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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 35 — Wedding

When we pulled up at the warehouse I ushered the Amber and Merel inside. Barbie met us in the entryway. The warehouse had been converted on the inside to look much more like a wedding chapel. It had taken some time to convert it all but it had turned out quite convincingly. Youna and Barbie greeted us at the door and smiled at both girls. Youna led Amber off to get dressed for her big day, and Barbie took Merel off to secure her in the meantime. Lucas met me in the entrance and smirked.

“You’re really going through with this?” Lucas grinned and shook his head. “Making that guy walk his now slutty daughter down the aisle?”

“It’s one more step in making the girl’s accept their roles.” I shrugged and then grinned. “And also convincing their father that there is even less reason to look for them than what I can do if he does.”

“Well...” Lucas shrugged and moved with me over to the lounge that had been setup. We poured drinks and shared one as we waited. “I’m sure he’ll be shocked at what has become of his sweet innocent daughters.”

A text came through on my phone a short while later as we talked. I nodded to Lucas and he finished his drink before heading further inside. For my part, I headed towards the front door. A short time later a man wearing a hood over his head was escorted through the door by two of Oliver’s associates. I nodded my thanks to them before they left and I reached out and took off the man’s hood.

Frank blinked as the harsh light hit his deprived eyes. He looked around, blinking and taking in his surroundings. The lack of windows combined with the fact he had been driven around hooded for far longer than necessary had him at a major disadvantage. He had no idea where he was and the only thing he did see was me. He stared at me as I watched him for his reaction.

“Is it you?” Frank snarled. “Are you the sick twisted fuck who took my daughters?”

I shrugged and walked over to the lounge area. I poured a drink, Frank’s favorite, and offered it to him with a small smile.

“That isn’t information you need to know.” I pressed the drink into Frank’s hand and he eyed it suspiciously. I laughed and poured a drink from the same bottle. After I drank he took a small sip. “I am the man who will be waiting for your daughter at the end of the aisle, that is really all you need to know.”

“You’ll never get away with this.” Frank hissed, and looked about ready to hit me. “I have friends, money, and contacts. I’ll never let you rest and I will find you.”

“You can try,” I smiled a little. “But the rumor is your daughters took your money and ran because you were abusing them. I will also still have Amber near me at all times and she will be my insurance to your compliance. If you want her and your grandchild to be safe and happy you will remain away from me or my friends.”

Frank glared at me and I sat in a chair still nursing my drink, with nothing good to say he took a slug from his own and glowered.

“You see Frank,” I continued. “I have friend’s everywhere. They escorted you here today, they set it up so I could watch you and Amber in your house for months, and before you get smart they’re removing all evidence of that as we speak.”

“If you went to the police,” I shrugged and looked him up and down. “All your wealth and connections might get someone to look at your report, but when more evidence piles up that you had something to do with your daughters disappearances you’ll find out what a mistake that was. My associates wield the kind of influence and power that you could only dream of, and I’ve accumulated years of favors and blackmail to ensure they side with me.”

“I’ll make you pay,” Frank threatened but there was a waiver in his voice, he was beginning to believe me. He had spent almost nine months looking for Merel and the only thing that had come of it was his daughter Amber going missing as well. On top of that she had been turned into a sex object, and in the last photo he had seen had easily been in her second trimester of a pregnancy.

“Also, you’re going to find Amber is very eager to become mine.” I shrugged and smirked. “Why would you ever deprive your daughter of being happy with the father of her child and Owner of her cunt?”

Frank looked like he wanted to throttle me right then, but he kept his cool. He hadn’t seen either of his daughters yet and I was the only link he had to them. He rightly assumed that trying to harm me would end rather badly for him. He angrily finished his drink, when he slammed the glass down on the counter I refilled the drink with a slow steady pour, I dropped a couple more ice cubes in his glass then sipped my own drink. He stared at the drink for a moment before picking it up. Much as I expected he probably didn’t want to do this sober.

“So here’s the deal,” I said patiently. “You will lead Amber down the aisle to me. You’ll sit and observe the ceremony. There will be a little orgy while I consummate the marriage which you as the father of the bride will happily observe. After which Merel will be free to go with you as she wishes.”

Frank looked like he was going to say something but then just gritted his teeth and nodded.

“Oh and if at any time your... urges.” I snickered. “Become too great, any of the sluts here would be happy to take care of your needs. Perhaps even Amber if you are that kind of man.”

Practically lunging at me Frank finally stopped himself when I chuckled. I set my now empty glass down on the counter and started to walk toward a door that would lead deeper into the building. Frank was still nursing his drink and fuming.

“Frank, be a good boy and stay here until Youna comes and get’s you.” I said with a grin. “You might not recognize her anymore but I understand she was a friend of Merel’s and you’ve met before. She’ll take you to Amber and explain what to do.”

I left him then, heading into the chapel area and waited for the ceremony to start. When the double doors finally opened at the end of the chapel Youna, in all her splendid beauty walked into the room. Youna looked sexy and beautiful in the light blue bridesmaid dress. It was scant and barely covered her nipples and crotch, showing generous portions of skin and leg. She smiled at me and looked at the others who had gathered around the altar beside me.

Oliver was standing behind the altar with what appeared to be a minister’s outfit on, but unlike any other minister the handsome man had his outfit parted and his throbbing cock was buried in Barbie’s cunt. Barbie was naked, bent over the altar. Her massive fake tits hung over the edge of the altar and she moaned happily as Oliver slowly fucked her. Beside me Lucas stood where the best man should, but he also had his cock out, though he was being attended to by his personal slut Nicole. Nicole wore a bridesmaid outfit identical to Youna, though her smaller natural tits didn’t fill out the top quite as nice, but the scanty clothing showed off her tattoos nicely, the open back giving everyone a clear view of the lewd tattoo of herself. Nicole sucked her master’s cock dutifully and didn’t even look up, her whole world devoted to the need to be filled with cock.

I stood watching Youna with a smile, but took a moment to pat Bitch’s head. The nude pregnant woman sat on her haunches beside me, her nearly full term belly swollen and heavy. She wore a headband with her puppy ears, a butt plug dog tail, and her collar with her silver name tag attached but nothing else. Bitch panted happily and nuzzled my leg occasionally for attention. As Youna took her place to stand as maid of honor, she let her dress shift in such a way to let me know she wore nothing underneath and winked at me.

Frank came next, leading Amber into the room. He looked furious and humiliated but I could tell that wasn’t the only emotion he was feeling. Wrapped around his right hand was the leash, the silver links leading downward to connect to an all white collar wrapped around Amber’s throat. My cow looked beautiful, a white veil just barely concealing her face. Wrapped around her torso, white cupless lingerie framed her massive cow udders which hung and swayed as she crawled behind her father toward me. I could see her large nipples dripping milk, probably Youna’s doing... and even with their massive bulk I could see her swollen belly practically dragging along the floor.

Frank must have been surprised that his daughter was even more pregnant than he had believed but it really wasn’t my concern. Amber was gorgeous, below her exposed and swollen belly her waist was wrapped with a white garter belt that held up her white lace stockings. A tiny white string pair of panties did nothing to conceal any of her privates, the fabric easily pushed aside by her massive engorged clit and swallowed by her swollen pussy lips. She held her bouquet in her teeth and crawled, trying to moo every now and then around the flowers in her swollen bimbo lips. Unlike a normal day she wore none of her other decorations, her body clean and unadorned.

With a glower Frank walked with her to the altar and handed Youna Amber’s leash. The maid of honor smiled and took it holding it as Amber moved to her knees before me. Handing her bouquet to Youna, Amber spread her legs as wide as her pregnant belly would allow and put her hands behind her back, thrusting her udders out for my inspection. She looked at my feet submissively and waited for the ceremony to start. I could tell from her swollen clit and hard nipples she was enjoying the lewd display in a way I hadn’t expected. I lifted the veil and she glanced up at me ever so briefly with a smile.

While Frank took his seat Oliver pumped and fucked Barbie’s wet cunt until he grunted and filled her pussy with a fresh load of sperm. Once he withdrew she sank behind the altar and soon the quiet chapel filled with the sounds of Nicole and Barbie both slurping noisily, in an absurdly exaggerated porn star fashion around the respective cocks of their partners.

“Dearly perverted.” Oliver said with a wicked little grin as he started, reading from the book in front of him even as Barbie tried her best to distract him with her oral attention. “We are gather today, to marry this filthy fuck slut of a cow to her betters. Not only will she wed the cock of her Master, but become the submissive slave of the better women of his household. The rings please?”

I patted Bitch to remind her this was her cue and she moved forward, turning herself around she squatted and much to Frank’s dismay and horror clenched and squeezed her ass as she forced her puppy tail from her abused asshole. Eventually with a lubricated pop the toy popped free revealing a length of string tied to the base of the toy, the string led deeper into the puppy girl’s ass and as she panted with the exertion she stood and pushed her ass to Amber’s face.

Amber glanced at her Daddy, then used her tongue to wrap up the string and began to suck and pull at it. As she pulled eventually one, then two, and finally three rings were revealed to be attached to the string. Without hesitation she took them into her mouth and sucked and cleaned them. As I glanced at Frank I held back a snicker, despite the look of disgust on his face he hadn’t turned away, and if I wasn’t mistaken his pants looked a little more snug than before. Amber opened her mouth displaying the rings on her tongue and Oliver came around to pick up all three rings. Barbie came out in all her nude bimbo glory and kissed me deeply before turning to Oliver.

“Barbie, do you take this worthless cunt as your Master’s slave?” Oliver said as he handed a ring to Barbie. “To serve his needs, to be an extension of your cunt, and to satisfy his cock when you or he commands? Do you promise to train and discipline her as long as your Master doesn’t tire of her?”

“I do.” Barbie said with a smile she bent down and adjusted the ring which Frank could now see was a heavy gold nipple ring. Grabbing one of Amber’s swollen, milk dripping teats she pulled and found the hole and slipped the ring into the girl’s nipple before kissing Amber deeply eliciting a moan from the cow slut who then mooed happily as Barbie moved away. Barbie took Youna’s place, taking the bouquet and leash from her as Oliver picked up another ring and gave it to Youna.

“Youna, do you take this horny cow, as your Master’s slave?” Oliver chuckled as he watched Youna stare down at Amber. “To be a fuck toy for your Master and his bimbo Barbie? To force her to obey their will and to reward or punish her fuck toy body as they see fit?”

“I do.” Youna leaned down and like Barbie pulled and prodded the other woman’s nipple until she fitted her gold ring into the cowgirl’s tit, giving her a matching set in her poor abused udders. She then kissed Amber deeply before moving back to Barbie’s side. Barbie, deciding she wanted attention, pushed Youna down between her thighs and the maid of honor eagerly began slurping at Barbie’s dripping snatch.

“Finally.” Oliver said, handing the last ring to me. “Do you consent to marry this worthless piece of fuck meat to your cock? To use her every hole for your pleasure? To make her drain your cum and satisfy your lust? Do you pledge to treat her like the fuck slut she is and fill her with cum like the sperm dumpster she deserves to be?”

“I do,” I said with a grin, glancing at Frank he looked mortified, but also desperately aroused. I knew how he was feeling, the drugs in our drinks. They had me ready to pound all of these sluts for hours, and he had easily had double if not more of the drugs than I had. I knelt down and Amber leaned back, supported by Barbie and Youna so that I could get to her clit under her huge belly. I pulled and teased it until I found the hole and then slid the large gold ring through it. A throbbing two inches of erect clitoral flesh stuck out penetrated by her gold wedding ring to match the two already in her tits. Amber was dripping wet and as I straightened up Oliver smiled down at her.

“You may now kiss your husband...” Oliver grinned. “Forever bound together I pronounce you slave and cock.”

Amber unzipped my pants and eagerly pulled out my cock, she kissed the cockhead, but then quickly pulled me down her throat and began to suckle. Oliver grabbed Youna to fuck and Barbie moved to help Amber satisfy me even as Lucas threw Nicole over the altar and pulled a plug from her ass. Bitch found her way between Oliver’s cheeks and began to rim him as he fucked Youna beside her friend Nicole. Frank looked on in disgust and arousal, but then stood up and stormed out of the room. I knew he wasn’t going anywhere without security noticing so I ignored him. I had a feeling I knew where he was going.

Frank pushed his way into the men’s room. He ran the water and splashed his face. How was he so aroused by this sick perversion that his daughter had been subjected to? She was a plaything for a man and his two bimbo fuck dolls now? He was angry, but also horny. If one of those girls was here now he’d fuck the shit out of her, but he wasn’t about to fall to that level infront of his daughter’s captor. As he tried to collect himself he heard a buzzing and what sounded like a moan from the stall behind him.

Curious he pushed at the door to the stall. It was unlocked and when he pushed it open instead of a toilet he found that the wall had been cut to allow for an odd setup. A woman’s body from about her belly button down stuck out of the wall. She was on her stomach ass exposed to his gaze. Completely nude her legs rested on specially made stirrups that held her in place. On the wall was written “Public Cum Dump, please replug after use.” As he looked closer he saw a number of other interesting features. First, was the large vibrating plug that filled her asshole, it was attached to the wall by a chain so even when removed it wouldn’t fall to the floor. Next he noticed that she had “Insert Here” tattooed above her ass and when he looked lower, her cunt seemed to be practically sewn shut with elaborate piercings.

His cock throbbed at this lewd display and Frank frowned. Was he really considering fucking some anonymous slut in a bathroom? He ached with need and the man had told him he could use any slut. His urges finally got the better of him, unzipping and dropping his pants he stroked his erection. When he pulled the plug from the woman’s rectum it oozed lube and a muffled moan came from the other side of the wall. Her hole pulsed as if wanting to grab onto something and he was all too eager to oblige.

Without any gentleness or care Frank roughly shoved his cock into the warm waiting asshole and began to fuck the woman furiously. From the clenching and moans of the whore Frank was surprised to find even this rough treatment was being enjoyed. He angrily fucked her as hard and fiercely as he could, desperate to take out his need and frustrations on one of the captor’s women.

Frank didn’t last too long before he sprayed a thick load of spunk into the girl’s ass. He rested against the wall, expecting to soften and fall out of her but to his astonishment his need didn’t subside. As he rocked back and forth in the abused asshole he savored the feeling, that was probably the best climax he’d ever had, and to his shock he seemed ready to go again. He began to pick up his pace and the growing lust began to guide his thrusts again.

There was a shuffling sound on the other side of the wall and Frank could only imagine another man on the other side spit roasting this slut, fucking her throat, but instead there was a gurgling sound and then the woman he was fucking moaned loudly, this time unhindered by a gag or whatever had filled her mouth before.

“Oh god, Daddy?!?” Merel’s voice shocked him from the other side of the wall. “Why are you fucking me? Fuck, are you so turned on by your daughters you have to fuck our holes?”

Frank was mortified, he was buried balls deep in his little girl’s asshole, ramming his cock in deep, pushing his first load deeper into her as he readied another. He growled but didn’t stop, no... this was a trick his Merel wasn’t a slut like this, they were using her voice to trick him.

“Oh Daddy!” Merel’s voice grunted between his thrusts. “I hate that you’re raping my ass but god I’m going to cum! You’re so rough.”

Frank growled and again thought to stop but his cock overrode his brain and instead he thrust a few more times, and when the slut below him began to cum around his cock it was too much and he flooded her with what cum he had left. He rested even as he heard his daughter sobbing on the other side of the wall.

“Frank,” I knocked on the stall door. “After you pull out of Merel’s ass you and I need to have a conversation. I don’t feel comfortable sending your daughter home with a man who rapes his own daughter’s ass.”

That was it, Frank rushed me, but exhausted from fucking his own daughter and blind with rage I moved to the side and shoved him against the wall. I wrenched an arm behind his back and forced it into a painful hold. Forced up against the wall he couldn’t get any leverage.

“I think I’ll be keeping Merel too now.” I grinned even though he couldn’t see. “I don’t think it would be good to leave you two together, and besides you obviously can’t control your rage. It will also be better for her to be near her little niece or nephew and she can help her sister out when the baby comes.”

Frank continued to fight me trying to push against the wall to gain some leverage but without the use of one of his arms and my lock inflicting pain anytime he tried to move he couldn’t do much. I leaned close as I talked to him.

“You see Merel will be happy and cared for like all my treasured property,” I said with a smile, my voice calm and reasonable as if I was stating facts not threats. “And you will stop looking for your daughters unless you want to experience what I can truly do if motivated. I have footage of you anally raping and violating one daughter and the other will swear for me that you abused her and were terrible and that you are just trying to tear her new family apart. Combine that with other financial and political pressure and you will not like the results.”

Frank sagged, he knew I had so much on him that coming after me or my friends would be suicidal at best. When I felt like he was calm enough two of Oliver’s associates walked into the room and covered his head with a hood before escorting him back to the car. I watched as it drove off and then decided to return to celebrate with my happy new family of bimbos and slaves...

* * *

Later that day Frank walked into the bustling police station. He knew this would likely be difficult but there was no way I had the power I claimed so he figured it would be worth the risk. He walked to the front desk and looked at the officer on duty. A surprisingly beautiful young blonde he hesitated a moment looking her over before his eyes focused on the name on her uniform.

“Officer Meyers?” Frank said hesitantly. “I’d like to file a report in association with the missing person’s reports I’ve filed previously.”

“Ahh, Frank.” Officer Amy Meyers smiled at the man, he started a little as he hadn’t expected her to know his first name. “We’ve been expecting you, and just to let you know before you file your report that the police take a dim view of those making false reports and wasting police time.”

Something about the way she said that made Frank look closer. Officer Meyers was smiling politely and was pulling out the forms for him to fill out but as he looked closer he thought he saw the faintest imprint on her neck from where a collar would rest, her hair obscuring it from all but the closest inspection.

“Sexually objectifying an officer?” Amy said with a bemused grin then lowered her voice. “You’re staring at my tits you old pervert, are you thinking about raping my asshole in the bathroom? I’m sure my Master would be amused to hear that.”

Frank didn’t even stammer out anything else, he turned and swiftly left the station. Whoever I was, he had learned his lesson that I would take what I wanted and punish those who displeased me, a lesson Kato and her friend’s had long since learned and that his daughter’s had come to accept as part of their depraved and perverted lives.

The End