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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 5 — Party Girls

KKato had fallen into a routine of servicing Barbie and I like a pet and getting fucked and bred daily. She was getting used to being smacked and disciplined when she did anything to displease either of us. During my weekly poker game, she settled beneath the table and whenever one of the players pulled out their cock she sucked his load from him without complaint.

It had still been a struggle with Kato every morning when her mind was clearest and she realized with shame and disgust that she had become my fuck toy, but once she took her pills she felt better and lately she’d been waking up hornier and happier with each passing day. I also noticed her mind had settled down to a nice dumb state. She wasn’t an idiot and she still mostly sounded and acted like herself but she was definitely slower to react. Her mind had been trained to obey me and my cock was her Master. Barbie loved to remind her that she was better than Kato and a more dominant one of my fuck toys Barbie would take every opportunity to be the one to force Kato to do something humiliating or degrading.

The biggest trouble had come when the tattoo on her pussy was ready for the bandage to come off. When Kato read the words “Breeding Whore” above her cunt she had started crying. She had tried to close herself off in the bathroom and I had to drag her out and give her an extra pill to calm her down. In the end, she played with her cum filled cunt with a stupid smile and sighed contentedly having cum her brains out almost literally. Since then I had caught her staring at her tattoo in mirrored surfaces and rubbing her belly or cunt in a daze with a stupid smile on her face when she thought I wasn’t looking.

I’d convinced Kato that when she went home she could get her boyfriend to fuck her and convince him it was his, that had seemed to calm her down a bit as well, and she settled into the role of used and abused fuck toy more and more each day. Today, however, had been different. When Barbie had laid out an outfit for her and helped her prepare for her friends to come over Kato had been a nervous wreck. She didn’t want to lure them in, but I had told her that I would let her go home after she did and I got to fuck their holes. I was particularly looking forward to using the girl with the sexy lips mouth. Kato had told me her name was Youna so I now knew who she and Merel were. I’d had her invite all four girls though. It was always a thrill to dump a load in a new cunt or asshole and I’d definitely have my pick. I honestly don’t know if Kato really believed I’d just fuck them once and let them go, but she definitely wanted to believe.

“Oh hey, Merel!” Kato said cheerfully as she greeted the door she threw her arms around the blonde girl at the door and hugged her tight even though she winced as the healing piercings in her tits were pushed against the other girl’s perky breasts. “Glad you are here! And you brought my stuff!”

“|Yeah I can’t believe you left it!” Merel was grinning and holding out the beach bag Kato had left behind when she first met me. “I was so worried something had happened to you.”

Kato blushed, something had happened, actually, a lot had happened. She was now the live-in breeding whore of an older man and his live-in bimbo stripper Barbie. She motioned Merel inside and pointed to the living room and kitchen area.

“Oh gosh.” Merel gasped as she looked around the spacious and well-appointed home it was huge and in a very nice neighborhood. Not as nice as the one her father lived in but few people had his kind of money. “This place is really nice... whose is it?”

“So I met this really nice couple on the beach, and they said I could come stay with them a while.” Kato blushed and poured a margarita for Merel and herself from a pitcher she took out of the fridge. “I don’t know if you know but my boyfriend and I had a fight and I figured me disappearing on him would teach him a lesson.”

Kato watched Merel sip on the margarita before taking a sip of her own. In my home office, Barbie and I were watching on my security cameras. Barbie grinned and whispered in my ear. “Piss drinking sluts aren’t they.”

I laughed as Barbie rubbed my cock through my pants. We had both contributed to pissing in the margarita’s earlier. It was a little extra humiliation for Kato to make her friends drink our piss. Barbie opened my pants and stroked my hardening prick through my pants as we continued to watch and listen.

“Oh no!” Merel looked taken aback. “You two are SUCH a perfect couple! What happened.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Kato lied, nothing had happened, well nothing her boyfriend was involved in. “I figure a few more days and he’ll have learned his lesson but tonight I want to have fun so don’t tell the other girls.”

Merel smiled and raised her glass clinking it against Kato’s and then took a long deep drink of the piss laced margarita. Kato set hers down barely pretending to take a drink. Barbie shed her skimpy top and wriggled out of her too tight shorts revealing her usual lack of underwear beneath both. Her warm body pressed against mine as she nuzzled my neck and let me enjoy the show.

Merel and Kato talked, mostly Merel caught Kato up on all the gossip and things she had missed, while Kato talked vaguely about relaxing, spending a lot of time in bed, and using the pool and hot tube here at the house. Merel was green with envy that Kato had gotten time away and even had her every meal taken care of. At some point, Merel noticed the new ear piercings and even the glint of silver in Kato’s mouth when she talked.

“Oh my god! When did you decide to do all that!?” Merel gushed and moved to look at both ears and the new piercings. “And your tongue!”

Kato blushed then grinned and stuck out her tongue to show Merel. “I thought it’d be a nice make up present for my boyfriend when I came back, and I always wanted more piercings in my ears.”

Kato was lying again but Merel ate it up. The booze was slowly starting to make her tipsy and feel good. Kato lifted her top just enough that Merel was able to see the belly button piercing she had been given too when the doorbell rang again. Kato laughed and let the shirt drop as she stood up and padded to the door on bare feet.

“Surprise!” The other girls yelled when Kato pulled open the door. She grinned as the three girls crowded in hugging and kissing cheeks.

“Wow you sure picked a nice place for a secret getaway!” The girl that Kato had told me was called Youna cooed as she looked around. She spotted Merel on the couch and waved to her. “Hey you! Beat us here, and already have a drink.”

“Oh yeah! Go get one, the pitcher is in the fridge.” Merel gushed and took another drink from her glass. “It is super yummy and Kato will have to give us all the recipe later.”

Kato blushed, knowing exactly what the secret ingredient was but she didn’t say a word as the girls poured drinks and started to talk about their days, classes at college, family, and relationships. Soon enough Merel had blabbed and pointed out Kato’s new piercings and all the girls were inspecting Kato and telling her how much they loved them and how it was a new look for her and so different. Kato blushed and just went along with their inspection submissively not saying much about the sudden change.

I watched the camera feed assessing each girl. Kato had been a brunette with blonde highlights and an athletic body with tight small but perky breasts and green eyes. Merel was a wavy-haired blonde with blue eyes, overall she shared the same body type as the other girls, she was wearing a button-up white shirt with the top few buttons undone and a jean skirt. Youna was the girl with plump lips that made me want to face fuck her right away. She had a pretty face, dark brown hair, thicker and stronger eyebrows than the rest, and hazel eyes. She was dressed in a classy looking little black dress, not slinky but still showed off her athletic and shapely body. The last two were Nicole another blonde who had perhaps the lightest hair of the five, and a very slender frame, and Bianca a straight, long-haired brunette with brown eyes, strong shoulders, small breasts, and a rather nice rounded butt.

Bianca cranked up some music on my stereo and I was glad that my house was so professionally wired. Barbie and I could still hear the girls’ conversations through the microphones placed throughout the house, even though the music was turned up and the girls were all chatting and relaxing. As the girls were finishing up the first pitcher of margaritas and getting rather loose and tipsy Kato excused herself to go to the bathroom. However, instead of going to the bathroom she came to the office and knocked before entering. I had seen her coming on the camera but wasn’t surprised.

Kato, however, did stare when she saw Barbie sitting on my lap, grinding her pussy against me, her swollen pussy lips gliding along my cock without actually entering her. She stood up still naked when Kato came in and beckoned to her. Kato closed the door, got on all fours and crawled over. She then crawled between my legs and started nuzzling my cock and sucking the tip as I told her what to do next. After hearing my instructions and licking my cock clean Kato nodded and took the pillbox I gave her, immediately opening it and taking one of the pills to calm her nerves. She looked between Barbie and I expectantly and Barbie spread her cunt lips and managed a mouthful of piss to help her wash it down. Kato gulped happily and licked Barbie’s clit in thanks but Barbie was already moving to mount my cock again her swollen bimbo cunt dripping for a fucking. Kato left the room, this time locking the door before as she left.

When Kato came back into the kitchen the girls were pouring drinks, thankfully none of them had noticed Kato had only had a sip or two but the dulled eyes and slower reaction of the drugs I’d been using to control Kato’s mind and pussy probably convinced them she was drinking. When Nicole pushed a glass in her hand she smiled and thanked her. Then Kato took out the pillbox and removed a pill in front of the other girls. Popping it in her mouth like it was no big deal she took a sip of her drink to wash it down.

“Oh my god, Kato!” Merel laughed and stared. “What was that?”

Kato laughed and pointed to the pills. “A light painkiller. The piercing place told me that with so many new piercings and especially the one in my tongue it would help me to relax.”

The other girls nodded but then Kato lowered her voice conspiratorially. “But mixing it with the booze gives you a high that is amazing.”

Kato winked and nodded to the other girls who had mixed expressions ranging from shocked to unbelieving. In the office even distracted by the wet slick pussy squeezing and milking at my cock as Barbie rode my dick I wasn’t sure why these girls believed Kato, but then again they had been drinking and Kato wasn’t the worst liar I had seen. Still, I tensed waiting to see what they would do.

“Fuck it.” Bianca grabbed one and tossed it in her mouth before raising her glass and taking a deep drink. Youna surprised me by being next followed by Merel and then finally Nicole, each one washed the pill down and Kato smiled at them.

“It’ll take a while to kick in...” Kato assured them and then stripped her top off exposing the bathing suit underneath. She had asked each of the girls to bring a suit since we had a pool and a hot tub. “I don’t know about you ladies but I’m going in the hot tub.”

Merel cheered and started stripping down herself revealing a green bikini beneath her clothes. Bianca had her suit on underneath as well but Youna and Nicole had to be directed to other rooms to change, even though Bianca and Kato tried to tell them to just change here since no one else was here.

I got a very good look at the two of them naked while they changed, their toned and fit bodies on display for the cameras and by extension Barbie and me. I had nearly cum when all five girls had ended up taking the pills but when Youna reached between her legs while changing and started rubbing her cunt, then I blew my load in Barbie’s well fucked and abused cunt. I had known the pills would start to kick in quickly especially if the girls had empty stomachs and mixed with the booze but I didn’t expect any of them to start masturbating without some sort of stimulus. I would need to keep my eye on Youna.

Barbie kept riding me gently as I watched the rest of the girls. Kato had climbed in the tub while the other girls were undressing, possibly to avoid one of her tattoos from being seen by the others. Bianca had found the chair Barbie would sit in to smoke outside and the ashtray and was lazily smoking a cigarette as she waited for the other girls. The smoke was curling out between her lips until she pursed them and blew it out in a long plume. Merel climbed in the hot tub and closed her eyes as the water engulfed her. Nicole and Youna came out quickly and Bianca put out the cigarette and joined everyone in the hot tub. It was a large hot tub but five girls in it was getting close to capacity.

I didn’t pay much attention to what they talked about for the next while, letting Barbie give my cock and balls some loving attention without even trying to blow another load, I wanted the next one in one of the new girls and she knew that. It was when Nicole splashed Kato accidentally that things got interesting again.

The water splashed against Kato’s breasts and she gasped until now she’d been sitting with the water only coming up to her waist, but now with the fabric of her suit wet it clung to her tighter and if you looked closer you could see her hard nipples, and the thick barbells piercing them. Soon all four other girls were pointing and staring embarrassing Kato and making her blush.

“Oh my god Kato.” Bianca laughed as she spoke up. “You have to let us see!”

“Right!” Merel chimed in. “I’ve always been curious about those but I don’t think I could ever get them.”

“What made you think about doing that?” Nicole asked as Youna squirmed, she was quiet but I swore I almost saw her try to sneak in another round of pussy rubbing.

“I’m not taking my top off.” Kato blushed and shook her head. “I don’t want to be topless with you all staring at my tits.”

“Well...” Youna finally spoke up, sounding both curious and hesitant. “What if we all took off our tops? That way you wouldn’t be alone. Besides it’s not like anyone can see us here, right?”

The girls started arguing, but Kato chimed in that it would make her feel better and Youna insisted it was only fair. Merel thought it made sense and pretty soon Bianca and then Nicole all agreed. A short time later I had five topless college girls in my hot tub, all staring at Kato’s newly pierced tits. To my pleasure, they all seemed really curious about the piercings with Youna and Merel saying they wondered what they would look like with some of their own. Kato promised she could introduce them to the guy who did hers and they all started to chat again. While their conversations returned to more mundane topics I noticed they all had hard nipples and were squirming in the hot tub more and more. The pills were kicking in and the dull and horny stares were beginning to tell me these party girls were ripe for suggestion and abuse.