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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 6 — Depravity

As the pills the girls had taken began to lower their inhibitions the girls also finished their drinks more and more quickly. They were soon giggling and teasing each other and getting downright crude and lewd in some of their conversations. However, it was Bianca who took an action that surprised me first. She had been smoking outside of the hot tub but staring at Kato’s pierced tits. She stood up and walked over to Kato swiftly, her own small tight tits bouncing only slightly as she moved.

When she reached the edge of the hot tub Bianca’s hand shot out and grabbed one of Kato’s tits roughly. The pierced woman cried out in pain as her healing tits were manhandled, but Bianca ignored her and ran her fingers over the abused nipples, which elicited a pained but pleasured groan from Kato. Bianca’s face split into a huge grin.

“Did you guys see that?” She practically beamed as she kept fondling Kato’s recently pierced tits. “I just wanted to see how they felt and she’s practically moaning from the pain.”

The other girls looked shocked as Bianca took a long drag on her cigarette and blew it in Kato’s face. “I bet you liked the pain, that’s why you got all those piercings. Got any more we don’t know about?”

Kato blushed at the implication but finally Merel reached out and swatted Bianca’s hands from Kato’s tits. Nicole was trying to look anywhere but at the exchange between Kato and Bianca, and Youna, well... she was openly fondling her own tits as she stared at Bianca abusing Kato’s chest.

“Jesus Bianca.” Merel looked at the long dark haired brunette angrily. “Stop grabbing her like that. It’s her business why she got pierced and you should have asked before grabbing her breasts.”

Kato looked at the topless blonde in her green bikini bottoms gratefully as Merel lifted herself up to sit on the edge of the hot tub, ready to swing out of the tub. Merel glanced at the house and then back to Kato. “Hey, where’s the bathroom? All these drinks are really getting to me.”

As if by reflex, Kato smiled and moved over to where Merel was sitting, before anyone fully realized what was happening Kato had placed her hands on Merle’s thighs and spread them apart, forcing her head between the blonde’s legs and up against her crotch. Merel began to struggle when Kato pushed aside her bikini bottoms with her teeth and licked the blonde’s piss hole.

“What the hell!” Merel exclaimed reaching down to push Kato away, but Bianca was faster and grabbed the blonde from behind and held her arms behind her back. “Let me go... I gotta pee and this is weird.”

“It’s not weird.” Kato looked up at her friend still occasionally flicking her urethra with her tongue. “You were nice to me, it’s okay... I’ll take care of your piss. It’ll make me happy.”

Merel looked shocked and Nicole and Youna were staring in amazement. I realized Youna’s hand was fully inside her own bikini bottoms and she had to be rubbing her clit furiously as she watched Kato beg for Merel to piss in her mouth. Bianca was actively keeping Merel in position for the lewd act, and Nicole looked mortified and embarrassed.

As the girls argued I sent Barbie out of the home office to go grab their clothes and purses. Without their keys, phones, and clothes none of them was going to bolt on us if the mind weakening drugs and lowered inhibitions weren’t enough to make them curious or horny enough to stay.

“It hurts Kato!” Merel practically screamed. “I really need to pee and this isn’t helping.”

Kato sucked at the blonde’s hole before looking up at her with lust-filled eyes. “But I am helping, you can relieve yourself and I promise I won’t let a drop get in the tub.”

Merel fought the idea for a while longer but eventually Kato’s pleading and Youna and Bianca goading her on combined with a desperate need for relief. When she finally released her bladder and Kato began eagerly sucking it down. She hadn’t been drinking like the other girls and a special liquid treat was something she’d come to enjoy.

Sometime during Merel emptying her bladder, Bianca let go of the blonde. She lit another cigarette and sat back in Barbie’s favorite chair with her legs spread. As she watched I could see her lips part in a quiet moan and her hand lazily drifted down to rub her pussy through her black bikini bottoms. She was enjoying Kato submissively sucking the piss from Merel and had finally gotten horny enough to join Youna in openly masturbating.

By the end, Merel’s hands were running through Kato’s highlighted hair and she was practically moaning in relief. I had trained Kato well so I was pretty sure the piss drinking had quickly led to some pussy licking and clit sucking. The girl wouldn’t leave someone’s legs until they told her to. Everyone was staring at the two, Youna and Bianca actively rubbing their horny cunts and Nicole looking confused and aroused but also embarrassed.

“Hey, Nicole?” Youna asked quietly, breaking the group out of a lust induced silence. “Will you let me drink you?”

“Holy shit Youna! Why?” Nicole was just completely shocked and actually moved about a foot further from Youna. “Why would you want me to...”

“Because Bianca is being a bitch and being super rough, Merel is empty... and Kato obviously likes doing it.” Youna shrugged and blushed. “It looks hot and I want to try it with someone I trust. Bianca would drown me in her piss if I couldn’t handle it. I know you’ll be gentle.”

Youna looked embarrassed but she got closer to Nicole who had raised up out of the water as if to get away. She settled her soft hands on Nicole’s hips. “Please Nicole I really want to try this. It’s so hot.”

Inwardly I grinned. I had a feeling Youna was going to be even easier than Kato to train. Bianca was going to try and be dominating towards women at least... maybe men but I’d teach her who was her Master. I didn’t care how she treated other fuck toys. Nicole seemed like quite the prude, and Merel... well she seemed experimental and open more like Kato but not quite the natural slut Youna was. I was lost in those thoughts as Barbie came back to the office with the girls’ stuff.

“What did I miss?” She said in a lust dripping and needy voice, she settled on the couch beside me watching the video feed on the wall monitor.

“Kato drank the blonde’s piss and is licking her cunt.” I laughed and pulled Barbie down to suck on my hard cock some as we watched. She squealed in delight. “And Bianca and Youna are rubbing their skank cunts to the scene. I think Bianca wants to be the one pissing in Kato’s mouth and Youna... Well, she’s begging Nicole to piss in hers.”

It was rare Barbie got distracted while sucking cock but that made her look up at the screen. “Damn... that’s one natural bimbo slut. Oh... that’s the girl with the dick sucking lips too!”

I nodded and pushed Barbie’s head back down to my shaft, but I let her angle so she could watch the screen while she teased and serviced my hard-on. While I was explaining to Barbie something must have happened because Nicole was sitting awkwardly on the tub edge and Youna had slid between her thighs. I didn’t see where Nicole’s bikini bottoms got off to but Youna was leaning in and could likely smell the light blonde topped pink pussy of the girl before her.

As Youna hovered there and looked up at Nicole I would have bet good money she was dying to stick her tongue out and taste the furry snatch in front of her. Nicole was even less trimmed than Merel had been. Merel had a nice and clean landing strip but Nicole looked like she only shaved enough to avoid embarrassment when she wore a bikini.

“Go ahead.” Youna looked up at Nicole pleadingly and then pushed her lips against the other girl’s piss hole and sucked gently. This caused Nicole to startle and try to pull away but Youna gently held the other girl’s hips until she relaxed. It took a few more minutes of Nicole getting used to the contact before she tilted her head back and groaned as she forced the release. Youna sucked and swallowed and tried to take it all but occasionally I saw it leak out and drip down her chin into the tub, she would gasp for breath but then she would lean back in and suck up the stream of hot piss.

Nicole surprised me when it was obviously done she just leaned back shuddering. It was obvious Youna was licking up what spilled piss there was soaking the other girl’s cunt, but I was pretty sure Youna had started eating out the blonde while rubbing her own cunt.

Bianca had meanwhile ordered Kato to take care of her, and was still smoking as Kato knelt between her thighs and drank deeply of the darker haired girls piss. It was Merel’s turn to watch her friends in disbelief rubbing her now exposed cunt and trying to figure things out. When Nicole threw her head back and came loudly Merel grinned broadly and squealed in delight, she rubbed her clit furiously and soon she was cumming too. Youna followed Merel’s lead and wasn’t far behind but Kato pushed Bianca over the edge sucking her clit and cunt like a good slave girl leaving Youna to cum last, but loudly.

As the girls panted and recovered Kato rose up from between Bianca’s thighs and licked her lips of the pussy juice. Bianca relaxed slouched in Barbie’s smoking chair and lazily smoking her cigarette as she enjoyed her climax. Most of the girls seemed either too stunned or content to move but Nicole got up suddenly and started to head inside. Not seeing a towel she rushed in dripping water all over my floor.

“Nicole!” Youna called after the other girl, wiping her mouth of the blonde’s cunt juice as she chased after the panicking blonde.

When Nicole reached the living room and couldn’t find her clothes or stuff she started tearing the room apart looking for something, anything to wear and a way to leave. She got more and more frantic as she realized the keys, purses, clothes, and phones were all gone. She looked around for a house phone but the only one of those I kept was in my office, locked where Barbie and I were watching everything unfold. I nodded to Barbie and patted her ass. She got up letting my hard-on slide from her cock sucking lips with a wet pop.

“Do we get to join the party finally?” She asked as she stood up, stretching her lithe bimbo body. I glanced over my volleyball-sized tits companion and admired her exaggerated curves, enhanced cock sucking lips, wide sexy hips, large fuckable ass, and long tan legs. She was such a good fuck toy bimbo, and her eagerness to help me bring new sluts under my control was such a turn on. She was always wet and eager to fuck and suck, if even one of these girls was half the slut she was it would be worth the effort, and fun to boot.

“Yeah skank.” I smiled at Barbie and pulled her close by grabbing her ass even as she was wiggling into the skimpy black evening dress she had picked out to play our parts. She seemed surprised and even more so when I kissed those wet bimbo lips deeply. “Be a good girl and make your Master proud tonight, bring me some cunts for me to destroy.”

Barbie giggled and helped me straighten my shirt and lovingly pushed my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. On the screen, I could see Nicole still freaking out but Youna had caught up to her and was squeezing the girl in a hug trying to comfort her. Kato, Bianca, and Merel had waited outside a while to drip dry a bit and were just coming inside. Kato quickly went over to the pill case and when no one was looking, threw two of the pills into a glass of water. It took a moment but they dissolved.

“Hey, Nikki...” Kato cooed as she walked over to where Youna was holding Nicole on the couch. “Here, have some water... I think you just had too much to drink and maybe that pill isn’t good.”

Nicole nodded slowly and took the glass slowly and then more quickly drinking the water as she focused on just that to try and calm herself. Bianca looked disgusted that Nicole had fallen apart but the other girls tried to calm her down and talk softly. It was actually a good thing Nicole was freaking out because otherwise some of the other girls might have noticed their missing things. With a final nod to Barbie, we left the office.

My home office is down the same hall that leads to the front door. I shut the door with enough force that it made it sound like the front door had just been opened and then closed. Barbie walked ahead of me and in a cheerful tone called out.

“Hey Kato! We’re...” Barbie’s voice trailed off as she walked into the living room seeing five topless coeds panicking that the owners of the house they were in just came home. She then smiled mischievously, damn she really could act when she wanted to. “You said you’d have a few friends over, not that you were planning an orgy!”

I followed Barbie into the room but for the moment at least all four of the new girls were staring at Barbie in stunned disbelief. She looked from each girl to the next her hazel eyes scanning each girl’s topless body hungrily.

“You... you’re that bimbo who got ass fucked on the beach.” Merel blurted and before she realized what she had said, added, “That was hot.”

Merel started blushing and wrapped one of her arms across her tits to cover her small chest, even as she stared at Barbie’s deep cleavage. Bianca looked Barbie up and down with obvious disgust.

“So you’re the slut who’s been teaching Kato to drink piss and eat pussy.” Bianca turned up her nose. “I would have thought she could get a less trashy woman.”

“That’s not nice Bianca.” Youna chimed in as she eyed Barbie, her eyes suddenly locked on the big high sitting tits that dominated Barbie’s chest. She then added in a small voice. “We’re sorry for what we said at the beach, it wasn’t nice, and you look very lovely tonight.”

That made me smile and I coughed drawing the girl’s attention. “Are you ladies doing alright, anything I can get for you, is your friend okay?”

The girls looked over at Nicole who hadn’t really acknowledged our presence, the heavy dose of pills Kato had slipped in her water had to be kicking in, while everyone else was greeting us she had wrapped her arms around Kato and was snuggling her head into her crotch. It didn’t seem like she was very put together but I knew a few suggestions and even that prude would be down to fuck.

“She’s fine.” Bianca purred, as she stepped over to me. Unlike Merel and Youna she wasn’t trying to hide her small breasts and instead ran her hand over the front of my shirt feeling my hard chest. “At least there’s a silver lining to this skank coming home, she brought a big dick boy toy for us to play with, right ladies?”

Bianca laughed and looked back to the other girls. Barbie had moved over to Youna and Merel who seemed to be staring at her tits and ass respectively and Kato just had a serene smile as she knew she had made me happy by playing her part. Barbie was going to make Bianca pay for her comments later, but for now, the games had just begun.