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Captured and Defiled — Chapter 9 — Anal and Eager

Leaving the room with Nicole still being fucked in both her cunt and ass and moaning loudly around the dildo in her mouth, I pondered the situation at hand. Kato had already become an obedient mind melted pet and Bianca was experiencing her friend’s betrayal by getting her first taste of serious bondage. Nicole was well on her way to having her body and mind become addicted to the feeling of all three holes being stuffed and used. That left Youna and Merel, Kato’s two remaining friends.

Youna had been the real surprise of the two. When I first saw her on the beach and watched her try to convince Kato to leave with her friends, I thought she would be one of the most resistant women sexually. Instead, I found that after her first taste of Barbie’s slave pills, she was rather overt with her sexual interest and attention. In fact, it seemed like Youna was rather enamored with my favorite play toy Barbie as well. The way the younger brunette stared at Barbie’s over-sized tits and overfilled ass made me wonder whether she wanted Barbie, or wanted to be Barbie.

On the other hand Merel didn’t seem particularly prudish like Nicole had, but also didn’t seem quite as eager at the brunette. I had, however, caught the young dirty blonde woman staring at Barbie’s freshly-fucked asshole on the beach as well. I had the thought that it might be curiosity but it could also have been disgust or even lust. Barbie had been having some alone time with her and Youna, so I was hoping that while I had busied myself with Bianca and Nicole that Barbie had gotten the girls at least a bit ready for me.

As I neared the home gym, I heard the sounds of moaning coming from within. I listened closely and could hear at least two distinct women moaning. Thinking about things I figured there must be a reason I didn’t hear the third woman and thought I had a good idea why. Leaning against the door frame to the gym with my throbbing hard-on between my legs, I saw to both my and my cock’s delight that I was right.

The exercise mats had been laid out across the floor and all three women were down on the floor. Barbie was laying on her back with a rolled up yoga mat supporting her head. With one hand, her fingers were tugging and playing on the thick nipples topping her enormous fake tits. She had her head tilted back and was apparently quite enjoying the attention of Youna between her sexy thighs. The brunette had her face buried in the older blonde’s snatch, and despite seemingly little experience was eating out my favorite fuck toy with enthusiasm. Youna was naked, the bikini bottom she had been wearing before had long been discarded. Between her thighs, I could see a large vibrator had been pushed deep into the younger girls tight pink pussy.

Merel was watching her friend eating out my bimbo Barbie’s pussy while laying on her side on the mat. She was moaning as well and had a curious look that was a mix of lust and tension. Her hand was reaching behind her and she had managed to stick two of her own fingers into her virginal asshole. That made me pause as I really hadn’t expected her to explore that hole especially after a single dose of the suggestive and pleasure enhancing pills.

“Hello ladies.” I said as charmingly as I could. Barbie immediately squealed with delight and pulled Youna up from her lap. Youna looked at first disappointed, but when she turned her head towards me I could see there was lust in her eyes as she licked Barbie’s pussy juices from her thick lips. Merel looked a little startled and pulled her fingers from her asshole which I watched continue to twitch for a moment as I walked into the room. “Have you been having fun?”

“Yes, Master.” Barbie beamed and came crawling over towards me. Her form was low as she slunk over to me, her enhanced volleyball tits brushing the mat, her nipples rubbing against the soft yet firm foam. “But I’ve been craving a cock. Youna is so good at pussy licking for an amateur, but you know I love cocks and cum more than pussy.”

I laughed and reached down to run my fingers into Barbie’s blonde hair, then pulled her firmly toward my crotch. She wrapped her fat lips around me and slowly eased me into her throat, swallowing me inch by inch until her bimbo lips pressed against my base, her chin pressed tight against my balls. I knew she was putting on a show for the other two girls. Merel was blushing but Youna was looking on with rapt attention, her hand having drifted to the vibrator still buzzing in her cunt and pushing it slowly in and out.

“Oh Master, you taste so good with a young slut’s pussy all over your meaty cock.” Barbie purred when she let me slide out of her mouth with an exaggerated pop. “I can taste her on you... and Merel, sweetie, you might be in luck; he hasn’t ass-fucked anyone yet tonight.”

Merel looked apprehensive but Youna looked... was that jealousy under the lust? I could see her thinking but then she must have made a decision. Youna moved to all fours like Barbie did and then crawled over to us both slowly. The buzzing vibrator fell out of her cunt in the process and I could see it was slick and drenched with Youna’s excitement. I didn’t react as I watched, but Barbie let out a giggle when she felt me twitch at the sight. Barbie leaned down and sucked one of my testicles into her mouth and rolled it with her tongue making me groan.

“M-m-master...” Youna spoke hesitantly and softly. “Can I please taste your cock too, sir?”

“Good girl.” I smiled down at her and she practically beamed. “You can help Barbie suck my cock and get me ready for Merel’s ass. Then when I’m going to cum, I’ll cum on your face and in your mouth as a reward.”

Youna didn’t hesitate for another moment and swallowed down as much of my cock as she could manage. Her naturally thick lips wrapped around me beautifully and I was sorely tempted to just face fuck her until I filled her stomach with cum. Barbie continued to nurse and nurture my heavy nuts, sucking and licking from my balls back almost to my ass. At one point I did feel her playfully flick her tongue against my hole and I groaned and probably leaked extra pre-cum into Youna’s mouth.

Youna was enthusiastic and seemed to have more than a little bit of experience sucking a man’s cock. She didn’t do everything the way I liked, but that would come in time and given her willing submission and calling me Master I decided not to punish her for small mistakes. Barbie whispered something in Youna’s ear and the brunette nodded to the older blonde. Barbie pulled me from Youna’s mouth and gave the head of my cock a few licks before guiding me to one of the weight benches. As I sat, Barbie moved up to me and wrapped her fake tits around my cock. As she did, Youna came next to me.

“Please use me Master while your bimbo slut titfucks you.” Youna cooed with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to my lips and kissed her fiercely even as I reached up to cup one of her small and perky breasts. I felt and heard her moan into my mouth as I continued to kiss her, and she shifted to push her breast even more firmly into my hand. When I pulled away, I glanced over at Merel to see how she was reacting.

Having picked up the vibe that Youna had been using, Merel had pressed it against her clit even as her two fingers had snaked their way back into her glistening rectum. She was watching her friend and my bimbo toy sucking and worshiping my cock. Any previous confusion had slowly eased from her face and was replaced by lust. I watched her fingering her tight little asshole and pushed Barbie roughly away from my cock, ending her amazing titfuck in favor of a different personal desire.

Kissing Youna’s lips forcefully and hungrily again,I sucked her tongue and bit her large lower lip, I then parted from her with a smile. She was panting with lust and pushing her tits and body closer to me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed and then bit her neck to leave my mark on her. She would soon have a nice bruise to remind her of this night later. None of this seemed to upset her in the least, and I smiled as I leaned to her ear and nibbled it as I whispered to her.

“Mount me with that tight wet cunt of yours.” I hissed hotly into the brunette’s ear. “Slide me deep into your sopping cunt and get me wet, or I’ll be fucking Merel’s ass with no extra lube than what she already shoved in her shit hole.”

Youna grinned broadly, no one else in the room having heard and she shivered. I could feel her hesitating, and I wondered if that was for mounting a stranger’s cock or because she was thinking about me fucking Merel’s asshole without her pussy to lube it up. Regardless, she soon turned around and showed me her shapely little ass, bending over so I could see her wet pussy peeking out as well. Then she lowered herself onto my cock as I grabbed her hips to help guide her down.

I sat on the exercise bench watching Merel and Barbie masturbating: one with a vibrator and her fingers in her ass, and the other practically shoving her whole fist into her cunt hole with need. I was going to need to reward Barbie soon for all her hard work. She’d been letting me dump all my cum into the new girls without complaint for days now. I resolved to reward her tomorrow. That brief thought was soon forgotten however as Youna bounced up and down on my cock, her small tits bouncing as she moaned and whimpered lustfully. She wasn’t experienced in this position but she hit her stride quickly, sliding her wet little fuck hole up and down on me with a lust-filled enthusiasm I wasn’t sure was caused by just the drugs.

“Get up. I’ll fill you another time.” I whispered to Youna when I felt my cock dripping with her juices and felt the pressure building in my balls. While I wanted to dump my cum in her tight pussy, I had promised I would fill her friend’s ass. Youna popped off my cock and then moved over without prompting and sat her wet cunt down on Barbie’s face. My bimbo moaned into the younger girl’s pussy and soon I could hear the sound of Youna cumming as she rode the older woman’s face.

Merel, however, stared at me as I approached her. Somehow, despite all she had seen and done, her eyes were wide with surprise and fear as a nude man with a rock hard cock dripping her friend’s pussy juice approached her. I didn’t talk to her right away; instead I grabbed her leg with one hand and her waist with the other and started to flip her over onto her hands and knees.

“Oh! W-what... What are you doing!” Merel exclaimed and struggled against me. I slapped her ass hard and she yelped in fear and surprise.

“I’m going to fuck your ass and leave you dripping cum just like Barbie was at the beach.” It was a very matter of fact statement and I looked down at her tight asshole. While her fingers had been working in that filthy ass it was still going to be a tight stretch.

“I... I don’t think... I don’t want...” Merel struggled a little more even after the spanking, so I added another welt to her other ass cheek.

“I don’t really care what a slut like you wants.” I hissed, I glanced back to be sure Youna wasn’t coming to her friends defense but the other girl had reacted to this abuse in much the way I expected. Youna was still grinding her pussy on Barbie’s face and was fondling the big titted bimbo’s fake jugs adoringly as she watched in rapt fascination as I abused her friend. I winked at her and she smiled stupidly and widely.

“I’m not a slut...” Merel was trying to lift herself with her hands but I reached down and grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms back and held them behind her. This forced her face into the mat and kept her pinned to the ground as I used my own weight as leverage.

“Really?” I laughed cruelly. “You came over to a stranger’s house, drank piss filled alcohol then let your friend lick your pussy and pissed in her mouth. You went topless in a stranger’s tub and watched your friends eat each other out and drink each others’ piss. You then watched one friend suck a stranger’s cock before watching your friend fondle a bimbo strippers tits and worship her cunt. All while masturbating with your tight virgin asshole... What part of that is supposed to make me believe you aren’t a slut?”

“I’m not...” Merel began to protest again but at this point my rock hard cock had pushed against her tiny little hole, the wide head of my cock probing at her tight asshole. It was good that she had been playing with this hole already and I was wet from Youna’s cunt, as this was going to be tight. Merel’s fingers were a nice start, but they were far from the length and girth I would be forcing into her. I applied pressure and she groaned and tensed, cutting off her objections.

“Don’t... you’ll break my asshole.” Merel whined but I pushed harder and harder until with my own grunt I felt the head pop past the tight muscles of her asshole. She continued to beg and sob. “Please... it’s too big.”

Not wanting to injure my new toy, I let her ass adjust to the intrusion, just applying gentle pressure to keep my cock head inside of her. While I enjoyed her struggle and objections, I had no desire to inflict serious harm on my sensitive new toy’s ass. Instead I growled out my desires. “You have such a tight little asshole, I always forget how tight they can be. Barbie’s is broken in and molded to my cock and I’m going to do the same to you. You better relax and take your Master’s cock in so you can be trained. It’s going to hurt if I have to force you.”

Merel moaned in discomfort and I could feel her trying to push me out, tensed up and working to remove the intrusion from her ass. However, with my hold on her and weight pressing down, my cock was well lodged in her tight shit hole and wasn’t going anywhere until I decided otherwise.

“Oh god yes.” I suddenly heard Youna moan with lust. “Teach that rich little slut’s asshole it belongs to Master now.”

That shocked me, I had expected Youna to love the sexual encounters and maybe even the degradation and abuse but cheering on my defilement of her friend? That was a little bit of a surprise, and what had she said about Merel being a rich girl? Facts I filed away for later. Deciding I’d given her enough time, I started to push into Merel’s ass. My cock slid slowly deeper, inch after inch into her tortured fuck hole. She breathed deeply and when I felt her tense too much I relaxed to let her adjust before insistently pushing again. After what must have felt like an eternity to her I bottomed out in her ass, my balls resting against her wet snatch.

“P-please... take it out.” Merel moaned. She was trying to control her breathing and adjust to the intrusion in her ass. It was very obvious she had never had anything this big anywhere near this deep in her rectum.

“How does it feel?” I asked, not making a single move to withdraw even an inch from her stretched hole. I looked down and was delighted to see how tight and stretched her anal ring was around my thick cock. I let go of one of her arms and she reached back curiously and felt my length in her hole. She moved the arm down to rest on the mat above her head. The moment she applied pressure to try and adjust her position though I let my full weight push against her and held her in place with her other arm.

“O-oh...” Merel groaned and then thought better of not answering me. “It hurts... it’s so big. I’ve never felt so full. It’s too big.”

“And that’s all you’re feeling? It hurts and you feel full?” I reached down under us both and slapped her wet pussy. “You seemed pretty turned on earlier with your fingers and you’ve still got a drooling pussy. Are you sure that’s all you feel.”

“Yes...” Merel stammered out. “It hurts and I don’t like it at all.”

“You’re sure.” I spanked her ass hard causing the cheeks to wobble around my cock. “You’re not feeling anything else.”

Merel hesitated, then started to object again, before hesitating once more. Then speaking in a soft, defeated voice she said. “It feels good too... it turns me on having something so huge in my ass. I want to know what it feels like to have cum leak from me like Barbie. It hurts so bad, but I want so much more...”

She was sobbing but she had also relaxed her hole more than before, she must have gotten used to me. I started a long slow out stroke and she tensed again but I just continued the slow motion until I was almost out of her. Then I slowly sank my length back into her. She groaned when I thrust back into her, a bit of pleasure mixed with her pain and I continue to slowly fuck her asshole. As she relaxes and surrenders I slowly pick up my pace until I have a nice steady rhythm fucking the poor sluts abused asshole. I lose myself in the feeling of defiling her. I’ve almost lost it when I feel a wet tongue brush my own rectum and lick submissively at that hole. A delicate female hand cradles my balls even as they slap against Merel’s neglected cunt.

I closed my eyes then, overloaded with the sensation of breaking in a new anal toy and being worshiped as a woman’s Master. I didn’t even know or care if it was Youna or Barbie as the sluts were interchangeable for this purpose, and I could feel the thick load ready to burst. After a few more thrusts that were becoming more erratic and frantic, I spilled my thick load into Merel giving her ass her first anal cream-pie. As I collapsed back onto the mat I vaguely recalled promising Youna I would cum on her but the feeling of my new butt slut’s ass was too much for me to resist.

If Youna was really upset she wasn’t showing it. It had been her licking my hole and cradling my balls. Barbie was watching Youna like a proud mama bimbo as the other girl worshiped me and degraded herself. When I popped out of Merel’s abused asshole completely, Youna knelt to her friends abused asshole and started to lick and suck at the stretched anal ring, cleaning the leaking cum as it drooled out of the gaping hole. Barbie moved to my side and slid down without a word, taking my cock in her mouth to suck and clean me even with Merel’s filthy ass coating my cock.