mouth over her pussy Youna closed her eyes and let out a hot strong stream of her own piss. I noticed Naomi drank more of the piss this time.

“The other good thing is I can visit you almost every night!” Youna said when she was done and had rubbed her pussy with her cousin’s hair to clean the last of the piss and drooling cum off. “Since I work here I’ll come to see you each night, and I’m sure as my belly grows I’ll need to fill you with more and more piss. We’ll have lots of fun together! You’re going to love Barbie as much as I do too!”

I smiled at Youna, I could hardly believe her transformation from college girl to depraved bimbo stripper slut. I noticed as we settled a blindfold over Naomi’s eyes so she could start her shift that Youna still seemed horny and ready to go. My latest bimbo had certainly earned her freedom from her collar tonight and she was more than worthy to take her place with Barbie as one of my forever fuck toys.