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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 34 — Preparations

That night I let Youna out of her shock collar for the first time in months, she beamed happily at the change and rubbed her neck when I released her. Then she jumped me and fucked my brains out, lovingly and lustfully extracting every drop of cum I was willing and able to give her. As we lay together afterward I stroked her stomach as had become my habit with most of the women in the house these days.

“Will you want more?” Youna said in a low husky whisper as she snuggled in close to me. We were alone in the bed, Barbie had gone to Dixies to dance to give Youna time to celebrate her new freedom with me.

“More sex?” I joked and reached up to squeeze one of her large fake orbs in my hand. “Honestly your almost as bad as Nicole ends up when she overdoses.”

“No...” She grinned at me, then rolled over to face me. Youna searched my face as she continued to talk. “I’m talking about children. You’re about to have at least four children running around this place and if Barbie and I stay off birth control and you don’t do something about Bitch and Amber, you’re quickly going to run into a very full house.”

“Yeah.” I made a face, I hadn’t given it as much thought as I probably should have. I liked knocking up my sluts. Making Amber and Bitch carry my seed and having Barbie and Youna eagerly volunteer for it had been more arousing than I had anticipated. I also enjoyed the look of a pregnant slut crawling around on the floor when either Amber or Bitch played the roles they had been given. It was also going to be fun watching Barbie and Youna keep stripping while pregnant and seeing the other patrons of Dixies react to them.

“You’ve got a point.” I sighed and stroked her growing stomach again. “Probably best to hold off on more until the kids are older at the very least. Can’t turn all my sluts into baby factories, it isn’t practical, and we’re going to need a bigger house.”

“I had thought about that too.” Youna smiled slightly. “We’re not hurting for money at all it might be time to upgrade. Of course, a lot of custom work will be needed to get you a proper “work” space in the basement. Also, we may need to consider childproofing the house in more than just the usual ways.”

“Hmmm yeah,” I answered, it was going to be an odd place for children to grow up if we kept things going as they were. Separating the house into family and work areas seemed like the best option. I heard scratching and whining at the bedroom door. Bitch obviously wanted attention from either Youna or me, but I ignored her. Bitch would eventually get bored and go bother Amber or Merel.

“Well,” I exhaled a breath. “It’s good that you and Barbie can both now help me as I’m going to need help with getting the new house set up, and with one more big plan.”

“Oh?” Youna smiled at me wickedly. I sat up and stretched for a moment sitting on the edge of the bed. She lifted herself up and came behind me. I felt her massive tits press against my back as she wrapped her arms around me. Soon I’d be feeling her belly too but for now, her breasts far exceeded her stomach. She kissed my neck. “Training a woman to be a dog, another to be a cow, making a person into an anal cock sleeve, and corrupting a respectably young lady into a bimbo slut wasn’t enough?”

I laughed at that, and then leaned back and turned my head to give her a kiss even as she tried to drag me back into our cum and sweat-soaked bed. It was tempting but we did need to check on the other girls and I needed to take care of a few things before Barbie got home or we went to bed.

“You forgot,” I teased as I stood up and put on pants. ”Turning an innocent girl into a gang bang craving fuck doll, a bitch into a dominatrix for hire, and your cousin into a human meat toilet.”

If any of those statements bothered her she didn’t let it show in the slightest. Instead, she slid out of bed and joined me in putting on enough clothes for just around the house, something both loose and revealing. A loose shirt that ended up showing too much cleavage and side boob and a pair of loose comfy pants that I could easily slide my hand into. She waved dismissively at the comments.

“None of those sluts are in our house.” Youna beamed then kissed me.“I consider them to just be my Master’s hobbies, not real projects.”

“You’re probably right,” I said with a chuckle. “But, you are wrong about Amber and Merel. They still have a little bit of hesitation and hope. They need one final thing to break them. So I want you to help Barbie and me with the plans.”

“Of course Master,” Youna purred. “Anything... you already know I’ll do anything to prove my loyalty and love for you.”

I was a little taken aback. It was the first time Youna had said she loved me, at least in that context, she loved being my slut, loved my cock, loved to be a bimbo, but loving me was new. Thinking about it I figured it was probably right. I felt about her much as I did with Barbie. I would protect and adore my loyal bimbo sluts so why not.

“Good.” I smiled and gave her another kiss. “I need you to get Merel dressed, properly but a little slutty, and avoid showing any of her alterations. Then I need you to get Amber ready, dressed in something appropriate for her being a slut cow and don’t hide any part of her slutty features. Then send them to my office one after the other.”

“Oh, what does my perverted Master have in mind?” Youna said with a playful little growl. “This should be good.”

I nodded and then pulled her closer as I described my plans for the two sisters, one that would take a while to execute but should end up very fun. She beamed as I told her and stroked my cock through my pants as I told her all the details. By the end, I was standing at attention and she was on her knees sucking one more load from my balls as she fingered her cunt excitedly.

Youna did as I asked and when Merel showed up in my office she was dressed but a little sluttily. She had on a low cut too tight t-shirt that was so thin you could see the outline of her nipples through the fabric. She still wore her collar wrapped around her throat and her hair was straightened up and nicely styled. The shirt wasn’t so see-through that you could make out the color of her nipples or her tattoos so I approved. She had on short shorts that barely covered her pussy piercings and practically flossed her ass. Below those were a pair of fishnet stockings and some slutty heels.

“You look very good Merel,” I said with a smile and indicated she should turn for me.

“Thank you, Master,” Merel said as she executed a slow spin to show off her outfit. “Are we going somewhere? Should I bring a toy or plug? Youna had me take mine out... and I feel so empty.”

This last part was added hesitantly and she blushed as she said it but I could also tell that it was true. She was uncomfortable without a feeling of fullness in her ass, a far stretch from the curious girl who had stared at Barbie’s cum dripping asshole in fascination and wonder.

“Now, face me,” I said with a grin. “Now smile and say “I love cum” like a good girl.”

“I love cum.” She said and managed a smile as I snapped a picture of her.

“You can go.” I nodded after I had a picture I liked. “And send in your sister.”

Merel looked puzzled but headed out of the office, sending in her elder sister as I had asked. My cow slut was much more of a sight than Merel had been. She too wore the collar, but affixed to hers was a large heavy cowbell. She wore a cow print harness that didn’t cover her massive enhanced udders. They hung naturally and heavily from her chest nipples swollen and distended from the constant milking she received. The “Dairy Slut” tattoo over her chest was readily visible and definitely matched the cow print. Her pregnant stomach stuck out much further than Barbie or Youna’s but not quite as much as Bitches, though it was close.

I looked down even further to Amber’s clitoris which had grown to truly obscene proportions, sticking out nearly two inches above her hairless cunt. The “Suck Me” tattoos made it evident what anyone should do with that monster of a clit and a thick metal bar pierced the oversized and sensitive nub. That had been added when I was satisfied with Amber’s growth as well as a few rings in her labia. Further down her slutty body her legs were clad in the same cow print and it made for a very nice view in my opinion.

Amber mooed at me in greeting, I was a little surprised that she used the one that meant she wanted fucking. She hadn’t been milked in a little while so I had expected her to want that first. I chuckled.

“Maybe later dairy cow.” I grinned and walked over to her. She looked down submissively as I grabbed one of her large swollen tits and squeezed it firmly and cupped my hand to turn the squeeze into a milking motion. She gasped in surprise and delight as her letdown shot milk across the room, and her other nipple began to drip in response. I frowned thinking something else was missing from her look.

“On your knees, mouth open,” I commanded and Amber obeyed, kneeling slowly settling her pregnant body to the ground and opened her mouth expecting what came next. When I unzipped and stuck my meat in her mouth she mooed around it and started to suck me off. I fucked her face and made her choke, causing the makeup on her face that Youna had spent time on to run with tears, smearing her mascara and making her look like such a slutty mess. Once Amber pushed me to the edge I pushed Amber off of my cock before she could finish me off.

“Mouth closed,” I grunted as I jerked and stroke my cock, her hand shifted up and fondled my heavy balls. “And don’t you dare clean up.”

Amber nodded and then jumped as my cock began to shoot rope after rope of sticky sperm all over her face, but I aimed lower and shot a few strings over her massive tits. It started to drip down her body slowly. I motioned her to stand.

“Reach down and spread those cunt lips, but don’t hide that pretty clitty.” I grinned and she blushed in embarrassment. “Moo loudly for me.”

Amber did as she was told and I shot several pictures. Finally, I had one that I liked well enough and I nodded to her dismissing her.

“Go have Bitch or your sister lick the cum off you,” I said as she left. “Whichever one you see first.”

I had a feeling her sister would be wondering what I was up to and would be looking for Amber so I bet that Merel would soon be licking her older sister’s face and tits clean of my cum. That made my softening cock twitch but not fully revive. I downloaded the photos to my computer and secured them behind extra passwords. I’d need them once the plan advanced further.

The next few months were filled with preparations. The new house was under construction. Most of it was just more of what we already had. More bedrooms, more bathrooms, a larger master bedroom, and an expanded dungeon, though the contractors that Andre and Liam had sent over didn’t know that was what they were building. With the soundproofing, they figured it was some sort of recording studio, and they were paid plenty enough that no one really asked questions. Amber and Merel would have their own rooms and there were four rooms for the children as well as a few guest rooms. It was honestly a monstrous home. My more legitimate business covered anything that my less legal income couldn’t in order to keep prying eyes away.

In addition to the new house, there was planning for the special event. Barbie and Youna found a place for it and got it set up the way I wanted, including more than a few modifications that were less than ordinary. Other arrangements were made for the event and I made sure that everyone knew their role in the last major project that I wanted to undertake before the move. Lucas was invited over again, and after piercing Amber and Merel’s tits I filled him in on his role.

Finally, the day came when I invited both Merel and Amber into my office. The sisters looked at me hesitantly. It was rare I had anything planned this early in the morning so they wondered what I was up to. Especially given that everyone other than them and myself had already left the house and things seemed to be in a hurry this morning.

“I’ve decided I’m going to give your Father one last chance to free one of you,” I said with a grin. Both girls looked a little surprised and Amber looked more hopeful than Merel. Merel had gone through this song and dance before and her sister had ended up enslaved right next to her. Still, she doubted I had any interest in her father like that so there was the barest sparkle of hope.

“Only one,” I continued. “I will let him choose and whichever of you he decides on will be free, after he walks the other down the aisle at her wedding... today.”

This shocked both girls and they glanced at each other. They still hadn’t talked as I hadn’t really asked them a question and they had long since learned that acting out could get them punished. Amber just rested a hand on her now very pregnant stomach. It had been nearly nine months since that first day on the beach, Bitch was about ready to pop and Amber wasn’t trailing too far behind. There was no going back to their old lives for either of these girls, not after what they had been turned into, but maybe some normalcy could be achieved, though Amber would have a much harder time.

“He picks, and agrees to do it or I keep both of you and do whatever I want whenever I want,” I explained flatly. “You girls will behave and do everything you are told or your sister will suffer the consequences. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Both women answered in unison. I turned on the wall monitor which was streaming from the phone I would be using for this. It displayed a message that was ready to be sent to Frank. It described the deal, and what would happen to him and his daughters if he tried anything. I sent the message. He replied almost instantly, with threats and cursing, pretty much all I expected.

Ignoring him I sent the pictures of the mostly normal but slutty looking Merel and the cum soaked sex toy with tits and cunt on display shot that was Amber.

“You sick monster, you turned my daughter into a freak,” Frank replied, and I ignored but looked at Amber she was crying and Merel reached out to hug her. “She looks like a pervert’s wet dream, and that clit is disgusting.”

“Which do you choose?” I texted back to him.

“Well I can’t have that monster in the public eye and I’d have to have your bastard around my house.” Frank texted back. I imagined I could feel his anger through the phone. “Merel, at least she just looks slutty but not freakish.”

Watching her father choose her younger sister was both a happy and heartbreaking moment for Amber and she cried as Merel tried to comfort her. I texted Frank the details, including that he needed to be downstairs and in the car that was waiting for him or the deal was off. I gave enough details for him to understand I was watching him live and he started to move.

“Alright girls. Get dressed in something, you’ll both be given your outfits for the wedding when we get there.” I said as I dismissed the girls. I needed to go get changed myself and we had a schedule to keep. Merel left first as Amber wiped her eyes, she started to leave but then turned back and came over to me.

“I’m glad he chose her,” Amber said in a quiet voice. “He’s always loved her more, and this just proves it. He doesn’t want what I’ve become or my baby...”

I nodded and saw the defeat in the older girl’s eyes. Then she surprised me and knelt at my feet.

“I’m yours now Master,” Amber said submissively. “I’ll be a good wife and let you do whatever you want to my body. You want me, you breed me, you fuck and milk me... My asshole of a father doesn’t want me but you’ve planned for me to be in your family and I’m happy to be wanted.”

“Your father may think you are a freak.” I looked down at Amber but then lifted her chin and helped her up. “But I see a sex goddess whose body now matches how sexy she always was.”

I grinned and kissed her, for once tender and warm rather than hard and fierce. She kissed me back with some tenderness.

“I know you’ve come to enjoy the milking and fucking.” I beamed. “You’re going to make a great wife, so do your best to serve me and I will always take care of you.”