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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 7 — Ballbuster to Bondage

Bianca’s hand drifted lower, reaching the edge of my pants even though I pulled away, pretending not to notice. This frustrated her but I just walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle, pretending to be casual as I opened my drink and took a sip from it.

“Hey Barbara.” I smiled warmly indicating Nicole, as the blonde bimbo Barbie looked over at me returning the smile, still playing along at being my loving girlfriend. “Honey, why don’t you put that girl to bed. Looks like she might have had a few too many. Tuck her in tight and we can spend some time getting to know these lovely young ladies.”

“Of course, baby,” Barbie said silkily as she helped Nicole to her feet. “Up you go.”

“Oh!” giggled Nicole unsteady on her feet. She collapsed into Barbie, who held her for support. Nicole’s head was pressed against Barbie’s massive mounds and Nicole’s eyes went wide. “Gosh, you have big boobies.”

Barbie laughed good naturedly. “I do, don’t I! Follow me honey, let’s get you tucked in.”

The two blondes disappeared down the hall and I could tell Barbie was whispering suggestions in the younger woman’s ear—taking advantage of the slut’s melted brain and suggestible state. Meanwhile, Bianca had poured herself another margarita and was standing near me sipping it as she leaned towards me, as if offering her tits for me to watch. I smiled her way briefly but looked over at Merel, Youna, and Kato.

“Who are your friends, Kato?” I said as I looked between Merel and Youna, who had both covered their breasts with their arms but weren’t rushing for clothes. “They’re very beautiful young women. I see they are just as bashful as you were at first.”

Kato looked at me and despite trying to act the part I could see the dread in her eyes. She knew I was going to do terrible things to these girls but she was more afraid of what I would do to, or have her do, if she didn’t play along.

“Merel is the blonde, that’s Youna, and the girl next to you is Bianca. Barbara...” Kato had been pointing at each girl when she introduced them but saying Barbie’s full name seemed to throw her through a loop. “Ummm, she took Nicole, the other blonde.”

“And your name…?” Bianca started staring at me with smoldering lust-filled eyes. I didn’t want these sluts calling me by my first name like equals so I pretended as if I wasn’t hearing her and interrupted with a question.

“So, was Barbara right? Are you girls having some sort of lesbian orgy?” I grinned and smiled winningly, my tone teasing and playful. “Got tired of making love to me?”

This last statement was directed at Kato. It made her flush with embarrassment and also confusion, nothing we had ever done together could remotely be considered making love. The other girls looked shocked by both the accusation and the realization I was sleeping with their friend. All that mixed with the fact that in their minds my bimbo “girlfriend” was also living with me was enough to make them forget to ask my name.

“No sir.” Kato blushed and looked down. The other girls looked even more taken aback but Bianca saw this as her opportunity and moved over to me. Her hand slid down into my slacks and she cupped my hard erection.

“Ooooh. Well I guess if that skank doesn’t mind sharing...” The brunette spoke haughtily as she pressed her warm topless skin against me. “Then I guess that means I can have a turn... and you’re certainly hard enough.”

I smiled at her and took a drink, my hard prick twitching in her small hand. My eyes however watched Merel and Youna, they didn’t recoil and actually they looked a little intrigued. I knew that for Merel it was mostly the drugs forcing her brain into a submissive, compliant, suggestible, and horny state, but Youna had been wanting something all night and I was beginning to think she’d found it. She was constantly looking at Kato and I think she had figured out her friend had been turned into a submissive sex slave.

Putting my drink down on the counter, I reached out with one arm and wrapped it around Bianca, letting it settle below her ass. I pulled her up, lifting her and causing her to wrap her legs around me for balance. One of her arms went around my neck, and she let out a playful shriek as I carried her to the couch and flopped down on it. With my free arm I reached down and unzipped my slacks, pulling out my throbbing and aching cock.

Bianca practically drooled. Youna was touching herself again. Merel stared and looked stunned, and Kato... well she waited submissively for my next order. Barbie walked into the room at that exact moment and laughed.

“Getting started without me, huh? I guess I was right—it was an orgy. What’s going on?” Barbie said as she laughed. She stared at my cock and I noticed she couldn’t help her long pierced tongue from sliding out and licking her lips at the sight.

“Well...” I looked over at Bianca. “I was going to get this slut to suck my cock and then fuck her tight pussy.”

Wrinkling her nose, I could instantly tell that Bianca did not like being called a slut, but her warm fingers stroking up and down my hard shaft didn’t stop so I guessed her lust was greater than her disgust. Then smirked as I added, “That is, if she gets my shaft good and lubed with some spit.”

“Ewww. It’s so degrading to get on your knees and suck cock. If you want my cunt you’ll have to do without.” Bianca teased. I knew it was more about her trying to control the situation and I noted it for later. She glanced at Kato “Or get some dumb whore to do it.”

I laughed, she was quick to throw her “friends” under the bus. This could be interesting. Kato looked at me and I nodded.

“I think Kato could be a good pet and do that for us.” With the word pet, Kato understood. She sank down to all fours like she had been trained, the way she really thought of herself now. She crawled over to me wordlessly and started to lick my length.

Barbie glanced at the awkward looking Merel and the masturbating Youna. “You girls want to stay and watch? Or I can show you the house while they... well, you know.”

Merel nodded and Youna looked reluctant, watching in rapt fascination, but then she glanced at Barbie’s tits and seemed torn. When Merel spoke up, Youna reluctantly nodded along.

“Yeah, I mean this is a little too weird. Some breathing room would be nice.” Merel said gratefully. Barbie turned to lead the girls off and Youna soon followed, leaving me with my breeding bitch toy Kato and the stuck up slut Bianca.

Bianca leaned over to me and kissed me hard, moving her hand down to push on Kato’s head and force her throat down on my cock. Kato gagged and slobbered along the shaft but when her lips pressed against the base of my cock she just held the position, tongue working along the underside of my cock. Barbie had been forcing Kato to be a face fuck doll for nearly a week now and the girl had gotten used to my thick cock stuffing her throat.

“Slobber all over his cock bitch.” Bianca hissed at Kato as she parted from the kiss, letting go of Kato’s head as she moved both hands to strip my shirt off. Kato withdrew, holding the tip of my cock between her lips and running her trained tongue along the head of my prick. Then she let it pull out of her lips with a wet pop and gasped for some more fresh air.

I reached up and palmed Bianca’s small tit. My large hand covered her whole breast and I could feel her hard nipple against my palm. She gasped at the contact and I grinned inwardly. The mind altering drugs she’d been fed by Kato had certainly changed her sensitivity or she already had sensitive tits to begin with and the drugs had made it worse.

“Fuck me, you dumb horny bastard. Come feel what a real woman feels like, not some old used up skank or submissive bitch.” Bianca purred and laid back on the couch, spreading her legs. I stood and dropped my pants. Kato reached out and fondled my heavy balls and then gave them a kiss before I settled between Bianca’s long tanned legs.

Putting my cock against the entrance to the brunette’s cunt,I felt how dripping wet she was. For all her thoughts of superiority, when she was confronted with a huge cock and heavy cum filled balls she still drooled and her pussy begged for breeding.

“Are you on the pill? I don’t use condoms.” I said as I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy causing her to exhale a breath she had been holding in and gasp. Her hips rocked towards me trying to push me deeper.

“Yes... Yes! Just fuck me with that fucking piece of meat you fucking asshole.” Bianca half cursed, half pleaded.

“Well I was going to anyways. But now I know I’ll have to wait to breed you if I want to.” Bianca’s eyes went wide as I shoved my hard cock to the hilt inside her wet and inviting hole. She started to struggle and push against me but I grabbed both wrists and forced them above her head, holding both in one hand. Without being asked Kato slid behind us both on the couch and stuck her head between our legs, she would alternate between licking and kissing Bianca’s thighs or licking my ass and balls as I fucked the other girl’s pussy raw.

The other girl must have been enjoying the hard pounding because Bianca stopped struggling after a bit—instead grunting and moaning as her pussy was stretched by my shaft. However, given how much of a bitch she had been to me and the other sluts, I leaned in closer and between my own grunting thrusts whispered to her.

“Too bad your pathetic tits are so fucking tiny.” I growled causing her to bare her teeth and try to hiss back but a moan escaped her lips instead. “You either need some fucking implants or everyone is going to mistake you for a boy. At least the other sluts in this house have some real fuck bags to play with.”

The anger began to crest in her eyes but then she arched her back and came hard, pussy grinding against my shaft. I could feel her hard clit bump against the top of my cock as I forced myself deep inside of her, bottoming out in her cunt and causing her to let out a small cry of pain among her pleasure. I had to be pushing against her cervix and soon I dumped a load of cum deep in her abused womb.

As she recovered, I pulled out with a sloppy slurp. Kato immediately went to grab my cock with her lips, but I slapped her and pointed to the pussy dripping cum.

“If she doesn’t need it for breeding, someone better eat it.” Kato looked both aroused and conflicted. She probably didn’t want to eat Bianca out again, but she was so used to being a cum eating pet that it was second nature to her. I slapped her ass hard and she yelped before burying her face in Bianca’s twat and licking and scooping my cream from the other girl with her tongue.

Bianca tried to rise but was still recovering. Instead, I mounted her head, knees on either side of her face, and grasped her jaw. I painfully forced her to open and shoved my cock coated in pussy juice and cum into her unwilling mouth.

“You bite and I’ll make sure you suffer.” I groaned as her tongue found my still sensitive cock head and gave it a tentative lick. Without her resisting I pushed deeper, trying to squeeze every inch into her virgin throat to be cleaned.

“You asshole!” Bianca coughed and sputtered when I finally let her up. My cock was still mostly hard but I let her rant. “I told you I didn’t want to suck you, and you treat me like one of these dumb bitches.”

|”I’m sorry.” I lied and held my hands up, smirking. “I thought you’d be like your friend and enjoy it... you certainly came hard enough.”

Bianca eyed me suspiciously. “That’s because that monster of a cock of yours felt so good filling me up.”

“How about I make it up to you?” I offered and Bianca raised an eyebrow curiously. “We have a dungeon in the basement and I can let you take out your frustrations on Kato here... she likes a good whipping.”

Bianca grinned at the thought, she licked her lips which I’m sure still tasted of pussy and cum. She nodded slowly and rose when I offered her my hand. As I led her to the basement door, Kato followed obediently on all fours. If Bianca had been more observant, she would have noticed that Kato was relaxed and in fact looked eager to descend into the basement.

When we reached the bottom of the stairs Bianca’s eyes went wide in delight as she looked around at all the bondage furniture and toys. She gleefully walked over to the wall of paddles and whips and started to stroke some of the more sadistic looking items. She started to turn back to me and ask me if she could use any of them when I grabbed her and forced her slender arms behind her. I then lifted and dragged her to the center of the room.

Kato was waiting there with a collar and slipped it around Bianca’s neck while I held her still. I looked at Kato and smiled. “You can speak, bitch.”

“I’m not going to regret anything Master does to you, Bianca.” Kato finally said as she helped me finish securing Bianca spread eagle. “You’ve been a bitch to all of us for years and tonight you were worse than ever.”

I walked over to the wall and picked up a crop. Giving it a few swings to show Bianca what was in store for her I walked over to Kato. She flinched wondering if I intended to punish her for something she had done wrong. Instead, I flipped the crop around and handed it handle-first to Kato.

“Beat her ass and thighs black and blue for all I care.” I ordered and pointed to Bianca. “Make her beg and scream for you to stop. Do a good job or I’ll find out later.”

Kato knew the house was wired to record every room if I wanted, so she knew it was no idle threat. However, she did look at me confused, wondering why I wasn’t punishing Bianca instead. I smiled at her and patted her face.

“You’re such a mindless fuck toy these days, Kato.” Leaning in I kissed her and then bit her lip hard drawing just a tiny touch of blood. “I have other fresh holes to fuck and my cock is still aching to feel them stretching around it.”

Kato looked down then to see my throbbing erection. She shuddered and for once I wasn’t sure if it was fear, desire, or anticipation. I headed up the stairs to find Barbie and the other girls, leaving Bianca staring defiantly at Kato... that wouldn’t last long.