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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 8 — Fuck Meat

As Barbie led Youna and Merel away from the living room, they could hear cries of pleasure and the sound of someone sucking Barbie’s boyfriend’s cock. Barbie played the part of the gracious host by showing them each of the rooms in the house. The girls smiled and looked around at each room, but mostly they admired Barbie’s extreme bimbo figure. When Barbie showed them into the home gym, the girls looked around until they spotted the stripper pole and stage in the corner of the spacious room.

“Is that?” Merel gasped and Youna stared. “Barbara, is it a stripper pole? Why do you have...”

“To practice for work, of course.” Barbie smiled and moved over to the pole doing a lazy spin around it with practiced ease. She stepped back “Oh, and call me Barbie... no one has called me Barbara in years.”

“Oh my gosh, Barbie is so much better for you.” Youna gushed, then blushed as she added, “I’ve been thinking ever since I saw you that you were such a pretty and sexy doll.”

“Totally!” Merel nodded and looked at the pole in the corner. “You said it’s for work? Are you a dancer?”

“No I’m not a dancer.” Barbie laughed and reached out to squeeze the younger woman’s hand gently. “I’m a stripper. Dancers put on a show and hope to entertain people. I make cocks hard and pussies wet.”

Merel looked surprised at Barbie’s bluntness but Youna just squirmed. She was suddenly aware that she was still topless around Barbie and Merel and the huge breasted, confident stripper was intimidating and confusingly arousing.

“Ummm, can I ask you a question?” Merel asked shyly. “I know we were super rude on the beach and I’m really sorry. You’ve been super nice and letting us party and Kato stay here...”

As Merel trailed off, Barbie glanced at Youna, who was looking a little bashful and covering her perky natural breasts.

“Sure! You can ask me anything! I love talking about just about anything.” Barbie said in a cheery voice. Then she turned to Youna. “Are you uncomfortable being half naked around me?”

“That’s silly.” Barbie said when Youna nodded that she was. She then laughed and shimmied out of her little black dress. In an instant she went from fully clothed to fully nude. Her massive round volleyball sized tits bounced a little as she shook but the unnatural fullness of them made them jiggle less than natural tits. Her huge round ass was on display and a glistening wet pair of swollen pussy lips peeked out from between her hairless legs and crotch.

Youna opened her mouth in shock and one hand slowly moved up towards Barbie’s huge chest. She pulled back at the last minute looking embarrassed that she hadn’t controlled the urge better. Both Merel and Youna looked over the naked blonde bimbo. Other than her obviously enhanced attributes, they noticed she had piercings all over her body. There were six in her pussy lips, three on each side, a clitoral hood piercing, an anal piercing, a belly button ring, and in her large prominent nipples two fairly thick silver rings. Around her right bicep was a tribal design, matched by a one on her lower back, and beneath her breasts a similar underboob tattoo decorated her smooth skin, if it wasn’t for her extremely perky and high riding tits, her large breasts would have concealed the design.

“You can touch if you want to! Most women want to know how they feel.” Barbie smiled broadly at Youna and stuck out her plastic enhanced chest and looked over at Merel. “And what was the question?”

Merel shook her head to clear her thoughts, having forgotten all about her question. “Ummm well... Did your boyfriend fuck you in the ass on the beach, because...”

“Oh god he did.” Barbie let out a moan, possibly partly remembering the feeling of the cock throbbing and cumming in her needy hole and partly because Youna had been caressing and gently fondling her tit while she talked. The moan seemed to startle Youna and she almost pulled away, but Barbie grabbed her hand and moved it back to her tit. “You aren’t hurting me honey, in fact you can be rougher, if you really squeeze them hard, you can feel how big my implants are.”

Barbie looked back at Merel and continued talking to the blonde as the sexy young brunette really started to roughly manhandle Barbie’s fake tits. “It was so good too. A big fat cock sliding in and out of my itchy needy hole and making my clit throb and my pussy spasm. I love when Master cums in my ass.”

“Master?” Merel whispered and Barbie giggled and nodded. Youna was making Barbie’s nipples so hard fondling the bimbo’s tits and Barbie reached over and pulled the brunette in close, pressing her warm body against the other woman’s side so Youna could reach and play.

“He takes care of me, tells me what to do, who to fuck, and how I should look.” Barbie whispered these words hotly for both drugged and suggestible girls to hear. “He uses my body as his plaything and I love every moment of it. He tells me to go work at Dixie’s and give him the cash and I do, so I don’t have to think about a thing other than teasing men and fucking and getting fucked.”

Barbie sighed happily. Youna was looking up at Barbie adoringly, one hand still on the bimbo’s vast tit flesh and the other down between her thighs rubbing a cunt she hadn’t realized had begun to leak down her thighs out of arousal. Merel was more hesitant, and still hadn’t finished asking Barbie her question.

“Does it hurt... when Mast... your Master fucks your asshole?” Merel squirmed uncomfortably as she thought about it. “I would think it hurts.”

“At first maybe a little but you start small and work up.” Barbie gushed. “Not even Master would fuck your ass without a little stretching. He likes to abuse his toys, not break them.”

Barbie eyed the girls, she knew Youna was lost as close to a mindless fuck doll as a girl could get on her first dose of the pills. Merel seemed more curious but also resistant. Barbie wanted to bring both of these fuck slaves to her Master but she wondered if she could have some fun first.

“I’ve got an idea. Youna here really wants to suck my tits and lick my cunt.” Barbie said, and to Merel’s shock Youna nodded enthusiastically. “And I can grab some lube and you can finger fuck and masturbate your tight little ass while you watch?”

“Yes please!” Both Merel and Youna shocked themselves as they both agreed and how much they really did seem to want that right now. Barbie squealed in delight and rushed off to get some lube for Merel’s virgin asshole.

I walked down the hall of the house. I knew where Barbie and the girls likely were, she loved showing off her home gym and stripper pole. The mirrors in the gym also let Barbie admire her own bimbo body which always made her extra horny. Kato and Bianca were safely tucked away in the basement, Kato knew better than to go too far with Bianca or to let the bitchy brunette go. That left...

Hearing a rhythmic mechanical sound I grinned a little bit. Turning the handle on one of the play room doors I saw Nicole, the prudish blonde strapped down to a bondage bench. She was face down, her tits pressed against the bench. She was tied down and her legs were spread almost as if she was on all fours, but her hands had been pulled back and loosely handcuffed behind her back. The leather cuffs were padded to allow for longer bondage comfort but I also knew they were steel banded to be extra strong.

Barbie had tied up Nicole when she had taken her from the room earlier and as I looked the blonde over I noticed a few more details. The first was a thick black leather blindfold obscuring the girl’s vision completely. The second was the twin pistons of a fuck machine shoving some good sized cocks mercilessly in and out of Nicole’s cunt and asshole. She was being used and stretched by the merciless machines. The last was the device in front of Nicole. I knew from experience what it was. A large black dildo connected to the box, and two wires ran from the box to clamps attached to Nicole’s nipples. If the person attached to the cock didn’t apply pressure to the right places on the dildo at the right time, the simple computer program would give them a nasty and painful electric shock.

Nicole was in a frenzy. The triple dose of drugs she had received compared to the other four girls must be driving her body wild. I could see the drool of pussy juice all over the bench, her thighs, the dildo fucking her cunt, and even some drip and spatter on the floor. She was shuddering and thrashing in the middle of an orgasm when I walked in. This caused her to let go of the dildo in her throat and gasp for air as she cried out in pleasure. I shook my head knowing what was coming. Sure enough she had stopped sucking the toy too long and a painful shock exploded through her body. She cried out in pain but her hips were still grinding against the machine double fucking her holes.

I walked over to the electrocution machine and switched it off. I turned the other machine’s speed down to the lowest setting. Instead of a rhythmic pounding the plastic cocks took long slow strokes in and out of the girl’s abused holes.

“NO!” Nicole practically screamed. “Please don’t stop! Let me cum more... I need more.”

Nicole whined the last few words, begging... spit and slobber coated her chin and snot hung from her nose. It made me smile to see the girl who had been the most prudish of her friends begging and thrusting against the toys for more pleasure. I grabbed a towel and wiped her face roughly, cleaning most of the fluids from her.

“Listen to me, little slut.” I leaned down and started caressing her back, down to her butt and giving it a little squeeze. “Listen and remember, because this will be your new world.”

She moaned and nodded but also flinched from my touch, all while still grinding her holes down on the toys invading her tight college holes.

“You are fuck meat.” I said in a commanding tone. “Repeat.”

Nicole hesitated but then I slapped her ass hard. She yelped and then immediately repeated. “I am fuck meat.”

Nicole sobbed a little and squirmed as I reached and rubbed her clit gently as a reward for repeating my line.

“You know what? That wasn’t good.” I smacked her ass harder this time. “Fuck meat doesn’t use ‘I’ or ‘me’. Only say ‘Nicole’ or ‘her’. Do you understand fuck meat?”

“Yes, sir, I...” Nicole caught herself but I had been waiting and let the blow fall on her thigh this time: a loud smack that echoed through the room. Yelping, she corrected, “Nicole understands, she is fuck meat.”

“As fuck meat, you aren’t a person, you are property.” I continued, stroking her clit gently and eliciting a gasping moan. “As property, you need to be owned or you’ll be thrown out. You don’t want to be thrown out do you?”

Nicole started to answer but I sensed her hesitation, her self correction. ‘No sir, Nicole doesn’t want to be thrown out for being unowned fuck meat.”

“So what do you need, slut?” I smiled as she was catching on surprisingly quick for being heavily drugged, I knew there was a good chance all of this would soak into her mind and change her perceptions.

“Fuck meat needs to cum...” Nicole whimpered and thrust back hard at the too slow dildos pumping her holes. “To cum and not be thrown out, Nicole needs an owner.”

“Good girl.” I reached over and turned the machine up a little higher. The pistons began to pick up in pace. “Since there is no one else here that wants to own your worthless holes, I guess I will be nice and claim you to keep you from being thrown away. Say thank you to your new Master.”

The word ‘Master’ must have made her hesitate because she shook her head and squirmed against her restraints. I turned the machine back down and she whimpered, pushing against the toys once more. I then spanked her ass hard, letting blow after blow fall, alternating each cheek until she spoke.

“Nicole thanks her Master.” She cried out and was instantly rewarded as I stopped spanking her. “Nicole is Master’s fuck meat now and Master will help Nicole cum.”

“I will.” I smiled and turned the machine back up, higher than the last time. “You are a set of worthless holes that need to be filled. If a piece of slutty fuck meat isn’t being filled in all her holes she feels empty and worthless, doesn’t she.”

I stood and moved before Nicole, putting the tip of my cock to her lips. She sucked me in and started enthusiastically sucking on me. Her technique was terrible, but she tried to coat and caress my cock all over, the electric toy had taught her not to ignore any part of a man’s cock. After some short sucking I pulled out of her mouth with a wet pop.

“Repeat.” I commanded. I didn’t go over what I had said; I wanted to see what the girl would come up with.

“Nicole...” She moaned as I began to stroke and play with her clit again. Shuddering at the contact, she bit her lip and then let her tongue wet her lips. “Nicole’s holes are worthless and need to be full. If Nicole doesn’t have holes filled she is worthless.”

It wasn’t exactly what I had said to her, but I figured it was close enough. I kept rubbing her clit as I reached over and turned up the machine again, it was nearly back to where Barbie had set it. “All women are cunts that exist for men to cum in, but some cunts are worth more than others. You are fuck meat and you are the most worthless and pathetic piece of fuck meat. Repeat.”

Nicole had to be getting close, she was losing focus and her hips were becoming erratic as her pleasure grew. I started to ease up on her clit to keep her on edge but she immediately started spewing out the answer she thought I wanted to hear. “Women are cunts, cunts should be fucked. Nicole is a cunt but is a worthless cunt she is pathetic... Please Master let fuck meat cum!”

I grinned and obliged, rubbing and teasing her clit as I turned the machine back to the setting Barbie had left it on and then one step higher. The plastic cocks were really wrecking Nicole’s young holes now and she quickly went over the edge. Groaning and moaning lustfully she pushed against the machine and my hand against her clit, she arched and pushed as best as her restraints would allow. I let her cum and recover as I moved the other machine back in front of her mouth. As I played with the wires she felt the toy against her cheek and wrapped her lips around it.

“Uck meeat ish worthlesh” I heard her moan into the cock. I took the clamp and adjusted it then settled the electrode to her clit. I adjusted the machine to a lower setting, it would be less painful, but on her clit it would probably feel just as bad.

“Good girl.’ I patted her on the head as I turned the electric machine back on. “You be good and keep those holes filled, someone will be back before bed.”

She nodded her understanding not that I think she truly did understand, but it was good enough for me. Tormenting Nicole had gotten me hard and aching again and Barbie must have had enough time to get one of the other girls warmed up for my cock.

As I left the room to find my bimbo and the college girls she must be corrupting, I heard Nicole yelp as the first jolts of electricity coursed through her clit. She was going to need to pay good attention if she wanted to avoid that. I idly wondered if it would be Merel’s cute ass or Youna’s dick sucking lips that would pull the next load of cum from my heavy balls.