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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 4 — Decoration

Kato came crawling into the kitchen a little while later, and lapped at her water bowl. It looked like Barbie had filled it, and I if someone had asked me to bet on it I would have told them it was probably filled with a mix of Barbie’s piss and some fresh water. She looked toward her food dish and spotting a sloppy mess of food in it started to crawl towards it. She looked up startled when I growled and yelled at her for being a bad girl.

The dull eyed fuck doll looked up at me confused, Kato’s medicine must have been kicking in because the intelligence, regret, and clarity she had displayed on waking up was fading. She actually smiled when she realized what I wanted and crawled over to Barbie and shoved her head between Barbie’s thighs and started eating her pussy to thank her for the food.

“Oh!” Barbie squealed. “Oh god, wow! Sir, this slut is catching on quick she really is getting better at sucking my clit and pussy lips, and her tongue...”

I polished off the last of a piece of toast and went to toss the dishes in the sink as Barbie’s speech devolved into grunts and moans of pleasure as Kato kept working at her slit. Spotting the butter out on the counter I grinned wickedly. I waited patiently until Kato made Barbie cum hard and then crawled over to her food dish licking her lips of pussy juice before eating the meal left in her bowl labeled “Bitch.”

“You’ll need to teach her to suck tits and maybe later you can show her how a real woman tit fucks her Master.” I said as I stuck my fingers in the butter and scooped up a large gob. Barbie let out a moan of pleasure and sighed happily.

“My girls having been getting the attention they deserve that’s for sure.” Hefting one heavy fake orb in her hand and bouncing it Barbie laughed. “I’m going to go out and smoke again before Lucas get’s here, always want one after a good pussy licking.”

As Barbie left, I bent down. Kato jumped as I pushed my greasy fingers against her asshole, but as she looked back and saw me she lifted her hips, but I could see the fear in her eyes, the confusion. I smeared the gob of butter all over her tight asshole, then pushed two greasy fingers into her virgin ass and forced them in roughly. She cried out into her food dish and braced, then tried to get away, but I grabbed her by the collar and forced her back. She cried out once more when my fingers slipped in all the way and then let out a long breath seemingly trying to get used to the alien feeling of being entered there.

“You have no idea what is waiting for you.” I whispered to my newest slave. “You know I’m not going to stop until my cock rips this little hole open, and even then I’ll probably see just how big you can go.”

Kato nodded a little, and I could tell there were tears in her eyes. Her brunette hair shook and hung sloppily around her face but I could tell she was slowly getting used to the intrusion. I started moving my fingers making sure her asshole was nice and greased then I quickly pulled out and then smacked her ass hard.

“Go shower slut.” I barked at her. “You’re a filthy mess of cum, piss, and pussy juice. Make sure you wash out that asshole too, I’m going to use it soon and I don’t want you making a mess of my cock. Also, shave that cunt clean, I want a bare little pussy for what I have planned next.”

The girl stared up at me, I think Kato was honestly surprised I hadn’t violated her ass right then and there. I was certainly tempted but I wanted her to stew in the anticipation a while longer, and she did need a shower. As she crawled to the bedroom to use the shower I took care of some of my own business in my office. When I heard the water shut back off finally I went looking for my slut. She was just putting her collar back on when I walked into the bathroom.

Kato stared at her reflection dully in the mirror, almost like she didn’t recognize herself and when her eyes looked at her tits her hand sank down and started to rub her swollen pussy lips, That seemed to catch her attention as if she hadn’t expected her reflection to be doing what she did. I glanced at the counter and saw her pill box. She must have taken a few more. I was going to need to watch that or she really would fry her brain into a stupid submissive mind fucked whore. She was now rubbing her cunt furiously watching herself get off in the mirror. I cleared my throat.

As I walked up behind her Kato looked back startled, but then smiled in a stupid horny way and leaned over the counter presenting her pussy and asshole to me for inspection and use. I reached between her legs and felt up her smooth and very wet cunt. Her asshole was no longer greasy from the butter and I could tell she had taken great care to wash it clean. However instead of sliding into one of her holes I kicked the back of her knee and she collapsed with a yelp to the floor.

“Pets don’t stand on two legs.” I hissed and grabbed her collar, pulling her toward me as I snapped on a leash. “Follow pet, we’re going in the basement.”

When we got to the stairs leading down Kato hesitated. She had to think quickly though as I was still leading her down the stairs, she crawled after me on her hands and knees going face first down the stairs but I could tell she was nervous. When she made it to the bottom without incident I patted her head. I flipped on the light switch and a blinding white light lit up the sterile room.

Kato looked around shocked at the contents of the room. One wall was dedicated to toys of all types, dildos, strap ons, and vibrators were the most vanilla, but her eyes definitely focused on the vast selection of whips, chains, floggers, and paddles. When she got done puzzling over those her eyes looked to the stocks, cross, benches, a swing, cages, and even a kennel that lined the opposite side of the large room. A four poster bed was against the far wall and she stared with wide eyes at all the anchors that had been installed on the bed frame.

“Up.” I commanded yanking upward on her leash hard. Kato wasn’t expecting it and coughed hard when the collar squeezed at her throat from the motion. Eventually she got up to her feet, but was eyeing me like she expected me to kick her back down. That made me pleased. I lead her to the center of the room where a chain dangled from the ceiling. I unhooked her leash and then locked the chain to the D ring in her collar. She wasn’t able to go far once secured and she stood there waiting to see what I was going to do.

Pulling some chains from where they were secured I pulled them over to her. The first two had wrist cuffs attached and I secured her hands in them. The next two cuffed her ankles. As I adjusted each of the chains they pulled tight, forcing her arms above her head and her legs to take a stance spread wide. She made an X standing in the center of the room. I then strode over to the wall of toys and took my time looking them over.

I knew we had time to play while Lucas arrived and Barbie took care of his payment so the first things I grabbed were some lube and a jeweled butt plug. Common, mundane compared to many of my toys but it would be a start. I squirted the lube over the cold toy, and rubbed it into the length of the toy coating it completely, then I took my slick fingers and walked towards Kato. She must have seen the toy and known what it was because she stuck out her ass and seemed to brace for what was next. I forced my fingers into her ass once more, stretching her tight little back door. I worked my two fingers around the muscled ring of her asshole, greasing her sphincter before I grabbed both cheeks and spread them. I spit on her spread asshole and then still holding one cheek forced the jeweled butt plug into her ass.

Kato grunted hard when it sank all the way in and shifted uncomfortably at the cold hard intruder in her asshole. She didn’t beg me to take it out or complain though, and despite her discomfort I could tell her bald little cunt was getting wet again. I moved out of the room briefly to clean my hands of lube and then returned grabbing a flogger from the wall as I did. I let the leather tails of the flogger run from her wrist cuff down over her arm. She shivered at the touch.

“Please don’t...” Kato started to plead but I drew back and struck her ass with the flogger. It wasn’t full strength, I knew how to use my toys both flesh and leather and had no urge to permanently damage either, but it had to hurt and it did startle her. She shrieked, I knew Barbie couldn’t hear it, the basement was soundproof.

“Pets, don’t speak.” I said in the tone one would use to chide a slow child. “Unless commanded to.”

Kato sobbed a little and when my arm drew back again she tensed. I let the flogger come down very gently less of a strike and more of a caress. She exhaled and another blow fell quickly in the moment she relaxed, striking her where I aimed on one of her hips. I walked around her, teasing and striking at my leisure, I took my time as I was in no hurry. Her perky college tits shared in the abuse that I landed on her ass, thighs, hips, and even her swollen cunt. Every now and then I’d take a break and stroke her smooth skin, admiring when light red welts appeared. I was careful not to bruise her too much. I was planning on playing with her for a very long time.

It was during one of my breaks as I was caressing Kato’s hard and abused little nipples and reaching between her legs to stroke her now sopping cunt that I heard the basement door open and heard Barbie giggling. I let my fingers slide into her hole and began to finger her as my thumb grazed her swollen and sensitive clit. Two pairs of footsteps descended the stair and I heard a loud appreciative whistle just as Kato blushed furiously and came, grinding her pussy against my hand.

“Damn man, where the hell did you find this slut?” Lucas announced as he admired Kato’s nude and spread eagle form hanging in the center of the room. Barbie was hanging off his arm and as I glanced at her she winked and scooped some cum off her cheek with a long nailed finger and fed it to herself. I

knew my slut would never forget to eat cum, so that was a show just for me.

I ignored Lucas a moment even as he put his kit down on one of the workbenches and pulled a stool up next to it. He didn’t sit however instead walking around Kato and admiring her. Barbie for her part threw herself naked on the bed after grabbing a few toys from the wall. She watched as Lucas and I admired Kato’s nude college age body. For my part I grabbed a ring gag and walked over to Kato.

“Open.” I said and smacked her face when she didn’t open fast enough. Once her mouth was spread I slid the ring in and adjusted the strap so her mouth was forced open but she wouldn’t be able to speak clearly at all. “She followed us home begging for a bone.”

Lucas laughed at the joke and I went over to sit by Barbie on the bed, reaching over I idly began to stroke Barbie’s big fuck bags, teasing her thick nipples and squeezing her flesh feeling her huge implants beneath her skin. “I want you to pierce her clit, her tits, add a helix and orbital to both ears. Oh an an industrial in the right and of course don’t forget her belly button and tongue.”

“No nose, lip, or eyebrow this time?” Lucas asked as he squeezed Kato’s ass then he walked around and looked at her bald cunt. “And no labia?”

I laughed even as I squeezed Barbie’s tits again. She must be reading my mind because she crawled around and got down in front of me after snagging the bottle of lube. As she greased her cleavage with the lube and fished out my rock hard cock I shook my head.

“No, I want her to look mostly normal for now. She’s going to be throwing a party for her friends soon and I don’t want them to see anything too strange.” I groaned suddenly as the warm tightness of Barbie’s huge tit flesh engulfed my aching cock. Lucas laughed as I trailed off with that sudden feeling.

“Always hard to think when Barbie wraps those monster tits around you isn’t it.” Lucas said with the air of a man who had experienced it himself. “Alright I can do all that. Did she give consent?”

“Oh yeah.” I groaned out. “I think I have her on camera a few times saying I can do what I want to her.”

Kato’s eyes went wide as this was the first she’d realized I’d recorded any of our interactions but she couldn’t talk around the gag and was also struggling as she realized Lucas was getting his piercing gun ready.

“Should I numb her or not?” Lucas asked. It was a good question, part of me wanted to torture the poor girl a little more. I let the question roll around in my head even as Barbie’s tongue flicked out and licked the slit on the head of my cock causing me to twitch and groan.

“Fuck.” I waved a hand. “Yeah numb her, you’ve got a lot to do and Barbie is distracting me so the less she feels the less she might thrash and mess things up.”

Lucas laughed and stopped talking to me. He left me to enjoy Barbie’s enthusiastic and skilled tit job, her firm fake tits squeezed down on my cock and her tongue licking and flicking the head every time it poked out of her massive tits. I heard crying and sobs as well as the discharge of the piercing gun as Lucas got to work. I guess either he decided on the type of jewelry or Barbie had told him my usual tastes because he either didn’t ask or I didn’t notice.

I dumped a shot a huge load of sperm all over Barbie’s neck and tits when I came, it splashed off her chin and down onto her firm fuck pillows. When I got up to go check on Kato she was till playing with it and eating it up. I looked the bound college girl over. Lucas had added everything I wanted, all silver which I liked better than gold personally.

“Really nice work man.” I smiled. “Worth the pay?”

Lucas glanced back at Barbie. “You know it man, but if I’d known this slut was the one I’d be working on I would have wanted the usual instead of Barbie. You know I love helping you break in new meat.”

I nodded with a smile and clasped his shoulder. “If her pussy weren’t mine and her ass more broken in, then I’d let you. Maybe next time when you come back to finish the work. But I do need you to break out the tattoo gun.”

“Oh?” Lucas smiled. “Whatcha thinking?”

“I want you to give her a trashy tribal tramp stamp. Something stereotypical.” I indicated stroking her lower back. “And on that ass, where it can be concealed by a modest bathing suit, Anal Pet.”

I leaned in close and told him one other thing as I ran my finger across her mound right to right over her clit where she was freshly shaved. Lucas’ eyes widen and then her grinned. “Oh man, that’s rich, alright we should probably get her down, this is going to take a while.”

We brought Kato down and got her secured to a bench that would let Lucas work better and leave Kato in more comfort. I left Lucas and Kato in the basement and took Bambi who had started fucking her cunt with a huge toy upstairs for a little fun while the work was finished.

Kato followed Lucas up hours later. She moved stiffly from the abuse and had bandages covering her fresh tattoos for now. Lucas ran through the care with her and reminded me, then he went to head out. I smiled at Barbie and smacked her ass. “Go make sure the man gets a tip before he leaves.”

Barbie squealed happily and headed out toward Lucas’ car, not wearing anything but the load of cum leaking from her gaping ass. Kato flopped exhaustively at my feed but I prodded her with a toe. “No sleep yet slut, you gotta call your friends.”

Kato looked at me confused when I handed her my cell. “You don’t know where yours is so call it first and see if someone found it.”

The exhausted brunette nodded her head and then dialed the phone, I’d save that number later. It rang a few times and then I heard Kato say a name that sounded familiar. “Merel? Oh good you have my phone...”